Arduino + MPU-6050 + Processing

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Author Francesco Gambino (1 year)
processing code? thank you 

Author Massimo Bianchini (1 year)
Great.. I'm studying this problem by months, he drive me crazy, but I'm not
able to solve it Could you please share the sketch?

Author Duvan Dario (1 year)
Good morning, Please what the 3D program or interface you use to 3D
animation. Thanks and excuse me about my english.

Author vuk nikolic (2 years)
It's GY-87

Author Rodolfo Aguilar Castillo (2 years)
Is that a GY-521 board?

Author hopsenrobsen (2 years)
Looks great!

Author EvilOverlord96 (1 year)
Hey, can you provide a download for the processing code?

Author Maciej Lukaszewicz (1 year)
Hello, what software you use on Your computer for presentation (this with

Author gokulesh r (2 years)
Hey Can you please share me how to get Yaw rotation from MPU6050.... I have
raw data of ACC and GYRO in x y z.... how to find rotational angle change
from it... please help.. urgent... thanks...

Author Param Vijay (1 year)
hw to programme it..

Author Andy Bartels (2 years)
very nice work man! I'm impressed with how responsive, smooth, and accurate
it is. I just got one of these a few days ago, I can't wait to get creative
with it.

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