Thisis a video of me starting and running the Zenoah G-25 engine. It is 22 hp and swings a 60x22 prop. This engine is just not powerful enough for my weight and plane to fly comfortably. It only has 11 hours on it.

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Author P Alien (1 month)
we want you to show as the take off.

Author dreamwisperer (3 years)
Where did you buy the Zenoah from ? And how do you calculate how many hp a
given airframe requires ?

Author Scott Nunan (10 months)
What about a Rotax 503 or something in the front of it?

Author dreamwisperer (3 years)
Where did you buy the Zenoah from ? And how do you calculate how many hp a
given airframe requires ?

Author venturadave (1 year)
I taught myself to fly an old Vector ultralight with this engine on it. It
would barely clear the trees at the end of the dirt road. The first few
flights I stalled it and had a couple rough landings until someone watching
told me to come in steeper and keep the airspeed up. Amazing I survived my
own stubborn-do-it my-damnself attitude!

Author MrTom423 (1 year)

Author evansaerospace (1 year)
Would you like to sell engine&prop

Author wingnutairhead (1 year)
Dude, Its not underpowered! you bought an r/c airplane kit! Your not
supposed to actually fly it from the inside!

Author Mark Reed (3 years)
@dreamwisperer The Zenoah came with the kit and as for how many hp to a
given airframe, well really that is determined by the manufacture. Alot
goes into designing this planes even though they are smaller, but they
still reguire hundreds of hours of testing, much like I'm going through now
designing the re-drive for the new engine...Hope this helped...Mark

Author Mark Reed (3 years)
The Zenoah came with the plane as a complete kit. It was only 22 hp and as
far as how did I know how how many hp is required? Well, I know of many
planes like this that fly much better with an engine in the 35 to 40 hp
range.....Thanks..... Mark

Author Joe Schmo (1 year)
What a boring video, fly the damn thing !!!

Author DelNegro10 (10 months)
R/C model, anybody know the scale?

Author Tim V (1 year)
Looks like a Motorflycle to me..

Author hnsasa (1 year)
Hi Mark Do you know where to find a project of such aircraft

Author DrZeeebra (10 months)
having a cheap easy access plane is all very cool, but maaan the way you
sit in it makes a bloody french toilet look comfy...

Author Dobies Pinscher (1 year)
did i really just watch a video of a motor running? fml.

Author Hans Gurtner (2 months)
Junger Mann, dass es Ihnen nicht die Kleider runterfetzt im Luftstrom.

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