Shaquille O'Neal vs Big Show on Raw

Shaquille O'neal vs Big Show on Raw

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Author Jordanshoes are the best (1 month)
WWE stars all wear elevator shoes which makes them 3-5 inches taller they
are all shorter and its funny that they advertise they are clean done most
of steriods shit

Author dudeyboy13 (2 months)
big show is 6'11 and shaq is 7'1

Author Jordanshoes are the best (1 month)
Now smd

Author vanadiumd (6 months)
Holy crap, Big Show's actually looking UP at someone.

Author Jade Ylinen (10 months)

Author Brittany Llewellyn (10 months)
i was there

Author Jay Bosslingo (7 months)

Author Ggeneral Dcast (3 years)
brubbrubbrub Shaq

Author mekel munroe (3 years)

Author UggaWaggaProductions (3 years)
Was this another episode of Shaq Vs.

Author Desmond Shepherd (3 years)

Author aidjsaid aosjdaosd (3 years)
wait wait wait a minute...shaq fit between the ropes?

Author Karriem Seymour (1 year)
show got rocked

Author BigRedJustice2 (3 years)
@UggaWaggaProductions No, but I think they should do a remach for Shaq Vs

Author jaytohandsome dunn (2 years)
that was really f*** that let me get up in ther ill show you how it is
supposed to be done

Author xlrsonic123 (4 years)
woah he's bigger then big show

Author voltronthechef (2 years)
hey Shaq, you want some money? yueyhhh shure barrrubab bluah ba

Author LetTheHorseBeWithYou (3 years)
black ppl help each other rather than pulling out a knife or gun Racists:0

Author Lawnie08 (2 years)
I was at this seats were bordering the ramp. AWESOME nite

Author diVrilDV (3 years)

Author 32mon23 (3 years)
@movienaut Really? Wow.

Author movienaut (4 years)
who is shaquile O'neil?

Author MoSxyxnr24 (3 years)
i fking hate how fake this is !

Author BigRedJustice2 (4 years)
@movienaut The Basketball Player

Author MyYankees19 (3 years)
crime tyme <3 to bad there gone

Author movienaut (3 years)
@Keselowskifan12222 You see, in Sweden we are not so into the sports. We
prefer football from England and Spain. Overall, basketball and all more
favorising things from US, is easily gone here. But there are some of us
who watch things like Wrestling.

Author MegaLlamalord (2 years)
you mean monday?

Author deltoad (1 year)
That was awesome

Author Alec Brabante (3 years)
I wonder if Shaq was a WWE Superstar

Author Modestas Malakauskas (3 years)
That's just ridiculous xD

Author pedrobr88 (1 year)
You are a dumbass. Kane is 6'8 and show is about 3.5 inches taller than
him. Big show is 6'11.5 with his boots and probably around 6'10.2 in real
life. That's 7 feet dumbass, or at least fucking 2 inches away who the hell
cares? Yes, they do exaggerate most of the heights, but only by like an
inch or 2. The rock is 6'3-6'4 and HHH is about 6'3 also. Cena is about
5'11 but who cares? I doubt you're 6 foot 6 .

Author jaagupcool6 (3 years)
Faker than Pammy's boobs.

Author amber kline (1 year)
Lol wow never thought I'd see that

Author MrNiToMa (3 years)
bum shaq a laq a

Author sangam pun (2 years)
A very famous NBA basketball player

Author xWagnerPlaguesx (1 year)
better than Shaq Fu.

Author mekel munroe (3 years)

Author Thesoulreplay (3 years)
@movienaut are you a dumb fucking idiot piece of fucking retard uneducated
idiot stupid dick sucker fucking weed smoking dumbass you dont no who
shaquille o neal is!??????????

Author Kevin Lew (3 years)
2:15. replay over and over. :)

Author arieltz23 (3 years)
big show is fat! shaq is an athlete, and has less than 10% body fat!!

Author Blanco Nig (3 years)

Author valusemenalex (1 year)

Author daking682 (3 years)
lets get ready to mumble!!!

Author Emilio Perez (1 year)
Shaquille the beast

Author Courtis Rapley (3 years)
what's chef ramsey doing on RAW?

Author gonza deth (3 years)
2:30 PERFECT stable.

Author readytorockithard23 (2 years)
i love how when big show first was in wcw he was 7'4" 550 pounds, then when
he went to the wwe he was originally 7'2" 500 pounds, then when Khali
entered the WWF he was pushed back to 7"0" 450 pounds....that poor bastard
has has shrunk 4 inches and lost over 100 pounds!!! After seeing how shaq
is clearly 2-3 inches taller then he is he might be pushed further back to
6'10" inches meaning in a few years he will be 6'6"....LOL

Author MarxMan0o (2 years)
It seems that The Big Show has lost some weight!

Author sangam pun (2 years)
1:04 i think it was a fail , i think big show was supposed to go through
the second rope

Author J.B. Bryant (1 year)

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