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Author Serey Tiny Toones (2 years)

Author Sopheach Do (1 year)

Author TheSmarty2006 (2 years)
All the three kids very talented, keep going with your great job young
generation. I'm so proud of you all.

Author Vansak Loy (2 years)
It's TOM TEAV not MAK THERNG like you wrote^^ Anyway they are awesome.

Author savadysey (2 years)
this is awesome! thank you for sharing.

Author Suraksa C. (2 years)

Author Sam S. (1 year)
LOL... Khmer kids got talents. Excellent acting! Khmer Tum Teav romance
story is similar to as Romeo and Juliet in comparison.

Author ya lin (2 years)
Wow i love them pu penh tov doy teb ku sal

Author Chan Sun (2 years)
ctn yab nass oh

Author Siemreap Katie (2 years)
Soursdey Dane,puthoo, knhom preu sombol mong, khmeng zey 3 neak nis osja
nas, she somdaenh la or doch bes bit kal kyom barn merl "Yi key Tom
Teav"nov sa mei" lon Nol"..also, kyom srolanh Yi key nas(kyom thlob rom Yi
key kal kyom nov toch)..also I like Tom Teav story.(awkun Dane)..

Author tantan310 (2 years)
Merci bang pour la vidéo !! =) Elles sont très douées pour jouer la comédie

Author apsarasmile (2 years)
OMG....I think these kids really have talent! Such a passion and awsome
performing! So proud of them and very happy to see the next generation have
such talent.

Author Suraksa C. (2 years)

Author PheaKdeySnaeh (1 year)

Author tino ko (2 years)
lol i love yey pan

Author Soriya Sun (1 year)
My whole family like watch this not just one time but several time. Great
acting....Love love the girl in blue. :)

Author T. Garcia (2 years)
i thought the girl in blue was so cute ! c:

Author Kimchhay Youn (2 years)
Very great job , And love it so much !!! so fascinate!!

Author Cass Msu (2 years)

Author ly khun (2 years)

Author Puy Somnangoudom (11 months)

Author sabaikhmer (2 years)
lol this is Tum Teav not Mak Turng, i can't believe CTN wrote it wrong! Mak
Turng is about a old man married to a young woman later on a prince saw his
young wife and kidnapped her. And Mak Turng went to a palace and told the
King that his son stole his wife. and end up the wife killed herself in
order to saved her husband.

Author Sam S. (1 year)
The video delays really sucks, otherwise a good play.

Author ne luma (1 year)
សូមលោកអ្នកទាំងអស់គ្នាជួយសរសេរជាភាសាខ្មែរផង ព្រោះយើងជាខ្មែរ​
កុំយកភាសាគេសរសេរពេក យ៉ាងនេះគឺយើងមើលងាយជាតិសាសន៍ខ្លួនឯង ដឹងឫទេ!

Author Makara Lay (2 years)
great sho

Author Veasna Kogi (11 months)
So good

Author Chhunly nan (3 days)
Snae tomteang

Author gomez christophe (1 month)
very good :)

Author seng rithy (2 months)

Author Davy Chaleun (5 months)
Three young kids doing perty good job on tv show.

Author frendz2frendz (9 months)
the child who played the mother acted very well

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