Top 50 Greatest 8 Bit Megaman Songs Of All Time!

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What are the best Megaman songs? There is enormous variation in the answers we've seen - mostly because nearly every Megaman song is awesome in its own way. Everyone has their own particular tastes in VGM - go to almost any Megaman song on Youtube and you'll see the inevitable top comment: ʺ[Insert robot master] is the best Megaman song EVAR!!! :Dʺ But obviously they can't all be the best.

Looking at what others have done for megaman music rankings, we couldn't help but feel that many lists were deficient. One ranking had Fireman in the top 10 (what.); another had Strikeman as number 1 (WHAT.). Many other rankings were pretty good, but we wanted to see if we could break through the limitations of our own personal bias and produce a more objective ranking. Megaman games played an important role in many peoples' childhood, and therefore those people can be prone to hold a nostalgic reverence for the music of those games. This is a great thing, but it invariably confuses the ʺtrueʺ quality of the music. For example, this why you often see Megaman 1 songs being ranked very high, when there are clearly more deserving songs in the later Megaman games. We wanted to minimize our own personal bias to the extent possible, and thus ʺVideogames According to SCIENCEʺ was born.

Do we claim to be ʺactuallyʺ objective? No, of course not; personal preference will always make an important impact. But we have been excruciatingly careful and methodical in creating this list; you may disagree with us, but it cannot be said that we were less than thorough. We'd like to post our methodology up here... but we kinda ran out of space in the description. However - we'd be happy to tell you about if you're interested!

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Author ProLuxray (608 years ago)
I'm SHOCKED Sparkman's theme did not make it to Top 10!

Author resilient - skink ( ago)
Dang, no shade man? :(

Author -Kaptain Luck- (-Wonder-) ( ago)
SOMEONE finally understands that Airman, Flameman, Darkman, MM2
Introduction, MM3 Introduction, and that Dr. Wily's Stage 1-2 MM2 is pure

Author Sam Lubs ( ago)
I just realized how many Mega Man songs sound near identical to themselves.

Author Mestre Slick ( ago)
When i saw the photo of Tomahawkman,i thought...OMG! He looks like Flashman

Author Dennis B (Dnyce) ( ago)
Check out my yellow devil remix @

Author Elcompa Lopez ( ago)
ninja gaiden 2, batman return, batman and joker, castlevania, captain
tsubasa 2 and megaman has the best music in 8 bits im still remember the
first song of batman returns and the sparkman song too

Author Daniel Sales ( ago)
awesome list. Megaman has a lot of great music, but in this huge universe
in which every stage or situation has a specific tune you can get lost in
all the filler music. Some megaman themes feel uninspired, however, in
every game you find at least five awesome tracks, and somehow you guys
managed to include almost all the good ones and in a pretty fair order in
my opinion... Chargeman should be number 1 tho (my opinion too).

Author IronMaik24 ( ago)
It's an epic list. Thanks for this!!! :-)

Author secondrock83 ( ago)
While I think you have indeed covered most/all of the greats, I think the
general order is of course subjective, depending on musical taste! :)

Author Viewing Skpcboy ( ago)
What about Megaman PC Music?

Author sutanpuu ( ago)
of course the "okkusenman theme" had to be number one...

bubble man should be in top 10 or at least top 20...

#29: maybe he is angry bcause he has listened his theme TOO much

#16: the music is probably the only good thing in top man's stage...btw why
does the sucky robot masters like e.g. top, toad and snake man have so cool
musics? or are they music so good just bacuse of that? which is the cause
and which is effect?

I think megaman 2 had overall the most number off catchiest robot master

I think Gemini's theme could also somewhat fit to masters like shade and
shadow man (or even knight man?), 'coz it has more shadowy, haunted house
like feel to it

#6 galaxy man even looks like disc jokey (pun definateky intended)

Author despeinado340 ( ago)
I love Protoman's theme. It's so emotional. But to each their own.

Author Hans Snah ( ago)

Author Daniel L ( ago)
Not a top 10 megaman song, but I think that it deserves a top 50 spot. That
is, Skull man from MM4.

Author molinero monedas monedas ( ago)
Dr. Wily Stage the first is the fucking true+.

Author Steve Pintimalli ( ago)
Just paused it on #2 to leave this comment. I just want to say that I
noticed a majority of the top 10 are all from MM3 which i completely agree
with, and respect. However.... If I unpause and find out that #1 is
anything but MM2 Dr.Wily Stage, I will go apeshit all over the comments

Author Tenshi89 ( ago)
Skull Man had to be there though... but Wily Stage 1 deserves number one

Coming back is like coming home!

Author Rakkito l ( ago)
What's the theme played when showing #10 and when showing #1?

Author Erich Machado ( ago)
Of course wily castle is number one! It's only the GREATEST NES SONG EVER
(in my opinion of course) To me this song lived up to everything I heard
about it. I actually started playing megaman because it was stuck in my

Author Jorge Arturo Sosa Quintero ( ago)
the best soundtrack of mm is the mm3 soundtrack, all the music of that game
was so... idon't know its very emotional!

Author Karl Os ( ago)
#1 is truly the #1 8Bit song.

Author Karl Os ( ago)
Awesome compilation of great megaman moments. Thanks for this!

Author Retrogamer 64 (Rockman!) ( ago)
Megaman 2 FUCK ALLBODY !

Author HyperStrikeDash73 ( ago)
From the description:
"Looking at what others have done for megaman music rankings, we couldn't
help but feel that many lists were deficient. One ranking had Fireman in
the top 10 (what.)"


Also, According to this list, MM1 has the worst soundtrack (what.)

MM1 is waaaaay too underrated...

And Wily 1-2 MM2 is waaaaay too overrated...

Author Fatima Linares ( ago)
loooooooooooooove shadowman song! on my list is the first one lol :P nice
list by the way (Y)

Author PIANOMANIC ( ago)
Some of my favorite video game music.

Author Dennis Weiss ( ago)
Fantastic Video!!! Of course, some placements are debatable, but as a
whole, this is a fantastic journey through the greatest songs of mega man.
(Sparkman Stage was always my fav :P )

Author Myriachan ( ago)
Why not include the 2chan-made NES versions of the Rockman 7 and 8 songs?

Author NOIR GAMES ( ago)

Author Lenorator ( ago)
Stone Man didn't make it. WHAT THE HECK. He had the best theme in Megaman

Author eyes667788 ( ago)
This list better have "A flash in the dark" "We are the robots" and "Nitro

Author TB Tabby ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author TB Tabby ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author StellarSRL ( ago)
WHERE'S THE PASSWORD THEME FROM MM5? Seriously though, that's like my
favourite song. Bumpin ass shit right now.

Author ViralTemplar ( ago)
how did Dr. Cossack's Boss Theme Not make the top 50?

Author Yuna ( ago)
Bombman >>>>>>>>>> Elecman

Author olivarious ( ago)
1. Bubble Man all the way down at #35 was an atrocity.
2. With the exception of the Wily theme, everything on this list from MM6
should have been omitted.
3. I can only guess that the only reason why Concrete Man's theme is not
on this list is because, somehow, you've never heard it.

Author dshadow chmod (dewtx29) ( ago)
ชอบฟัง มันดูจริงใจดี ไม่เหมือนอารมณ์คนที่แปรปรวน เอาแน่นอนไม่ได้

Author Fabricio Reyes (151 year ago)

Author Fabricio Reyes (222 years ago)

Author joltmasta ( ago)
no skull man surprisingly

Author Francis Lefebvre ( ago)

Author Alexander Parfenov ( ago)
The number 3 actually just intro, in the end of game (staff roll) first
part of this track is different.

Author pld “pld90” speedruns ( ago)
wow so many great themes missing. Quickman, Splash Woman, Elecman, hell
even everyone's favorite Mega Man 4 song is missing (Dr. Cossack's Fortress
: Stage 3)

Author Diddy64wii / Luigi128GreenCap ( ago)
List of supposedly top 50 """"greatest"""" 8-bit Mega Man songs of
No "Rockman World" themes included on that list (not counting MM10's
rendition of Ballade's song)...
Dr. Wily Stage 1 & 2 from Megaman 2 being first for the upteenth time...

Definitely an another unoriginal list, folks... :-°

Author TerrorOfTalos ( ago)
Oh for fucks sake REALLY?!, FUCKING REALLY?! Number 1 just HAS to be Dr
wily's theme from MM2? Jesus ucking christ that shit really is overrated.

Author TheBfutgreg ( ago)
Mega Man 2 and 6 are the best, and what an obvious choice for #1

Author Anthony Liberty ( ago)
bobble man theme I can listen to it for ever in a loop and sometimes do
when drawing.

Author Derek Mizumoto ( ago)
a "top list" can never be unbiased, because the simple categorization of
something being good or "the best" is already immeasurable objectively lol.
HOwever i notice imo that your bias is towards a more complex synthed
trebble. while your say 50-25 are medium amount of bass and lows, your top
15 is easily much more trebble heavy imo, even if the bosses initial song
starts off bass heavy i notice it tends to go super racey. Not saying it's
a bad thing or or that what i say is pure fact, just something that i
notice, specifically because i don't like upper end trebble fast hamma jang
beats lols. I personally think magnet man and spark man would be top 5.

Author salozmen29 ( ago)
Look everyone, another Mega Man list with Mega Man 2 Wily Stage music as
#1. Does anyone have a mind of their own?

Author A. Munroe ( ago)
I think everyone, or at least most of the people will agree that #1 is
forever #1 no matter what, that's the most epic and dramatic song ever
composed to MM.
this top missed some mm4 songs thou, Dr Cossak stages? na? ok

Author The GameBoy ( ago)
I saw Wily 1 (MM2) coming for first place, what I didn't expect was Dive
Man's abscense.

Author The GameBoy ( ago)
Why wasn't Dive Man here?!

Author Joey Cage ( ago)
didn't think dark man, Galaxy Man, Gemini Magnet should of been top
10...mega man 6 and mega man 3 stage selects should be imo...great vid tho

Author Loafington Bloke ( ago)
38:06 Did you just say mm4 music is weak?
Title Theme
Select Screen
Bright Man
Skull Man
Dust Man
Dive Man
Drill Man
Cossack 1
Cossack 2
Final Boss theme

Because all of those songs are *sooo* weak...HURGH

Author rasetsuzan (170 years ago)

Author Loafington Bloke ( ago)
And so the legend goes
There was a man
Who donned a yellow scarf crimson shield and suit of red (Proto Man!)
They called him Proto Man
He wanted more
So Wily gave him Robot Masters and became the Master of Robots

And Megaman then replied
Why'd you have to destroy them all
Killing innocent men, women and girls
Proto replied
Were taking no prisoners
Were gonna rise up and take over the world

They said compared to Mega Man
Proto Man you are superior
Mega, we're gonna prove them wrong
And compared to Proto Man
Mega Man you are inferior
Mega, we're gonna prove them wrong!

(Taken from SilentWeaponsIII)

Also mine would be
5. MM3 Title theme
4. Dust man
3. Quick man
2. Skull man
1. Snake man

Author Sofia Rae ( ago)
#31 is some epic music

Author Sofia Rae ( ago)
I play mega man 2 I like heat mans theme song

Author Xani Zani ( ago)
Thank you, you've answered my question: "Which MM game did i heard that
catchy song?" answer: #1 on the list.

Author MrFancy ( ago)
Best game ever!

Author drini omar ( ago)
HAHAHA i swear i guessed number 1 !!! very good taste my friend but
shouldn't number 13 spark man be in the top 10 ?

Author Joaquin Tanpoco ( ago)
Tomahawk man's is.... Just....Ummm.....SPARTA!

Author Mega Mudkip ( ago)
Dark Mans theme is the BEST!! Like if you agree!!

Author navyman4 ( ago)
I'm a 42yr old Nintendo Quadruple O.O.O.O.G.

Been listening to VG music on Tape recorders held up to TV's since 1986. @
14:08 min, Shadow Man stage is the best!

Author fench1234567 ( ago)
At least you got #1 "right". Nice list! ;)

Author Pete Pitouille ( ago)
et ta mère man elle était au début?

Author Fsojer ( ago)
But but flashman is the best 

Author Fsojer ( ago)

Author SpoopyJug3 ( ago)
Compared to the rest of the NES lineup, Megaman 6 is definitely underrated.
The adapters were cool as fuck and the robot masters and their tracks were
awesome. Yamato Man being my personal favorite of the 8.

Author Three Chunky Men ( ago)
I think brightman is great

Author kraid80 ( ago)
Mega Man II Title screen theme make me feel like I wanna put a blue helmet
in my head and blast the hell out of everything out there!

Author OneHorseOneManAloneInTheForestAtNight ( ago)
Protoman 1 --- My ears 0

Author michael bolnik ( ago)
No Quick Man?!

Oh well, still a great list!

Author Bonsai Dols ( ago)
Fuck. My top 50 list was ruined. I'm just gonna go with 10.
10. Magnet Man (MM3)
9. Dr. Wily Stages (MM5)
8. Dark Man (MM5)
7. Opening/Credits Theme (MM2)
6. Dr. Wily Stage 1 (MM2)
5. Spark Man (MM3)
4. We are the Robots [Dr. Wily Stage 2] (MM9)
3. Title Theme (MM3)
2. Snake Man (MM3)
1. Dr. Wily Stage 2 (MM3)


Author Kylee The Youkai ( ago)
Wily stage 1 is not the greatest song, I like it but it's very repetitive
if you listen for too long and it freakin overshadows other themes like Top
Man and Wily stage 1 from Megaman 5. Not to mention the songs in Megaman 9
AND 10.

Author jag64551 ( ago)
Best 8-bit music ever. Thanks for the compilation.

Author Bluehelmetman ( ago)
Just found an awesome remix of the Protoman/Darkman song from MM5 here: This guy make some seriously
good beats of the old games in retro style :)

Author Arjan Stakenborg ( ago)
Why do I like this music so much? Its only 8 bit

Author Leandro Martins ( ago)
What's your problem With MM7/8? Shade Man would be easily a top 20.

Author Conspiracy_risk ( ago)
I'm sad that Protoman only got #47 on this list. It was very different and
much more deep than most 8-bit songs of the time.

Author Maverick Hunter HQ ( ago)
Yeah man I agree on what you said

Author pey8523 ( ago)
No Yamato Man? :( Oh well, to each their own.

Author scifyry ( ago)
Surprisingly, my favorite tune is the stage selection music in MM4.

Author Crackisgood4u ( ago)
I agree with the top 3 whole heartedly

Author The Spritist ( ago)
Dude, could a least put one Mega Man X song...

Author The Spritist ( ago)
So much NOSTALGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author fukc hoe ( ago)
#1 is very fuckin mainstreamly accepted and overrated

Author David Stanisz ( ago)
BOO! No WAY Whistle Concert should be so low on the list! NO WAY.

Author Loafington Bloke ( ago)

Author Michael Bosman ( ago)
I recently played the 5 Game Boy games and Wily Wars. Wily Wars may not be
8-bit but no Buster Rod G? Come on. And the game boy games, Hard Man, Dr
Wily Stage 1 (Mega Man Dr Wily's Revenge), Wily's Marine Fortress (Mega Man
III), Ballade, Dr Wily Stage (MMIV), and pretty much ALL of the music from
Mega Man V was amazing. I can't seem to decide which song from that one is
better. Pluto or Mercury. If this was my list, they'd be at a tie for #3.
So far I;m at a tie with #1 for Elec Man and Buster Rod G.

Author Kurtis Kapahala ( ago)
I found the top 3 to be super Obvious , Interesting list though , But I
agree 100% with your top 3

Bubble Man should've been WAYYYYY higher......

Author Adriano Manuel Rey Parra ( ago)
Awwww, dust man deserved some credit D:

Skull Man is not pleased.

Author Simas Prime ( ago)
Nice pandering.

Author wesley ferraz ( ago)
guy I do not know how to thank you I will give to your video like me write
and give favorite you did me such a happy person I was preucarando the
music 2 and when it appears in your video I actually wept with emotion u
have no idea how I am pleased with you to

Author Ninjetty “TrueNinjettyHero” Hiro ( ago)
Why no quick man D: tho overall nice list

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