Top 50 Greatest 8 Bit Megaman Songs Of All Time!

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Top 20: 35:15
Top 10: 46:28
Extra Stats: 1:02:32

What are the best Megaman songs? There is enormous variation in the answers we've seen - mostly because nearly every Megaman song is awesome in its own way. Everyone has their own particular tastes in VGM - go to almost any Megaman song on Youtube and you'll see the inevitable top comment: ʺ[Insert robot master] is the best Megaman song EVAR!!! :Dʺ But obviously they can't all be the best.

Looking at what others have done for megaman music rankings, we couldn't help but feel that many lists were deficient. One ranking had Fireman in the top 10 (what.); another had Strikeman as number 1 (WHAT.). Many other rankings were pretty good, but we wanted to see if we could break through the limitations of our own personal bias and produce a more objective ranking. Megaman games played an important role in many peoples' childhood, and therefore those people can be prone to hold a nostalgic reverence for the music of those games. This is a great thing, but it invariably confuses the ʺtrueʺ quality of the music. For example, this why you often see Megaman 1 songs being ranked very high, when there are clearly more deserving songs in the later Megaman games. We wanted to minimize our own personal bias to the extent possible, and thus ʺVideogames According to SCIENCEʺ was born.

Do we claim to be ʺactuallyʺ objective? No, of course not; personal preference will always make an important impact. But we have been excruciatingly careful and methodical in creating this list; you may disagree with us, but it cannot be said that we were less than thorough. We'd like to post our methodology up here... but we kinda ran out of space in the description. However - we'd be happy to tell you about if you're interested!

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Author TheCheezWizz (2 months)
what a shitty list with a typical bias to the same old garbage.

Author apgrenus (24 days)
Unavailable on iOS :(

Author allchannelsstarttiny (1 month)
That moment when you find the perfect video, but it is not available on

Author Shawn Pollock (1 month)
What is the transition music used for #10, #6, #3, #1?

Author Google Plus Gives People AIDS (1 month)
Mega Man 1 didn't get enough love, but Dark Man was near the top and the
rightful king of video game tunes was at #1. Good enough for me.

Yes, that's right, contrarians. MM2 Dr. Wily Stage 1 deserves every bit of
the praise that's lavished on it. The love it gets isn't due to 'hype'...
there's no freaking monied propaganda campaign out there to elevate it
above other video game songs. The love it gets is organic and real,
because it's just that damn good.

Author lennonluiz0907 (3 months)
Uh... i guess Wily's Castle from MM5 is my new favorite theme now. Well,
three months are a lot, but i'm still kind of disappointed with your
placing of Proto's whistle... and Wily Stage 1 from MM2. I would happily
SWITCH them. >:(

Author Mikey Clapis (1 month)
God, MM6's score is soooo good. Most underrated as far as composition
quality. I'd take Mr. X's stage music over Crash Man's stage music any day.

Author Star1637 (4 months)
#1 song fucking sucks

Author rtsupreme (2 months)
Thank you for this compilation!! I didn't think there was such an
appreciation for this music, and I had no idea that others loved it as I
do!! Thanks for the great tunes, it truly made my day!! 

Author Flavio311291 (3 months)
waveman's theme is so underrated ;_;

Author DragonUltraMaster (2 months)
I just love this top 50!!! I've returned to it soo many times <3 My life
wouldn't be complete without it! I love the Megaman games for the NES.
So great to listen to when you just want to relax.

Author Sly RamPlays (3 months)
1:02:25 it doesn't take a year to make another vid TT

Author Tenk Kommander (3 months)
Wily machine 9 that was a great song.... oh well.

Author Siyko (3 months)
The composition really peaked at Megaman 3. Why? The NES only has four
tracks: noise for percussion, triangle usually for bass, and two squares
for the melody. This gives a lot of freedom for melodies trading back and
forth (think Top Man or Needle Man), but MM 4-6 had a huge restriction -
the charging mega buster! In these games there's no reason not to be
charging the mega buster the whole time, so the composer had to work within
the knowledge that one of the square tracks would usually not be heard, and
couldn't do such interesting things as MM3.

Also, was Jewel man from MM9 not on this list? That's my favorite!

Author Coastermarioguy (2 hours)
I think MM10 Abandoned Memory should have been ranked much higher. :(

Author Annachu (1 day)
I think my only disagreement is having MM3 Wily Stage 2 so low on the list.
It should be way further up there!

Author Johanna Ibarra (2 days)
happy to know that my fav 2 are within the top 3. Great work guys, you
sincerely had the DeLorean parked outside for a wonderful journey to the
past. My very own respectful salute to you. Que viva Colombia & Megaman!

Author rachparov (3 months)
Top three saved the ranking...

Discovered protoman theme...

Author NCsPride704 (5 days)
Cyber Sheep should be number #1. . . that beat is COLLLLD

Author okapilovers (5 days)
I love this. Great music!

Author drgfl01 (6 days)
Too bad Protoman Whistle is so low. Good list, anyway :)

Author TeonanactlPsyTrance (7 days)
Hey Guys Czech out my remixes!

Author aronlakehill (11 days)
I love Mega Man music too, I used to download the songs and listen in my
mp3 player. Great melodies! Very nice list, good job! ( But i miss the end
theme from MM2 when our hero walks home, thats a top 5! )

Author BenjaminKargul (11 days)
Deluxe vs Deluxe!

Author Jacob Cottle (3 months)
Rawkhawk and Great Gonzales hu... I like Paper Mario 2 as well but damn.

Author HmoobPhoenix (14 days)
lmao I agree with #1, I skipped to it to see what it was

Author Top Man (15 days)

Author Alkali Galactic (16 days)
+TheCheezwizz To quote on saying that the guy your talking to is a kid, how
do we know that you're not a kid?

Author TheRemixGrave (16 days)
What number is hard man? (Sry I cant listen to the full list) (also no1
reply a stupid sexual joke) 

Author nathan raymond (17 days)
9:40. Mega man has no nose! :P

Author toby kemper (17 days)
I really think no one needs to judge about not having Mega Man X and other
stuff like #1 being Wily Castle on Mega Man 2, Just enjoy the video for
what's there, Also awesome video I listen too this when I play games.

Author Luciano Antonio (3 months)
lol all 8 robot theme of MM3 are in the list (:
Where's Dr. Cossack stage 2 from MM4? D:

Author Darian Colnitis (19 days)
Lost me with "MM4 music is relatively weak"

Author ShadowdaHedgie11 (19 days)
How did I know the hugely overrated MM2 Wily Stage 1 would be number one?

Author CoolGamer Gallegos (3 months)
My favorite theme from mm is and I can only pick one theme
Mm1 fireman
Mm2 woodman
Mm3 snakeman
Mm4 pharaohman
Mm5 gravityman
Mm6 flameman
Mm7 freezeman
Mm8 tenguman
Mm9 galaxyman
Mm10 tornadoman

Author Deano Troost (4 months)
I just skipped to the last three and guessed "mm 2 intro, mm 3, then Dr.
Wily stage 1/2 mm 2

Author flamegod7 (23 days)
I personally love #25 a lot. #1 is overrated.

Author Travis Janot (24 days)
Needs more Endless Stage from Mega Man 9

Author DanTheMann1218 (3 months)
Despite how much I adore Blizzard Man's theme, I'd put Bubble Man higher

Author David Watkeys (25 days)
im sorry ot be twelve but i cant help it; Windman has HUGE Knockers.

Author Zazz Zazzmen (25 days)
Metal Man #1

Author Morlanr (4 months)
Are you still doing videos? I really enjoyed this one :3

Author Harris Pervaz (28 days)
I love MM2

Author Rikard Bengtsson (4 months)
why no gameboy music?

Author George Maasry (4 months)
Nice to hear 50 megaman tracks but the order is like they are playing on a
random loop. The top #1 listed here is not even a top 20 by any normal

Author Icesera Wings (1 month)
I don't think this was intended to cause debate, and remember there's
personal bias too. Metal Man was my first robot master, and his theme is
one of my all time favorites.

Author Robert Gonzalez (1 month)
Wizz what dick 

Author ZeroLovesDnb (1 month)
Good list, even though you guys are so easily jarred...

Author Siyko (3 months)
Nice list, well thought-out. Hornet man and Splash woman would have been up
there for me though, but I don't know who on the 50 would be kicked off for
their spot.

Author PhysicsMathMan (4 months)
Flashman's theme was and is my favorite 23:30

I was also big on the megaman X1 X2 and X3 songs. 

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