Top 50 Greatest 8 Bit Megaman Songs Of All Time!

Top 40: 13:19
Top 30: 23:20
Top 20: 35:15
Top 10: 46:28
Extra Stats: 1:02:32

What are the best Megaman songs? There is enormous variation in the answers we've seen - mostly because nearly every Megaman song is awesome in its own way. Everyone has their own particular tastes in VGM - go to almost any Megaman song on Youtube and you'll see the inevitable top comment: ʺ[Insert robot master] is the best Megaman song EVAR!!! :Dʺ But obviously they can't all be the best.

Looking at what others have done for megaman music rankings, we couldn't help but feel that many lists were deficient. One ranking had Fireman in the top 10 (what.); another had Strikeman as number 1 (WHAT.). Many other rankings were pretty good, but we wanted to see if we could break through the limitations of our own personal bias and produce a more objective ranking. Megaman games played an important role in many peoples' childhood, and therefore those people can be prone to hold a nostalgic reverence for the music of those games. This is a great thing, but it invariably confuses the ʺtrueʺ quality of the music. For example, this why you often see Megaman 1 songs being ranked very high, when there are clearly more deserving songs in the later Megaman games. We wanted to minimize our own personal bias to the extent possible, and thus ʺVideogames According to SCIENCEʺ was born.

Do we claim to be ʺactuallyʺ objective? No, of course not; personal preference will always make an important impact. But we have been excruciatingly careful and methodical in creating this list; you may disagree with us, but it cannot be said that we were less than thorough. We'd like to post our methodology up here... but we kinda ran out of space in the description. However - we'd be happy to tell you about if you're interested!

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Author MrVargasProductions (5 months)
#1 Already expected... i'ts just annoying. #5 & #12 are the best!

Author Star1637 (3 months)
#1 song fucking sucks

Author Jose Abraham (3 months)
MM4 music is relatively weak? yeah in opposite world! Dust Man is my all
time favorite!

Author Taylor Russell (6 months)
so glad Magnet Man made it into the top ten. It more than deserves it. Dat

Author TheSuperthingymabob (6 months)
We are the robots only 25? damn.

Author rachparov (2 months)
Top three saved the ranking...

Discovered protoman theme...

Author Rikard Bengtsson (3 months)
why no gameboy music?

Author TheCheezWizz (1 month)
what a shitty list with a typical bias to the same old garbage.

Author Ratmus1 (6 months)
If respecting megaman is wrong then I never wanna be right

Author Babby Babbyson (7 months)
Some of these are in fact the best songs, but some of these are shit
compared to armored armadillos theme, and for that you get a thumbs down.

Author SweetLemonade90 (21 day)
This really helps one to realize how different MM2 music is from the other
games. Like, if I listened to a random Mega Man song without knowing from
which game it is, I probably wouldn't be able to say which game it's from
(unless it's a very characteristic song from that game), but I'll always be
able to tell whether or not it's from MM2 cause they all have that feel to

Author Justin Miller (4 months)
279 subs from one video :) that impressive just like the epic video!

Author Flandre Scarlet (6 months)
You should consider making an updated version featuring a few of the 8-bit
covers of the 7 and 8 songs from the "Rockman Famicom" fan remakes. There
are definitely enough good ones to add at least 10 more songs to the list,
maybe 15. Some of the tracks sound even better in mock-2A03 style!

Author RedditRobot (2 months)
dr wilys castle stage 1 ;c

Author DEK441 (7 months)
the 1 place is a piece of shit 

Author Felipe Huszar (6 months)
Bubbleman song's rocks! It should be at least on the top 10 IMO

Author mistermoomoo (5 months)
Any plans to do more on this channel?

Author mathias boite (4 months)
megaman is hero evrye game

Author Edgar Lopez (4 months)
Brings back memories... getting home from school and turning on the old NES
and play Mega Man 3 until it was bedtime.

Author Mike Harton (5 months)
dr wily theme is overrated

Author Sly RamPlays (1 month)
1:02:25 it doesn't take a year to make another vid TT

Author brandon smith (3 months)
Personally I was hoping #34 would be #1 that's my favorite megaman track

Author mistermoomoo (5 months)
Galaxy Man's should've been number 1. It's just so catchy!

Author Dj CUTMAN (6 days)
Great list, over an hour of rocking tunes. Nice work!

Author AkibaMCRGrenias (7 days)
#6! <3 Of course i was expecting that one!!! :3 Galaxy Fantasy FTW!!

Author Testomania (20 days)
has anyone wondered that in the mm3 picture only shadow man has a nose?

Author C. Dickson (6 months)
I guess I'm in a Mega Man Mood.

Author The Dark and Almighty Powerful Shrek (2 months)
The fact that there is only one track from Megaman 4 on the list is
disappointing as fuck.
I love almost every song from that game.

Author KamektheMagikoopa1 (1 month)
I think Whistle Concert, Proto Man Stage 1, and definitely Tomahawk Man as
well as Dr Wily Stage 1 MM3 should've been higher. Quick Man didn't even
make it. The fuck?

Author John (2 months)
Flashman biatches!

Author Sliider36 (6 months)
skip to number 1...i knew it. fail. great list nonetheless. i think the
only vg music i can listen to for an hour would be megaman music.

*** Here's a top 25 nes megaman music video with gameplay!

Author RushJet1 (2 months)
bleh, MM2 Wily is the best? I never loved that song :(

Author Zero Shootman (1 month)

Author Kevinhend (5 months)
I totally called Galaxy Man, it's one of my favorites from 9.

Author SilverKnight (2 months)
I really, really hate Needleman's music. I get its interesting sound
design, but it just...physically hurts to listen to. It's not melodic at
all, and the chords are more dissonant than feels comfortable.

Author Loren Aguilar (3 months)
I love Megaman music, and their games in general. I've always loved robots!
I find it kind of upsetting how things like this slowly die out considering
the social system we have implemented. Man I feel old, haha

Author whichu way (7 months)
great job :P

Author Rachel Smith (1 month)
Top 50 Greatest 8 Bit Megaman Songs Of All Time... ACCORDING TO SCIENCE! :D

Author victor gongora (3 months)
esta wea es el sound track de mi vida

Author Mega Man & Mighty No. 9 (9 months)
Need an hour long playlist to kill some boring time at work? You're in

#MegaMan #music #playlist #8bitmusic #music 

Author julien cattrat (7 months)
Thank you dudes, thank you so much to remain me how i loved all the MM3
themes when i was young... And i've to admit that i'm still chilling when i
hear those songs...

But, and it's personal and subjective, the topeman theme is much catchier
than magnetman... For my part i should invert the two themes's ranks.
Otherwise, i'm agree with your choices.

Author Joan Hennessy (5 months)
anybody noticed he called metal man a maverick??

Author Deano Troost (2 months)
I just skipped to the last three and guessed "mm 2 intro, mm 3, then Dr.
Wily stage 1/2 mm 2

Author Thomas Guarino (4 months)
Most of the Robot Masters themes in this video were from MM5 and MM6, I
think that's pretty biased, even though you were aiming for a non-biased

Author Nick Naylor (3 months)
Wait, How is Cutman, Diveman, Airman, or Brightman not on this List?

Author Simonoso Andreoso (7 months)
Wheres Quickman theme? Thats just a classic of all time

Author Biobillybonez (5 months)
MM4 has weak music? MM4 has my favorite list of tracks. Dive man? skull
man? and Wily 3/4 is my favorite MM tune of all time. Gotta say for an
"objective" list its pretty bad

Author Luciano Antonio (2 months)
lol all 8 robot theme of MM3 are in the list (:
Where's Dr. Cossack stage 2 from MM4? D:

Author Google Plus Gives People AIDS (18 days)
Mega Man 1 didn't get enough love, but Dark Man was near the top and the
rightful king of video game tunes was at #1. Good enough for me.

Yes, that's right, contrarians. MM2 Dr. Wily Stage 1 deserves every bit of
the praise that's lavished on it. The love it gets isn't due to 'hype'...
there's no freaking monied propaganda campaign out there to elevate it
above other video game songs. The love it gets is organic and real,
because it's just that damn good.

Author Cristian Gonzales (4 months)
A few months back I started watching all the game plays of Mega Man out of
childhood nostalgia, and remembered just how much the series would take me
away from what was often a volatile and difficult childhood. Recently
purchased a retro system and started playing all the games again, and
literally brought me back to such an incredible game series. The music, the
action, the robot masters, the feelings of accomplishment when you beat a
level, and of course, the Dr. Wily castle which was always a pain as you
had to start from the very beginning of the castle again in case you wanted
to start the game up again with your password. Now over 20 years later, I
can appreciate even more the brilliance of this series, its music, and
overall game playing creativity. Thanks for bringing it all back. Side note
though - Galaxy Man in the top 10? You're out of your mind. Ha. 

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