Top 50 Greatest 8 Bit Megaman Songs Of All Time!

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What are the best Megaman songs? There is enormous variation in the answers we've seen - mostly because nearly every Megaman song is awesome in its own way. Everyone has their own particular tastes in VGM - go to almost any Megaman song on Youtube and you'll see the inevitable top comment: ʺ[Insert robot master] is the best Megaman song EVAR!!! :Dʺ But obviously they can't all be the best.

Looking at what others have done for megaman music rankings, we couldn't help but feel that many lists were deficient. One ranking had Fireman in the top 10 (what.); another had Strikeman as number 1 (WHAT.). Many other rankings were pretty good, but we wanted to see if we could break through the limitations of our own personal bias and produce a more objective ranking. Megaman games played an important role in many peoples' childhood, and therefore those people can be prone to hold a nostalgic reverence for the music of those games. This is a great thing, but it invariably confuses the ʺtrueʺ quality of the music. For example, this why you often see Megaman 1 songs being ranked very high, when there are clearly more deserving songs in the later Megaman games. We wanted to minimize our own personal bias to the extent possible, and thus ʺVideogames According to SCIENCEʺ was born.

Do we claim to be ʺactuallyʺ objective? No, of course not; personal preference will always make an important impact. But we have been excruciatingly careful and methodical in creating this list; you may disagree with us, but it cannot be said that we were less than thorough. We'd like to post our methodology up here... but we kinda ran out of space in the description. However - we'd be happy to tell you about if you're interested!

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Author AccordingToSCIENCE (5 months)
Just an FYI to those of you who noticed that our N64 video was taken down:
We are in the process of contesting the judgment by YouTube, which we feel
is an incorrect interpretation of fair use under copyright law. We are
hopeful that the video will back up in a few weeks. 

Author AccordingToSCIENCE (4 months)
Great news! Our N64 video is back online! Please go check it out if you
haven't already. =)

Author Tracequaza (3 months)
That moment when there's so many games in a franchise.

Author PsyrenXY (2 months)
So I was really bored and decided to bookmark every song in this video for
those who just like to get to their favorites or see what they were. Throw
a like if this helps ya :P

#50: Get A Weapon (MM3) - 0:35
#49: Bomb Man (MM1) - 1:32
#48: Tomahawk Man (MM6) - 2:29
#47: Protoman Blues (MM3) - 3:34
#46: Wily Machine (MM6) - 5:53
#45: Farewell to Ballade [Ballade] (MM10) - 6:45
#44: Plant Man (MM6) - 8:13
#43: Staff Roll/Credits (MM3) - 9:08
#42: Wave Man (MM5) - 10:40
#41: Crash Man (MM2) - 11:53

#40: Wood Man (MM2) - 13:19
#39: Shadow Man (MM3) - 14:07
#38: Wind Man (MM6) - 15:18
#37: Abandoned Memory [Wily Stage 1] (MM10) - 16:31
#36: Wily Stage (MM6) - 17:32
#35: Bubble Man (MM2) - 18:29
#34: Wily Stage 1 (MM3) - 19:33
#33: Blizzard Man (MM6) - 20:30
#32: Flash Man (MM2) - 21:29
#31: Wily Machine (MM10) - 22:30

#30: Wily Stage 2 (MM3) - 23:20
#29: Charge Man (MM5) - 24:07
#28: Knight Man (MM6) - 25:29
#27 Needle Man (MM3) - 26:44
#26: Cybersheep’s Dream [Sheep Man] (MM10) - 28:08
#25: We Are The Robots [Wily Stage 2] (MM9) - 29:25
#24: Wily Capsule (MM5) - 31:00
#23: Napalm Man (MM5) - 32:16
#22: Opening/Title (MM6) - 33:18
#21: Metal Man (MM2) - 34:28

#20: Gravity Man (MM5) - 35:15
#19: Hard Man (MM3) - 36:46
#18: Pharaoh Man (MM4) - 37:41
#17: Nitro Rider [Nitro Man] (MM10) - 38:31
#16: Top Man (MM3) - 39:47
#15: Against The Pressure [Wily Stage 2] (MM10) - 40:47
#14: Wily Stage (MM5) - 42:06
#13: Spark Man (MM3) - 43:26
#12: Flash In The Dark [Wily Stage 1] (MM9) - 44:36
#11: Air Man (MM2) - 45:35

#10: Tornado Thunder [Tornado Man] (MM9) - 46:36
#9: Magnet Man (MM3) - 48:07
#8 Gemini Man (MM3) - 49:34
#7: Flame Man (MM6) - 50:49
#6: Galaxy Fantasy [Galaxy Man] (MM9) - 52:11
#5: Dark Man (MM5) - 53:28
#4: Snake Man (MM3) - 55:33
#3: Opening/Staff Roll (MM2) - 57:08
#2: Opening/Title (MM3) - 59:50
#1: Wily Stage 1 (MM2) - 61:21

Author Gemini Man (12 days)
Woo Hoo! #8 FTW!!!

Author Rkiser0592 (2 months)
wow and you're liars...only menu music my ass...number two being TITLE MENU
select of mega man 3...please please just give your videos one watch before
you post them, thanks again love mega man music.

Author Brandon Patton (13 days)
lel im a year behind but this is a video I go to almost every time I play
games. All in all an amazing video guys, great job. BUT.......Protoman's
whistle should've at least been a LITTLE higher. The way it turns the
normal 8-bit run of the mill sounds into a masterpiece should not go
unnoticed, and it didn't but I wish you would have given it a little more
attention. Also, I like #1 but it DOES get on my nerves a little bit
because many people do overrate it, though I do agree that it is a
good theme that suits the assault on Wily castle. Another one that I
consider to be a little overrated is Snake man, and idk why but I just
can't get into it as well as others. A little disappointed with Top man
and I would've considered Spark man to be in the top 10 at least but hey,
its your opinion(s). Also, I had no idea until this video that Thunder
Tornado was as good as it is but I agree with the fact that it strays into
the high notes a bit much. In all, this is an awesome video and you guys
did a great job :D

Author Snake Man DWN-022 (23 days)
Oh yes, you just can't make a list like this without my own theme in the
top 5! :D

Author Elvis bo (2 months)
The best video about mega man top music by far but you fumble the ball on
quickman, skull man and dr cossack stage 2. They should at least be on top
of 50.

Author Magicprincess9000 (3 months)
This needs more views! Nuff said~I love the way you state the reason you
like the songs. I have seen plenty of these top 10-50 megaman songs but
they never say why they liked it! Such an epic list. Half of the songs are
my favorite!

Author joão carlos (23 days)
Kinda sad there are no songs from Megaman 7, Megaman 8 or Megaman & Bass. :(
I know you guys were focusing in the 8-bit games, but come on, no love for
these 3 games?

Author Roguemember (23 days)
Elec man? Fireman? Bubble man should be in your top 10. Starman? Dr.
Cossack stages 3 and 4?

Author suineg1 (2 days)
+AccordingToSCIENCE I was looking for 1 (ONE) song from Megaman. Listened
through all 50 just to know that the song that I was looking for was your
№1 !!! ;-b hahaha.
Thanks guys! <3

Author MegaJacob Productions (4 days)
What the heck?! Proto-man is at FORTY SEVEN?!?!?!
*song plays while I quit the internet*

Author Juanma Richtofen (24 days)
"We are the robots" from Megaman 9 deserved to be in the top 5. It's a
really awesome tune that makes you destroy that stage <3

Author Lucy-Chan (2 months)
Great video bro! I like it to much!!!♥

Author Bruno Belini (2 months)
Given the high positions MM3 songs are in this list, it's easy to see that
those guys started playing with MM3 or this one are their favorite game. I
started with MM2 - that is my favorite and I do think that EVERY SINGLE
theme from MM2 are the best ones. When I was a very VERY young kid, MM3
themes bothered me while I was playing - as an adult I do think they are
great too.I have the impression that MM2 songs gives the player more DRAMA
while MM3 songs gives ADRENALINE. The overall drama from MM2 always gave me
the feeling that I was doing something so good by helping that little blue
guy... Since I first saw him on the top of that building, looking at the
horizon, trying to gather all his energy, strength and focus to make that
struggling life and death decision of starting that hard battle... It was
capable of awake deep feelings... While MM3 since from it's start, he is
posing as a BADASS, with a bad face... The guy was THE GUY, he was IT, he
wasn't struggling to survive anymore, now he was just having SO MUCH FUN by
killing those mother@#$%s. It's just a matter of preference and my personal
interpretation. And by the way, I was happy by the things written about MM2
themes, I agree with them.

Author - SuperCoolman155 (2 months)
Top 15+ Should be all Mega Man 4 songs. That incredible soundtrack trumps
that piece of overrated fuck-em-shit known as Mega Man - cough *CRAP* cough
- 2. Time Stopper sucks (use Flash Stopper), Crash Bomber sucks (use Drill
Bomb). Metal Blade is overrated (use Pharaoh Shot). Mega Man 2 sucks so
much dick it's unbelievable.

Author NintaVsGaming (5 months)
Haven't watched the whole thing but if MM2's Dr Wily Stage 1 isn't in the
top 20 I will cry.

Author Cut Man (5 months)
why there is no cutman here?

Author Mitchell Roberts (9 days)
Woodman's Theme want me to keep on running through the stage! One of my

Author Butt Fukr (2 months)
very professional video. I enjoyed th ommentary text boxes.

Author Nike780 (10 days)
The #1 is obviously, the most overrated song of megaman -.-

Author ᑭᗝ††ᕮᖇϟᓰᒪᒪᗩ ᔕᕮᖇᓰᕮᔕ (2 months)
I love this !
My only complain is that Protoman's Theme is kinda way too low XC

Author zombiesfan35 (1 month)
Brings back so many memories

Author Ariel Bruce (1 month)
My favorite is Cybersheep's dream - MM10

Author Dustin Langner (3 months)
this list is beyond epic, great work 😍

Author Joshua Staats (25 days)
I predicted #1

Author Chris Singley (3 months)
Great list! I think your #1 choice was correct.

Author Algabros Horror (2 months)

Author Goorbatschov (2 months)
Hey i wanted to ask if the song "kaleidoskope" by astral sounds was ever
used in a megaman game? because i somehow connect it to it but it never
shows up, is it possible that a european version has a different st?

Author Mike O'Sullivan (20 days)
Dr Cossack 2 ... surprised that wasn't in top 50. Top 3 though are spot on
and it's not even debateable.

Author agiroemerges (25 days)
Number 1, Willy stage 1-2 yeaaah!!

Author Icesera Wings (2 months)
+TheCheezWizz Superiority complex, huh? Good to know you think I'm better
than you! But that's what you think, not what I think. You see, I don't
believe you're "incapable" of good. If you were, then where would you be
right now? Not on YouTube, that's for sure. And as for the "superiority"
complex", what kind of woman do you take me for? You already stated it, but
it's good to make sure. My "superiority complex", as you put so eloquently
put it, got hit by that symbolic truck some years back. All I'm saying is
that I don't mind you cursing out deserving videos. I do, however, mind you
cursing out videos that don't deserved to be. And I find your lack of
inventiveness disturbing. As I said before, happy holidays sir! : )

Author jesus crash 2001 (14 days)
ho yes i am best music 50 the game of megaman

Author Kraeth (5 months)
You really should've had the titles hang on till the end of each bit. I
left this on the background and whenever I heard a new cool song I had to
start rewinding to find which one was it from.

Author Michael Bosman (2 months)
Before I get more hate comments on my opinions, I managed to get myself to
like #1 on this list once again. Is it my favorite song in Mega Man 2 or in
the series as a whole, NO. Third favorite from Mega Man 2. 2nd favorite
from MM2 is Dr Wily Stage 3 (no hate comments or fanboyism please), and my
favorite is Quick Man. My favorite game from the series is Mega Man 1. It
has my favorite music too. WHY IS THERE ONLY ONE MEGA MAN 1 SONG ON THIS
LIST? Not to mention my second favorite RM theme of that game is just an
HONORABLE MENTION? Common. Give more Mega Man 1 songs a chance next time.
And I'm ESPECIALLY surprised to see no Elec Man on this list. And please
don't make your lists predictable. That was STUPID of you to put a Mega Man
2 song at the #1 spot. You realize how OVERRATED that song is. It's a good
song but there are WAY better songs I can think of than that overrated
piece of sh*t (excuse me for language but I'm trying to make my point).
Also put MORE Mega Man 4 songs next time. My Top 10 Mega Man songs as of
right now are the following:
Honerable Mention: Quick Man

10. Tengu Man (Saturn version and I'm counting all the games in
cluding Mega Man and Bass)
9. Charge Man
8. Tomahawk Man
7. Ground Man
6. Pharaoh Man
5. Strike Man
4. Freeze Man
3. Tornado Man
2. Top Man
1. Elec Man
I have it one song per game as shown above. Also put EQUAL amounts of
songs for the games. 1 Mega Man 1 song? 1 Mega Man 4 song? 14 Mega Man 3
songs? 8 Mega Man 2 song? I could go on about how uneven you made the list.
You need to do this list AGAIN but include Mega Man 8, 7 and Mega Man and
Bass songs for the re-do so it counts ALL of the games, and for each 10,
ONE SONG PER GAME. For instance, for 50-41 you could put a Mega Man 1 song
at #50 and #49 could be from Mega Man and Bass and so on. I just gave
That's just what I think the list SHOULD be like. This way you'll get less
dislikes because when you think about it, 67 dislikes is a lot of dislikes.
Maybe if you use this comment as advice, yiu'll get less dislikes. Don't
worry I didn't dislike this (even if this list is an absolute TRAIN WRECK
with how you organized it) because unlike the dislikers, I'm not heartless.
Don't take this as regular criticism. I'm trying to give off constructive

Author jordan sims (3 months)
I thought your list was backwards
though, Nitro man seems to fit

Author Joe DeAngelis (1 month)
Agree with #1. I also think number 7 Flame Man is on the money too. That is
a great tune. I'm surprised no Woodman. That's a popular one. Then again,
you could put almost all of MM2 on here and I don't think you'd be wrong.

Author shoopdawhoop34 (3 months)
The only omission I noticed was Maze of Death from MM9, which is a personal
favorite. All the same, good list!

Author Alex Oregel (1 month)
Wow! The first song immediately got me back to the 90's, I remember I was
so happy cause that weapon beat magnet man with 4 shots! Those were the

Author FunkyProtoManCatᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ #Contente (3 months)

Author Daniel Cardenas (2 months)
greatest songs depends on each person, what are u basing it off? it also
depends on the memories one has with each game in which case all of MM2 &
MM3 would be my tops... #10 is a horrible song, Snake man should be #1

Author Tim Lisnieski (3 months)
i love this<33333333

Author Chris Siano (4 months)
you get a subscribe, sir.

Author Mini Diaz (1 month)
it would be nice to know who wrote these tunes :)
were they buy outs? anyone know?

Author Knappstar86 (1 month)
Bubbleman at 35? Lost all credibility after that for me

Author Samuel Poirier (2 months)
Great video !!! I was searching for a video like that.. very nice !!
One little thing I have to say and I know it's personnal, but I believe
your #31 belongs to the top 5. The song is just so perfect for the battle
against Wily !!

Author NeoFrostbyte23 (2 months)
Love that Woodman stage song :D

Author linkxsaint Link (3 months)
the number 25 it's :'( incredible

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