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Author AccordingToSCIENCE (7 months)
Just an FYI to those of you who noticed that our N64 video was taken down:
We are in the process of contesting the judgment by YouTube, which we feel
is an incorrect interpretation of fair use under copyright law. We are
hopeful that the video will back up in a few weeks. 

Author PsyrenXY (5 months)
So I was really bored and decided to bookmark every song in this video for
those who just like to get to their favorites or see what they were. Throw
a like if this helps ya :P

#50: Get A Weapon (MM3) - 0:35
#49: Bomb Man (MM1) - 1:32
#48: Tomahawk Man (MM6) - 2:29
#47: Protoman Blues (MM3) - 3:34
#46: Wily Machine (MM6) - 5:53
#45: Farewell to Ballade [Ballade] (MM10) - 6:45
#44: Plant Man (MM6) - 8:13
#43: Staff Roll/Credits (MM3) - 9:08
#42: Wave Man (MM5) - 10:40
#41: Crash Man (MM2) - 11:53

#40: Wood Man (MM2) - 13:19
#39: Shadow Man (MM3) - 14:07
#38: Wind Man (MM6) - 15:18
#37: Abandoned Memory [Wily Stage 1] (MM10) - 16:31
#36: Wily Stage (MM6) - 17:32
#35: Bubble Man (MM2) - 18:29
#34: Wily Stage 1 (MM3) - 19:33
#33: Blizzard Man (MM6) - 20:30
#32: Flash Man (MM2) - 21:29
#31: Wily Machine (MM10) - 22:30

#30: Wily Stage 2 (MM3) - 23:20
#29: Charge Man (MM5) - 24:07
#28: Knight Man (MM6) - 25:29
#27 Needle Man (MM3) - 26:44
#26: Cybersheep’s Dream [Sheep Man] (MM10) - 28:08
#25: We Are The Robots [Wily Stage 2] (MM9) - 29:25
#24: Wily Capsule (MM5) - 31:00
#23: Napalm Man (MM5) - 32:16
#22: Opening/Title (MM6) - 33:18
#21: Metal Man (MM2) - 34:28

#20: Gravity Man (MM5) - 35:15
#19: Hard Man (MM3) - 36:46
#18: Pharaoh Man (MM4) - 37:41
#17: Nitro Rider [Nitro Man] (MM10) - 38:31
#16: Top Man (MM3) - 39:47
#15: Against The Pressure [Wily Stage 2] (MM10) - 40:47
#14: Wily Stage (MM5) - 42:06
#13: Spark Man (MM3) - 43:26
#12: Flash In The Dark [Wily Stage 1] (MM9) - 44:36
#11: Air Man (MM2) - 45:35

#10: Tornado Thunder [Tornado Man] (MM9) - 46:36
#9: Magnet Man (MM3) - 48:07
#8 Gemini Man (MM3) - 49:34
#7: Flame Man (MM6) - 50:49
#6: Galaxy Fantasy [Galaxy Man] (MM9) - 52:11
#5: Dark Man (MM5) - 53:28
#4: Snake Man (MM3) - 55:33
#3: Opening/Staff Roll (MM2) - 57:08
#2: Opening/Title (MM3) - 59:50
#1: Wily Stage 1 (MM2) - 61:21

Author AccordingToSCIENCE (7 months)
Great news! Our N64 video is back online! Please go check it out if you
haven't already. =)

Author Gemini Man (3 months)
Woo Hoo! #8 FTW!!!

Author Algabros Horror (5 months)

Author NintaVsGaming (8 months)
Haven't watched the whole thing but if MM2's Dr Wily Stage 1 isn't in the
top 20 I will cry.

Author WarpWorld7 (2 months)
Mega Man 3 > Mega Man 2

Author joão carlos (3 months)
Kinda sad there are no songs from Megaman 7, Megaman 8 or Megaman & Bass. :(
I know you guys were focusing in the 8-bit games, but come on, no love for
these 3 games?

Author MegaJacob Productions (2 months)
What the heck?! Proto-man is at FORTY SEVEN?!?!?!
*song plays while I quit the internet*

Author Arjan Stakenborg (12 days)
Why do I like this music so much? Its only 8 bit

Author The Satellite (1 month)
I wasn't quite satisfied with this list but because of opinion differences,
obviously, main ones being that 4 had too little representation (Bright Man
and both Cossack stage themes are some of my favorite songs), 5 had too
much (I'm really not a fan of anything besides Stone Man, the fortress
themes, and the final boss and credits, though Napalm and Wave are alright
with me), and some of the ordering I disagreed with, mostly in regards to
boss songs... and on that note, why wasn't 9's final boss theme in here?

Of course, that's just my own opinion. But then I saw Magnet Man, my
personal favorite robot master theme of all time, in the top ten. So all is
forgiven. :P

Author Ewa Vorgrimler (7 months)
The top 10 was kind of disappointing for me, but the top 3 fixed it.

Author Snake Man DWN-022 (3 months)
Oh yes, you just can't make a list like this without my own theme in the
top 5! :D

Author scifyry (17 days)
Surprisingly, my favorite tune is the stage selection music in MM4.

Author TB Tabby (1 month)
Only one song from the first game, and it was Bomb Man's theme? I would've
gone with Elec Man.

But if you want to hear a version of Proto Man's theme that isn't limited
by the NES sound chip, OC Remix has you covered, with lyrics to boot!

Author ᑭᗝ††ᕮᖇϟᓰᒪᒪᗩ ᔕᕮᖇᓰᕮᔕ (4 months)
I love this !
My only complain is that Protoman's Theme is kinda way too low XC

Author Alter Ego (2 months)
darkman's theme is stuck in my head because I DIED TO HIM 100 TIMES BEFORE
thank god i got to wily's castle

Author Conspiracy_risk (14 days)
I'm sad that Protoman only got #47 on this list. It was very different and
much more deep than most 8-bit songs of the time.

Author Kurtis Kapahala (1 month)
I found the top 3 to be super Obvious , Interesting list though , But I
agree 100% with your top 3

Author Silver Ingot (1 month)
My personal favorite theme is Thunder Tornado (Tornado Man) from MM9.

Author Juanma Richtofen (3 months)
"We are the robots" from Megaman 9 deserved to be in the top 5. It's a
really awesome tune that makes you destroy that stage <3

Author Fichinendo (2 months)

Author Adriano Manuel Rey Parra (1 month)
Awwww, dust man deserved some credit D:

Author Ike W (1 month)
How Megaman6 does have the best stage select music and this video proves

Author Leandro Martins (13 days)
What's your problem With MM7/8? Shade Man would be easily a top 20.

Author jag64551 (1 day)
Best 8-bit music ever. Thanks for the compilation.

Author Michael Bosman (1 month)
I recently played the 5 Game Boy games and Wily Wars. Wily Wars may not be
8-bit but no Buster Rod G? Come on. And the game boy games, Hard Man, Dr
Wily Stage 1 (Mega Man Dr Wily's Revenge), Wily's Marine Fortress (Mega Man
III), Ballade, Dr Wily Stage (MMIV), and pretty much ALL of the music from
Mega Man V was amazing. I can't seem to decide which song from that one is
better. Pluto or Mercury. If this was my list, they'd be at a tie for #3.
So far I;m at a tie with #1 for Elec Man and Buster Rod G.

Author Juan Ignacio Saba Veloso (1 month)
Wow. Amazing compilation and ranking. Very enjoyable. I agree with #1 and
in general I kind of agree with the entire selection.

I could possibly comment on 50% of the songs if I had the time haha... but
I'm just gonna make one comment about #3. I love that song and I think it's
well placed but I think there are other "versions" of that song that I kind
of like more.

For example from MM4 you see the same "piece" on the start screen:

Author zombiesfan35 (4 months)
Brings back so many memories

Author DB N (1 month)
I'll just start by saying this a fantastic list. Great job because it

My only major gripe: Woodman @ 40? Whaaat?!? Granted the drums are not that
good, and more of a defect of the sound engineer tna anything else.
However, the composition is marvelous. I strongly believe it belongs in Top
20, if not higher. I mean, the Sphinx is missing a nose and we all
recognize it as one of the Seven Wonders of the World! Let's give Woodman a
much needed break.

My nitpick is that maybe the list is being a little nitpicky. Airman
outside of Top Ten is okay by me, and I contend Metalman has better music
than Magnetman, but these are subjective objections. This list is biased by
the creators and that's perfectly okay with me!

Author Eloy Corona (2 months)

Author pey8523 (17 days)
No Yamato Man? :( Oh well, to each their own.

Author Crackisgood4u (17 days)
I agree with the top 3 whole heartedly

Author GreatGonzales1 (6 months)
Who wants to be our 2000th like? :)

Author Mike O'Sullivan (3 months)
Dr Cossack 2 ... surprised that wasn't in top 50. Top 3 though are spot on
and it's not even debateable.

Author Kaldzi1993 (7 months)
Where is Skull Man Theme ? This should be in TOP10.

Author Luis Iglesias (1 month)
I highly disagree with people saying that MM4 music is not good enough...
yet I love this countdown. (I still think it should have more MM4 songs
like DiveMan, SkullMan or DustMan though)

Author Sol Negro (4 months)
Your favorite Megaman soundtrack is my favorite too!

Author suineg1 (2 months)
+AccordingToSCIENCE I was looking for 1 (ONE) song from Megaman. Listened
through all 50 just to know that the song that I was looking for was your
№1 !!! ;-b hahaha.
Thanks guys! <3

Author Pacifierjunkee (1 month)
Am I the only person that doesn't think snakeman's theme is that great.
It's not terrible, but for some reason everyone loves that song but me.

Author QUICKSTROKEHD (1 month)
Skull Man is not pleased.

Author Megamasters X (16 days)
Yeah man I agree on what you said

Author ScoutKirby (1 month)
Notices #1, "Called it!"

Author Joshua Staats (3 months)
I predicted #1

Author Ariel Bruce (4 months)
My favorite is Cybersheep's dream - MM10

Author wesley ferraz (1 month)
guy I do not know how to thank you I will give to your video like me write
and give favorite you did me such a happy person I was preucarando the
music 2 and when it appears in your video I actually wept with emotion u
have no idea how I am pleased with you to

Author Brandon Patton (3 months)
lel im a year behind but this is a video I go to almost every time I play
games. All in all an amazing video guys, great job. BUT.......Protoman's
whistle should've at least been a LITTLE higher. The way it turns the
normal 8-bit run of the mill sounds into a masterpiece should not go
unnoticed, and it didn't but I wish you would have given it a little more
attention. Also, I like #1 but it DOES get on my nerves a little bit
because many people do overrate it, though I do agree that it is a
good theme that suits the assault on Wily castle. Another one that I
consider to be a little overrated is Snake man, and idk why but I just
can't get into it as well as others. A little disappointed with Top man
and I would've considered Spark man to be in the top 10 at least but hey,
its your opinion(s). Also, I had no idea until this video that Thunder
Tornado was as good as it is but I agree with the fact that it strays into
the high notes a bit much. In all, this is an awesome video and you guys
did a great job :D

Author MEEZLEMONSTER (1 month)
Bubble Man should've been WAYYYYY higher......

Author David Stanisz (28 days)
BOO! No WAY Whistle Concert should be so low on the list! NO WAY.

Author Alex Oregel (4 months)
Wow! The first song immediately got me back to the 90's, I remember I was
so happy cause that weapon beat magnet man with 4 shots! Those were the

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