Beltoon-New Song

Beltoon new song Zama Jananna.

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Author saleem khan (3 months)
verynice and near to heart

Author Qahir Omer (6 months)
the best singer I have heard in my life 

Author saleem khan (3 months)
I pray for ustad biltoon that allah call ustad for hajh and for hajh akbar

Author Salt Saltish (5 months)
i love most beltoon ustad the top folk singer in pashto. No one match his

Author Saifullah Ebrahimi (7 months)
zinda baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad ustad beltoon

Author muhammad bilal khan (2 years)
the great singer of pashtooons

Author pokhta (3 years)
Zuandai dewi Ustad Beltoon!!!

Author afghanakk (6 years)
i really like this music because i can see you are playing it its not some
cassio electric jazz .. thanks for uploading

Author hellmann007 (3 years)
The must beautifull song!!! THANKS FOR DOWNLOAD IT !!! :)

Author Anees Hanif Khan Afridi (2 years)
@Aarianrais this is poetry when you translate it the ecstasy of the song
fades away so what ever language it is ,if you translate the words you dont
enjoy it as much as the real thing if you explain the meaning that could

Author Diabloke2701 (4 years)
wtf is this shit

Author Rais khan (2 years)
@menodred i ll try to translate for u in english :) U Do not Remember the
End of life that s why You play with ur Hair :) ... the last sentence The
last sentence Wish to not be The Last Meeting funnof Youngers .. Sorry man
the words he use in the song very hard to understand in Pashto first of all
than more hard to translate it in english Wish u enjoy with this short
Translation if i ve done Well Hops so

Author Yeomen Tucp (2 years)
please anyone ..lyrics? in spanish if possible ... or english does not

Author Rusmalaie (5 years)
wht a real music without electric very nice love it

Author kingmoney1997 (2 years)
ustad biltoon is great singer of pashto

Author fareed4321 (5 years)
the music that i like is this

Author pushtun1000 (4 years)
i am 30 years old.... unfortunatly from the pakistan side of afghanistan...
i just wish that i see the day when all pushtuns/afghans/pattans are united
and live in one and only and great afghanistan

Author Khan Jee (4 years)
great song and i really appreciate pashtoon and afghan as well.

Author saleem khan (2 years)

Author Marjan Khan (4 years)
Logar jan zindaabad from Wardak jan....Wah wah manena dai video
lapara...wah wah wah wah

Author Rana Quetta (1 year)
Usrad Beltoon a great voice...awsome

Author khalid khan (1 year)
very beautiful.

Author sas2007pk (2 years)
the legacy of afghans around the world

Author MrProudPashtoon (4 years)
I hope Allah give me life to meet you one day, Enjoy your music live.
Belton Jana zwandai wasayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Author stranger333 (2 years)
afreen biltoon ustaad

Author mohibullah7 (3 years)
this is the real real poshtu music beltoon th legend qurban de sham khanlala

Author kingmoney1997 (2 years)
unforgetable song of ustad of pashto music & parsien music thank you for
this great intertainments

Author Amin Jabbar (3 years)
Nice! Thanks

Author manaf67 (3 years)
@ahmadi15 what do u mean ? do u get happy with the death of a Human Being

Author gr8atal17 (4 years)
great pashtoon singer

Author ahmadi15 (3 years)
@kunduz88 he is still alive :)

Author MuqaddasAFG (5 years)
beltoon jan iam proud that iam from logar province

Author DodgeVip3r (4 years)
Logar Zindabaad

Author Rana Quetta (3 years)
Beltoon. Austad Beltoon..Great Geo Beltoon. Reminds me 70`s Quetta to
Kabul..Jashnee Kabul and great Afghanistan

Author High Line (1 year)
Sir beltoon surly has a long instrument, and knows how to play it. A truly
great song.

Author NazirMalghani (5 years)
very good song song of Beltoon.

Author grailer123 (4 years)
logaris are the real afghans

Author kingmoney1997 (2 years)
you may say for biltoon babaiay music of pashto, this is reward to biltoon
same like sir

Author wakil91 (5 years)
khele lochak mardem astem shoma logaryaa magam watan ee beltoon bache watan
as ma ra koshta beshnaw

Author Noor Ali (2 years)

Author Rana Quetta (3 years)
Ustad Beltoon will remain a great singer.Lovely voice. Love it

Author awroyeen (5 years)
He is the man. please listen to his voice: the strenght and the clearity. I
am the feel the pain in my heart to see all these guys are getting old..
they have created so many good memories for all of us.

Author ser pin (2 years)

Author Rafi Zarab (2 years)
der kha

Author positrongamma (4 years)
Though i cant understand Pakhto properly, however, i still like to listen
to Beltoon's song cause he sings different and thats what makes him so
special. His farsi songs are fabulous and i am proud to have musicians like
Beltoon in afghanistan. long live afghanistan cheers

Author Nur Nurada (3 years)
is he dead? or live?

Author Saranzaib Khan (4 years)
love u beltoona

Author afghaan (6 years)
thanx for sharing

Author menemenem (5 years)
khair de wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

Author MrKhans79 (5 years)
i love this best music and nice voice tanx for uploading man..

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