Bella & Jacob - true love

Bella and Jacob love
song: Medina - You and I
by: maty

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 4:20
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Author Daisy Ponyrock (1 month)
team jacob !!! <3

Author hannah48955 (3 years)
kto śpiewa tą piosenke??

Author Natasha Marie Moore (2 years)
Team Jacob all the way xx :)

Author bianca somera (2 years)
nice,beautiful i love yor taylor

Author sisters513 (3 years)
Thanks a lot for all the amazing comments =)

Author Esperanza Pena (3 years)
love it nice choice in song !!

Author Saruul Surenjav (3 years)
seem like it really fit in to the lyrics. good job:]

Author Saruul Surenjav (3 years)
seem like it really fits in to the lyrics. good job:]

Author Tami4ever1 (3 years)
this video is perfect !!!!!!!!!1 team jacobbbb <3

Author marecat1 (4 years)
Great job!! I love it!!! I love Jacob...and Bella!!!^^

Author Ameena Ali (4 years)
Amazing vid !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Favorited it

Author JayBlueBird21 (2 years)
@icarenotreally i totally agree with u for hating bella

Author miprecioosa15 (1 year)
A wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Author xxxsophiepxxx24 (3 years)
love the video great song Team jacob :) good job

Author RandomRobbie21 (3 years)
I Absolutely love the beginning :DDDD it's as if it's the music is Jacob's
heart beat <3 it goes together very very well together :) I love this music
video as a whole too!! You can feel Bella and Jacob's pain- it's truly
beautiful in it's own way...oh, by the way AWESOME CHOICE IN MUSIC!! :D <3

Author TheMindCrap (2 years)
that song stinks!!!! but video is great...

Author neluthenoodle (2 years)
it's not sad what's sad is that bella turned down the best boyfriend in the
world,jacob.That skank

Author Jeffery Berry (1 year)
you are crazzy

Author Millet Anais (2 years)
Team Jacob <3 <3 <3

Author Ambreh Productions (3 years)
this is way better than lady gaga's you and i.

Author sombreange10 (2 years)
J'adore twilight surtout Jacob et bella video et excellente bon travail

Author Becca Peppermintz (1 year)
....when are they in a sleeping bag together??

Author kristina tollefson (3 years)
i so lvoe thsi videoitos cute and sweet

Author clarapereira46 (1 year)
Team Jacob ≤3

Author Ambreh Productions (3 years)
is it sad that i absolutley hate bella for turning down the best werewolf
in the world???

Author Ashley Lydy (1 year)
Am sorry ashley nicole

Author ghostbusterwife (1 year)
Team jacob3

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