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Author SuperAlfred1999 ( ago)
my usb signel tranferred soo fast!! now im going to try attach my strainer
to my car

Author Shannon Brooks ( ago)
My wife wont give me her strainer ! BITCH !

Author Bojan Pantelić ( ago)
Here are much better to use now:

Author krystle fugoso ( ago)
is this applicable to pocket wifi globe tattoo?

Author 7timedad ( ago)
Wow, it was amazing. My WiFi strength tripled when I added the spaghetti.
Next comes the sauce.

Author Cheryl Benefield ( ago)

Author felipe smiley ( ago)

Author Nw Gee ( ago)
WTF now i am using a hammer and a urine pot and i get wifi in my trailer
home!! BS this shit!!

Author Tony Barrenada ( ago)
Nice. Tks

Author Ranjay Gurung ( ago)
how to use it i just downloaded it... and i dont know how to use ?

Author fidodido664 ( ago)
super stupid

Author Big Charlie (1207 years ago)
it's Voo-Doo

Author Jeroen van Ravesteijn ( ago)
the cache of Faraday

Author Mantaray ( ago)
this would work if u got the right calulation needed to foce the signal
forward ,, like size signal strenght

Author Ray Ritz ( ago)
guys after cooking quail eggs using my strainer, relax to couch and attach
my strainer to wifi adaptor. Dual purpose. superb, Brilliant,

Author juan cardenas ( ago)
this is super bs

Author Alvin Robinson ( ago)
Please send me the link so I can also test my signal strength. Thanks.

Author Anonymous Person ( ago)
where o u plug it in?
just in the usb port?

Author kenny gaia ( ago)
The sinal watch. Your grammar

Author Dank Trickshotter ( ago)
Recently, my stepbrother got a really hot supermodel to date him. I am
really jealous but he told me he got it from being a man and not using
stupid ass dating sites. Does that make him smart?

Author Kevin Santonova ( ago)
My weird cousin managed to make the most incredible pole dancer I've ever
seen fall for him because he cheated by using the Cupid Love System (search
in Google). It's bad but I wish I'd been joyful for him but I dream a
stunning person would fall in love with me like that. I am really green
with envy. Does that make me a bad individual?

Author Aurelius R ( ago)
Dumb Yanks, don't know how anything is spelt!

Author guyosincognitos ( ago)
You must be American, because outside the U.S. both, "spelt" and "spelled",
are acceptable. :)

Author jeremy olsen ( ago)
please tell me there are not people this stupid out there just walking
around, bumping into shit.

Author Cenk Toprak ( ago)
This better!WifiHacker!andOnlineHackTool

Author suroj sipai ( ago)
You will understand that troublesome point when your step-brother (who's
been a loser for a long time, I've gotta tell you) gets a beautiful woman
to fall in love with him in 3 weeks?! Yeah, that just happened. I know I
ought to be happy but I want it to be me. He said he learned from the Cupid
Love System (Search for it in Google). I want to hide out inside of a cave
at this point...

Author sajjad zaheer ( ago)
I wish to learn to have more sex. My cousin has begun dating a 10 because 8
weeks ago he registered to a site called Master Attraction (Google it if
you desire to learn how.) I'm jealous since I would like to fall madly in
love too. How come it's so difficult? I'm gonna have a look at this Jake
Ayres guy's information. Crazy thing is, he once had Zero results with
women. How does one transform that fast? His girl's a fucking model!

Author wpfreddog ( ago)
that password send me to an Asian porn movie

Author male jeruta ( ago)
maam can i ask afree wi fi password hacker,,, the is not working for
us... pls direct to the file to installl..... my fb name pls pm me jerome
jeruta.. thank you

Author David Rice ( ago)
You spelled "spelt" wrong -.-

Author KdotMuzik89 ( ago)
Who knew Borat knew anything about computers

Author jemuel ( ago)

Author ThebobDK ( ago)
Holy shit! virus!!! Don't download!!! xDDDDDD

Author PhoenixProductions ( ago)
You sir are also incorrect, "spelt" is a word. It's a type of wheat;
"Spelt, also known as dinkel wheat, or hulled wheat, is an ancient species
of wheat from the fifth millennium BCE." That is a small description of it,
check yourself next time.

Author jesus gutierrez ( ago)
beri good

Author larry sepp ( ago)
Good eye, maybe he ment spelded. :)

Author PowerUp[CREW] ( ago)
so die xd

Author roshan uditha ( ago)
Life sucks. My friend has started dating a 10 as 8 weeks ago he registered
to an internet site named Master Attraction (Google it if you desire to
learn how.) I'm jealous since I want to fall in love as well. I'm gonna
have a look at this Jake Ayres guy's information and find out if it will
help someone like me. Odd thing is, he previously had Zero good fortune
with girls. How can you change so quickly? His girl's like a model...

Author BassBoosterTV ( ago)
So how is this a hack?

Author Jeremy Torres ( ago)
HAHA trick life dot com X) sorry that just make me think of

Author Hugh Jass ( ago)
"Spelt" is not a word, since you want to be a dick about it. ;)

Author jorjjoresse ( ago)
We have to give this boy a job at NASA or else we are doomed

Author Migueldofly ( ago)
That's not hacking, it's enhancing your wifi signal strength.

Author Mitchell Black ( ago)
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Author HOEE_SAYy ( ago)
that's so cool

Author ANDROIDTHAT U ( ago)
All or you spammers can suck my dick motherfucker

Author wifihacknu ( ago)
Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Author junaid khan ( ago)
thx yarr mujhe to pata hi nhi tha

Author Gamer Boon ( ago)
What is WIFI -_______-

Author filmcrew1551 ( ago)
It'a bullshit!

Author i'M VeeJay ( ago)
this is of no use. the survey is never completed even after i sign up...!!!

Author i'M VeeJay ( ago)
this doesnt actually hack a wifi. it justs increases the signal strength of
your wifi.....!!!!

Author OwnstyleMusicNL ( ago)
use your brains and backtrack5... almost 100% guarantee and survey/virus
free :)

Author Dmitri Brzezinski ( ago)
Didn't work

Author timipisoboy ( ago)
you spelt virus wrong -.-

Author TheDutchOwner ( ago)
I'm gonna take all of the surveys and shove them up your arse.

Author Vova lu ( ago)
я :)

Author cnjindian4you ( ago)
Very true.This is just making your ability to catch other wifi networks
stronger.Like tv antena its actually wifi signal booster.I
didn't try it yet tho.

Author Bahaa Ismail ( ago)

Author Sisco Nivy ( ago)
mmmm... All good:but,,,what's the name of all the electronic components,
need to be more specific . Please explane ...

Author Elizabeth Dennis ( ago)
The only WIFI Password Hacker that is still working for me is\wifihack2013 (thumbs up if this worked for you too)

Author *BMW*Jason* ( ago)
That loooks like a pussy and a dick fucking

Author MegaHaddadou ( ago)
smain,c'est faux ou vrai ?? vite

Author David Smith ( ago)
this is not a hack hacking is when you get into some ones account for on
this is a mod when to change something to make it work better or look
different. Get it right morons

Author ShreeKrishna Acharya ( ago)
That was great material. I found myself so confused seeing my pal move from
being a loser to a ladies man. He went from a nobody into being remarkable.
He behaved like it was standard for a little bit. He finally admitted it
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Formula. Google it and you will get it... He's seeing a beauty... Lucky

Author Bradley Paul ( ago)
This has nothing to do with hacking passwords. It's poor for an adapter
enhancer. He's doing this for hits. If you have a connection (ethernet and
not wifi) download Cain and Able. No gimmics and works. Bing Cain and Able.

Author TheRobeledo007 ( ago)
Cool....., cooking strainer recipe sounds very delicious mmmmmmmm....

Author Shine ( ago)
You Call That Hack ????????????????????????

Author Dodge viper ( ago)
Or just go to McDonalds

Author João Rodrigues ( ago)
Get 1$ to 50$ day just by leaving your computer On! A smarter way to use
your pc! Check and register here! Totally Free! Remove the *

Author Henkow Peterslag ( ago)
Do you need a tool to hack a wifi? noob.

Author Bojan Cesnak ( ago)
to samo jacinu ja sam mislio da se hakuje sifra

Author Axel82370 ( ago)
C'est très bien pensé !!!

Author David Rymer ( ago)

Author Lare Bruno ( ago)
What the hack!!

Author suwan singson ( ago)
ไป ใช้ out door ดีกว่าไหม แรงกว่าเยอะ ด้วยเสาอากาศ ขนาด 32 dbi

Author edworldb ( ago)
This is not hacking!! this is amplifying signal!!!

Author MuskateerGripWeed ( ago)
I'm gonna strap that contraption to my head because I am such tight ass
that I would rather do this ...... by the way all this does is gain more
search results for nearby wifi you still need to crack into peoples pass
word...... I rate this video .......a ...... FAIL.

Author Aiyah kun ( ago)
idiot! bobo! mafi muk! stupid!!!! wifi hack! shit!!! stupid video!!!

Author MrSwordslash12 ( ago)
lol even without that.. the strenght of the wifi we use is always at
excellent :D

Author l3ased Elsword ( ago)
Lol female connector and male connector

Author santosh SHARMA ( ago)
dont you know what hacl means fucking video

Author Denis Makarov ( ago)
Кто русский лайк!

Author Can Karako ( ago)
you dont know what hack means

Author omprakash sahoo ( ago)
are you Roberto Mancini's grandson ? ur accent seems like this

Author Tiago Oliveira ( ago)

Author martinmine ( ago)
Why don't we download some ram as we just got started?

Author makarenkosl97 ( ago)
I'm is russia. Идите нахуй. ))))))

Author Murat Tarcan ( ago)
harbi oluyor lan

Author Murat Tarcan ( ago)
Wow Thx :)))

Author Olala Alibaba ( ago)
An ninh mạng giờ rất quan trọng, nên tương lai nghề này khá hấp dẫn đó nhé.
Các bạn có thể tham gia tham khóa học chuyên gia an ninh mạng ở TT ATHENA
thử xem sao

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