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Author Ray Ritz (2 months)
guys after cooking quail eggs using my strainer, relax to couch and attach
my strainer to wifi adaptor. Dual purpose. superb, Brilliant,

Author Ranjay Gurung (17 days)
how to use it i just downloaded it... and i dont know how to use ?

Author Tony Barrenada (7 days)
Nice. Tks

Author Big Charlie (1 month)
it's Voo-Doo

Author Jeroen van Ravesteijn (1 month)
the cache of Faraday

Author Anonymous Person (4 months)
where o u plug it in?
just in the usb port?

Author fidodido664 (1 month)
super stupid

Author juan cardenas (3 months)
this is super bs

Author Mantaray (2 months)
this would work if u got the right calulation needed to foce the signal
forward ,, like size signal strenght

Author Gemma Morgan (6 months)
Easy WiFi hacker, One click hack, full DL here 

Author (10 months)
Interesting.. does this still work 6 years later?

Author TheSoftwareJunction (8 months)
It would have been better if he showed how to amplify the wi-fi transmit

Author Alvin Robinson (4 months)
Please send me the link so I can also test my signal strength. Thanks.

Author My PC Tips (5 months)
Wow I wonder if it will work like it shown in video.

Author Juniffer Jardinez (1 year)
fucking surveys idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author marck hoffmann (11 months)

Author Silvolde games (1 year)
You can buy an wireless repeater for 25$. 

Author Sajid Siddiqhi (1 year)

Author Bhim Rayamajhi (1 year)

Author char atlas (1 year)

Author Eugene Laxamana (2 years)

Author Olala Alibaba (2 years)
An ninh mạng giờ rất quan trọng, nên tương lai nghề này khá hấp dẫn đó nhé.
Các bạn có thể tham gia tham khóa học chuyên gia an ninh mạng ở TT ATHENA
thử xem sao

Author edworldb (1 year)
This is not hacking!! this is amplifying signal!!!

Author TheCdnDomer (2 years)
worked excellently... thank you very very much, saved many headaches my
friend :) before = 48ms ping, 4.49dn, up failed after = 30ms ping, 26.19dn,
1.92up Brilliant !!!!!! :)

Author ronaldskentaac (2 years)
just downloaded this amazing wifi password sniffer! works like a charm!
download at >>>w w w.\OdZsE8

Author kenny gaia (1 year)
The sinal watch. Your grammar

Author Dodge viper (1 year)
Or just go to McDonalds

Author Maxie Reynolds (2 years)
hi, Finally I found one that really works. ( Wifi
program )

Author Tiago Oliveira (1 year)

Author MugurelNeacsu (2 years)
Wow look what I found working wifi account hack : /watch?v=mgk-sIPzMZ0

Author suroj sipai (1 year)
You will understand that troublesome point when your step-brother (who's
been a loser for a long time, I've gotta tell you) gets a beautiful woman
to fall in love with him in 3 weeks?! Yeah, that just happened. I know I
ought to be happy but I want it to be me. He said he learned from the Cupid
Love System (Search for it in Google). I want to hide out inside of a cave
at this point...

Author Nam Grunt (1 year)
Oh my.. you filthy little boy..

Author MrSwordslash12 (1 year)
lol even without that.. the strenght of the wifi we use is always at
excellent :D

Author Professorfate01 (2 years)
Sorry gang, he means how to increase signal strength -- This is NOT Hack..
Ok lets make sure you all understand this before you watch this video. Its
for better Signal strength.

Author MotanuRadeanu (2 years)
Take a look at this working hack password for wifi at:
==>> ==>>/watch?v=mgk-sIPzMZ0

Author Aurelius R (1 year)
Dumb Yanks, don't know how anything is spelt!

Author Francis Caccam (2 years)
this is not hacking....

Author IMBALANCE AKO (2 years)
nc Divinity :)

Author Lare Bruno (1 year)
What the hack!!

Author R. Smith (2 years)
This is some weird asian shit

Author Ciuca Luca (2 years)

Author coolguyandthefatty (2 years)
When I downloaded it, it said that the format was damaged or unknown PLEASE

Author timipisoboy (1 year)
you spelt virus wrong -.-

Author junaid khan (1 year)
thx yarr mujhe to pata hi nhi tha

Author David Rymer (1 year)

Author santosh SHARMA (1 year)
dont you know what hacl means fucking video

Author Dogy King (2 years)
fake as pie

Author wifihacknu (1 year)
Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Author devilishfellow (2 years)
you idiot

Author wpfreddog (1 year)
that password send me to an Asian porn movie

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