(Bruno Mars) Grenade - Sungha Jung

Sungha Jung 2nd Album 'Irony' now availble at

Sungha arranged and played 'Grenade' by Bruno Mars.

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Runtime: 4:3
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Author Miderly syam Derlie (195 years ago)
The best,,,

Author syaqyr syahyd ( ago)
dislike 1k???? wtf lol

Author Robbie Djr ( ago)
This video is the definition of skill

Author 김상은 ( ago)

Author Sơn Đặng Tiến ( ago)
putang ina mo

Author Hari Rismanto ( ago)
why you not make Gravity falls

Author João Carlos Bertoldo ( ago)
Bacanaaaaa !!!!

Author Mansour A'jradi ( ago)
Thank you very much sungha jung

Author TheItalianTopping_ Minecraft (843 years ago)
This song made a tear go down my eye :O

Author edmilson domingos ( ago)

Author SpikeyPlays ( ago)
I like all your videos you play the guitar so good

Author Siti Cahyaningsih ( ago)
Scratched guitar? Or is it just the design?

Author Alexandra Huang ( ago)
I love it.

Author #4EverGamer ( ago)
-_- O_O

Author Cher Comer (763 years ago)
I also just sent another email to NBC, Last Call w/Carson Daly. Sungha
would make such a great addition to the talent line up of that show as
well. I could listen to (and watch) him all friggin' day. In fact I've
spent most of Monday afternoon and evening bouncing back and forth from one
song or another. Can't get enough!!!

Author Андрей Эйтнер ( ago)
БРАВО, спасибо тебе за твой талант!!!!!!!!!!

Author Rex Mone ( ago)
Yeah finaly I can play this song

Author farok AoOfa ( ago)

Author Daviated Malekith ( ago)
no creativity here , any one can play , build something on your own Chinese

Author Rhut K ( ago)
he looks like sai from naruto.....awesum played ...keep it up

Author Jorge Alexis Jaimes ( ago)
hold my beer, let me find these tabs :P

Author UnGodlyliFe ( ago)
its because of things like this that make me want to quit and learn the

Author clang villacorta ( ago)
Wow o.O

Author kickkat23 ( ago)
999 dislikes!

Author Эмильбек Стакиев ( ago)

Author Josie Bantuwag (1272 years ago)
I've no guitar to strum so I'd better go to sleep. :))

Author Brianna Talamante ( ago)
I thought it's was awesome

Author Olivia Lovelyna ( ago)
I like it :)

Author Guera loca (268 years ago)

Author Hanin Altamimi ( ago)
I love his geatar playing but he could next time

Author Nurein Dania ( ago)
Omgoshhh... I played this vid like 3 times already... His fingers are so
magical.. It makes me want to learn how to play the guitar...

Author Andreea Popa ( ago)
I've just fallen in love
with his hands

Author Izza Hanika ( ago)
I dont think i can stop listening to ur it so much!!! Wanna
find few songs for my vid assignment act but i end up here listening ur
covers 😂😂 maybe i'll take one or two of ur cover for my assignment 😜

Author Freedom Sutton ( ago)
When ever I hear beataful music I cry of sweetnees And when I here this I
Say god gave you a gift

Author jann2882 ( ago)
***I'm a musician myself. Prodigies are born everyday. Sungha Jung is one
of them. The great Eric Clapton has even complimented his work. Jung
arranges popular songs for people to enjoy. His playing-style is "among
kings", as he plays melody, counter-melody and harmony on ONE guitar. He
is incredible. *UNDISPUTED*

Author King Putin II #1 Russian Federation ( ago)
Someone need to give this guy a Nobel Prize, hes a fucking god

Author Smash 'n' Clash. ( ago)
JOin my clan checkout mah channel

Author Yu-Ting Chao ( ago)
I love this!!!

Author Рука Москвы ( ago)
Excellent top class. Greetings to you from the city of Odessa. You're a
wonderful musician

Author Edgar Gomez ( ago)
No esta nada padre

Author G4L4XYZz kpop cover group ( ago)
정말 재능이! 할 말이 없네요 지금... ^.^

Author ceko humbetov ( ago)

Author Vaneza Tadzkia ( ago)
I Don't like it

Author zion marshall ( ago)
Thelordpresident is a hippicrit you can't play as good and u point out his

Author Daniel Bayyat ( ago)
Love this sooooooooo much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Author Jared Bonilla ( ago)
It's so easy mAn!

Author Merrwin Cerkis ( ago)
Holy Carabao

Author Salsa Taufik ( ago)
gilaa awesome

Author Linko320 ( ago)
Holy shit this kid is AMAZING

Author rusznyák alex (547 years ago)
good sungha jung

Author Lucy Walking ( ago)

Author mardy pantone ( ago)
That is really awesome

Author Sisca Sisca ( ago)

Author Mateusz Budny ( ago)
Wery gud 

Author Putri Lampung ( ago)
I like it

Author ravien atibo ( ago)

Author Hồng Ngọc Võ ( ago)
wow, so amazing!!

Author Dhana Dhanika ( ago)
wow DAEBAK sungha is reallly cool playing instruments im so amazed

Author davidrew ( ago)
no words

Author davidrew ( ago)
his pro

Author tricksy nhi (1816 years ago)
very good

Author Anely ( ago)
you are amazing!!

Author Shinta Amillia ( ago)
Sungha Jung concert Indonesia May

Author Angie Gallegos ( ago)
Hay who ever is saying tht kid is horrible you shuld be ashamed in your
self he probable did a lot of practice on that and dont make him stop hes
good at what he does and p.s I hate people thats mean to each other!

Author milt hroo ( ago)
the kid plays like God uses his hands , the changes are not mistakes as
he thinks outside the box, and he adds to what it needs, very well done ,

Author TheLordPresident ( ago)
It's pretty good. I want to point out that there is a chord discrepancy at
3:02. Sungha played an A minor chord, when the chord in the actual song is
a B flat major chord. You would think that someone who would write such a
generally beautiful arrangement as this would pay attention to this
significant variation in the song, but I guess no one's perfect.

Author denden hudin ( ago)

Author Tarek Shokry ( ago)
why are you doing this to us beginners?
i just so the tutorial by marty, and after i thought i've nailed it, i
watched this video
like, damn
you're the greatest guitar player ever

Author Meher Mathur ( ago)
<3 <3 <3

Author ibad padilah ( ago)
cakep dah ah " sungha jung"

Author Danesh Thakur ( ago)
Who the f**k would dislike this ...

Author nur rasheqah ( ago)
how long i could learn this finger style picking... hes just awesome and
amazayyynnnn. hes my idol. i wish i could perform in front of the crowd
just like him .x

Author Михаил Максмов ( ago)

Author Reyhan Ahadin ( ago)
They are who dislike this video,is jealous :D

Author José Moreira de Freitas ( ago)
Profissionais solando, muito bom.

Author Giovanny Reyes ( ago)
Es un astro de la guitarra el mejor

Author Red Horse ( ago)
wow salutttttt....^_^

Author Hafidz Farhan ( ago)

Author skyon1522 ( ago)
sione mosese sky 6

Author Pedro Pereyra ( ago)
Dios es bueno super buenos estos niños son bendecido

Author Faris Gembel ( ago)
Is the bestt... .

Author demacia noxus ( ago)
i'm just a beginner and you just blow my mind

Author ISA123XD ( ago)
Confira este vídeo no YouTube:

Author Balginbek Tolebaev ( ago)
Офигеть классно)

Author jihyejoo ( ago)
2015 and this's till one of my most fav video on ytb :D 

Author Glen Blackford ( ago)

Author neethu thomas ( ago)
How did he learn this much songs ? *_*
Wow ! He is awesome :D <3

Author fu bonita ( ago)
I love this kid!

Author FEDERICO NAKANISHI (1392 years ago)
por q son tan malas personas? quien los juzga por eso? dejense de joder y
hagan mas amigos que enemigos!!

Author Sean Dane ( ago)
lost all the words :O

Author K GaminG ( ago)
he's not a human !!! just awesome 

Author Sean Vang ( ago)
I like how there's no like other noises in the background that distracts me
from hearing u play..nice job

Author 賴俊宏 ( ago)
(Bruno Mars) Grenade - Sungha Jung:

Author Martyna Ś ( ago)
what is always on your finger???
and how long you have guitar lessons???

Author Muhammad Irfandi ( ago)
Saya suka
I like

Author Zeikou ( ago)

Author Mariana Saez ( ago)
toca bien muy bien 

Author 。 “腐ㄦ” 。 ( ago)

Author stevanus dimas ( ago)
wow .. :D

Author Xin Yu Cui ( ago)
its really nice!

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