(Bruno Mars) Grenade - Sungha Jung

Sungha Jung 2nd Album 'Irony' now availble at

Sungha arranged and played 'Grenade' by Bruno Mars.

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Author ZiYing Wang (15 days)
That thing he does with his right thumb it's just impossible 1:08

Author Ashley15 (23 days)
I'm getting an acoustic guitar for my bday or Christmas and this is the
first song I'm going to play ❤️

Author kevin vang (1 month)
i hope one day this ass hole decide to teach his skills. 

Author ebey al (1 month)
kereeen main gitar sambil tidur -_-

Author aqasha aqasha (2 months)
Ur eyes is fucking small

Author Яна Ван (2 months)
уау)))))))) молодеееееецц!

Author pedro julio (2 days)
Woow el chino sabe lo que hace :O

Author Teng Xyooj (11 days)
1:36 gave me chills!

Author Bella Aleksandrova (14 days)
You're a genius 

Author ryan chan (16 days)

Author oky chendana (18 days)

Author Kenneth Bryan Sumbang (18 days)
VERY GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author R Ridho Jr (19 days)
come to indonesia .. please :)

Author Ahmad Abushaheen (19 days)
Nice ..♡♡

Author evelyn mejia montero (20 days)
wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good ... te admiro
... ahora ya eres mayor !!!! y sigues con tu talento .... 

Author Kabylie Events (20 days)

Author Osama Rules America (22 days)
I'm jealous as hell -_- but keep doing what you're doing, dude. It's
fucking awesome 

Author Aaron Baquing (24 days)
Cool!!!! The guitar sings

Author TIAN PENG (4 months)
I've watched at least 100 clicks of this kid playing guitar and I must say
he's got smooth and flawless playing skill, but maybe due to the lack of
life experience, I feel no amotion expression at all in his play, which
overall makes him sounds more like a great automatic guitar playing the
songs by itself but not like a great human guitarist with rich emotion
expressed in his play.

Author Thelma Janeth (1 month)

Author amelia hartanty (1 month)
I want to hear his voice when sing and play the guitar 

Author Abdulla Mahir (4 months)
This i can listen all day.....nice bro

Author Uccok Kendal (1 month)

Author Rose Ann Buenasalbas (1 month)
I Like YOu! I loVe and i LIKE the way You PLay THAt Guitar . :) :*
Sungha Jung! LOVE LOVE!

Author Harold Clendenen (5 months)
This kid is really good.

Author YellowMazdaRX7FD3S (6 months)
People, stop complaining about how expensive capos are because quite
honestly, they're not. You can get a beginner's capo for about $5 - $10, or
if you're decent then about $20 - $30 for a good one, maybe more. Mine was
about $20 - $25 and I love it. In fact, i have 2. I mean come on, $5 to $10
is nothing. And you don't have buy a fancy schmancy capo if you only play
on rare occasions.

Author kouklos2100 (2 months)
from which country of asia are you coming from ????

Author Yvonne Huisman (2 months)

Author lee shafer (2 months)
wonder if bruno saw this yet-he's bound to have some pal hip him here

Author Marta Alsohar (2 months)

Author Alex TL (2 months)
Does anyone know of the tabs or preferably tutorial for the part 2:15
onwards. Can find for the intro and chords, but not that sort of combo

Author Chuck Norris (2 months)
I like it.

Author Phát Bùi (2 months)

Author Taiga Aisaka (3 months)
Keep up the good work!!! :3 

Author Edward Siburian (3 months)
Sungha Jung, I want to tell you something
You are a fuckin shit!
You are great, bro! The Great Sungha Jung!

Author Achraf Gaizi (3 months)
So perfect.

Author Aulia Ayu Rohayah (3 months)
keren banget ih, haha boleh dong di ajarin

Author Tryhard AtLife (3 months)
I wish he would play alongside great artists to make his guitar skills more
known, he is so good

Author Ssuuna David (3 months)
wow his just great

Author ary evelyn raven (3 months)
woowww......fantastic......i like it 

Author Dario Diana (3 months)
This guy it's gonna be Legen..DARY!

Author Teguh Iti (3 months)
Gokil ni bocah

Author Fwvchen Yang (3 months)
AMAZING! Best I've ever heard! Just the best!

Author Nova Dragon (3 months)
is the guitar singing

Author ThisIsTheTrue word (3 months)
brother you are awesome!

Author Trinh Tran (3 months)
quá hay <3

Author Rodolfo Tinoco Ferrario (3 months)
solo le falta cantar ._.

Author François Faucheux (3 months)

Author dayana rivera (3 months)
Q padre tocas la guitarra eeee te felicito

Author Sian Suantak (3 months)
This is Classic!! You've made History!! Bruno better love this!! :D I love

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