(Bruno Mars) Grenade - Sungha Jung

Sungha Jung 2nd Album 'Irony' now availble at

Sungha arranged and played 'Grenade' by Bruno Mars.

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 4:03
Comments: 11159

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Author Sean Dane (1 month)
lost all the words :O

Author pedro julio (5 months)
Woow el chino sabe lo que hace :O

Author Chuck Norris (7 months)
I like it.

Author Tarek Shokry (1 day)
why are you doing this to us beginners?
i just so the tutorial by marty, and after i thought i've nailed it, i
watched this video
like, damn
you're the greatest guitar player ever

Author Phát Bùi (7 months)

Author YellowMazdaRX7FD3S (11 months)
People, stop complaining about how expensive capos are because quite
honestly, they're not. You can get a beginner's capo for about $5 - $10, or
if you're decent then about $20 - $30 for a good one, maybe more. Mine was
about $20 - $25 and I love it. In fact, i have 2. I mean come on, $5 to $10
is nothing. And you don't have buy a fancy schmancy capo if you only play
on rare occasions.

Author nur rasheqah (5 days)
how long i could learn this finger style picking... hes just awesome and
amazayyynnnn. hes my idol. i wish i could perform in front of the crowd
just like him .x

Author Reyhan Ahadin (8 days)
They are who dislike this video,is jealous :D

Author Danesh Thakur (4 days)
Who the f**k would dislike this ...

Author ibad padilah (4 days)
cakep dah ah " sungha jung"

Author Harold Clendenen (10 months)
This kid is really good.

Author Martyna Ś (1 month)
what is always on your finger???
and how long you have guitar lessons???

Author José Moreira de Freitas (15 days)
Profissionais solando, muito bom.

Author Pedro Pereyra (17 days)
Dios es bueno super buenos estos niños son bendecido

Author jihyejoo (25 days)
2015 and this's till one of my most fav video on ytb :D 

Author neethu thomas (29 days)
How did he learn this much songs ? *_*
Wow ! He is awesome :D <3

Author Giovanny Reyes (16 days)
Es un astro de la guitarra el mejor

Author demacia noxus (22 days)
i'm just a beginner and you just blow my mind

Author Ricky Vang (1 month)
I like how there's no like other noises in the background that distracts me
from hearing u play..nice job

Author skyon1522 (17 days)
sione mosese sky 6

Author ZiYing Wang (5 months)
That thing he does with his right thumb it's just impossible 1:08

por q son tan malas personas? quien los juzga por eso? dejense de joder y
hagan mas amigos que enemigos!!

Author Glen Blackford (26 days)

Author Red Horse (16 days)
wow salutttttt....^_^

Author K GaminG (1 month)
he's not a human !!! just awesome 

Author Anastasia Grace (5 months)
I wish I cn play a guitar like u. I adore u a lot2♥♥♥♥

Author Balginbek Tolebaev (25 days)
Офигеть классно)

Author ebey al (6 months)
kereeen main gitar sambil tidur -_-

Author Михаил Максмов (5 days)

Author Faris Gembel (22 days)
Is the bestt... .

Author Rohit Grover (3 months)
AWesome buddy really Awesome...................
hope u will be the world's greatest guitar player in future..............

Author Seppo Taalasmaa (4 months)
Being a "grown man", yet still listening to Sunghas playing these songs
allways makes me get the chills and nearly cry is weird. Just incredible
talent. When I saw first video from him I said to myself that he is gonna
make a living with playing guitar. That was more than 4 years ago, and here
he is, doing the exact. This is just so perfect. Hope I could see you live
someday, that might be a problem tho, becouse I live in Finland. Keep it up
and never stop playing.

Author Meher Mathur (2 days)
<3 <3 <3

Author fu bonita (1 month)
I love this kid!

Author Tracy Trinh (2 months)
You play really good but you really need a better haircut looks like a
mushroom no offense

Author Bloodties Andri (2 months)
amazing like ever !!

Author Muhammad Irfandi (1 month)
Saya suka
I like

Author james jun (3 months)
no u idiot he's south korean like me u moron read his last name
jk ur not a moron
u might be
this guy is a guitar god

Author Hafidz Farhan (16 days)

Author aqasha aqasha (7 months)
Ur eyes is fucking small

Author MauricioGamer (4 months)
someone have the tab of this musica for play like Sungha Jung?

Author marco bruigom (3 months)
nice song without the pshyco imput

Author wowultimate wordl (3 months)
ven a la virgen maria!!! ella le ayuda mas dios XD

Author Running Man Lover (3 months)
DAYUM!! Cool!! Bty... Luv ya!

Author Abdulla Mahir (9 months)
This i can listen all day.....nice bro

Author theplasmagamer (2 months)
sick he's the best

Author Mariana Saez (1 month)
toca bien muy bien 

Author Xin Yu Cui (2 months)
its really nice!

Author ratna kartesius (3 months)
Sangat menyukai ini

Author Славян Славянский (2 months)
Просто талант !!!

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