(Bruno Mars) Grenade - Sungha Jung

Sungha Jung 2nd Album 'Irony' now availble at

Sungha arranged and played 'Grenade' by Bruno Mars.

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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 4:03
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Author YellowMazdaRX7FD3S (5 months)
People, stop complaining about how expensive capos are because quite
honestly, they're not. You can get a beginner's capo for about $5 - $10, or
if you're decent then about $20 - $30 for a good one, maybe more. Mine was
about $20 - $25 and I love it. In fact, i have 2. I mean come on, $5 to $10
is nothing. And you don't have buy a fancy schmancy capo if you only play
on rare occasions.

Author E Musicalholic (7 months)
This cover made me tear up a bit.
He's literally singing with his guitar..I wish I could do that.. I have to
wait for my capo to come in..hope it gets here soon.

Author Harold Clendenen (4 months)
This kid is really good.

Author TIAN PENG (3 months)
I've watched at least 100 clicks of this kid playing guitar and I must say
he's got smooth and flawless playing skill, but maybe due to the lack of
life experience, I feel no amotion expression at all in his play, which
overall makes him sounds more like a great automatic guitar playing the
songs by itself but not like a great human guitarist with rich emotion
expressed in his play.

Author Haritha Dhanamina (5 months)

Author Chuck Norris (1 month)
I like it.

Author Phát Bùi (1 month)

Author Tryhard AtLife (2 months)
I wish he would play alongside great artists to make his guitar skills more
known, he is so good

Author Iris Boerma (3 months)
wow this is awesome!!!

Author Taiga Aisaka (1 month)
Keep up the good work!!! :3 

Author Phạm Hữu Dư (2 years)
*If you think your good at something, always remember that theres an asian
kid thats 10x better than you*

Author Wilfrid Wong (1 year)
Woah ... if you could remotely play like him, you are most welcome to join
our band!

Author ifa alifah (1 year)
sungha jung

Author Eva Jay (7 months)
incredible! someone must
hire this boy ! keep it up . ^^

Author chandra darmawan (4 months)
His hair, looks like a helmet and his face like -_- but we are watching
like 0_0
This dude right here, is awesome

Author Thompson Tang (4 months)

Author iies tiena (7 months)
wowwww..... amazing... I like it, good job.

Author Yumna Nur Khadijah (7 months)
Amazing.. :D

Author ebey al (22 days)
kereeen main gitar sambil tidur -_-

Author long nguyen (7 months)

Author suhermawanto ahmad (7 months)

Author Яна Ван (1 month)
уау)))))))) молодеееееецц!

Author Blad Zurie (1 year)
(Bruno Mars) Grenade - Sungha Jung

Author Ari Arman (7 months)
will wait u at Jakarta....

Author Abdulla Mahir (3 months)
This i can listen all day.....nice bro

Author aqasha aqasha (1 month)
Ur eyes is fucking small

Author Mikel. pl (5 months)
Amazing . .

Author Donitha BD (8 months)
:D wow!! 

Author Junele Salas Sebastian (3 months)
it sounds that his guitar was singing...

Author Thelma Janeth (17 days)

Author Alex Nguyen (3 months)
How can people dislike this?

Author Jeffry Fran (6 months)

Author awesomeMC321 (4 months)

Author hiits cimili (4 months)
chek out my covers :)

Author Natalie Bennet (4 months)
You're soooooooo good

Author zack hack (4 months)
can you do (chris brown) turn up the music

Author Sebastian Ario (6 months)
So Amazing... T_T

Author aryan kapasia (4 months)
sppechless. a dream to meet him

Author Dorie Here (4 months)

Author Teguh Iti (2 months)
Gokil ni bocah

Author Tung Vu (6 months)
OMG it is so wonderful , so good 

Author Ivan Romero (3 months)
LO HACES GENIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Sian Suantak (2 months)
This is Classic!! You've made History!! Bruno better love this!! :D I love

Author Flap Mike (4 months)

Author anggita rahmawaty (6 months)
sungha jung love u

Author Rafael Ruiz (5 months)
When i see him playing i want to be come better player

Author thalia contreras (6 months)

Author ArmandoPlaysBO2 (6 months)

Author Eliška Frolíková (5 months)
Very great. I see, that i'm bad player on guitar.

Author Bai Her (7 months)
Good song 

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