Live from Dodgers Stadium!

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Author Revo Lution (18 days)
i mean, it is no problem when your are not the best drummer. but it is that
exaggerated shown around that solo what makes it so ridiculous and bad. i
mean bad. you definitively should not play a solo in such an exorbitant
choreography when you just do not have the skills to play a solo.

Author Thebuilderofthings1 (1 month)
I'll take Peart, Bozzio and at least Bonham. This solo is a bit over

Author montecarlostar (4 months)
I could play a better solo. And I don't play drums.

Author AnonymousCowardX (1 day)
I can do that - and I play bass

Author firstmusic00 (26 days)
Ok, so Peter wasn't that great of a drummer. So what? Sometimes that's not
important. Some drummers just "fit" their bands....much like Lars for
Metallica, or Ringo for the Beatles. Peter was an entertainer, and of
course, the band's time-keeper. All's good. Rock on Peter!

Author YouMadBro (5 days)
what a pile of SHIT


Author Russell Reilly (5 months)
peter criss couldn't carry eric cars stick bag ! there I said it........

Author deztroyer76 (3 months)
Embarrassingly bad. 

Author Augusto Vitor (1 month)
no surprise

Author JuanLeg (1 month)
I can play a better solo and I have only one leg !

Author Ink Black (1 month)
The biggest piece of dead weight in a band ever.

Author ya right (2 months)
what? Come on please this guy....

Author Hernan Rios (3 months)
puaj !! estaba mirando Bateristas...este parezco yo vestido de payaso.....

Author bob mueller (1 day)

Author Jörg Dohmann (13 days)
i was live whit kiss,today its coulerful freaks fuck of kiss,you are zero

Author Igon el vazzor (9 days)
Peter Criss is not the best drummer but he was good enough for Kiss band.
Kiss is ( was) glam rock, power rock and hard rock, Kiss is not
heavy-metal-power-speed-trash.......Kiss is great live show, unforgettable
songs like 100.000 years, detroit rock city, rock and roll all night,
parasite, creatures of the night, i love it loud and more and more.......
People who say " I could play a better solo" are stupid. 

Author César Alberto Olivares (16 days)
I liked it, Peter Criss is a legend, Kiss is Paul Stanley, Peter Criss,
Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley. there are a lot of studio musiocians that are
really good,but just one KISS.

Author Diana Burnwood (3 months)
he doesn't deserve those drums. this is crap

Author wadeva69 (23 days)
painful to watch

Author Lou Gizza (4 months)

Author RIKLASVEGAS (28 days)

Author Emmanuel MILLOT (22 days)
Seriously ? My grand mother plays drum better !

Author Bill Eaton (26 days)
I have to say - This solo really STUNK because it had NO STRUCTURE
whatsoever. Any solo, on any instrument should take the listener on a
journey, have a defined beginning middle and bring you to a crescendo
ending. Nothing of that here. It is true, ALL members of KISS are simply
showmen with no real talent. sorry. The band did write some solid good
RADIO hits, but live performances were always mediocre. I wanted to like
it. But no.

Author Chilli P (1 month)
So fucking lame. :C

Author jasonren666 (1 month)
man this is wack

Author skylinegtsable (26 days)
Negative comments will be deleted,when are you gonna start deleting all the
hundreds of negative comments then dickhead,here's another one,shit :o)

Author S&C Ingeniería Estructural (1 month)
La media bateria, podría hacer algo mejor, bien fomeque...

Author Miracle Max (1 month)
A drummer's ability to drum is not based on his/her ability to Solo. I was
once considered and excellent drummer, yet I was terrible at Solo's. I was
in my element as long as I didn't have to Solo.

Author Joey Jordison (1 month)
es mejor Joey Jordison

Author IwshIcldstrtover (1 month)
BORING BORING BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Runny Gaseous (1 month)
I seen KISS a half dozen times in the 1970s and really enjoyed every one of
their shows. They were loud and always had a great stage presence. As far
as Peter Criss and his solo, well he is certainly no power house like John
Bonham or Keith Moon (Bless their souls.) but none-the-less he was mildly
entertaining. Led Zeppelin, The Who, Black Sabbath, KISS, my God the list
goes on and on for the hard rock that we were so lucky to have in the
1970s! Only bad thing? Now I'm 50!

Author Derrick Feral (5 months)
Dude. How the hell can that be Peter Criss? He left KISS in the 80s because
Eric Carr joined in the mid 80s then passed in the early 90s and Eric
Singer has been with them ever since. So, a bit moron uploader much?

Author John Viveiros909 (1 month)

Author Djsand1000 (1 month)
That was it? A 5:53 drum roll???

Author bluestrapsify (1 month)
Its loosely based on the 1977 solo not so much 75. Drum triggers used.
on tour. Ok fr what time it was, many years ago now ,

Author gfre dsfsa (1 month)
du fug? this guy must hate his Instrument, ffs the times all over the place

Author harry balls (1 month)
shut up one and all

Author Jay Bing (4 months)
He loved what he did and I always respect that but I also find it funny how
his bio and KISS history always says he as a "jazz drummer"........come
one......Jazz IS the drummers holy grail and in some ways as it's the most
complicated and free-form. Criss - while cool for what he did, wasn't much
of a drummer and he did that 4/4 time - on the 2 and 4 - on every single
song KISS had and even the songs that maybe called for some other rhythm.
He played the same on everything. There isn't a jazz lick anywhere......

Author Paulo Junior (1 month)
...coitado...andou tanto tempo com o Neil e nao aprendeu nada...

Author vibearato (6 months)
you can always count on this faggot to fag up the venue with a shitty drum

Author GrayWoIf (1 month)
ok first this was like near the end of the reunion everyone knows peter was
getting worse day by day as the reunion went on

Author pino iaconis (1 month)

Author kissarmyrules (5 months)
To all the naysayers,

Peter Criss couldn't have been that bad if 1, KISS hired and rehired him,
and 2,the crowd cheering him on

Not every drummer is going to be like Nicko McBrain, every drummer has
their own style and speed

With that being said:
Peter 1
Morons 0

Author james Last (1 month)
Peter crisis.the weakest link of kiss.

Author Paul Price (5 months)
8th notes and 16th notes on snare, then on toms, back to snare, then just
on cymbals. Pause... prompt audience to feed ego with applause, then
continue on separate set of toms, then back to the snare for a furious
finish of triplets all while beating out the same bass drum part. Ok...
Paul and Gene look rested when they come back on stage so the solo has
that going for it also. Note to all drummers, hook up with a lead singer
with a very distinctive voice.

Author cbh440 (2 months)
Some knucklehead out there will say this solo influenced them to play the
drums. And he'll grow up to be a poor drummer, with no chops.

Author Diana Burnwood (1 month)
drum solos are horrible enough, but when a lousy drummer , playing
$10,000.00 drums , electronically triggered because he couldn't play them,
does a lame solo, it should be a crime.

Author Robert Boure (2 months)
he should be embarresed

Author leo1891 (2 months)
And where is the solo??

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