Vox Tonelab LE Demo

Hey Everyone, I love the Vox Tonelab LE and I cant ever find any good demos on it so i decided to make one myself. I have owned the vox for over 2 years now, and it is great. I am using a Shure SM137 Condenser Microphone positioned on the edge of the center of the speaker. On my clean channel, I bypassed the amp models on the vox and used the amp clean. I have some reverb, chorous, and some delay. For my rythym and solo channel i am using the US Highgain. I have no rack gear or a marshall in the background, this is all the vox. My Valveking is on the clean channel and has no effects other than the vox. I am using a SM58 for my vocals. The vox is without a doubt, the best pedalboard out there. I have owned the boss GT-10 and Several compact pedals and nothing comes close to the vox. it is the perfect pedalboard for any traveling musician, like myself, or anyone who has got a combo in their room and is looking for some great tone. Enjoy !!!

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Author Trevor Brown (7 months)
It does have a tap tempo function for delay. It works better through a
guitar amp and cab. There are several frequencies that a guitar shouldn't
be a part of. You very rarely need anything above 12KHz or below 150Hz A
full range speaker will put out frequencies not favorable to a good guitar
tone. It has different line out modes depending on what you send it to,
but a DI to a PA or full range speaker will never sound as good a guitar

Author ott5178 (6 days)
If you don't mind, what are your settings for the standard rock rythym, &
blues channels? This is prob the best demo on youtube for the LE.

Author joe threlfall (7 months)
Hi there does this have a tap tempo function??

Author Kelster Von Shredster (1 year)
great sounds!

Author vlad radoi (4 years)
Can you tap the tempo of the delay ?

Author Mario B (4 years)
does this have tap tempo.

Author o7levi (5 years)
Does this work better going through an amp, or going through a full range

Author Brad Evans (4 years)
Looks awesome man!! Ive got the boss gt-8 and thats pretty good, but it
just doesnt have that power, so im considering buying this... Does it sound
as good through a PA as it would if you were just using your amp?

Author wildwalnuts (5 years)
How does the pod xt compare to the vox?

Author Truthseeker (5 years)
great demo. Does it have a usb port?

Author SekTauBand (4 years)
@curioman I have a parts unit up for sale on ebay. exp. pedal works great.
it'd be lots cheaper than the lame "service center"

Author İlker Çağatay AŞIK (5 years)
what is settings (1:14) ?

Author LUckybones25 (3 years)
You are pulling some great tones out of that beast. I especially like your
rhythm channel. Nice demo overall bro!

Author guitarfor1 (5 years)
Does the LE effect the tone your straight guitar to amp tone? I have a
digitech gnx3 and the difference with and without it in the signal chain is
quite audible, so i'm looking for a replacement...

Author stevecloud (5 years)
Great demo! Really wanted to hear some chord work through it!

Author Mario B (4 years)
@guitarfrozenintime sweet to know im going to buy it soon hopefully.

Author SekTauBand (4 years)
@curioman I have a parts unit up for sale on ebay. exp. pedal works great.
it'd be lots cheaper than the lame "service center" just look up Tonelab LE
and you'll find it. ends tomorrow sometime.

Author Bitchslapper12 (4 years)
@bianchiniman I want to know too.

Author Trevor Brown (5 years)
I run the pedal board through the amp input, and i do use the cab
emulation. the cab emulation is more of a tone shaping tool than a cab
canceling unit. The colors of your speakers will still shine through. The
cab emulation just gives your tone different timbres. :-)

Author pirinst (3 years)
question. is the three band eq plus or minus or just boost? manual is vague
on that part. thanks for the demo and info.

Author Leandro Garat (5 years)
do you bypass the amp simulation because it sounds bad??

Author Dbrown2190 (5 years)
yeah it does. such an awesome pedalboard

Author stratomichael1981 (5 years)
Did you use the "cab" emulation when you connect the tonnelab to the guitar

Author Philippe Pascal (4 years)
Tonelab burn any other simulation in the same price range : more dynamic.
That's what make a big difference from solid state. A tip : take any
tonelab, deactivate cab simulation and put his output in an impulse cabinet
simulator (like Voxengo Boogex) with a GOOD impulse. You will get the same
sound than multi thousand simulators... And i don't even speak about V-amp,
Line 6, Boss...they all sound crap once you tried a Tonelab. You want a
real "all tubes" feeling ? Try it.

Author WorshipHim247365 (4 years)
i like your lead tone but i'd probably keep the reverb the same as the
rhythm channel and just kick in a drive boost and your delay setting

Author guitarfrozenintime (4 years)
@bianchiniman hey man! Yes, it has a tap tempo.

Author alnicoprov (4 years)
Hi, I need help! I'm looking forward to get Tonelab (EX) I use the
Valveking 212, but the thing is I've read that if I pluged the TL straight
into the amp INPUT, the amp will change the sound too much, i mean using
amp modeling in TL through input (preamp)of the amp. How is it sound if you
set it this way? The solution that seems to solve this problem is to pluged
TL into the return (straight to the amp's power amp) but since valveking's
loop is switched jack so it won't work. please help thx!

Author mike skates (2 years)
Excelente video..

Author wildwalnuts (5 years)
pod xtlive is good, its metal cased and more durable. Vox makes good boards
and is like line 6's rival and are supposed to be good

Author runninonempiy (3 years)
I sold my Marshall DSL and kept my peavey duece and bought this board and I
am glad I did..What a great board...

Author Tough Tesla (5 years)
i want that guitar

Author kory young (5 years)
Hey man, can you help make a heavey heavey heavey metal sound like pantera,
cannibal corpse, zakk wylde? Im having trouble making a sound.

Author petedogg369 (3 years)
Another shoeless guitar pedal demo. Seems to be the trend on Youtube.

Author michaeletheridge622 (5 years)
The ToneLab uses a 12ax7 at a preamp stage thus giving it the ability to
have a natural break up. Sorry to say but...Line6 is a joke of a floor
effects unit. They still Digitech beats them all by far in
any aspect. Digitech actually sounds near to what they emulate. Vox is
still nice. If you want a more analog sound and diversity...TC Electronics
Nova System but still not to far off the Digitech RP1000

Author Trevor Brown (5 years)
It is fully programable, i run it through the input of the amp while using
vox amp models, and effects loop when using amp channels. This has much
higher quality ampmodels than the line 6. :-) if you have anymore
questions, please message me becuase i am running out of text for comments.

Author whatzupa (5 years)
I love the Vox pedalboard. I've played all the famous pedals and amps this
pedalboard can conjure, and it sounds exactly as I remember.

Author Pedro Gamboa (5 years)
Hey! Great sound! I´ve also owned the Boss gt10 and I was disapointed, then
I´m using POD x3 live which is better in distortion than the boss but, I´m
not happy yet, I´m intrested in the vox pedal and I know there´s no perfect
pedalboard, do you recomend me this one better than the zoom? Does the vox
comes with a Pitch whammy?Thank you for your time!

Author İlker Çağatay AŞIK (5 years)
Perfect Tones !

Author Primeiro Último (2 years)
nice tones man can you send the patches for me tanks

Author 555Lemmy666 (4 years)
can you please tell me if i can connect the vox tonelab to my computer?! i
have it myself and i wanted to know if i can record things with it... =)

Author guitarfrozenintime (4 years)
@bianchiniman Yup you can tap with your feet while you playing using the
control switch.

Author unforgivendeath1 (4 years)
I'm getting confused with all this shit about the pedal ... Can't you just
run it through an amp' ? Btw i noticed cat scratch fever ;)

Author koninoskoninosT (5 years)
how many effects can you use simultaneously?

Author Lauro Camargo (5 years)
I have the same gear as u do but i can´t get a good sound like yours om my
amp. Can u tell me how u have setup ur tonelab with ur amp please ? I have
tried this already : 1- Guitar - Input Tonelab Send Tonelab - return amp
Send amp - return tonelab Output tonelab - Input amp 2- Guitar > input amp
Loop Send amp > Guitar Input tonelab output da Tonelab > Return Amp The
sound is horrible, but its fine on a mixer Check out the private message
please. Thank´s !!!

Author Mario B (4 years)
@guitarfrozenintime can you use it with your feet or do you have to program
it in?

Author MDK2323 (4 years)
Thanks for the demo, I just picked up one of these pups. It sure sounds
more organic than the Line 6 stuff.

Author Mikehuzai (5 years)
Can you teach me how to use send return?

Author İlker Çağatay AŞIK (5 years)
Tonelab le >>put on pc ???

Author Emil Finnäs (4 years)
could someone please tell me how to save my setting individually on the
four channels? my settings disappear when I switch between the channels....

Author xacct (4 years)

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