American High School - Trailer

Release Date: 7 April 2009
Genre: Comedy

Views: 41957705
Runtime: 2:35
Comments: 2620

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Author yaza jimenez ( ago)

Author Douglas Mclean ( ago)
That's America's trash glamour,glitter and filth enticing poverty.

Author Ern “Raketeur” e ( ago)
Check out one of the B.A product, a great defensive player.
Jhobrisson Justin High School Football Highlight (12th grade)

Author samproductions02 ( ago)
probably one of the shittest movies I've ever seen. american pie films are
better :)

Author Shariff “Mordechai” Hazan for Congress 37th district 2016 ( ago)
I heard they doing a part two of AHS. Google it...

Author Ketusastar ( ago)
the best ever!!!!

Author crystal roy ( ago)
I watched it it's really good

Author TheMovieChanneI ( ago)

Author hh333233 ( ago)
Soo gonna watch

Author Dawn Wood ( ago)
A bit like saint trinians in a way

Author Barry Ratcliffe ( ago)
Love this, and check out The Turkey Song by Dickie Stickhead.

Author Crooked cat ( ago)
You do realize you still live in North America, unless living in the U.S is
now the only Mericans.

Author Sophie Cameron ( ago)
Terrible movie

Author Ryan Alexander Osborn ( ago)
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Author Kirsten Berrett ( ago)
This is not American high school...AT ALL! :/ :P

Author Viktorivich_Vids ( ago)
This is not highschool at all, instead it's nothing but an immature teenage
club with kids who don't know how to control their hormones lol. What a
bunch of weirdos.

Author Chelsea baby ( ago)
Thank god i am Canadian

Author TheDeadlyArrow ( ago)

Author kpopcity1 ( ago)
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Author Tammi clifford ( ago)
i love your country i live in england its much less intresting than yours
but it is fun

Author Almaas A ( ago)
and you guys wonder why people hate u

Author snarkleton26 ( ago)
And you are very cute! So have a blessed day and get a move on or you'll
miss acting class! HIgh School musical, here you come!

Author snarkleton26 ( ago)
I'm an American - and your response just proves my point, America has gone
the way of immature high school behavior like yours, all around. Now go get
your Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift tix, or you'll be late for the show!

Author BrownEyez4everz ( ago)
Your ugly ass is going straight to hell.

Author BrownEyez4everz ( ago)
Your country is shit compared to ours. Go eat a fucking happy meal,
coutrtesy of Mcdonals. You wouldnt have a MickeyDee had it not been for the
US. So fuck you son of bitch. Just because you couldn't make it here,
doesn't mean anybody else can't. So go back to your third world country

Author Abdullah Fadel ( ago)
who the hell is us ? or is it U.S ?

Author Taylor Vosch ( ago)
longest trailer -.-

Author TheMinuteRaid ( ago)
This is more realistic then Zero Dark Thirty! Boy will I get hate for this

Author RatedCG13 ( ago)
Put this Highschool into real life. A goodytooshoe will go home tell his
mom about this. She will call the school. School Ignores so Mom goes to the
feds. The feds find out about this shut down this school. Next thing you
know you turn on CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC, etc and see a story Highschool shut
down. There you go this highschool in real America.

Author Thierry Newman ( ago)
trust me, if you ask 100 international students from anywhere around the
world, at least 80 will choose the US as first choice. Not only for the
quality of education but also for its college lifestyle. It's just unique.
You might not want to believe me but I come from a really poor country but
I was lucky to be a successful young entrepreneur but then afterwards, I
gave up everything I had to come to north america and go to college and
live this lifestyle, still the best choice of my life!

Author Jaz Kendall ( ago)

Author ShinyLunaToneLover ( ago)
Is this a porno?

Author Eric C ( ago)
I don't know why i'm here.. lol

Author Lenny James ( ago)
yeah, too bad you can't spell

Author limbu dilip ( ago)
china will end america domination of the world

Author Calvin Woodard ( ago)
I bet most poeple watched it because of the tumbnail.

Author Meklit Amsalu ( ago)
Why.... just why :*(

Author snarkleton26 ( ago)
America isn't a country - it's a transaction! Just as anyone buying a
ticket to this farce of a movie clearly demonstrates. More than 41M hits --
shows how low-brow we are. It is what it is -- in America, we're on our
own, there's no sense of "community," it's a me-me-me "FUCKING PAY ME"
attitude every single minute of every day

Author Ankit Malhotra ( ago)
that's why they are "awesome" :D

Author 5th1 ( ago)
I hate everything about this trailer...

Author Sunshine Marie ( ago)
I am actually embarrassed by my country I need to move away to bad I can't.

Author Kaspurr Cakes ( ago)
All I can say is... 'murica.

Author Bdiz ( ago)
american high school......reunion.

Author jred414 ( ago)
well are you just mad that your country doesnt have high school

Author chriskeithley ( ago)
This conversation resonates irony.

Author badwolfgermandalek ( ago)
So basically some fangirl's high school au?

Author tothboy01 ( ago)
Damn straight. Your country is garbage. Nazis killing innocents in

Author Master Yoda ( ago)
If only this was my high school...

Author Austin Brown ( ago)
this movie looked ok but after 30 seconds it got shittier and shittier.

Author Mindless4MB101 ( ago)
true true.... i know i did

Author GameShifter ( ago)
ok lets admit it guys, we all cam here because of the preview picture

Author Wayne Tang ( ago)
Wrong! That's the reason why other countries we love AMERICA!

Author ziaire fisher ( ago)
LOOKS nothing like kids

Author Maddie R ( ago)
What the actual fuck...

Author Karin Alexis ( ago)
haha I have no idea where you went to school, but that is not like mine was!

Author Nicholas De Michele ( ago)
i'm a foreign exchange student from italy and i have to admit that america
is exactly like that... I LOVE IT!!!

Author ttmjlove1206 ( ago)
and they wounder why other countries dont take us seriously.....smh

Author Nabil El-Batal ( ago)
This is the most ridicoulous trailer ever

Author shakirahbowchickawow ( ago)
wow i think this high school would me FUN

Author muttn73 ( ago)
Other countries hate us for many reasons. I doubt this movie is one of the
reasons. This is supposed to be a comedy but is mostly a porn. Who cares if
other countries hate us? It is just mindless entertainment just like

Author Chris Marshall ( ago)
so that highschool is 100% composed of straight white "kids" huh?

Author Invincible335 ( ago)
You think?

Author rose queen ( ago)
this is insane thts nowhere near close to wat america is like ........... i
think O.o

Author Alanarue ( ago)
well that escalated quickly

Author hipstargazing ( ago)

Author The Utopian Idea ( ago)
The movie looks like shit

Author cody parrish ( ago)

Author Ahulani Lewis ( ago)
There goes 2:34 minutes of my life I can never get back!

Author hasherr ( ago)
Yeah. Because this is how high school works.

Author Hannah Rebecca ( ago)
I Am british too xD Anyways, i just need a good teen movie to watch. any
one got some?

Author youneekk ( ago)
SATAN IS THE GOD OF JESUS. Click on my channel to see...

Author Lauren Suilmann ( ago)
this is why other countries hate us

Author D Brown ( ago)
porno meets mean girls

Author dahJosh ( ago)
if only my high school was like this

Author Debs B ( ago)
lmfaoooooooo this looks so stupid

Author icclegirl ( ago)
So rude

Author satanluvscheese ( ago)
ohhh yea i soooooooooooooooo care about this movies story.......xD

Author satanluvscheese ( ago)

Author satanluvscheese ( ago)
ahahaha close....its a virgin movie.....this is soft/bad porno

Author shayak miah ( ago)
why make shit like this?

Author 1futuredancer123 ( ago)
it looks like it would be a really funny movie!!!! @anasatsu34, yea it
definitely is but thats why it would be funny!!!

Author ansatsu34 ( ago)
wtf is this? a bad porno?

Author CountFwoppo ( ago)
This is quite possibly the worst thing I have ever seen. I feel like I just
watched someone commit war crimes.

Author tutu tututu ( ago)
im sorry what the fuck is this

Author Isabella Addo ( ago)
Well wasn't that just....something

Author ScopeKing1994 ( ago)
everyone bitch all you want, but we all know we teens are gonna get high as
shit and go see this movie.

Author nicole sison ( ago)
this is the most pointless movie ever.

Author udochi adiukwu ( ago)
i could probably make a better movie with 10 pounds and my butt cheeks
doing the filming.

Author Hannah Hollberg ( ago)
i hope this is a joke

Author TheKnickKnack123456 ( ago)
I really hope that non americans know that our high schools are nothing
like this.

Author TrappedOnAnIsland ( ago)
this makes me glad I'm not american.

Author MontageWatcher88 ( ago)
High School is nothing like this. So much exaggeration.

Author TheRamtin99 ( ago)
is this high school exist ?

Author Sophie Horan ( ago)
this is more something little kids would watch, it may have sexual content
but it's so childish. They need to spend more money on making movies like
Scream or School of Rock.

Author GoriBore ( ago)
Probably the first video on youtube I've ever disliked.

Author Jan Contratista ( ago)
what a waste of money making this film...

Author Pucho616 ( ago)
Me too!,i think this channel's content has bot-views (just like VEVO.)

Author drakenlorde ( ago)
This is like a porn movie with a shitty plot.

Author micki mickey ( ago)
how the fuck does this have so many views is what i'm wondering about? This
is my first time even hearing about this.

Author meeweehi ( ago)
Please tell me this is not a real movie.

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