American High School Trailer

Release Date: 7 April 2009
Genre: Comedy

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Views: 41,936,703
Added: 5 years
Runtime: 2:35
Comments: 2953

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Author TheMovieChanneI (7 months)

Author samproductions02 (1 month)
probably one of the shittest movies I've ever seen. american pie films are
better :)

Author Shariff Hasan (1 month)
I heard they doing a part two of AHS. Google it...

Author Ketusastar (6 months)
the best ever!!!!

Author crystal roy (6 months)
I watched it it's really good

Author Barry Ratcliffe (9 months)
Love this, and check out The Turkey Song by Dickie Stickhead.

Author hh333233 (7 months)
Soo gonna watch

Author Dawn Wood (8 months)
A bit like saint trinians in a way

Author GoldenSatan999 (1 year)

Author snarkleton26 (1 year)
America isn't a country - it's a transaction! Just as anyone buying a
ticket to this farce of a movie clearly demonstrates. More than 41M hits --
shows how low-brow we are. It is what it is -- in America, we're on our
own, there's no sense of "community," it's a me-me-me "FUCKING PAY ME"
attitude every single minute of every day

Author Bdiz (1 year)
american high school......reunion.

Author D Brown (1 year)
porno meets mean girls

Author snarkleton26 (1 year)
I'm an American - and your response just proves my point, America has gone
the way of immature high school behavior like yours, all around. Now go get
your Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift tix, or you'll be late for the show!

Author Viktorivich_Vids (1 year)
This is not highschool at all, instead it's nothing but an immature teenage
club with kids who don't know how to control their hormones lol. What a
bunch of weirdos.

Author Hannah Rebecca (1 year)
I Am british too xD Anyways, i just need a good teen movie to watch. any
one got some?

Author Anthea Panagiotou (1 year)
the fuck did I just watch...

Author satanluvscheese (1 year)
ohhh yea i soooooooooooooooo care about this movies story.......xD

Author sox775 (1 year)
i actually studied in highschool

Author Almaas A (1 year)
and you guys wonder why people hate u

Author frank ponds (1 year)
Staaaawp. xD

Author BrownEyez4everz (1 year)
Your ugly ass is going straight to hell.

Author gullyguy187 (1 year)

Author Viccy Baba (10 months)
You do realize you still live in North America, unless living in the U.S is
now the only Mericans.

Author tea cheeseballs (1 year)
@yourown123 i mean off not out

Author Calvin Woodard (1 year)
I bet most poeple watched it because of the tumbnail.

Author Master Yoda (1 year)
If only this was my high school...

Author oxoKawaiiPandaoxo (1 year)
Is this REALLY what american HS are like? o.o if so DEAR GOD! D:

Author S.W. A.T (1 year)

Author shakirahbowchickawow (1 year)
wow i think this high school would me FUN

Author oxoKawaiiPandaoxo (1 year)

Author Jesse Weinert (1 year)
I want to kill myself after seeing this.

Author BrownEyez4everz (1 year)
Your country is shit compared to ours. Go eat a fucking happy meal,
coutrtesy of Mcdonals. You wouldnt have a MickeyDee had it not been for the
US. So fuck you son of bitch. Just because you couldn't make it here,
doesn't mean anybody else can't. So go back to your third world country

Author joeymaster21 (1 year)
ok lets admit it guys, we all cam here because of the preview picture

Author Mindless4MB101 (1 year)
true true.... i know i did

Author Kyle Kenrick (1 year)
no not even close haha

Author Alex Tudor (1 year)
Go to the video right click it put stop download your welcome! XD

Author Abdullah Fadel (1 year)
who the hell is us ? or is it U.S ?

Author hipstargazing (1 year)

Author The Utopian Idea (1 year)
The movie looks like shit

Author snarkleton26 (1 year)
And you are very cute! So have a blessed day and get a move on or you'll
miss acting class! HIgh School musical, here you come!

Author sam warner (1 year)

Author glo bug (1 year)

Author nicole sison (1 year)
this is the most pointless movie ever.

Author shayak miah (1 year)
why make shit like this?

Author Chelsea baby (1 year)
Thank god i am Canadian

Author funkateer17 (1 year)
More propaganda to destroy the family by turning white G_entile girls into
sluts, who get pregnant at 18.

Author rokkingonloudly (1 year)
No high school is like that. That would be against so many laws to have a
school like that.

Author rose queen (1 year)
this is insane thts nowhere near close to wat america is like ........... i
think O.o

Author Letila1998 (1 year)
Weird movie

Author John Nelson (1 year)

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