2Pac Is Alive In Cuba: Coming Back 2014?; (2009)

2Pac Is Alive In Cuba: Coming Back 2014?; (2009)

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Author Ariana Maren (17 days)

Author Maxson Antoine (1 month)
Told u he in cuba

Author Brock Lesnar (1 month)
July 7th 2014, today he will return 

Author Maximo Sanchez (1 month)
When does 2pac "return" ? 

Author aggelos sgouropoulos (4 months)
he is coming back at 7.7.2014

Author Bobby Joe (2 days)
Where is he

Author Younq diamoNd (2 days)
9-13-14 :) <3

Author Boospoochie (6 days)
It seems to me that Tupac MAY have had as much to fear from Suge Knight as
anyone else. After all, Tupac wanted OUT of the life he was living.& he
wanted to be free of Death Row. This probably would NOT make Suge very
happy. Tupac dead was more valuable to Suge than Tupac alive making music
on his own label. Dead artists like Tupac make a lot of money for their
record labels. So... what if Tupac struck a deal with Suge to help him fake
his death... thus making Suge LOTS of money--no record label of his own to
compete with Death Row AND in return Suge could pay Tupac enough out of the
profits to live a comfortable life somewhere else under the radar--safe
from any other enemies--win, win...

Author Tony Harris (10 days)
Ik this old, but I thought the car pulled up on 2pac side not the driver.?

Author Adam Steventon (24 days)
You will never know what we have done with Mr.Shakur. You all think you
have decoded the puzzle that was set for you. But you am far from right.
Things will be very clear to what we have for you soon. In fact just to let
you know from a personal perspective, the 7 day theory is actually
bullshit. But I'm glad that our people can keep you aware of what we are
really going to bring you. Just never forget one thing. We own you, We
control you and last but not least we will always be watching you. Just
prepare for the future.

Author onofre eduardo (4 months)
Everyone hes alive i heard his voice in call of duty and told me hes coming

Author Renee Chapman (28 days)
But, if you watch the music video of "Toss it up", Yoou cant see the
'Makaveli' tattoo on his neck(Rightside) like you can see the other tattoos
that he owns

Author Boospoochie (6 days)
I don't know if he's alive or not, but pause the video on the autopsy photo
& take a good look. To me, the torso looks much too long. Look at how low
the 'THUG LIFE' tattoo is. Find a pic of Tupac's tattoo while he's alive &
compare them. The autopsy photo doesn't look right to me.

Author HipHop Forever (4 months)
Will ya'll just except the fact That Pac is dead? stop living in this
fantasy land in which pac is just chillin in Cuba. do you really think he'd
be quiet for this long? wouldn't there be any proof?. He's gone for good

Author skits era (1 month)
Js I thought 2pac is apart of the Illuminati if he comes back in 2014 which
this year the same year Illuminati is supposed to end the world. 2pacs
coming back might be coming back to end the world and what if hold on stay
strong means hold on for when the world ends and stay strong when the world
ends another thing as u know 7 of diamonds brings bad luck 7 in 2pacs sake
could mean rather bad luck or good luck..........just let that sink in

Author Rosco (1 month)
Ey guy listen to me, i no troll ok? Ok so, Satan is 666, Jesus hates Satan,
flip that over you get 999. Hitler once said 9. September 911+ 88 equals
999, flip that over you get 666. Justin Bieber likes number 6, therefore he
worships satan and is a faggot. 999 Dollars is a lot, Obama is black.
Michael Jackson was black but turned to white. They both like money. See
the connection? Illuminati.

Author Aisha Musa (6 months)
Ok so where is he then??? Can't answer that huh

Author xLadyModz (1 month)
13 September he will return 2014

Author BLOBANGER (1 month)
Lost credibility when you showed that phony ass nigga in the celtics jersey
at the game

Author ulises Reyes (1 month)
2pac is dead because he was never a coward he said shit about other people
that couldve killed him and we he dint care so he wouldnt care to come back

Author DayleLucy101 | Comedy At It's Best (1 month)
It's 2014, and we have no sign of him.

Author impala64lg (1 month)
Holy shit rukahs new Mexico... shakur new Mexico... I never noticed that.

Author Eric Vences (1 month)
11:04 still nothin

Author Janelle Sanderson (1 month)
just waiting for tupac to come back. 

Author GuyThatCommentsVids (1 month)
This month should be the month he comes back. If he dont, then we can all
agree that hes dead.

Author LiakosGate13ACAB (1 month)
Why would he come back guys? i know he must be alive
but why would he come back now? and all these reports,friends,parents
hiding it be embarassed now?
i think he will stay hidden for the rest of his live wherever he wants..
coming back isnt possible
neither the 7 theory is real its just a symptosis...
i just hope he is having a good life with his homies wherever he is..(even
if he is dead)

Author videos4mydad (1 month)
Take every song that Tupac ever wrote (doesnt matter which one). Take
every other word in the song and it will read "I was shot, but I am coming
back in 2014". Doesn"t matter which song, this will work with any song he
ever wrote. Try it !!!

Author Josh Escudero (1 month)
I'm watching this be cause of the woman that saw him at BET awards

Author Indiaa ForeverrYoung (1 month)
The stupid words going across the screen are annoying and make it hard to
read!!!! 😡👊

Author Ronan Mullan (1 month)
Didn't you hear at the end "five shots changed my life" there were only one
that hit and four missed none accautly killed him it scrapped off his head
obvs he is alive 

Author Shay Anderson (1 month)
@ makaveli tha krazy af! xhibit was out before pacs death! He
marked his first appearance on a professional record in February 1995 on
The Alkaholiks' !! learn more before you speak!!! R. I. P. 2PAC!! ...he
aint still cant fukn fake your death and just come back...its
a crime!! where he'd go is prison if he did do that

Author Craig Lee (1 month)
2-pac = illuminati = mind blown 

Author Peter Vang (1 month)
So if pac does come back he's just going to be like "surprise muthafuckas!
I faked my death, you were all right! Congratulations!" Right? Lmao he's
dead guys ain't no way pac would run away from his problems, thug life
remember? Just let him R.I.P 

Author jacob delasierra (5 months)
did anyone notice around 5:00 when he begins to rap it says " they only got
my side because they think pac died"

Author Beauty Dior (2 months)

Author Jason Robinson (5 months)
So tupac is returning this year? June 7th?

Author Lorenzo Ball (2 months)
why are people in such denial. 2pac is DEAD! how the hell u gonna be the
biggest rap star on the westcoast and fake your death? That makes ZERO
sense. All this "evidence" proofs was that 2pac was clever when it came to
his music. But really...he faked is death..? Ok put yourself in his shoes.
One of the best rappers of your time, money, women, cars, on Death Row wit
Snoop and Dre living the life. Now ask yourself...why even attempt to fake
your death? what will that prove about you. That u ran out of material and
cant make good music anymore? IRS bout to take everything you own? All
these reason sound dumb af right. 2pac is dead. LET IT GO. Plus how u gonna
fake ur death for so long. 18 years now? Fuck outta here nigga

Author Ryan Griffan (2 months)
it's 2014

Author lizziemiss945 (2 months)
He's looking at us all laughing, shaking his head, and chilling with the
angels. With all this new technology the govt has brought upon us to spy on
us, we would have seen something already. Unless of course, govt is hiding
so as not to cause chaos. But I think he made some mistakes in life and
paid with his life. R.I.P Tupac.

Author Mr. Cunt (2 months)
Rest in Peace Pac!

Author jesus chirst (2 months)
Everyone says you cant see the makaveli tatoo on his neck on the autopsy
but that area is so dark how could you even tell?

Author israel castelan (2 months)
I find everything about Tupacs dead a lil bit suspicious and to the non
believers you have to admit its quite a coincidence. I want to leave Pac in
peace but he was much loved by me and many others.. So to you non
believers... Don't Get when people say he's alive... They just really want
to believe there's some glimmer of hope he will return. Now, as I right
this messege. It's 2:37 pm. It is his birthday. If you know the story of
makaveli he is supposed to return on his 43rd birthday. And I have not
heard of anything yet. So I declare to give him peace. RIP Tupac Shakur.
Now I may have gotten some things wrong in my statement such as maybe he's
44 today but still. RIP 

Author antonio valega (2 months)
were is tupac at its his time to rise 

Author jonathan esquivel (2 months)
Were tupac at NIGGA

Author mrgreatamazing (2 months)
2pac turns 43 tomorrow 

Author Marcharnae Martin (2 months)
Am I the only one who noticed he said "Were not ready for a black

Author Jessica Garcia (2 months)
Pac had his nose ring on his right side the guy in the jersey had it on his
left and he doesn't look nothing like 2Pac :/ 

Author MeHdI ALSheikh (2 months)
come back pac

Author Juan Luna (2 months)
Why dont the police ask the guy that killed tupac take all the information
out of him if he was the one that shot tupac then he had to be in the scam
with tupac think about it tupac had to get people in to fake his death just
ask the people that were there with tupac on his death if there still alive

Author Tupac Shakur (2 months)
yes my friends i have returned.

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