2Pac Is Alive In Cuba: Coming Back 2014?; (2009)

2Pac Is Alive In Cuba: Coming Back 2014?; (2009)

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Author Hicham Belala (1 month)
i believe that Tupac's gone for good, R.I.P PAC , just know that we miss
u :'( 

Author Ryan Kemp (3 months)
It's. 2015 still waiting ),;

Author ty spiller (16 days)
Tupac is most definitely dead. The fbi investigations back in 2013 pretty
much summed up it was Suge Knight and his associates. The whole plot was
planned. Suge owned Pac around $10m and pac was leaving Death Row. Most of
death row records where in on his murder expect a few. Some whiteness were
killed because they knew to much.

Death row failed to comply and help the police with tupacs murder....funny

The photo of Tupac s autopsy is definitely real, you can see the gunshot
wounds and the stiches after he had one of his lungs removed.

Tupac was not cremated the day after he died, in fact he his mother Afeni
Shakur had him cremated 5 days later, and his ashes were spread in Orlando.
Ghetto gardens. His ashes were not smoked by the outlawz. This is also a

Tupac had big dreams, to become more of an Actor, start his own Record and
clothing company and to even start his on polictal party.

The LAPD want the case solved. One of the suspects involved in Tupacs
murder was actually Suge Knights cousin, who funny enough is or was a

Author Manish Bhatia (7 months)
I think he's surely alive... But will never stage a grand comeback. 

Author gta4djdarth (7 months)
what if he already is back, but is failing horribly to make an come back
and nobody believes it's really him 

Author Manish Bhatia (7 months)
That's wrong at 6:51
The attackers pulled up on Pac's side, not Suge. 

Author do123you123like345to (9 months)
It's 2014, and we have no sign of him.

Author Tracey Nsenga (6 months)
I think he could be alive but if he was I wouldn't want him to come back, I
think he knows it would be dumb for him to come back. People would be happy
at first but then realise what he actually did. People mourned for him all
over the world. Faking your own death is a crime and this isn't the movies
its real life. With that said I love and have always loved 2pac but dead or
alive his music still lives on 

Author MisterrFоrgery:) (1 month)
Oh my god when he is returns?

Author kalifa ahmed (7 months)
7 day theory
2pac got shot 1996.9.7.= 1+9+9+6+9=34 3+4=7 or 19+96+9=124. 1+2+4=7
2pac got shot at 11:14= 1+1+1+4=7
2pac got shot in SEP 7
2pac got 16 shot 1+6=7
2pac got shot in 9/ 7, 9+7=16, 1+6=7
2pac dead in sep 13 gap between got shot and dead 7 days
2pac dead at 4:03 = 4+3=7
2pac "died" at an age of 25 years. 2+5 = 7
2pac he finished makaveli album in 7 days
2pac's album All Eyes on Me was released on Feb.13, 1996. Tupac "died" on
Sept.13, 1996. it's 7 month gap
2pac song life goes on it's number 9 and time song 5:02. 9+5+2=16 1+6=7
2pac song ain't mad atcha it's number 13 same the day he was die and time
song 4:53. 1+3+4+5+3=16. 1+6=7
2pac song i wonder if heaven got a ghetto it's number 7 and time song 4:21
= 4+2+1=7
2pac album"R U Still Down". This album was released on November 25th. 2 + 5
= 7
in year 365 days + 18 year Disappearance 365×18= 6570. 6+5+7=18.1-8=7

if you calculate calendar 1996 from 2pac start recording till released from
august till 5 november
it was august 31 , september 30, october 31, november 5
31+30+31+5=97. 7+9=16. 1+6=7 or 3+1+3+3+1+5=16. 1+6=7

In the movie, "Gridlock'd," when Tupac and Roth are in the diner and they
glance up at the menu, all the L's are upside down 7's.
In the movie, "Gang Related," Tupac and Belushi wait in room 7, and Tupac's
badge number is 115; 1+1+5=7.

The cross on Tupac's back says, "Exodus 16:31." , The verse itself seems to
little meaning, but read this verse, found right above it:,
"So the people rested on the seventh day." All of Exodus 16 deals with the
7 Dayz

2pac started in 7 moves his movie Resurrection was released 7 years after
his death

2pac died 9/13 . 9×13=117. 1×1×7=7

2pac will back in 2014.september. = 2+1+4+9=16 =1+6=7 or 214+9=25. 2+5=7

Author Brock Edward Lesnar (9 months)
July 7th 2014, today he will return 

Author Tristan Escobar (11 months)
Will ya'll just except the fact That Pac is dead? stop living in this
fantasy land in which pac is just chillin in Cuba. do you really think he'd
be quiet for this long? wouldn't there be any proof?. He's gone for good

Author jacob barney (2 months)
61671 6+1=7 7-6=1 7+1=8 8-1=7 another 7 day theory

Author Omar Khalil Hasan (6 months)
2Pac Is Alive In Cuba: Coming Back 2014?; (2009):

Author Jason Robinson (10 months)
It's weird, my mom and tupac died the same day

Author Muhammad Shaeel Abbas. M1303527 (2 months)
Well this is

Author Jonathan Amigon (2 months)
PAC is alive

Author QUICKSCOPE PITO (2 months)
Its 2015 where he at tho?

Author Kayla Irene (2 months)
Where he at tho ??

Author hector1234512 (1 month)
Where he at doe?

Author xLadyModz (9 months)
13 September he will return 2014

Author Declan Campbell (5 months)
Were is he, If he's Alive 😭😭

Author Nerek Hellice (5 months)
ummm...the tats do match just saying...

Author AkzMusic100 (5 months)
Well this failed

Author Maxson Antoine (9 months)
Told u he in cuba

Author skits era (8 months)
Js I thought 2pac is apart of the Illuminati if he comes back in 2014 which
this year the same year Illuminati is supposed to end the world. 2pacs
coming back might be coming back to end the world and what if hold on stay
strong means hold on for when the world ends and stay strong when the world
ends another thing as u know 7 of diamonds brings bad luck 7 in 2pacs sake
could mean rather bad luck or good luck..........just let that sink in

Author keith friddle (4 months)
I know that pac is alive no doubt! But why would he return he went under
another name as blac HAZE and stopped in 2012 so he is obviously done and
plus if pac came back he going strait to prison the place where he didnt
want to go anyway he is in cuba cause no one can get him and if there was
100% proof of him being alive i would shit my pants cause he aient never
comin grt over it only thing we cN do is wait till his actually dieing days
till then we be thankful for the music he made under tupac makaveli and
blac HAZE. I support he is alive but he may as well be dead the the USA
sorry guys please comment and tell me if u agree or disagree.

Author Wizard Cheifa (7 months)
It's 2014 where is he

Author t40364 (3 months)
Well that never happened

Author nate steverson (11 months)
I know that he is alive but why come back if he did all this work to fake
his death and get away. And then successfully does it then why come back
after 18yrs but i do believe he is alive because the way they say he dies
and the story around it just doesnt add up

Author iDmc does Unboxing and Reviews (7 months)
guys it was September 13, 2014 yesterday and tupac hasn't still returned as
of yet, does this mean he will never come back;(

Author Fabrizzio Coronado (7 months)
Or maybe tupac talked about faking his death so when he did die he'd still
get people's attention & become more famous so his music would just sell
more but end up with his family

Author Shane Morris (5 months)
Look at the boston game that dudes far from 2pac he dont have a tat or any
tats on his arms nothing and all tat artist know even if you try you really
cant get rid of a tattoo this is bogus

Author Najjwa Winter (4 days)
he is dead because i searched his name and he died september 13 1996

Author Jorge Bautista (6 months)
Well where hee at????

Author fox ibrahima kalil (5 months)

Author MrFPSBROS30 (11 months)
its 2014 watching this kinda creepy.

Author videos4mydad (9 months)
Take every song that Tupac ever wrote (doesnt matter which one). Take
every other word in the song and it will read "I was shot, but I am coming
back in 2014". Doesn"t matter which song, this will work with any song he
ever wrote. Try it !!!

Author mrgreatamazing (10 months)
2pac turns 43 tomorrow 

Author Peter Vang (9 months)
So if pac does come back he's just going to be like "surprise muthafuckas!
I faked my death, you were all right! Congratulations!" Right? Lmao he's
dead guys ain't no way pac would run away from his problems, thug life
remember? Just let him R.I.P 

Author Tyla Makhoul (8 months)

Author Maximo Sanchez (9 months)
When does 2pac "return" ? 

Author israel castelan (10 months)
I find everything about Tupacs dead a lil bit suspicious and to the non
believers you have to admit its quite a coincidence. I want to leave Pac in
peace but he was much loved by me and many others.. So to you non
believers... Don't Get when people say he's alive... They just really want
to believe there's some glimmer of hope he will return. Now, as I right
this messege. It's 2:37 pm. It is his birthday. If you know the story of
makaveli he is supposed to return on his 43rd birthday. And I have not
heard of anything yet. So I declare to give him peace. RIP Tupac Shakur.
Now I may have gotten some things wrong in my statement such as maybe he's
44 today but still. RIP 

Author Kaufhausdetektiv (9 months)
Ey guy listen to me, i no troll ok? Ok so, Satan is 666, Jesus hates Satan,
flip that over you get 999. Hitler once said 9. September 911+ 88 equals
999, flip that over you get 666. Justin Bieber likes number 6, therefore he
worships satan and is a faggot. 999 Dollars is a lot, Obama is black.
Michael Jackson was black but turned to white. They both like money. See
the connection? Illuminati.

Author OfficialPNDA (1 year)
What is that intro song ?

Author onofre eduardo (1 year)
Everyone hes alive i heard his voice in call of duty and told me hes coming

Author RedAnarchist223 (7 months)

Author Adam Steventon (8 months)
You will never know what we have done with Mr.Shakur. You all think you
have decoded the puzzle that was set for you. But you am far from right.
Things will be very clear to what we have for you soon. In fact just to let
you know from a personal perspective, the 7 day theory is actually
bullshit. But I'm glad that our people can keep you aware of what we are
really going to bring you. Just never forget one thing. We own you, We
control you and last but not least we will always be watching you. Just
prepare for the future.

Author lopou lakama (9 months)
Why would he come back guys? i know he must be alive
but why would he come back now? and all these reports,friends,parents
hiding it be embarassed now?
i think he will stay hidden for the rest of his live wherever he wants..
coming back isnt possible
neither the 7 theory is real its just a symptosis...
i just hope he is having a good life with his homies wherever he is..(even
if he is dead)

Author Eric Vences (9 months)
11:04 still nothin

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