2Pac Is Alive In Cuba: Coming Back 2014?; (2009)

2Pac Is Alive In Cuba: Coming Back 2014?; (2009)

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Author TheSoloAsylum (6 months)
he's still with it.

Author Rozay Alexandria (6 months)
This year 2-PAC will rise..?

Author Terrezio (6 months)
ANOTHER THING: Sept 13th!! September=9th month, and 13.


Author aggelos sgouropoulos (3 months)
he is coming back at 7.7.2014

Author Crimson (4 months)
Watching this in 2014 gives me chills for real

Author JR Black (6 months)
I love 2 pac, would listen to him as a kid when I was growing up, let me
just say that was him in that autopsy pic, the sad thing is he really is
gone, its just, man I don't know its just sad to see that...

Author Clayton smith (6 months)
apparently the hologram of tupac was actually him x_x

Author Scooter Davis (7 months)
I wish Pac was coming back. But we all know there's no way he coulda stayed
quiet this long Pac was way to active and outspoken to just run off
somewhere and hide. Unless his momma had him moved while he was in his

Author gilagila28 (7 months)
whats the name of the song at 0:59 and at the start?

Author OfficialPNDA (4 months)
What is that intro song ?

Author HipHop Forever (3 months)
Will ya'll just except the fact That Pac is dead? stop living in this
fantasy land in which pac is just chillin in Cuba. do you really think he'd
be quiet for this long? wouldn't there be any proof?. He's gone for good

Author Mushy bfd (6 months)
Machiavelli? Someone explain in good detail who that is ? And when he died
? Did he return whatever please if u dont mind , i would appriciate it 

Author Mushy bfd (6 months)
I really love 2 pac , but cmon no one ccan really be undercver for 18 years
pff . Its 2014 now , wheres 2pac niggah? And if 2 pac does return , then i
would bloody cut ma arms off lol

Author xLadyModz (11 days)
13 September he will return 2014

Author DayleLucy101 | Comedy At It's Best (17 days)
It's 2014, and we have no sign of him.

Author Brock Lesnar (22 days)
July 7th 2014, today he will return 

Author LiakosGate13ACAB (24 days)
Why would he come back guys? i know he must be alive
but why would he come back now? and all these reports,friends,parents
hiding it be embarassed now?
i think he will stay hidden for the rest of his live wherever he wants..
coming back isnt possible
neither the 7 theory is real its just a symptosis...
i just hope he is having a good life with his homies wherever he is..(even
if he is dead)

Author Eric Vences (22 days)
11:04 still nothin

Author videos4mydad (25 days)
Take every song that Tupac ever wrote (doesnt matter which one). Take
every other word in the song and it will read "I was shot, but I am coming
back in 2014". Doesn"t matter which song, this will work with any song he
ever wrote. Try it !!!

Author Fpsbros30 (3 months)
its 2014 watching this kinda creepy.

Author Peter Vang (1 month)
So if pac does come back he's just going to be like "surprise muthafuckas!
I faked my death, you were all right! Congratulations!" Right? Lmao he's
dead guys ain't no way pac would run away from his problems, thug life
remember? Just let him R.I.P 

Author SporeSpam (5 months)
This interests me a lot so much evidence on if he is alive maybe we'll find
out the truth later this year 

Author israel castelan (1 month)
I find everything about Tupacs dead a lil bit suspicious and to the non
believers you have to admit its quite a coincidence. I want to leave Pac in
peace but he was much loved by me and many others.. So to you non
believers... Don't Get when people say he's alive... They just really want
to believe there's some glimmer of hope he will return. Now, as I right
this messege. It's 2:37 pm. It is his birthday. If you know the story of
makaveli he is supposed to return on his 43rd birthday. And I have not
heard of anything yet. So I declare to give him peace. RIP Tupac Shakur.
Now I may have gotten some things wrong in my statement such as maybe he's
44 today but still. RIP 

Author Seth Grammer (7 months)
and the autopsy report said he weighed 215 when he rly weighed 154...
215-154= 61... and 6+1=7 dayummmm

Author Billy Lo (6 months)
The dark knight rises

Author Jason Robinson (1 month)
It's weird, my mom and tupac died the same day

Author Patrik Ćavar (3 months)
at the message its says::: yes am a lie and i dissin you

Author THOMAS dease (6 months)
pac is alive!!

Author mrgreatamazing (1 month)
2pac turns 43 tomorrow 

Author Jag Singh (3 months)
"I'd rather die like a man, than live like a coward" - Tupac Shakur (How
could he possibly be alive)

Author THEeliteAUG (7 months)
The thing is, on the 1st of January 2014 people will expect him then, when
2015 comes that's when you know hes gone! I doubt he will come back but I
really hope he does! We <3 you Pac!!

Author Jesper Hansen (3 months)
In 2009 his crew outlawz smoked his ashes (sorry 4 bad english). 

Author Terrezio (6 months)
Yes I'm alive.. That's fucking creepy

Author Camilo Gallego (5 months)
Don t do this to us nigga come back plesea and show this kids what real
music is! And if you dont... I will met you in eaven RIP thuh till I die. 

Author CPR Hermit (4 months)
Hes somewhere in the world in a song he said in 96 they Retaliate to pull a
187 96 the year he died 1+8+7=16 1+6=7!California Penal Code section 187,
subdivision (a) defines murder as "the unlawful killing of a human being
they did a 187 on 2pac or could be 1+8+7+2 take out the 2 from 2pac =18
1-8=7 2pac died enter MAKAVELI!Machiavelli wrote several books . Notice
what the All Eyez on Me discs are called ? Machiavelli's books were called,
"Book 1," and, "Book 2." The CD's of, "All Eyez On Me," are entitled the
same "Book 1 for disc 1" and "Book 2 for disc 2"!Makaveli = AM ALIVE (K
Remains out, what for? For Kasinova)
Also, Pac called himself "Makaveli tha' don." now there's a young guy with
2pac's older voice around calling himself "Kasinova tha' don"!

Author Maxson Antoine (9 days)
Told u he in cuba

Author Sam Ebner (7 months)
this is very convincing i truly beleve that he is alive after watching this
vid but only time will tell he has about a year to show up or this vid was
pointless and a waste of my time lets hope not

Author ayoody3yeq (8 months)
Well Umm ... we just made 2014 wheres pac ?

Author ray110299 (8 months)
Also Tupac died in 1996 which 1+9+9+6= 25 which is the age he "died".

Author Justin Moore (6 months)
People do you not realize that he doesnt turn 43 on the first day of 2014?!
He will come back on june 16th of this year

Author Tupac Shakur (7 months)
This shit is disrespectful. If you know anything about 2Pac, it was that he
NEVER ran from a fight. He would put himself in mortal danger even when he
didn't have to (like when he shot those two cops who were harassing a
motorist). To suggest that 2Pac is going to go on the lamb for twenty years
is to call him a coward.

Author Zachmz12 (7 months)

Author jesse sanchez (6 months)
lets all just wait for sept. thats when the whole 18 years since his death
have been completed

Author Aisha Musa (5 months)
Ok so where is he then??? Can't answer that huh

Author James Scroggins (8 months)
I hate videos like this lol I can make anything seem legit using numbers...
watch this; god is actually the devil, take the number 7 (the holy number)
and subtract it by 1 (because there's 1 god) and you get 6 (the number of

Author onofre eduardo (3 months)
Everyone hes alive i heard his voice in call of duty and told me hes coming

Author trevon nicholson (7 months)
he did it to get out the illuminatti

Author christian friaz (5 months)
When will he be back this 2014? What month? 

Author westie420uk (6 months)
It's 2014, where is he then?

Author PeakOsaurusRex (8 months)
Did all of you not understand math? 2+5 = 7 2+1+4 = 7 4+3 = 7 (If
he died at age 25 (2+5=7) then he will be 43 (in 2014) (4+3=7) and if he
comes back in 2014 (2+1+4=7) "777" would be seven days in the week,
seven tongues of flame, seven spiritual gifts... Pac would want to "come
back" on a perfect number and plus why would he put tons of 7's in his

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