KTM DUKE 200 speed cut off.

This bike is currently using 39T rear sprocket. (standard is 42T). this vid clearly shows that there is a speed limiter of some kind. Although the rev limiter hasn't kicked in, the speed cut jumps in after 137kmh.

Thanks to an anonymous friend for the Vid.
P/S : speed kills. Don't try this at home. lol

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Author Syaf Roachunter (5 months)
I think should go KTM branch ask about ECU for duke200.. I'm thinking about
changing the ECU. 

Author Sumanth Gururaj (4 months)
so this is a fact then? the exact thing happen to me as well. the speed
does get cut off after 138.

Author fonzie labodo (7 months)
i can't try this at home, my house doesn't got a long straight road. haha

Author Laksmana Mamat (1 month)
same my dtm200 rpm 130 only..

Author Kevin Thakur (1 month)
not bad! But i love the 390. My frnd and i went for a test drive of the
duke 390 and we had a combined weight of ~180Kg. I just pulled the throttle
after landing the 2nd gear and WHOOOSH!!!! 40 to 80 in like 2 sec!! :D

Author Adam Sheikh (3 months)
awersome drive bro

Author wazodie (5 months)
test speed duke kat highway duke. dukeception hahaha

Author Azim Wahab (8 months)
Bro, where can i get the 39T sprocket in KL? What brand is this?

Author Jz Low (6 months)
any1 know how to bypass the cut off for KTM duke 200 2013 ABS?

Author Syaf Roachunter (5 months)
I'm waiting for ecu from dynojet. Still under development. But other dukers
have bought the ecu for ktm690. Can be used. But have to dyno the bike
according to the ktm200 capacity. Otherwise just waiting for some dukers to
share his experience and how to do itwith low budget increasing speed
without changing ecu.. :-)

Author Basit Ellyna (22 days)
Aduhh taleh blahh..nasib baik aku tak beli

Author wizard enzine (5 months)
buang cut off kat ktm centre penang

Author azlin azlin1977 (5 months)
130kmh DUKE = 170kmh RR

Author Poisonpickle RS (6 months)
that is bad considering my dtm150 on straight road can hit 160 (no the bike
is not standard mod)

Author azam alias (1 year)
laju dah 2..aku bwk zzr250 rasa 140 sama laju camni lah

Author PenerajangPenyesalan (1 year)
Suzuki belang r meter berat mcm ni jga, boleh dapat 142-145kph.. aku jumpa
ktm duke mmg aku nk bagi dia mkn asap belang aku.. hahaha

Author farhan (1 year)
menunggang DUKE di lebuhraya DUKE hahahahaha g kedai cabut ECU,kawtim2 ngan
mekanik jgn bg void waranty hahahahaha

Author scarzfacela (1 year)

Author usama shikoh (1 year)
Duke boleh pergi 160kmh. Yg video ni 135kmh sbb jalan banyak kerete. Try
jalan kosong, memang pergi dia pergh !

Author azam baruku (1 year)
aik!! kasi tunjuk miter 135 jer...baik x pyah...baper leh pergi paling abis

Author mohd shah emman md zaki (10 months)
xle buang ke dia punya cut off speed tuuu

Author Ayen Laksamanarider (9 months)
Belang lembab nk mampuih

Author dzulhakimie (11 months)
Cari lah cdi racing. Boleh pergi lagi moto ni. Just cut off die je mcm

Author Yop Dannish (1 year)
abg kena setting ecu dia

Author Demir Koljenovic (11 months)
Yamaha R125 is faster :3

Author adlihakeem99 (8 months)
Ktm 390 top speed 170km/h lagi power

Author Hafizan Ma'arof (10 months)
Xpayah nak bebrual sgt,, Belang xlaju,,

Author fahmi jer (11 months)
apa point kau megah2x dgn belang kau?

Author alexini5 (1 year)
I have the same bike and it has a some kind of electronic speed limiter to
138km/h ...

Author logitechz3 (10 months)
What's wrong with KTM, KTM 125 fail, KTM 200 fail, KTM 390 fail. The only
ones that are good are Kawsaki Ninja 300, Honda cbr 250, Suzuki Inazuma
250, talking about new mid end bikes. Honda CBR 500 is crap too. : /

Author eSkIgAreJE (1 year)
ingt nk bli duke kalau letak spoket 36 boleh ke..

Author naseer nasa (1 year)
test gopro baru ye bang?

Author Matthew Barton (1 year)
this dude is goin balls out!!

Author laxwork (1 year)
thank you for the video. 100% I'll not buy this bike.

Author personalfitnessco (1 year)
Yo tube la ns y andaba bn incluso le saque 153 km por hora pero debo
aclarar q iba detras de un carro q me cortaba todo el viento y me
succionaba por asi decirlo igual sentia q iba a desbaratar el motor y no lo
pude sostener por mucho tiempo. Ahora acabo de comprar la duke 200 y en la
prueba de manejo senti tooda la diferencia. mas liviana. Mas potente y
mucho mas ágil sin decir q mucho mas bonita y menos caspeada. Aca todo
mensajero tiene pulsar

Author mafiakiller07 (11 months)
trbaik moto nii ak mesti beli satu

Author Arctic Marine (1 year)
tau la moto duke.. test pon kat highway duke jugak ke...hahaha

Author Hakeem Je (1 year)
moto ni mmg best, lg2 kalau nk main pikap tgk2 je da hilang da moto tu

Author Rain Lee (1 year)
ni smua standet ke dh modift rse stiap duke 200 ni lain2 la dlm malaysia ni
cth stgh dri nye standet speed 130,141,146,154,156 mcm sy pnye 132 pas 2
cut off speed msk mcm2 sy dgr pendapat owg de yg ckp tkar ecu stgh ckp
potong wayer pe tah sy pn xpast stgh ckp meter setting mcm2 la xtau mne 1
btl klau bro tukar sprocket bkn ptut de prubahan lju lg ke??

Author LD13 (1 year)
.My yzfr125 can do 137km/h...this is pretty bad :(

Author KTM Duke (11 months)
140kmh is enough man im selling my 125 duke to buy a 2013 duke 200

Author mikhailrafiqie (10 months)
Ape yang dok melalak kat sini.. biar lah dia nak tunjuk duke 200 ni boleh
cut off sampai mana.. lagipun dah namapun 200cc nak pulun kat mana sangat,
nak laju lagi twngok la video 990 ka 1400 ka.. apa daa.. btw duke200 ni
pickup and torque memang terbaek.. gear 4 mcm gear 2..

Author qwertyedu (1 year)
200NS 151km/h ??? Are you having a wetdream ?? :P

Author fahmi jer (11 months)
in malaysia, we dont have yzf 125 ,r15

Author muhd saiful (1 year)
But why my duke 200 got 185.baru try masa balik dari temerloh lawat budak
duke 200 accident.temerloh to petaling jaya.standart.

Author Higashi Tetsugami (11 months)
mine on 200cc, max speed 145km/h... everything is stock... 42T rear
sprocket... hmmmm....

Author muhd saiful (1 year)
Malaysia duke 200 top speed berapa paling hebat,nak tahu?

Author andrew nc (1 year)
mentira.. cuando investigues bn te daras de cuenta la ktm 200 duke, tiene
mejores prestaciones en cuanto a la pulsar 200ns

Author Hakim Rahim (1 year)
Duke was built for fun ride n passion... dont make a silly comment lor..

Author Yop Dannish (1 year)
atau buang speed limiter

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