Panorama Hillsborough - How They Buried the Truth Britain's worst football disaster BBC documentary

A Panorama investigation reveals how police, politicians, lawyers and judges all played a part in burying the truth about Britain's worst football disaster.

Never-before-broadcast footage of the FA Cup semi-final in which 96 Liverpool fans died reveals a catastrophic failure by the emergency services, how lives might have been saved and how subsequent inquiries were misled.

And a former home secretary and former police chiefs are put on the spot about why a succession of official investigations left the truth hidden for a generation.

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Author rose white ( ago)
the woman at start of video tells the truth!
it was the public and the ground owners who should have been blamed.

Author ridderrumbol ( ago)
I find it disgusting that no police officers have been put to justice for
these crimes.

Author Darren Ford ( ago)
How many of the people in the stadium has tickets ? Not all of them I
guess. there fault aswell

Author TanzDerSchatten ( ago)
I was 14 and halfway around the world in the U.S. when this happened.
Sports Illustrated did an article on it and the photos shocked me right to
my bones. I've never forgotten the name Hillsborough and I've checked in
online many times over the years to read up on it. It's just lately I've
learned that the police tried to deflect blame onto the fans, and how
callous the authorities were toward the families of the victims. It's a
shame that the memory of those who died has that shadow of controversy over

Author psic881 ( ago)
I can't listen to politicians spouting bs no more. It is SICK.

Author psic881 ( ago)
They shouldn't have opened Gate C. They shouldn't have assassinated Hussein
and Gaddaffi, nor invaded Iraq and Libya.

Author wonderfulnmarvelous ( ago)
26 years on and another inquiry....just pathetic.

Author Brick Top ( ago)
Think some of the harsh comments are driven by a perceived lack of remorse
from Liverpool and blaming of others over the Heysel tragedy. In reality of
course the two incidents have no bearing on one another. Feel very sorry
for all the victims and their families. Just awful

Author Alan Slevin ( ago)
Fucking United fans. What's the difference between a tragedy and a cow?
Manchester United haven't spent the last 57 years milking a cow.

Author Shaiah Eyes2c ( ago)
Covered up by Masons!

Author Critic (al) ( ago)
A dead football hooligan is a good hooligan.

Author Jtm Vids ( ago)
This is disgraceful

Author Schumanski ( ago)


Author xanighttoforgetx ( ago)
once a dirty pig always a dirty pig...makes me sick

Author xanighttoforgetx ( ago)
how did the lying police scum sleep at night...

Author Aaron J Kennett ( ago)
I look at all the comments on here and am appalled at how people can say so
much s**t and out of order things when this was a incident that none of the
fans can be blamed for, they didn't steal anything, they all had tickets
and we're not drunk. This was combination of failures.

(Arsenal fan)

Author PuzzleTheCob .TheGypsyCob ( ago)
I'm a Everton fan also a girl, but i still cry when I watch stuff on this
the police were stupid.
JFT96! :'( 

Author Rob Goldsmith ( ago)
Thatcher and duckenfield should of been publicly hanged for this

Author Rob Goldsmith ( ago)
And this..... Is why police are SCUM of the earth !!! How can you watch
people being crushed and just ignore them ? Disgusting😷

Author jamz0007 ( ago)
RIP FOR THE 96 . 26 years ago today 

Author Darren Hayward ( ago)
Hillsborough was in this form was originally built for the 1966 World Cup
but by 1989 needed a lot of upgrades having staged its first FA Cup Semi
Final in 1976 (Manchester United v Derby County) also in 1977 (Leeds v
Manchester United) the first inkling of this was the 1981 Semi Final
(Wolves v Spurs) which led to Hillsborough being taken off the Semi Final
rota until 1987 (Leeds v Coventry) then in 1988 and 1989 (Liverpool v
Nottingham Forest)

Author Nugg Nugg ( ago)
fucking government and police dirty bastards hiding the truth from the
world. real people dying and hidden because the police were fucking inane
and passed the blame onto innocent people. how can people trust the
government after this???? 26 years later and the fight for justice goes on.

Author Seda ( ago)
holy shit british polices are fucking mongs

Author mario glory ( ago)
juventus revenge motherfuckers lol

Author Callum Whyman ( ago)

Author Callum Whyman ( ago)

Author yoloplayz ( ago)
Poor people getting crushed to death
#RIP 😱😱

Author ima scouse ( ago)

Author gillan bowd ( ago)
ultimately it was the fault of the fans however it was made worse by police
negligence allowing it to happen

Author Jack jenkins ( ago)
As a United fan one of the very few things i really dislike about my OWN
club are Hillsborough trolls. Shankley lent us players after Munich, both
clubs have a huge past of mutual respect as well as a heated rivalry. Love
your club but love football first, and this was an insult to all those who
love the game. GGMU. YNWA. JFT96.

Author The Darkrunner ( ago)
All this over a fucking football game? Pathetic. It's a fucking GAME!

Author DutchDog ( ago)
Silly liverpool fans.

Author David Smith ( ago)
Islam the new evil look my account then judge me everyone have a great day

Author I hate everyone. Yes, you too. ( ago)
Love seeing Jack Straw look a complete cunt.

Lied all his life, couldn't lie straight in bed.


Author I hate everyone. Yes, you too. ( ago)
Duckenfield admitted guilt today.

Author fag mcdick ( ago)
Who cares, liverpool are a shit team anyway

Author James Neal ( ago)
What I'm saying is, it's not "justice" to just blame the police for
everything. That's a whitewash in the opposite direction.

Liverpool fans obviously contributed. 

Author James Neal ( ago)
The police obviously made a lot of mistakes and covered them up. But people
shouldn't try and cover up the mistakes a minority Liverpool fans made that

Something like 20'000 ticketless fans forced their way into Wembley for the
FA Cup final a year earlier. And this isn't my claim. This is what Kenny
Dalglish said in his book!

The police said that these same fans tried the same thing at Hillsbrough.
But it went wrong. This is pretty believable

Author RoseJustice4 ( ago)
Damn. This was really bad......please tell me something was learned from
this? Hopefully this type of thing never happened again....right....? I
mean, how horrible! Something like this happens, and instead of immediately
trying to make things better, they just cover it up to save their own

Author Jon Maris ( ago)
How are there so many ignorant, vile people on this video? How can they be
so cocooned in their own ignorance that, despite the sheer magnitude of
evidence to the contrary, they would STILL in 2015 blame the Liverpool fans
for this tragedy? For fucks sake people, grow up and stop being such horrid
bigoted wankers or do us all a favour and die, the sooner the better!!

Author T.C.A ( ago)
The Police in england are idiots they should not have let that many people
into this stadium.Did the whole country show us for this game?it sure the
hell looked like it to me.They was letting non ticket holders into the
stadium there is a safety factor they ignored.I could tell by looking at
the videos I seen of the Hillsbourgh those fucking dumbass police didnt
give a dam about safety,all they cared about is protecting the players.Why
the fuck would there be that many people in the stadium?It looks like there
packed in there like sardines.

Author Jordan Gould ( ago)
Fucking scouser scum. Always the victims, it's never your fault. Heisel and
Hillsborough both the fault of fucking bindippers

Author goatmanjohn ( ago)
29:52 Always read what the police ask you to sign

Author DAVID BUZZ2904 ( ago)
Justice for the 96 you police fuckers

Author Frank Gallagher ( ago)
This is the day liverpool fans never really sang About Munich again funny
that isn't it 

Author Austin Powers ( ago)
Fucking Pigs and the FA must and will face Justice.

Author Michael M ( ago)
Never buy The Sun.

Author FlyerKBOS ( ago)
In my view police command was indeed terribly incompetent. Their attempt to
cover up was criminal. Yet I must say, it blows my mind at the same time,
how Independent Panel felt there was no any fault or contribution to
disaster from fans. I mean, really??? Desire to see football match is
justifiable enough reason to (sober or drunk) push so hard, people are
being crushed to their death in front? Isn't this gross negligent
manslaughter??? As I don't understand intricacies of British law and
guessing safe assumption is - obviously not, I starting to gain new sense
of respect for British police, sent without body armor, in too few numbers,
on top of all unarmed, against mob of unruly youngsters to whom law
obviously guarantees right to riot and kill, freely and unaccountably. 

Author Liam Harwood ( ago)
The fight continues. JFT96 YNWA

Author Geoffrey Parker-Dixon ( ago)
We put our trust into (supposedly) intelligent and experienced people every
day of our lives and for the most part, everything is OK. However when
confronted with extreme conditions which require immediate responses,
particularly when lives may be at risk, people make mistakes! It's only
Speaking as somebody who knew 2 of the victims, and but for a change of job
only 1 month before which kept me away from this game, I'm not one to call
for those who made those fatal decisions to be criminally prosecuted.
However, what they SHOULD be prosecuted for is deliberately changing
evidence in an attempt to change the outcome of official inquiries.
This in my mind amounts to Conspiracy and Perverting the Course of Justice,
and anyone involved should be prosecuted accordingly. 

Author Celes Riv. ( ago)
doesnt matter if some people didnt have tickets. Once the problem started,
whoever was making the decisions made them wrong. They should have opened
the gates inmediately, break the fences, whatever was needed. Not just stay
there watching people die.

Author Marky Mark ( ago)
this is a video of the most scummy football fans ever, real life criminal
thief's who without remorse have went into a football game without paying
for a ticket, the police deserve a medal for this and showing the world
what bunch of manky thieving Liverpool supporters are AND WHY WERENT THE

Author Marky Mark ( ago)
they should change the song to "you will never try and get into the
football without paying alone!!!" lmfao

Author Marky Mark ( ago)
how the fuck was it the police fault, it was a bunch of manky scouser's
trying to get in the football without a ticket, no sympathy for this lot,
plain and simple, who would try and get into a game without a ticket?????
thief's that's who

Author Alistair McCulloch ( ago)
Powell stud up for us but they didn't believe him FUCK OF SOUTH YORKSHIRE

Author Alistair McCulloch ( ago)
The police are a load of suit I'm a Liverpool fan and will not trust the
police again in my life while this disaster is in my memory they knew what
they were doing and deliberately did it


Every shirt I get justice for the 96 on the back what. Load of bullshit the
police are 

Author Gill MacGillchiaran ( ago)
Conservatism is the U.K. and the U.S. removed democracy from capitalism.
Conservatism in the USSR and China removed democracy from socialism. Both
of the latter regimes have since opted for non-democratic capitalism. In
the absence of democracy all that remains is tyranny. No war but class war!

Author Gill MacGillchiaran ( ago)
Geoffrey James Dear, Baron Dear, Tyrant, Murderer and Pompous Ass, should
be stripped of his titles and property, and so attainted, shall be promptly
delivered to the scaffold where he will be hanged until near death. He
shall be drawn with his bowels burned upon a brazier before his dying gaze;
the hellish corpse shall be quartered and dispatched to the four corners of
the Kingdom, and forbidden to lie in or upon hallowed ground.

Author urbankhat65 ( ago)
Rip the 96,and the 66 at Ibrox. Always in our hearts.WATP

Author RobertDeville ( ago)
I'd like to have seen thatcher go on trial for the cover up for this.

Author rabid rabbitshuggers ( ago)
So, Duckenfield allowed the exit gate to be open, then blamed Liverpool
fans, and the media joined in on shifting the blame to the victims. And the
people responsible for the deaths stayed out of prison.

It's a perfect predecessor to Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Author monikati51 ( ago)

Author Macker ( ago)
Cant believe families had to wait over 20 years for the truth. Who knows if
their is more hidden by those scum coppers

Author Wasim Karim ( ago)
True footballing tragedy no matter what club your support justice for 96
who died at hillsborough from a United Fan 

Author Troller ( ago)
Incredible, I can't believe it! Another disaster in Europe but this time
no one is blaming the U.S. and crying about how late we arrived to help.

Author poodtang1 ( ago)
Most of the police should have been hanged.

Author john walsh ( ago)
English law again ,they would do anything to cover up cause they have power
they done it to the birminham 6 aswell

Author Jack Clayton ( ago)
Did that say 24000 in the leapings lane end?
Now it holds 6000 that's 4 times less!
RIP 96

Author scouse power ( ago)
you cant trust the government or the police or news papers or news on tv
its all rehearsed and the only show you what they want you to see or read
its like all the sex abuse case coming to light now after all them years
covered up by politicians and police and news papers and why BECOUSE THEY
ARE ALL IN ON IT that's why they cover it up it was south Yorkshire police
and they should all take responsibility for it and if that means jail then
they should go to jail they are no diffrent to us

Author Benn Yisrael ( ago)
Never trust a copper

Author MCFCRuss Brown ( ago)
so sad RIP the 96

Author SuttonSantiniPaulo ( ago)
So my assumption is, when gate 3 was opened, were standing 2 doors supposed
to be locked? Thus forcing the crowd to the west stands?

Author Jonathan Down ( ago)
Can someone explain to me the bit about lord justice taylor saying he
should blame the police? or were the police just talking bollocks

Author Jonathan Down ( ago)
The Police in generel weren't to blame. Obviously several highly ranked
officers like duckenfield and the people who warped the statements are.
Also the Sheffield wednesday chairman witnessed a previous event in which
many had broken ribs and arms- he passed this off saying "bollocks, no one
would have died". Add in the fact that the ground did not give the
liverpool fans the larger stands to be in. 

Author John Terry ( ago)
I don't know how you can deny that ticket less fans were in the leppings
lane end, the police shouldn't have let them in and therefore the police
are to blame, but they were in there the ticket less fans and did play a

Author Mick Meister ( ago)
Hate to say it, but at the time most people in Europe thought serves them
right for Heysel. How about Liverpool fans accept some responsibility and
stop pretending everyone else but them was responsible for Hillsborough.

Author keepiebake ( ago)
Good quality content! Compliments to BBC!

The most suprising thing here is that this was the first big game of mister
Duckenfield... OFCOURSE you make mistakes if you have to sort things out on
your own when you don't even know what experience is! What the actual f*ck
was the police thinking!? That a man without experience could lead a big
game like this!? Atleast a more experienced man should have been there to
work with him that day (and probably the days before this match aswell).

And even than, a blind cow could see that the side pends were empty in
comparrison to the middle one. And the only way into that pend, was the
tunnel. His brain should have told him to close that f*ckin tunnel. And why
on earth didn't anyone tell him that maybe the tunnel should close? If you
are afraid of your boss, you aren't having a nice working environment

From Holland, an Ajax fan (excuse me for the bad grammar and spelling),


Author Tilly Divine ( ago)
And quite frankly, any social activity which requires half the manpower of
a good sized police force to ensure riiots don't break out is one which
anyone taking their children to needs shooting.

Football is the pastime of mindlessly violent yobs and hooligans. If music
fans ever once behaved like this, every live venue in the UK would be shut
down. But this is just "any other day" stuff for a mob of mud gutted
illiterate ex-cons. The whole bloody game needs shut down if you ask me.

Author Tilly Divine ( ago)
The filth fucked up and lied. The stadium management fucked up and lied.
The media just outright lied. But the drunken Casuals who stormed the
stadium were still the instigators of the entire event and are the only
ones who have NEVER been forced to accept their portion of blame.

And tbh wgaf really - they were only Scouses after all.

Author cometandcupids ( ago)
Were all the bobbies rookies or incompetent? If they had done the job they
are paid to do there wouldn't have been any casualties or any cover up to
worry about. 

Author ghetto4na ( ago)
But guess which who reported it unquestionably? They are even using their
own footage in this documentary......The BBC is insanely corrupt and

Author Thelegendgamr57 ( ago)

Author Zak Holland ( ago)
As the ninety six victims of Hillsborough finally get to the Pearly Gates,
the leader of the bunch shouts:

"Fuck, it's locked! Here we go again..."

Author David Cotton ( ago)
Not enough police on duty, hillsborough is a shit ground, and if I had gone
to the game that day without a ticket and lived, I would feel guilty

Author Harry Balzak ( ago)
Savage Limeys. Can't stop from trampling each other unless there is a bobby
there to tell them not to....

Author Neil McGrath (683 years ago)

Author StabboReject ( ago)
I worked in various Merseyrail Maintenance sites from 1980 to 1992. As a
football supporter I got to know the staff in my area well. Throughout this
period, I enjoyed the banter, but, there was always those that left me
greatly concerned. Many Liverpool FC fans openly stated that they went to
matches without tickets and it was clear that this was done on a regular
basis by hundreds of fans each week. One guy told me that he hadn't paid to
get into a match for nearly 3 seasons. This was echoes by many others. They
used their free travel passes to get to games then mobbed the gates and
forced their way in.
Whilst the Police should have controlled the crowds, reacted better and
quicker, no excuses, the prime cause of this disaster was that Liverpool FC
fans went with the sole intention of entering the ground without tickets.
It has been estimated that 11,000 people without tickets forced their way
The problem with many Liverpool FC fans is that they had a culture of
arrogant indifference to what they did. If you want to hear the words from
a selection of Liverpool FC fans I would suggest you take a look at Danny
Dyers "The Real Football Factories" available of Youtube.
The sad fact is that legitimate honest Liverpool FC fans were killed by
people who considered it their given right to terrorize other clubs and
grounds for their own pleasure and profit.

Author Paul Simpson ( ago)
You don't think of it as " The Hillsborough Disaster" anymore, it's more
like "The Hillsborough Cover up".
On the day, the police made genuine innocent, mistakes that any one could
make, but to then try to shake off the blame, like a naughty sly, weak,
school kid, and cover up their mistakes, is the most despicable deed, any
Police force, any where, has ever committed.
The misery they have piled on the families affected by the disaster should
be taken fully into account, when the enquiry finally catches up with the
selfish, cowardly scumbags.
That is if the authorities don't kick it in to the long grass, over and
over again, until all the guilty are dead, just like Jimmy Saville.

Author Geoff P ( ago)
All it needed was better policing outside the ground and one man giving the
order for the tunnel to be closed to send people into the adjoining pens.
The police had CCTV showing them exactly what was happening. Total, utter
and gross incompetence and negligence. Completely obvious to all decent
people. And the delay over sending in the ambulances turned it into a crime
against humanity.

Author beasmith1 ( ago)
I'm totally gobsmacked at some of the ignorant comments on here. There are
some very damaged people let loose on the internet! What happened so bad in
your lives to make you so toxic...

Author TrackerZombies ( ago)
All of you saying things like it wasnt the police's fault, then tell me how
pushing the fans back into the cage and pitch isnt practically killing
them? They opened the gate and let the other fans in.

Author paul clarkson ( ago)
Police prefered hillsborough because, from their view, it was easy to spot
drunken hooligans from the narrow leppings lane end. FA partly to blame as
fans in 81 and 87 had problems of overcrowding on leppings lane end but FA
failed to act.

Author bill coop ( ago)
The law needs to be changed (they tried almost 20 years ago) so that
freemason police and civil servants are removed from their jobs - and thats
the problem, sacking parasitic bureaucrats is difficult. However, as more
freemasons are exposed (we have all their emails in the cloud) it will
become clear that this is how they passed their mesages between the various
Hillsborough criminals. And how did Bettison become chief cunt of
Merseyside. The man should be serving a long jail term; instead he recieves
a pension, and the police still expect half a million Liverpudlians to
respect them - undereducated fools that they are.

Author zzodr ( ago)
People in power covering each others asses. Nothing ever changes.

Author Andrew Womble ( ago)
Atlanta Braves!!!! Death to the New York Mets!!!! 

Author Duncan Cutler ( ago)
All this is doing is making real football fans even more sick of Liverpool.
Sick of the belly achin, sick of the moanin, sick of the woe is us
bullshit. I almost want you to win the league, say it was for the 384.

Author Impale Exotic ( ago)
+Chris66able u idiot these 96 harmless innocent ppl died cuz the police let
all the Liverpool fans in for free cuz the police are stupid and they
crushed the fans in the front and they didn't know the newspaper lies
complety lies they said the lfc fans urinated in the police DATS not true
they said there was drunk ppl there not true what 12 yr old girls and boys
get drunk what adult gets drunk at 2 PM Jesus it took like 20 years to get
the truth and I hope the police who is responsible go to jail for a long

Author john fitzpatrick ( ago)

Author Xachary Jarboe Kirsh ( ago)
this is so scary and insane. all those people lost their lives cos the
police's failure to provide adequate crowd control. so sad and unnecessary.
such a loss....

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