Panorama Hillsborough - How They Buried the Truth Britain's worst football disaster BBC documentary

A Panorama investigation reveals how police, politicians, lawyers and judges all played a part in burying the truth about Britain's worst football disaster.

Never-before-broadcast footage of the FA Cup semi-final in which 96 Liverpool fans died reveals a catastrophic failure by the emergency services, how lives might have been saved and how subsequent inquiries were misled.

And a former home secretary and former police chiefs are put on the spot about why a succession of official investigations left the truth hidden for a generation.

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Author Tilly Divine (1 month)
And quite frankly, any social activity which requires half the manpower of
a good sized police force to ensure riiots don't break out is one which
anyone taking their children to needs shooting.

Football is the pastime of mindlessly violent yobs and hooligans. If music
fans ever once behaved like this, every live venue in the UK would be shut
down. But this is just "any other day" stuff for a mob of mud gutted
illiterate ex-cons. The whole bloody game needs shut down if you ask me.

Author EdensSecret1 (10 months)
Yet MORE lies and cover-ups from our government, when are we all going to
wake up and realsie we shouldn't belive a word they say????
How are we to trust that anything is as it looks????

Author Tom Hollander (8 months)
The police were to blame for this pure and simple!

Author Matthew Hall (8 months)
I don't know what I find more sad
The fact that police allowed those fans to die, or the lies that were fed
to journalists

Author keepiebake (1 month)
Good quality content! Compliments to BBC!

The most suprising thing here is that this was the first big game of mister
Duckenfield... OFCOURSE you make mistakes if you have to sort things out on
your own when you don't even know what experience is! What the actual f*ck
was the police thinking!? That a man without experience could lead a big
game like this!? Atleast a more experienced man should have been there to
work with him that day (and probably the days before this match aswell).

And even than, a blind cow could see that the side pends were empty in
comparrison to the middle one. And the only way into that pend, was the
tunnel. His brain should have told him to close that f*ckin tunnel. And why
on earth didn't anyone tell him that maybe the tunnel should close? If you
are afraid of your boss, you aren't having a nice working environment

From Holland, an Ajax fan (excuse me for the bad grammar and spelling),


Author TrackerZombies (4 months)
All of you saying things like it wasnt the police's fault, then tell me how
pushing the fans back into the cage and pitch isnt practically killing
them? They opened the gate and let the other fans in.

Author SuttonSantiniPaulo (25 days)
So my assumption is, when gate 3 was opened, were standing 2 doors supposed
to be locked? Thus forcing the crowd to the west stands?

Author RUDI UK (7 months)
As a diehard West Ham fan, i really hope and pray my beloved team do
Liverpool a favour on Sunday by beating Man City. No-one more than myself
would love to see Liverpool win the trophy on the 25th anniversary of this
terrible event. COYI YNWA

Author Frank Champion (8 months)
some of the blame has to go to bert mcgee ( sheffield wed chairman) there
was an incident a few years earlier were people were hurt at leppings lane
due to overcrowding and he refused to reduce capacity

Author scouse power (10 days)
you cant trust the government or the police or news papers or news on tv
its all rehearsed and the only show you what they want you to see or read
its like all the sex abuse case coming to light now after all them years
covered up by politicians and police and news papers and why BECOUSE THEY
ARE ALL IN ON IT that's why they cover it up it was south Yorkshire police
and they should all take responsibility for it and if that means jail then
they should go to jail they are no diffrent to us

Author John Harwood (1 year)
Americans, will you PLEASE stop commenting on something you know fuck all
about? What is this thing you cunts have with blaming the fans when we KNOW
it was the police's fault? It's been PROVEN. Try watching and comprehending
the entire documentary. I know you'll have to try really hard. I mean there
are no ad breaks every 5 minutes and it's not sensationalised with dramatic
music and "action" but I'm sure if you try you can make it to the end and
have a better understanding of what this was all about. Credit to you for
actually showing a n interest in something that happened outside of the
good old USA though! Normally, you lot don't even realise there is a world
beyond America.

Author john walsh (4 days)
English law again ,they would do anything to cover up cause they have power
they done it to the birminham 6 aswell

Author Francis Hunt (8 months)
Jack Straw, Tony Blair, Alistair Campbell... squashing the enquiry, too
busy bouncing us into Iraq on the dodgy dossier.

Author Benn Y Stimson (12 days)
Never trust a copper

Author John Terry (1 month)
I don't know how you can deny that ticket less fans were in the leppings
lane end, the police shouldn't have let them in and therefore the police
are to blame, but they were in there the ticket less fans and did play a

Author Manusia Ganteng (6 months)
I am appalled by the idiots commenting insensitive comments on here...why
don't you just stop making stupid remarks that can lead to conflict and
just absorb the enormity of the Hillsbrough disaster?

Author Bama Tide (5 months)
I'm an American and i'm speaking to you Brits as a brother and a casual
Notts forest fan. Your football stadiums used to be incredibly unsafe and
that particular stadium in that end was a disaster waiting to happen.
Almost happened in 81.

Yes the police fucked up and then covered up. Liverpool fans should have
been told about problems at Leppings lane so they went to the grounds
early. The

This was an incredible disaster and is an incredible human story. God bless
Phil Straton and others who fought to find the truth. 

Author MCFCRuss Brown (23 days)
so sad RIP the 96

Author Iloveyou Hatters (6 months)
so the police is guilty because those idiots from outside pushed the people
from inside to crush into walls ? Why the fuck people with no tickets were
even there?those are the idiots that support liverpool .

Author StabboReject (2 months)
I worked in various Merseyrail Maintenance sites from 1980 to 1992. As a
football supporter I got to know the staff in my area well. Throughout this
period, I enjoyed the banter, but, there was always those that left me
greatly concerned. Many Liverpool FC fans openly stated that they went to
matches without tickets and it was clear that this was done on a regular
basis by hundreds of fans each week. One guy told me that he hadn't paid to
get into a match for nearly 3 seasons. This was echoes by many others. They
used their free travel passes to get to games then mobbed the gates and
forced their way in.
Whilst the Police should have controlled the crowds, reacted better and
quicker, no excuses, the prime cause of this disaster was that Liverpool FC
fans went with the sole intention of entering the ground without tickets.
It has been estimated that 11,000 people without tickets forced their way
The problem with many Liverpool FC fans is that they had a culture of
arrogant indifference to what they did. If you want to hear the words from
a selection of Liverpool FC fans I would suggest you take a look at Danny
Dyers "The Real Football Factories" available of Youtube.
The sad fact is that legitimate honest Liverpool FC fans were killed by
people who considered it their given right to terrorize other clubs and
grounds for their own pleasure and profit.

Author ByronRaver (5 months)
It still upsets me to this day and for the rest of my life what happened.
The establishment can say they're sorry, but saying that dosen't actually
mean anything to the victims and their families. To watch British police
try and tear down the fencing and give innocent football supporters the
kiss of life on the pitch knowing that their superiors was watching it all
on cctv and colluded with the goverment and the media to cover it up, is a
fucking disgrace.

Author ¡Hala Madrid! (7 months)
Somehow I cant escape the (sad) irony of the fact that not many years
earlier you Liverpool fans killed 60+ Juve fans at Haysel. Dont make it
sound like an accident, you englishmen KILLED those people, it was outright

Author Gabe Sloan (7 months)
I finally got to watching the first half of the Hillsborough documentary
from ESPN, and I must say, out of all sporting incidents that I've seen,
this is by far the most disturbing and sad thing I have witnessed.I had
been in a very little situation like this when I was at a concert and
everyone rushed to the main stage to see the headlining band. I got stuck
between a mass of people and a security wall and literally couldn't move at
all. I was stuck for honestly a half hour at least until i managed to force
my way out of that. To see so many people just stuck in that area, and also
the BLATANTLY AWFUL procedures done by the police to cause this... It truly
breaks my heart. May the 96 that perished RIP, and may the families who
lost their loved ones get retribution on the corrupt bastards and Fucking
Pathetic Cops that caused this and tried to cover it up.

Author Jonathan Down (27 days)
The Police in generel weren't to blame. Obviously several highly ranked
officers like duckenfield and the people who warped the statements are.
Also the Sheffield wednesday chairman witnessed a previous event in which
many had broken ribs and arms- he passed this off saying "bollocks, no one
would have died". Add in the fact that the ground did not give the
liverpool fans the larger stands to be in. 

Author Tilly Divine (1 month)
The filth fucked up and lied. The stadium management fucked up and lied.
The media just outright lied. But the drunken Casuals who stormed the
stadium were still the instigators of the entire event and are the only
ones who have NEVER been forced to accept their portion of blame.

And tbh wgaf really - they were only Scouses after all.

Author kev smith (3 months)
it was so easy to blame Liverpool fans. years of scouse stereotypes on tv
had people believing scousers were scum of the earth. if those stereotypes
were given to blacks, asians or irish there would have been uproar. even
today we hear the same old boring shit about scousers being lazy,
murdering robbing bastards. after over 25 years of watching cctv of
Hillsborough the police have yet to find a single drunk scouser,a single
scouser charging the gates,a single scouser robbing the dead or a single
scouser drunk. yet people still belive the lies!amazing

Author Jack Clayton (9 days)
Did that say 24000 in the leapings lane end?
Now it holds 6000 that's 4 times less!
RIP 96

Author Tony M (3 months)
I know it's important to expose lies and show the truth, but this is too
heartbreaking to watch. Heartbreaking for all the people who lost their
lives, heartbreaking for all the years that it took to find the truth, and
heartbreaking because it was so easy for so many people to lie and hide the

Author liam Xbla (9 months)
who in the right mind puts a huge clubs fans in a small place and a small
clubs fans in a whole stadium. Fucking idiots and fuck the yorkshire

Author Zak Holland (2 months)
As the ninety six victims of Hillsborough finally get to the Pearly Gates,
the leader of the bunch shouts:

"Fuck, it's locked! Here we go again..."

Author bill coop (4 months)
The law needs to be changed (they tried almost 20 years ago) so that
freemason police and civil servants are removed from their jobs - and thats
the problem, sacking parasitic bureaucrats is difficult. However, as more
freemasons are exposed (we have all their emails in the cloud) it will
become clear that this is how they passed their mesages between the various
Hillsborough criminals. And how did Bettison become chief cunt of
Merseyside. The man should be serving a long jail term; instead he recieves
a pension, and the police still expect half a million Liverpudlians to
respect them - undereducated fools that they are.

Author Natalie P. (8 months)
I can't help myself but I was in similar situation at a concert (there many
people pulled out of the crowd, women fainted), I thought I was going to
die. And still I don't blame the organizer. I blame the people behind me
who were pushing like hell. They could stop outside and at least say
something to the security when it was too crowded inside but no one did
that. I'm not saying Hillsborough is the exact case but still I think the
people who were coming in are guilty too.

Author Jonathan Down (27 days)
Can someone explain to me the bit about lord justice taylor saying he
should blame the police? or were the police just talking bollocks

Author cometandcupids (1 month)
Were all the bobbies rookies or incompetent? If they had done the job they
are paid to do there wouldn't have been any casualties or any cover up to
worry about. 

Author Paul Simpson (2 months)
You don't think of it as " The Hillsborough Disaster" anymore, it's more
like "The Hillsborough Cover up".
On the day, the police made genuine innocent, mistakes that any one could
make, but to then try to shake off the blame, like a naughty sly, weak,
school kid, and cover up their mistakes, is the most despicable deed, any
Police force, any where, has ever committed.
The misery they have piled on the families affected by the disaster should
be taken fully into account, when the enquiry finally catches up with the
selfish, cowardly scumbags.
That is if the authorities don't kick it in to the long grass, over and
over again, until all the guilty are dead, just like Jimmy Saville.

Author Mick Meister (1 month)
Hate to say it, but at the time most people in Europe thought serves them
right for Heysel. How about Liverpool fans accept some responsibility and
stop pretending everyone else but them was responsible for Hillsborough.

Author ghetto4na (1 month)
But guess which who reported it unquestionably? They are even using their
own footage in this documentary......The BBC is insanely corrupt and

Author Andrew Womble (4 months)
Atlanta Braves!!!! Death to the New York Mets!!!! 

Author laurence o'brien (7 months)
part of me wonders if they were London based fans that were killed in
Hillsborough that day would there be such a massive cover up?? I think
Thatcher had the same contempt for Liverpuldians as she did the Irish and
the working class

Author xCaptxCrunchx (7 months)
Well Done Documentary.... Seems we all suffer injustices from our elected
officials across the world. David Duckenfield Should be hanging by a

Author David Cotton (2 months)
Not enough police on duty, hillsborough is a shit ground, and if I had gone
to the game that day without a ticket and lived, I would feel guilty

Author schradeya (5 months)
I can't breathe just watching this. I'm only a few minutes in. I don't know
if I can finish it, it's breaking my heart.

Author newvillefan (6 months)
John Motson was a cunt for listening to rumours that enough fans had broken
through the gates without tickets to cause such a crush. It would never
happen. And he said that on live TV. God bless the 96.

Author Pasindu De Silva (5 months)
52.40 He is sorry , great ppl now can move , ppl making prejudice decisions
effecting 1000s and he is sorry

Author Geoff P (3 months)
All it needed was better policing outside the ground and one man giving the
order for the tunnel to be closed to send people into the adjoining pens.
The police had CCTV showing them exactly what was happening. Total, utter
and gross incompetence and negligence. Completely obvious to all decent
people. And the delay over sending in the ambulances turned it into a crime
against humanity.

Author Graham Hesketh (9 months)
Hey 'Unleaded' most probably an apt name for you coz of no lead in your
pencil. My 2 brothers were at that match and both lost friends. One brother
went on to drink himself to death at the age of 41 so show some respect.
Your worse night was most prob a fight in a gay bar. 

Author Sahir Sachdev (7 months)
For the 96 Justice

Author Francis Hunt (8 months)
You 100% right Thatcher was very pro pice and armed forces regardless of
facts.. My comment specific to Straw was at the cynicism In promising an
enquiry to the electorate, and at the same time burying it and doing it
effectively for show.

Which was more deviant in my view than just flat out refusing it in the
first place.

Both parties have a shoddy track record on this t no specific side intended
as better

Author Impale Exotic (4 months)
+Chris66able u idiot these 96 harmless innocent ppl died cuz the police let
all the Liverpool fans in for free cuz the police are stupid and they
crushed the fans in the front and they didn't know the newspaper lies
complety lies they said the lfc fans urinated in the police DATS not true
they said there was drunk ppl there not true what 12 yr old girls and boys
get drunk what adult gets drunk at 2 PM Jesus it took like 20 years to get
the truth and I hope the police who is responsible go to jail for a long

Author Fraser Pinder (5 months)
It wasn't the fans fault

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