Homemade Cockpit B737 - Flight Simulator X

Initial stage homemade cockpit B737-8 - FSX

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Author Андрей Анатольевич ( ago)
speed brake forgot, you wouldn't have stopped without it, given the fact
that you came only to the middle of the strip. Used the translator.

Author Camera Bird ( ago)
Did you have to reprogram anything or is it just a matter of positioning
the screen over the monitors because I'm hoping to do something like this
with my X-plane 10

Author Christian Lambrecht ( ago)
How much did it cost?

Author J. Danie'l ( ago)
Why Did'nt You Choose Widescreen Monitors?

Author ww2 gamer ( ago)
How do you get the yokes to move at the same time

Author Sem Hendriks ( ago)
download the pmdg ngx 737 800

Author PC Gaming & Simulation (71 year ago)
hi how do you get the "V" speeds and rotate?
BTW do you also have altitude callouts?

Author Alex Alex ( ago)
Hello sir, where can I find a simulator like that?

Author Gomberg Ryu ( ago)
I really like the design simple elegant and functional. Please share with
us your configuration (screen seize, dashboard plan ...)
Thank you very much 

Author Tomm Smith ( ago)
I like the simplicity of this design, though the functionality through the
incorporation of touch screens. Notes taken for my future simulator.

In Jesus' name you're healed.
Ask the Holy Spirit into your heart and step to the lead of a Diving,
loving Father.

Author Robert Leonard ( ago)
where do you get the white knobs for the throttle quadrant?

Author floatershaw ( ago)
Yep same as HumsterGamePlay below WoW lol , it,s amazing what hobbies can
do for you ,, well done by the way..

Author simonac71 / PHILIP0P ( ago)
what is your throttle

Author alfaa ani (87 years ago)
Can you tell us what is the set up 

Author alfaa ani (122 years ago)
How much it cost you to build up this

Author caherna ( ago)
Thanks again for teaching me. I appreciate it.

Author Caspian Merlin ( ago)
It's a procedure that reinforces the fact that there's absolutely no way
you can abort the take-off from then on :) This is an awesome cockpit btw!

Author caherna ( ago)
Thank you, I'll remember.

Author Caspian Merlin ( ago)
Should have taken your hand off the throttle levers at V1 xD

Author Loc Vu ( ago)
so where the hijacker ?

Author caherna ( ago)
merci beaucoup

Author Jippé Nicolo ( ago)
Bravo! beau boulot ton cockpit... !

Author caherna ( ago)
Around US$9K Long time ago

Author Nich Meikle ( ago)
how much did this setup cost u?

Author iiGameingHD ( ago)
Looks awesome man!

Author jbinside ( ago)
excellent! I want the same ;-)))))

Author Stormy Colt ( ago)
Or you could spend the same amount of money and get a ppl

Author caherna ( ago)
Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

Author caherna ( ago)
Gracias Mauricio por su comentario. En algunas ocasiones no hay el espacio
suficiente para dejar fija una silla, por eso utilizo la que mejor tengo a
mano. Que tengas buen día.

Author Planesrule10 ( ago)
Amazing cockpit!!

Author Kevin Murphy ( ago)
Dude that's so cool

Author Gamer Patron ( ago)
can i buy one ????and from where please

Author Marcos de Souza Caldeira Quintal ( ago)
Massa cara!

Author Charlie Gray ( ago)
Have you got the measurements for the back panel ex?

Author Stephen Dew ( ago)
Wow. How much has this cost you in total. Nice set-up man!

Author Crazy Taxi ( ago)
You should replace those main screens with 3x 32" Full HD 1080p monitors
and have them set so the two outer screens are on an angle, just like an
actual cockpit window. It just makes it somewhat more realistic and easier
to look at. Just my opinion :)

Author Drae Rasco ( ago)
Also how much did that all cost u?

Author Drae Rasco ( ago)
for that pc i'm surprised how well fsx runs

Author Ilian .Desax ( ago)
@tvydzlq yeah man i know what you mean also... i think you would enjoy this
game have a look ->\27pza8u

Author caherna ( ago)
Thank you

Author caherna ( ago)
Jejeje Still training. Sorry.

Author thomjake1993 ( ago)
nice centerline landing

Author Akeem Heshimu ( ago)

Author Martin Hugh ( ago)
OMG! LOL!It's sure? Default scenery and aircraft?

Author TheG352004 ( ago)
Realy...!!! but its look amazing I build powerful Rig cost me more than
2500$ and still not getting the performance I want it :(

Author John Lake ( ago)
How did you set up the monitors?

Author caherna ( ago)
Do not laugh, please It's an old PC: Board: Asus P5Qdeluxe Proc: Core2duo
3.0 Ghz RAM: 8GB Video1 & 2: 2GB DDR3

Author TheG352004 ( ago)
Computer Spec plz?

Author caherna ( ago)
:-) You're invited

Author Denis Stef ( ago)
If u let me there I will crash only to see how is it xDD

Author Jose Lopez ( ago)
amazing you game nice idea

Author MoMoWorms ( ago)
Awesome!!!!! I wish I could have one.

Author caherna ( ago)
Saitek with levers made of wood

Author JawaGraphixx - ( ago)
What throttle system is that?

Author TheFifaLads11 ( ago)
im getting stuff like this because i wont to be a pilot when im older im 10

Author caherna ( ago)
Good things take time while in process. See my recent videos.

Author petyahaha ( ago)
I find it sad when people build such cockpits to fly default aircraft.

Author 4g63fourlife ( ago)
well said sir, well said! now get in a fighter jet before I claw my eyes

Author caherna ( ago)
Your opinions are welcome, but not with such words. If you can not behave
in a social network, please refrain from comment. Have a nice day.

Author Ghost Protocol ( ago)
was the landing a bit off to the right ??

Author Ghost Protocol ( ago)
wow.. that is amazing.. what are u professionally ?? a software engg ??
pilot ??

Author caherna ( ago)
Thank you

Author Bundymania-Reviews ( ago)
Awesome setup and great video !

Author blue ( ago)
Thank you.. not too bad then! cheers!

Author caherna ( ago)

Author caherna ( ago)
It's not so hard to set up multiple monitors. I use a TripleHead2Go unit
for the 3 of top with scenery view. For gauges, is undock and move to
secondary screen. All setup is made through Windows, so nothing weird. To
have same setup each time I log, It's necessary to save a sesion with
aircraft in Cold&Dark.

Author blue ( ago)
Is it difficult, when you have several screens, to set them up so that the
main screens focus on the windscreen of the plane while the others focus on
the dials? Do you have to reset them everytime you log on to your fsx?

Author caherna ( ago)
Hola, Debes presionar Shift + P, para llamarlo; luego oprimes 1 si deseas
que el Pushback se haga hacia la izquierda, o 2 si deseas que vaya hacia la

Author kikecruzproductions ( ago)
hola me podrias decir como solicitar el camion del minuto 0:50 con el

Author SeaBasstian1 ( ago)
1:58 dat truck O_O

Author Tyler Jacques ( ago)

Author caherna ( ago)
Thank you. I hope to extend the visual in a near future.

Author caherna ( ago)
Ok, thank you Victor.

Author Luay Taha ( ago)
This is dam good but it will perfect if the screen was wider

Author Victor Roxburgh ( ago)
Never ad full throttle before you get to the runway centre line.

Author Linux Jedi ( ago)
Id play it once then get bored, what a waste

Author caherna ( ago)
Hi, Thanks for U'r comment. Yes, it is only one PC. The Touch is ELO 17"

Author caherna ( ago)
Yep, I'm saving money, but I'm out of space.

Author William Ashwing ( ago)

Author xSilent-Nightx ( ago)
u should get 2 30" HD TVs. that would be intense. still good stup

Author Ankik Joshi ( ago)

Author caherna ( ago)
Yes, U're right.

Author Squid Umbrella ( ago)
looks like maybe 3000 maybe more or less

Author caherna ( ago)
This is your opinion, and I appreciate your comment. Please next time, try
to be polite when you write. Make an effort, I know you can.

Author mynameisray ( ago)
All that and you used 3 fucking 17" square monitors... Why the fuck do
people put all this time and money into everything except nice monitors??

Author caherna ( ago)
I am using a Matrox triplehead2go units. This unit is 1 In / 3 Out with
bigger resolution. Check for it at matrox homepage.

Author XneXsi ( ago)
how you can get that to three monitors?

Author ltschriscrucker ( ago)
You're a real pilot?

Author Aleksey Vasilev ( ago)
это охуенно

Author Ankik Joshi ( ago)
dude how much this cost

Author Hans-Peter Janko ( ago)
where can i get this thrust lever?

Author Ivan Vanzaam ( ago)
spoilers forgot to release

Author Anubis twofivenine ( ago)
Lol Great comment

Author Duwu772 ( ago)
What keyboard is that?

Author caherna ( ago)
Yes, very nice.

Author Christian Angelo Nilsén ( ago)
All that effort and you sit on a kitchen chair? :)

Author FSXPlayer99 ( ago)
Buenisimo video amigo! Muy padre tu cabina! Saludos desde Guadalajara,

Author Hewlett Packard ( ago)

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