Homemade Cockpit B737 - Flight Simulator X

Initial stage homemade cockpit B737-8 - FSX

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 9:42
Comments: 847

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Author LegoTechPlane (7 months)
In the future when things like Oculus Rift evolve, these cockpits wont
really be needed anymore 8) But that's going to take 10 years at least...

Author vesteraso (4 months)
The cockpit looks awsome 

Author Patsplattheredstonisist (7 months)
kinda rough landing

Author Luke Skywalker (5 months)
Very nice video, great job!

Author LegoTechPlane (7 months)
Nice! I think you should buy some bigger screens though :)

Author 125ZombieKiller (6 months)
Your a bit off centered (unprofessional).

Author Max Schutz (4 months)
pretty impre4ssive setup makes mine look like...........let's not go there

Author Marwan jacob (4 months)
Please, is this cockpit compatible with X plane ?
thank you.

Author ɪαɱƊℴᎶ∊ (5 months)
Damn, thats pretty sweet. If you have the budget, i'd upgrade to some
bigger screens. Samsung syncmasters would fit perfectly =) 

Author Gaven Vicino (3 months)
Did you use an addon for the PFD or is that the default panels?

Author Toothless HTTDY (3 months)
I really like the throttle the way you made it looks very realistic maybe
give me a clue of how you made it? 

Author tim Schröder (8 months)
ohhh...learn how you land an airliner.The touchdown was too late an not in
the middel of the runway!!!

Author joa123kim456 (5 months)
How did you make the thrust levers?

Author Jack Rees (3 months)
Jesus you deserve much more subscriber

Author New York Planespotting (CathayA340) (1 month)
Hi! Do you know what the size of the 3 monitors on the top are? Thanks :)

Author Adan Alspektor (5 months)
Use trackir! Also how much was this, and where did u get it from?

Author Jean Rack (7 months)
Hello! I have a question. Could you please send me the plans for this
cockpit? That would be really nice of you! It looks awesome!!! Are you
using a usual PC or a laptop where you used monitors? I have a laptop and
want to make the same cockpit you have but i only have one VGA port. How
could i do that, do you have an idea? And what screen did you use? Thanks

Author Mauricio Junior (4 months)
Dear Cahena, My name is Maurício Jr., I'm From Brazil and I'm trying to
make a low cost cockpit. Can you help me to make it? 

Author Noddy Choi (1 month)
There are two mistake in the landing.
1.The aircraft is not on the centre line of the runway.Maybe you should
adjust the angle of the monitors.
2.You was too late to touch down.You should reduce the throttle to idle
when you are at 20-30 feet

Author Alfa F (2 months)
really want have this flight simulator

Author kapila patikiriachchige (2 months)
sthanks for reply me.
so how did you download the display gauges?
are they from theFSX or separate, and programmed?


Author Voycik CICHY (4 months)
Nice - but You need TrackIr

Author Haziq Matin (28 days)
Is this what they call a glass cockpit? And were you able to fit all the
instruments that were supposed to be on the MIP into the screens?

Author Gaven Vicino (4 months)
What size monitors did you use for the primary flight displays?

Author Noddy Choi (5 months)
What software and hardware did you use ? I would like to make a flight
simulator like yours!

Author Christopher Robin (7 months)
Amazing build, everything top notch and realistic. Simulators graphics:
abominable. Why are simulators always like this?

Author ProducedbyNico (4 months)
You look very Colombian like from Bogota

Author kapila patikiriachchige (2 months)
Hi caherna,
nice cockpit, how did you add those three screens for the co pilotand the
keyboard at the bottom? how many pcs running? one or three? I am asking
lots of questions sorry to bother you.
because I have a FSX sim, and I want to organise like yours.
could you please help me?

thanks a lot...

my e-mail is-

Author Jim Oates (5 months)
What an excellent set up. Very nice indeed. Thanks for the videos :-)


Author kapila patikiriachchige (2 months)
Are you running with win 8 or 7?

Author michael van leeuwen (8 months)
do you have also a star wars version
like the Xwingss or the star fighter xD
I think its time for Sony to mace a controller that works the same as by a
real helicopter (apartie style) wil be nice in the game battlefield ^^

Author Rodney Rodriguez (5 months)

Author Manfred Stiefenhofer (3 months)
Very nice cockpit set up! Until oculus rift.., I could recommend TrackIR,
works very good in flight simulation and adds a great deal of realism to
it. I really like your pilot chair :) 

Author LuketheDUKE902 (3 months)
Do you know the cost to build it?

Author islamaah (7 months)
how can we split the screen on three monitors. does this need a special

Author Anwar Raslan (8 months)
Very good job 

Author Viltska (6 months)
hmm.. this would protect my virginity!

Author xShadowPro (7 months)
Quick question Caherna, how do you see air bridges and hangers? I put all
my graphics to full and I don't see that all I see is buildings no stands.

Author pepersorte (7 months)
great stuff...

Author yyyy2999 (5 months)
Why not just buy a real jet?

Author Yousri May (6 months)

Author Flights Worldwide〈 Videos (5 months)
great video!!

Author Hans-Peter Janko (1 year)
where can i get this thrust lever?

Author caherna (11 months)
Your opinions are welcome, but not with such words. If you can not behave
in a social network, please refrain from comment. Have a nice day.

Author FatalFraq (1 year)
and whats it for

Author caherna (1 year)
Hi, Yes Sir, Saitek rudder pedals.

Author caherna (11 months)
Thank you

Author thomjake1993 (11 months)
nice centerline landing

Author Juan Carlos Miguel Pau (1 year)
how to build one?

Author caherna (1 year)
What do you need man?

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