My Most Difficult Puzzle?

Hey Guys, Today I try to figure out which puzzle in my collection is the most difficult. This was pretty hard to figure out and I'm sure most of you will be pretty suprised at the answer. I hope you enjoy this video and if you want more of these type of videos, let me know and I'll make more for you. Thanks for watching!

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Author haribo41296 (1 month)
Guys, 8 months ago, I commented on this video thanking you all for 100,000
views, and here I am again to thank you all for getting this video to
1,000,000 views! This is absolutely amazing! When I first started this
channel, I never thought I would ever get anything over 1,000 views, let
alone 10,000, 100,000 and now 1,000,000. I know I've not been uploading,
but life has happened and I'm incredibly sorry for that, but I have only
one year left of college before I have more free time than I know what to
do with so look forward to perhaps something special then! I know that a
lot of you are upset that I haven't been uploading, and other people even
telling others that I've died and am in a coma as of current; so I'm sorry
about that! Like I said, life has happened and I can't find any time for
anything anymore, but thank you, to everyone who has subscribed, and
watched my videos! Your support means the world to me and I promise,
sometime in the next year, I will thank you all properly!
Thank you,
Chris 'Haribo' Harrison :)

Author haribo41296 (10 months)
Wow 100,000 views! Thank you so much everyone and I hope you enjoyed the

Author Kind Anon (27 days)
10 minutes ago i was watching pewdiepie and now im here im scared

Author thomas wolfe (2 months)
this guy has no life.

Author Matt The Awesomer (27 days)
this video made me start cubeing!!!!!!!!!

Author andrew sauer (2 months)
maze cube is much harder than number cube. the only hard thing about number
cube is the 2-8 pieces

Author David Bandel (3 months)
being able to solve a 5x5 does not enable you to solve any cube.

being able to solve a 4x4 does though. even cubes have a parity case that
odd cubes do not have.


Author BabyOxide (25 days)
the soduku cube I have, was the second cube I ever bought, following
multiple 3by3by3, has coloured numbers on it, and I solved it, it does take
long, but its not too hard once u get an idea of how to rotate the cube,
basically the logic is the same, its is theoretically easier to solve ..
bcos if u think about it, on a normal 3 by 3 cube ... assuming u hold each
face on a permanent surface, 1 piece can have multiple rotation on the same
spot... that means out of the millions of possible combination, a handful
of them are correct positions.

on the soduku cube however, ONLY 1 position is correct, so technically,
there is only 1 answer to the entire cube, and if u get one piece right,
the rest just falls in place.

edit, once u solve the first layer ,, the rest falls in place easily...
the difference however is my cube is the one by mado, its black on all
sides, the numbers are 1 to 9 on each face, with same color for each set of
9 numbers...
the only extra thing I need to note is the position or rotation it faces ..

addition: the first thing to do is not the top layer but the correct
position of the middle number on all 6 sides.. once you aligned the "5" in
the upright position on the 6 sides, the rest is as per a normal cube.

and during every other move, u need to add an additional check to make sure
the middle piece remain in the up right position.

the solving it similar to a 5 by 5, u solve the positions on the bottom

more: I tried to re-solve my soduku cube that was left unsolved for a while
I guess over 2 years ago, took me about 45 minutes lol, cos I messed up the
bottom's "5"s rotation, had to solve it twice to fix it,

the tricky part is the last layer when I had to repeat the third last
formula multiple times to get the 4 sides in the correct position.

I'm not as good a solver as those tho can do the cube in 30 seconds.. but I
remember the formula well for the basic cube... its only a matter of
constantly repeating the same formula... till u get the rotation right

comment: of all the cube you showed... I think the egg one is the hardest,
since every other puzzle, once u KNOW the method and where the position is,
its obvious, but u mentioned the egg one, u had to guess the positions of
each piece until its correct, so similar to the soduku cube, there could
only be 1 answer, but eventually u'll get it..

I have never tried the weird shapes ones, my collection consist of 2,3,4,5
and soduku, amongst them I find the 4 by 4 hardest bcos of flip sides
and the extra formulas required, what I would do is, if I got to the last
piece and its wrong, I would mess up the cube thoroughly and then try to
solve it again there by randomly flipping the edges unknowingly.. I could
not seem to memorise the formula for the flip sides... lol LURU or

Author Ethan D. (3 months)
You know a really good event for new cubers? 7x7 multiblind with feet. 

Author Zach Rome (3 months)
My most difficult is a 1x1 cube

Author rax7 (3 months)
that's not the hardest puzzle. i bought one for my dog, the next day i woke
up, it's solved.

Author Max Daley (18 hours)
I also have a 3x3 Sudoku Rubik's Cube Puzzle and I totally agree that it is
the hardest.

Author MailmanGames (6 days)
there is no corners on eggs. thats a rock-fact!

Author Lee Doughty (12 days)
You need a life

Author 1ne_single-little!DERP! (16 days)
dude, you CAN solve the soduko cube, you said, but can you even TOUCH the
cube in a bottle? isnt THAT the hardest?

Author Martin Meers (17 days)
If someone gave me a Terraminx and told me to solve it, I would belt it
over their head until they died.

Author Johan Antuna (20 days)

Author Kirigaya Kazuto (23 days)
My hardest was a 1x1 cube, it took me century to solve one

Author Lee Urquhart (23 days)
This video was fucking hilarious at .5 speed.

Author chins4tw (26 days)
that last one is impossible.... you have 9 numbers that you can use once
each and 12 spots
you literally cant to do it 

Author Rubiks Cube (27 days)
Mihir most difficult is my 5x5 its my profile picture you can see it

Author brandy lancaster (29 days)
did he say most humans know how to solve a normal rubix cube? most people

Author Eliah Briggs (1 month)
I HATE sudoku and rubix cubes are ok, but COMBINED 》=[ rage quit

Author Monkeyd Chunk (1 month)
401 people were jealous of the cubes.

Author wizzard fire (4 months)
my hardest isss.......... *sighs* 1x1x1
D;. JK

Author Eqoob (1 month)
I am not able to complete the cube with 3 columns ;)

Author Tigerknightt (1 month)
Almost 1 mill bro, you need 174

Author carrastealth (6 months)
The Sedoku rubix is solved by having it counting 1-9 from left to right all
the way down so that it would look like


So that it looks that way on one side and then if you turn the Rubix Cube
over to another side it will have a 1-9 left to right pattern as well. 

Author Arav Shah (1 month)
i cant even solve a 2 by 2 rubik's cube

Author the1stMrBoston (4 months)
I love how his hardest puzzle is something simple like a 3x3/sudoku puzzle
"which if you can solve sudokus and 3x3 doing one that uses both is not
hard. however he showed some puzzles i was like Da fuk? so just so
interesting how many puzzles there are and how some are difficult to some
and others are not. BTW if i taught you how to play sudoku you could solve
your last puzzle

Author Richard Sanchez (1 day)
I'm sitting here unable to do a 3x3 and he's here like ok heres my
63673x6367 yeah its pretty simple

Author Epicaden365YT (2 days)
Mind: blown

Author Jason Knutson (4 days)
Your Sudoku cube cannot work anyway. It would repeat at least once on the
way around.

Author Nadya Natasia (3 days)
cannot even do 4 by 4

Author Dylan Hutchinson (2 days)
I'm not sure if someone has already said this but, mathematically speaking
your sudoku puzzle is impossible! With only having 9 numbers and 4 rows, or
columns, this multiples to 12 numbers being needed to fill all the spots
meaning some will have to be repeated, the only other way this could be
solved is by negating the opposite side of the cube to which you are
solving! Just thought I'd let you know so you weren't to hung up in solving

Author Jamie Randle (3 days)
I am 12 and me and my friend (also 12) managed to solve a sudoku cube in
less than an hour on our first attempt :) We found it quite hard but now we
can do it quite easily after getting the hang of it

Author Anthony Valenti (9 days)

Author Adam Cohn (4 days)
Ha! Great vid! I can't even solve a cube yet. I'm guessing you are doing
very well in college. Certainly math!

Author Harrison Neff (13 days)
My hardest puzzle is the
7336374746364774x266227898937373383737x7678867628x62783836383 sudoku cube

Author drexomatic (11 days)
So in few words if you know how to do an open heart surgery, it's quiete
simple....that goes for anything lol. Doesn't change the fact most people
can't solve a standard 3x3x3.

Author Sebastian Jakobsen (10 days)
Im sorry but the title said hardest puzzles it may seem to me that all of
the puzzels are only reletaded to rubics cubs wich is a little annoying...
Maby you should take some others examples.

Author Cole Rocks (6 days)
4x4 because it frustrates me

Author Sivadius (8 days)
Prior to solving the Sudoku cube, you would work it out on paper rather
than going straight to it. It would be a difficult Sudoku puzzle as there
are no set in stone numbers to begin with, but it could be done. Once
you've worked out how it's supposed to look, you solve it just like you'd
solve any standard cube.

Author Nephi Duff (7 days)
Solving a sudokube isn't that hard. It is just like every other puzzle you
have. Tedious as fuck.

Author Ed Bovee (19 days)
awsome talent could have been a surgeon

Author Thedimondsword girls (13 days)
its posible

Author eviepaulchaplin (21 day)
My most difficult puzzle is wacky woollies rubix cube 

Author Leuro Tiíchnerata (3 months)
THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Author Kathy Her (15 days)
So so keep saying so so what!

Author giladzxc17 (14 days)
the sodoku cube, as you described it, is impossible. logically, going all
tge way around the cube with different numbers will require 12 numbers
while you got only 9. you must have confused the rules of a regular sodoku
into the cube... well, now that you know you were wrong, good luck on
solving the puzzle! :D

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