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Author haribo41296 (2 months)
Wow 100,000 views! Thank you so much everyone and I hope you enjoyed the

Author Hikari Hanazono (6 days)
I dont even know how to solve a Sudoku puzzle, not even a rubix cute T_T 

Author cambam117 (6 days)
buy a duplicate of the sudoku one but don't scramble it, then try and match
it to the other one.

Author XnonStudios (8 days)
is this a place where i can meet girls?

Author Maud Pie (8 days)
Time conChewming?

Author Corinne Maya (8 days)

Author Ashay Doshi (15 days)
it must be really time-consuming to also scramble them up again

Author Shadowpikmingaming (25 days)
You can't go all the way around it with no repeated numbers, on the Sudoku
that would be 12 numbers

Author drumttocs8 (24 days)
Pretty sure the sudoku is only applicable for each face

Author Nicholas Layton (25 days)
6:50 "all the way around the cube there aren't any repeated numbers" That's
not true. There are only 9 numbers but there are 12 squares all the way
around a cube. It's not possible to not repeat any numbers. Unless you had
a 4x4x4 sudoku cube that used numbers 1-16

Author TheAdventureTurtle (28 days)
Hardest for me is the 1x1... Haven't figured it out yet...

Author Matthew Pinnock (2 months)
The Sudoku Cube is ridiculous. There are only 9 numbers, and you can't have
the same number in each row. Of 12?!?!?!?!

Author lin4cba (1 month)
Er... I think those numbers 3x3 cube is supposed to be something else... I
don't even think you can make it a Sudoku given there are 9 numbers, but
12 slot each row...

Author UnderCover1035 (1 month)
Never soved any!

Author Ozymandias (29 days)

Author ScienceBang (2 months)
Nothing is difficult when mathematics and patterns can be used to solve it.

Author Abhay Azariah (2 months)
Really but how do you solve the rubik's cube 3x3 and 5x5

Author n1u2t3z4 (2 months)
2x2 is hard enough for me.

Author PiXaR PXR (1 month)
LoL i can't do the 4x4x4

Author Blazing Muffin (1 month)
As if a 3x3 wasn't hard enough..

Author Trace 23 (2 days)
Most diff puzzles. 4:
Grand unification theory.
Opposite sex. B-)

Author Galen M. (1 day)

Author Patrick Bard (3 days)
Good video, but on 6:49 you made me lose respect from you, where you
justify that's this puzzle is difficult because you have make sure that the
numbers do not repeat. Without even realizing that it IS actually
impossible to fill 12 slots with number from 1 to 9, obviously.

Author Daniel Burns (5 days)

Author John Birmingham (3 days)
The sudoku shouldn't be much harder than a regular 3x3 cube because if the
numbers have to be the same font for each face, those become that "color"
for that side. By adding more detail/rules, you reduce the possible ways to
solve it and create more strict placement for each piece. You looked over
the reason that the others were easy to solve- each piece can only go in
one place. The way you described the egg already makes it harder. I think
it would be cool if there was a puzzle in which you fought some sort of
random number generator to solve... A digital Rubik's cube that randomly
changed a number of pieces around every now and then while you tried to
solve so you were always actively looking for a solution.

Author L Rosen (5 days)

Author Sigmonaut Games (6 days)
I can't even solve the normal one :-(

Author Tyson Ford (8 days)
where did you get the suduko puzzle?

Author MD Stoiu (8 days)

Author MegaMittenz (7 days)
Just to let you know, I LOVE your puzzle collection!!! :D And I'm amazed
how fast you can solve them! XD I've had a love for puzzles my whole life!
School and work forced me to move away from these "time-consuming tasks"
and I was forced to give up my love of solving them at a young age. I'm
just now getting back into puzzles, and, a few years back, almost solved a
rubix cube (until high school finals came) and haven't touched it until a
few weeks ago (those finals were 2 years ago). Unfortunately, my memory has
gotten quite poor, and I'm now struggling to solve the puzzle even though I
can see how it's done (I just forget what step to do next, until I go back
to step 1 and say "Oh yeah! Now I remember!" Then forget again). But, I was
curious. Where do you buy all these puzzles? I would really love to buy
some of my own! OwO And keep doing what you're doing! XD I enjoyed watching
all your videos!

Author julie bullington (8 days)
Stupid ass

Author Smith Aaron (9 days)
wow u're so intelligent.I can't even do the sinplest 3 by3 

Author john s (11 days)
What is that called 

Author Luke Gini (16 days)
this guy has some dope cubes

Author Roberto Fontiglia (19 days)
The sudoku cube does not look that bad... It's a 3x3 - so all you are
trying to do is get to the winning combination, same as the regular 3x3 -
just figure out what the faces should be first - you can use the corners
and sides orientations to spot which two numbers can't be on the same face,
and the central pieces can't move... So it doesn't look so tough...

Author Dannythe Bro (24 days)

Author Nigel Ng (14 days)
So which one is your most difficult again?

Author Salman Jaher (24 days)
3x3 :P cant solve it

Author Cameron Schlesinger (23 days)
My Brain hurts now

Author Dylan Brown (20 days)

Author Terra Stevens (16 days)
That took my dad about a week to solve

Author Jerry Lai (23 days)
for the sudoku cube you can just take a photo of it before you scramble it
so you know where each piece goes

Author TheCoBBus (23 days)
the last one with the numbers just make a little cheat and but colors on it
and solve it as a normal 3x3x3 and take the sticekrs of =D

Author CubeArt (2 months)
For the sudoku cube, as long as the face is complete, the numbers on the
other faces can be on the same row as the face youve done. As there are
only 9 different numbers, it is impossible to get no repetition on a line
as it requires 12 numbers, if that makes any sense?

Author leon harris (28 days)
love the accent

Author TuViejaLaLocaX1Pt (1 month)
i cant solve the normal 3x3x3 cube :c

Author Real.Piece.Of.Work (2 months)
"is a quite hard puzzle to solve, however it is't that difficult"

Author fun brainiac (1 month)
what was the name of that puzzle again? its at 0:42

Author josh miller (18 days)
This blows my freezing mind these puzzles are so mind bending I can
comprehend half of them!

Author Kyle Broadfoot (1 month)
You would find it easy if you weren't crap at sudoku

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