My Most Difficult Puzzle?

Hey Guys, Today I try to figure out which puzzle in my collection is the most difficult. This was pretty hard to figure out and I'm sure most of you will be pretty suprised at the answer. I hope you enjoy this video and if you want more of these type of videos, let me know and I'll make more for you. Thanks for watching!

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Author haribo41296 (8 months)
Wow 100,000 views! Thank you so much everyone and I hope you enjoyed the

Author andrew sauer (25 days)
maze cube is much harder than number cube. the only hard thing about number
cube is the 2-8 pieces

Author Ethan D. (1 month)
You know a really good event for new cubers? 7x7 multiblind with feet. 

Author rax7 (1 month)
that's not the hardest puzzle. i bought one for my dog, the next day i woke
up, it's solved.

Author David Bandel (1 month)
being able to solve a 5x5 does not enable you to solve any cube.

being able to solve a 4x4 does though. even cubes have a parity case that
odd cubes do not have.


Author carrastealth (5 months)
The Sedoku rubix is solved by having it counting 1-9 from left to right all
the way down so that it would look like


So that it looks that way on one side and then if you turn the Rubix Cube
over to another side it will have a 1-9 left to right pattern as well. 

Author n4pgamer (3 months)
Have you ever considered doing something *useful* for mankind other than
solving puzzles *just for yourself* ?

Author 182punkbunny (7 days)
My most difficult one has to be the ghost cube 3x3 I haven't finished it
yet I have had it for a month now but have finished it mostly cause all the
small little differences shape and all being one color...but holy crap
sodoku cube...yeah I'm not sure about that 

Author thomas wolfe (9 days)
this guy has no life.

Author Hikari Hanazono (5 months)
I dont even know how to solve a Sudoku puzzle, not even a rubix cute T_T 

Author the1stMrBoston (2 months)
I love how his hardest puzzle is something simple like a 3x3/sudoku puzzle
"which if you can solve sudokus and 3x3 doing one that uses both is not
hard. however he showed some puzzles i was like Da fuk? so just so
interesting how many puzzles there are and how some are difficult to some
and others are not. BTW if i taught you how to play sudoku you could solve
your last puzzle

Author TankP0wnz (24 days)
The sudoku cube is actually pretty easy. You solve it just like that 3x3
that uses arrows on its faces.

Author k shaw (27 days)
Smells like autism.

Author Charlie Theroux (1 month)
The Sudoku cube is almost as easy as the maze cube, it just bores you to
death. Took me almost 2 hours to solve that fucking thing with massive
trial and error where you have to replace cubes until that number also
matches the other sides if turned in the right direction. Just start off
with 1 side and see if the other 3 horizontal sides to it could also have
the numbers standing. If you get it right, find the 1 horizontal side where
you could read the numbers on the top side and on the bottom only by
tilting the cube vertically. Then you'll have all the number faces
direction, so the pieces just fall into place. Pretty bad explanation, but
I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.

The only cube I haven't been able to completely solve is the purely
diagonal cube. I'm all linear, and my brain just can't handle the diagonal
algorithms with triangular rotation patterns. If you have any tip or idea
that could help me with that one, it would be mostly appreciated.
Thanks for the video, always interesting to hear the opinions of other

Author LordRaZerAge (5 months)
What da hell sudoku cube!? I cant even solve sudoku puzzle 

Author Danny Grimsley (1 month)
Alter Bridge in the intro! Instant thumbs up! :D (y)

Author Chuck Norris (1 month)
My most difficult is a 1x1 cube

Author Leuro Tiíchnerata (1 month)
THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Author Tom Gillmab (5 months)
I have difficulties solving 1X1s...

Author Burst Flare (1 month)
Wait, you said ALL the way around the cube...?

But there's four sides, and on each side the rows have three squares... And
only nine numbers...

That's not difficult... That's IMPOSSIBLE!!

Author Sam Uchiha (5 months)
it took me like a year to do the sudoku puzzle and then i got 1000 dollars
from my brother because whe had a challenge :D

Author lin4cba (6 months)
Er... I think those numbers 3x3 cube is supposed to be something else... I
don't even think you can make it a Sudoku given there are 9 numbers, but
12 slot each row...

Author Spinoblood21 (1 month)
The white is the top. Don't be a freaking idiot man!

Author cambam117 (5 months)
buy a duplicate of the sudoku one but don't scramble it, then try and match
it to the other one.

Author RandGruppeLM (2 months)
A sodok is only about on hole side, not about a round.

Author R4V3-0N (5 months)
I can't solve a 3 by 3 .-.

Author Cliff86 (2 months)
Flappy2048SudokuCube is the hardest puzzle

Author Mazz Less (2 months)
So many amazing puzzles.

Author connor karagianis (5 months)
how can an egg be a cube?

Author therealslimshady76 (3 months)
I got my first rubies cube 3 years ago, but I solved it for the first time

Author Luis Martinez (6 days)
Did he call the egg a cube

Author Joseph Michael (8 days)
If I may venture to say, but in a sense, any color cube could be treated as
a 3x3, since 'chunking' the cube allows one to emulate the sticker they are
trying to place as one of the 9 stickers on a 3x3, so once you think using
this trick, ultimately no cube is truly any harder than the 3x3.

Author Christopher Day (9 days)
wait what? i didnt know that if you mess up a RUBE Cube it can me
physically impossible

Author 张厶元 (12 hours)

Author Arav Shah (6 days)
i cant even solve a 2 by 2 rubik's cube

Author richard mitchell (2 days)
nothing like puzzles being time conshoeming.

Author alexander larsen (10 days)
all numbers on the cube has a bagrond and there is 123456789 in blue so its
just like a normal cube

Author everesTVone (8 days)
I have written down the numbers on each segment and startet to solve the
sodoku on an dice-pattern, it seems to be not to hard to me =)

Author Vikk Luvsdemsweetz (2 months)
The most difficult puzzle for me, is a 4x4 rubics cubr

Author Rob Robasd (11 days)
get a life nerd

Author Chris Smyth (13 days)
I managed to solve the Sudoku Rubik's cube first time in 25 mins... I think
the egg would be harder.

Author netuddki1000 (3 months)
What kind of fucking sorcery is that sudoku cube???? It came straight from
the hands of satan

Author Nikhil Sharma (15 days)
Keep solving dude. That's the way of life.

Author TopicJumper (23 days)
The number puzzle is impossible, it has a reversed 5.

Author Tpa Studios (26 days)
So far, as of now, my most difficult puzzle is... the Octagon Barrel
3x3 cube. Not because of the size, but there is a parity that occurs...
maybe two. One, an edge piece flips over on the cross. Two, two corners in
the right place, and the other two are not.

Author ProudToPlayGames (17 days)
Hardest challenge? Find the meaning of life xD

Author גלעד עומסי (19 days)
the suduku puzzle is impossible becouse in a line u have 12 nembers but on
the cube it only counts up to 9

Author Eran Amara (1 month)
Just a few days ago I figured out how to solve a 3x3 standard Rubik's cube
& I was very impressed by myself & I thought that was quite an
coomplishment... Till I saw this video! :'( Thanks a lot for bursting my
bubble +haribo41296 !!!! :P

Author BAMB00STER4EVER (25 days)
Egg has corners?
My life is complete...

Author OMGLookItsGavo (22 days)
i wan't expecting it to be the sudoku puzzle lol i can solve that easy :P

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