My Most Difficult Puzzle?

Hey Guys, Today I try to figure out which puzzle in my collection is the most difficult. This was pretty hard to figure out and I'm sure most of you will be pretty suprised at the answer. I hope you enjoy this video and if you want more of these type of videos, let me know and I'll make more for you. Thanks for watching!

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Author haribo41296 (5 months)
Guys, 8 months ago, I commented on this video thanking you all for 100,000
views, and here I am again to thank you all for getting this video to
1,000,000 views! This is absolutely amazing! When I first started this
channel, I never thought I would ever get anything over 1,000 views, let
alone 10,000, 100,000 and now 1,000,000. I know I've not been uploading,
but life has happened and I'm incredibly sorry for that, but I have only
one year left of college before I have more free time than I know what to
do with so look forward to perhaps something special then! I know that a
lot of you are upset that I haven't been uploading, and other people even
telling others that I've died and am in a coma as of current; so I'm sorry
about that! Like I said, life has happened and I can't find any time for
anything anymore, but thank you, to everyone who has subscribed, and
watched my videos! Your support means the world to me and I promise,
sometime in the next year, I will thank you all properly!
Thank you,
Chris 'Haribo' Harrison :)

Author popupssuck00 (2 months)
It's impossible to put 9 numbers in 12 slots without repeating. It is an
impossible puzzle to solve if that's your goal.

Author john weeks (2 months)
He lost me at :01

Author LawlyNawb (3 months)
My most difficult puzzle is women

Author haribo41296 (1 year)
Wow 100,000 views! Thank you so much everyone and I hope you enjoyed the

Author Michael Chambers (2 months)
Females are impossible to solve

Author AirDragon (2 months)
I can't do a 3x3 rubix cube. :(

Author Gytax0 (19 days)
The solved Sudoku Cube state does not need to have no repeating numbers in
each layer. You just need to have it so that each face has 1 through 9
numbers appearing only once and oriented the same way.

Author Kind Anon (5 months)
10 minutes ago i was watching pewdiepie and now im here im scared

Author BizarreKoopa (2 months)
I kind of want to collect these now.

Author Tuxedo Player (1 month)
Omg i smelled haribo gummy bears when i watched this video!

Author SomarionicTeenerSMSF100 (1 month)
These are some incredibly intricate puzzles. I can't even believe that
there's a BRAILLE Rubik's Cube...

Author Nese Yildiz (3 months)
Easy! Just peel off the stickers and put them back in the right places!😂😂

Author *FACEPALM* (2 months)
I once had a 3x3 Hardcore when I was a kid. A 3x3 Hardcore isn''t just a
3x3, there's a picture. Now you might be saying "the picture will come
together by itself when you're done" that picture DID NOT. I had to
manually rotate it to create a picture. It didn't "come by itself".

Author Ben Kopriva (13 days)
This is just cool.

Author Elian Garza (17 days)
I Remember solving this for show and tell in grade 3, with my feet,
blindfolded, while playing the flight of the bumble bee on a hand-made

Author beyblademan1234567 (7 days)
The Rubik's cube is a waste of money and time

Author Jeffrey Trela (1 month)
0:46 "than just a Gigaminx." Ummm.... I still hardly know how to solve a

Author NineDi vinez (1 month)
The more puzzles you hold in your hands the more I want to cry :p

Author Nermin Jusic (2 months)
Most hardest puzzle? Easy 1000x1000x1000 cube can't even do the normal one

Author USSEnterpriseNCC1628 (1 month)
Rubiks Cube Level: Asian

Author Freddy Fazbear (27 days)
lol the 3rd puzzle looks like Tetris shit 3d cubes

Author tayek™ | Gaming & More! (3 months)
To solve the Sudoku you have to literally solve it on paper first. Than you
know where the pieces go so you solve it normally

Author Ajub Magomadov (1 month)
cubing is such an interesting hobby! wish i could solve the 3x3 cube at
least :D

Author Siddharth Sharma (3 months)
I can solve 3*3, how much time will it take to complete the mirror cube?

Author Darryn Jackson (1 month)
A 3*3 is not physically impossible you just have to try

Author Darin Vicaldo (1 month)

Author Rom Frta (3 days)
A 9x9x9 with 9 sudokus on each face would be cool x)

Author Eldaron87 lohman (7 days)
how the hell?!

Author Moral Trauma (28 days)
I can't even solve a 2x2...

Author Eman1003 (2 months)
And I thought that my standard 3x3 Rubix cube was hard...

Author Keri Maier (3 months)
It's impossible to solve the sudoku cube by the way you described it. If
you had it go all the way around the edge, it would add up to 12 squares,
whereas there's only 9 numbers. It's impossible.

Author ourdill (8 days)
oki 4, are saying eggs ahve same corners jow.. ilove these puzzles
but you confusing me with round corners lolz (im new to these..lemme keep

Author Bwen314 (1 month)
You would have assign a *color* to each number ie 1 ' s are blue 2 ' s are
white, take a piece of paper and write out all numbers and try and assign
all numbers to 6 Sudoku plots. Only using corner pieces and middle pieces
as the key ' s in figuring them out. The majority of this needs to be done
on paper

Author MRtriplehorton (2 months)
I once completed one side of a 3 by 3 rubix cube.

Author - Team Pixelated - TheCookieDoesGaming (11 days)
My most difficult is the 1x1x2

Author Soham Das (1 month)
The hardest puzzle is the 1x1. I can seem to solve it. It doesn't move

Author Ignition Gaming (17 days)
Can you make a video solving the sudoku cube?

Author Josh Ceh (1 month)
cool my hardest puzzle is the cylnder cube

Author onemonkeyminecraft (1 month)
I cant even do 3x3

Author telespallaTOM (1 month)
call them fuckin cubes, that's what they are, not generic puzzles! 

Author Aslamkhan Risaldar (1 month)
Oh my god these cubes are freaking awesome

Author Pedro Espada (16 days)
Well I think it was good but how do you do all of those I can't do one

Author CrazyMacy243121309 (1 month)
You are insane if you think these things aren't hard 😆

Author owen leeming (1 month)
speak normally you sound like you presenting a baby's tv show

Author Aaron Kitcher (6 days)
Time conshuming

Author Mischa Rocklin (12 days)
woah so cool
please subscribe to my youtube channel

Author anko8aug (24 days)
That will be cool if it can order sticker with your own photos on it with
a white wall they can photoshopped back ground add colored back ground like
the cube.

Author Hypernova Gaming (1 month)
My hardest is the 0x0. I don't even know what it looks like!

Author ourdill (8 days)
@5.09 you havent taken the egg apart? is there other tutorials?

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