My Most Difficult Puzzle?

Hey Guys, Today I try to figure out which puzzle in my collection is the most difficult. This was pretty hard to figure out and I'm sure most of you will be pretty suprised at the answer. I hope you enjoy this video and if you want more of these type of videos, let me know and I'll make more for you. Thanks for watching!

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Author haribo41296 (2 months)
Guys, 8 months ago, I commented on this video thanking you all for 100,000
views, and here I am again to thank you all for getting this video to
1,000,000 views! This is absolutely amazing! When I first started this
channel, I never thought I would ever get anything over 1,000 views, let
alone 10,000, 100,000 and now 1,000,000. I know I've not been uploading,
but life has happened and I'm incredibly sorry for that, but I have only
one year left of college before I have more free time than I know what to
do with so look forward to perhaps something special then! I know that a
lot of you are upset that I haven't been uploading, and other people even
telling others that I've died and am in a coma as of current; so I'm sorry
about that! Like I said, life has happened and I can't find any time for
anything anymore, but thank you, to everyone who has subscribed, and
watched my videos! Your support means the world to me and I promise,
sometime in the next year, I will thank you all properly!
Thank you,
Chris 'Haribo' Harrison :)

Author Zach Rome (4 months)
My most difficult is a 1x1 cube

Author tayek™ | Gaming & More! (7 days)
To solve the Sudoku you have to literally solve it on paper first. Than you
know where the pieces go so you solve it normally

Author Siddharth Sharma (8 days)
I can solve 3*3, how much time will it take to complete the mirror cube?

Author WritingFighter (17 days)
People have long forgotten that these are puzzles that are designed to be
solved without knowing what to do. You aren't supposed to know the 'trick'
on how to solve it and then see how fast you can realign it. You are
supposed to approach it like a riddle and figure out the logic behind it
rather than a trial-by-error. Sure, anyone can solve a basic Rubik's cube
when you are told how it works. Then it's just a matter of memorization and
nimble fingers.

That's what I like about my cousin's Rubik's cube solving. He took a
Rubik's cube many years ago, with no instructions, no teachers, no help,
and in his bedroom figured it out; he actually solved the Rubik's cube.
Those people who think they have "solved" it can see it in his methodology
because he's taken it apart logically and uses unusual methods for solving
them and it confuses people who know the tricks.

I'm guessing the egg, maze cube and Sudoku cube have something similar; if
you solve the logic behind it, you do away with trial-and-error issues.

[Edit: Showing my cousin, he said the Sudoku puzzle would be easier to
solve than the egg and the maze because number an alignment sequence is

Author haribo41296 (11 months)
Wow 100,000 views! Thank you so much everyone and I hope you enjoyed the

Author LawlyNawb (14 days)
My most difficult puzzle is women

Author Peters Realm (3 hours)
+haribo41296 Here's what I want to tell everyone who makes videos like you:
If you're gonna use Windows Live Movie Maker, could you at least stop using
Calabri font?

Author SlytherinSnake6886 (4 days)
I knew a Sudoku cube would be there. In math class, we had to try and solve
one of those, and I can't even do regular Sudoku! Eventually, and I mean
*eventually* I got it, but I had given up long before I solved it and was
just fuckin' around with it xD

Author Joshua Wheeler (2 days)
Hey, isn't this sudoku cube problem the same as the maze cube problem?

If I were to approach this I would first just literally make a sudoku
puzzle on paper thats fully solved.

After that, I would try to determine how to "shift" that 9x9 grid such that
if that shift were to happen on the grid it would be a unique turn on the
cube. like shifting the first column on the grid could be equivalent to
rotating the top face of the cube (not sure if this is the case, but I'm
sure some mapping like this exists for every possible rotation and shift on
the cube and grid respectively)

Now if you imagine ANY scramble of a sudoku puzzle, the goal is to rotate
the cube such that the solution corresponds to the solution you have in the

After you figure that mapping out the problem reduces to your cube's maze
problem. You want to shift face k1 on row (i1,j1) to face k2 on row (i2,j2)
in the cube using whichever shifting algorithms are necessary to swap the

The one problem I foresee with my train of thought right now is that well,
if given any random scramble of the sudoku puzzle, is it possible to shift
to any other possible scramble? (note that the set of all possible
scrambles includes the set of all possible solutions). If it is not
possible then what I proposed about I don't think would work.

Anybody else think this method would work for the sudoku cube? 

Author 1ne_single-little!DERP! (1 month)
dude, you CAN solve the soduko cube, you said, but can you even TOUCH the
cube in a bottle? isnt THAT the hardest?

Author TheMunk84 (11 days)
i am pretty sure that it will be quite easy to solve your hardest puzzle...
you must be looking at it wrong... send it to me and i will solve it and
return it to you

Author rax7 (3 months)
that's not the hardest puzzle. i bought one for my dog, the next day i woke
up, it's solved.

Author MacironiPlaysMC (17 days)
you said the 8x8 wasn't very hard... Well I can't even complete my 3x3! D:

Author Leon Szpyt (5 days)
youre most difficult puzzle is one of the first puzzles i learned how to
solve. i cant solve it fast, but its one that normally takes most of my day
and keeps me busy during the boring parts of my day at work. i recommend
you giving it a good long day of attempting to solve it when you have alot
of free time. i find it fun, but i can see how some people wouldnt. and if
you have learned to solve it since this upload, good job =)

Author Bjørn Simonsen (24 days)
Its a pleasure to see so many different puzzle cubes. I love trying solve
them :)

Author Max Daley (29 days)
I also have a 3x3 Sudoku Rubik's Cube Puzzle and I totally agree that it is
the hardest.

Author JohnnyMarsBar (23 days)
i got here from bidipi..which makes a bit of sense

Author EpicGaming - Gaming and Video (1 hour)
that is so cool

Author SanraS Uzumaki (1 day)
hmm, i lke the 3x3x3 "maze" anyone has a link to buy it?

Author Farah Boudal (27 days)
I cant even solve a 3x3 or a 2x2

Author jacobo javier (2 days)
It is impossible to put all diferent numbers in all rows because, as you
can see in 7:05 there is an edge piece with two 8...

Author GamingGod1996 (6 days)
I used pen and paper and made a layout of each piece and where they would
go in order to solve the sudoku cube.

Author Michiel Top (23 days)
Did you solve the Sudoku?
The last two are different in such a way that you need to prepare and map
them out before you begin.
First solve the Sudoku, then solve the cube according to your map... right?

Author eric paul (2 days)
i noticed you used alter bridge music in the beginning :D

Author Mimi Mabrey (23 days)
I own the hardest rubiks cube because it is impossible. Like, the sudoku
Rubik's cube is possible but almost impossible for young children... But
the one I own has pictures on it and if you look closely one of the same
pictures is on the same block, so that sudoku Rubik's cube has got nothing
on the one I own

Author Danielle Lutchman (23 hours)
you seem (are) very brilliant

Author Keri Maier (22 days)
It's impossible to solve the sudoku cube by the way you described it. If
you had it go all the way around the edge, it would add up to 12 squares,
whereas there's only 9 numbers. It's impossible.

Author EagleOfToledo (11 days)
Great video, very well explained. I had no idea so many types of puzzle

Author Martin Meers (1 month)
If someone gave me a Terraminx and told me to solve it, I would belt it
over their head until they died.

Author bluefalcon13 (19 days)
isn't the sudoku cube impossible since there are only 3 rows and there are
4 sides? there are 4 numbers that are the same and only 3 rows, so it's
impossible to solve right? i'm not sure about this cause i don't have one
on my own. But technically it's impossible right?

Author Alex Bernas (1 day)

Author Dylan Hutchinson (1 month)
I'm not sure if someone has already said this but, mathematically speaking
your sudoku puzzle is impossible! With only having 9 numbers and 4 rows, or
columns, this multiples to 12 numbers being needed to fill all the spots
meaning some will have to be repeated, the only other way this could be
solved is by negating the opposite side of the cube to which you are
solving! Just thought I'd let you know so you weren't to hung up in solving

Author Jonathan Reynolds (25 days)
Careful. My mother bought a Sudoku Cube once and handed it to me to see if
I can solve. After a minute, I handed it back and told her it was
impossible. The cube had seven 9's and only five 6's. It was truly
Count your sides.

Author MailmanGames (1 month)
there is no corners on eggs. thats a rock-fact!

Author Sebastian Jakobsen (1 month)
Im sorry but the title said hardest puzzles it may seem to me that all of
the puzzels are only reletaded to rubics cubs wich is a little annoying...
Maby you should take some others examples.

Author DCFanatic7 (13 days)
Psh nerds...

Author gautam khosla (6 days)
Most difficult for me ....

I think 3x3 cube

Author Mishu Kopiej (11 days)
How do you do this I cant even do the 2x2

Author Kind Anon (1 month)
10 minutes ago i was watching pewdiepie and now im here im scared

Author Lee Urquhart (1 month)
This video was fucking hilarious at .5 speed.

Author Kirigaya Kazuto (1 month)
My hardest was a 1x1 cube, it took me century to solve one

Author BabyOxide (1 month)
the soduku cube I have, was the second cube I ever bought, following
multiple 3by3by3, has coloured numbers on it, and I solved it, it does take
long, but its not too hard once u get an idea of how to rotate the cube,
basically the logic is the same, its is theoretically easier to solve ..
bcos if u think about it, on a normal 3 by 3 cube ... assuming u hold each
face on a permanent surface, 1 piece can have multiple rotation on the same
spot... that means out of the millions of possible combination, a handful
of them are correct positions.

on the soduku cube however, ONLY 1 position is correct, so technically,
there is only 1 answer to the entire cube, and if u get one piece right,
the rest just falls in place.

edit, once u solve the first layer ,, the rest falls in place easily...
the difference however is my cube is the one by mado, its black on all
sides, the numbers are 1 to 9 on each face, with same color for each set of
9 numbers...
the only extra thing I need to note is the position or rotation it faces ..

addition: the first thing to do is not the top layer but the correct
position of the middle number on all 6 sides.. once you aligned the "5" in
the upright position on the 6 sides, the rest is as per a normal cube.

and during every other move, u need to add an additional check to make sure
the middle piece remain in the up right position.

the solving it similar to a 5 by 5, u solve the positions on the bottom

more: I tried to re-solve my soduku cube that was left unsolved for a while
I guess over 2 years ago, took me about 45 minutes lol, cos I messed up the
bottom's "5"s rotation, had to solve it twice to fix it,

the tricky part is the last layer when I had to repeat the third last
formula multiple times to get the 4 sides in the correct position.

I'm not as good a solver as those tho can do the cube in 30 seconds.. but I
remember the formula well for the basic cube... its only a matter of
constantly repeating the same formula... till u get the rotation right

comment: of all the cube you showed... I think the egg one is the hardest,
since every other puzzle, once u KNOW the method and where the position is,
its obvious, but u mentioned the egg one, u had to guess the positions of
each piece until its correct, so similar to the soduku cube, there could
only be 1 answer, but eventually u'll get it..

I have never tried the weird shapes ones, my collection consist of 2,3,4,5
and soduku, amongst them I find the 4 by 4 hardest bcos of flip sides
and the extra formulas required, what I would do is, if I got to the last
piece and its wrong, I would mess up the cube thoroughly and then try to
solve it again there by randomly flipping the edges unknowingly.. I could
not seem to memorise the formula for the flip sides... lol LURU or

Author Sivadius (1 month)
Prior to solving the Sudoku cube, you would work it out on paper rather
than going straight to it. It would be a difficult Sudoku puzzle as there
are no set in stone numbers to begin with, but it could be done. Once
you've worked out how it's supposed to look, you solve it just like you'd
solve any standard cube.

Author Wyatt tarter (21 day)
If you think about the soduko cube is that it uses the numbers in a
horizontal and virtual way, so it wouldn't be the hardest thing for me to

Author Isaac Gardner (5 days)
my hardest is 15x15

Author giladzxc17 (1 month)
the sodoku cube, as you described it, is impossible. logically, going all
tge way around the cube with different numbers will require 12 numbers
while you got only 9. you must have confused the rules of a regular sodoku
into the cube... well, now that you know you were wrong, good luck on
solving the puzzle! :D

Author Adam Cohn (1 month)
Ha! Great vid! I can't even solve a cube yet. I'm guessing you are doing
very well in college. Certainly math!

Author Jamie Randle (1 month)
I am 12 and me and my friend (also 12) managed to solve a sudoku cube in
less than an hour on our first attempt :) We found it quite hard but now we
can do it quite easily after getting the hang of it

Author AverageDust (24 days)
You can notice a star shape on each side of the Petaminx xD

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