My Most Difficult Puzzle?

Hey Guys, Today I try to figure out which puzzle in my collection is the most difficult. This was pretty hard to figure out and I'm sure most of you will be pretty suprised at the answer. I hope you enjoy this video and if you want more of these type of videos, let me know and I'll make more for you. Thanks for watching!

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Author haribo41296 (6 months)
Wow 100,000 views! Thank you so much everyone and I hope you enjoyed the

Author LordRaZerAge (3 months)
What da hell sudoku cube!? I cant even solve sudoku puzzle 

Author Hikari Hanazono (3 months)
I dont even know how to solve a Sudoku puzzle, not even a rubix cute T_T 

Author drumttocs8 (4 months)
Pretty sure the sudoku is only applicable for each face

Author carrastealth (2 months)
The Sedoku rubix is solved by having it counting 1-9 from left to right all
the way down so that it would look like


So that it looks that way on one side and then if you turn the Rubix Cube
over to another side it will have a 1-9 left to right pattern as well. 

Author lin4cba (4 months)
Er... I think those numbers 3x3 cube is supposed to be something else... I
don't even think you can make it a Sudoku given there are 9 numbers, but
12 slot each row...

Author n1u2t3z4 (5 months)
2x2 is hard enough for me.

Author Blazing Muffin (4 months)
As if a 3x3 wasn't hard enough..

Author TheClassyCuber (6 months)
holy shit! why is this video is going viral?!? nice job haribo!

Author cambam117 (3 months)
buy a duplicate of the sudoku one but don't scramble it, then try and match
it to the other one.

Author Sam Uchiha (3 months)
it took me like a year to do the sudoku puzzle and then i got 1000 dollars
from my brother because whe had a challenge :D

Author Tom Gillmab (2 months)
I have difficulties solving 1X1s...

Author R4V3-0N (3 months)
I can't solve a 3 by 3 .-.

Author ScienceBang (5 months)
Nothing is difficult when mathematics and patterns can be used to solve it.

Author Shadowpikmincubing (4 months)
You can't go all the way around it with no repeated numbers, on the Sudoku
that would be 12 numbers

Author JeffIsAPrettyCoolGuy (5 months)
Solve a sodoku 11x11x11

...actually, solve a sodoku examinx.

Author TheAdventureTurtle (4 months)
Hardest for me is the 1x1... Haven't figured it out yet...

Author n4pgamer (1 month)
Have you ever considered doing something *useful* for mankind other than
solving puzzles *just for yourself* ?

Author Matthew Pinnock (5 months)
The Sudoku Cube is ridiculous. There are only 9 numbers, and you can't have
the same number in each row. Of 12?!?!?!?!

Author XESCoolX (8 months)
My gigaminx is the same as the teraminx… but I never attempted to solve it

Author connor karagianis (3 months)
how can an egg be a cube?

Author wizzard fire (2 days)
my hardest isss.......... *sighs* 1x1x1
D;. JK

Author totilsom (3 days)
Have you solved it?

Author Jack Birchall (8 days)
You earn a new sub!

Author Christopher Martin (9 days)
I can't even solve a 1x1.

jk, But I still suck at these things

Author Hunter Carter (12 days)
lol I can barely solve a 3x3 XD

Author PhyloTheMan (14 days)
I can't even solve a 3x3

Author Tigerclaw678 (20 days)
jezz i can barly solve a rubix cube T_T 

Author Deadly Ghost (1 month)
Funny thing is that sudoku puzzle is technically impossible to solve if
there is only numbers 1-9 on a single row. 3 numbers per face times 4 faces
of a cube make 12 numbers where there are only the number 1-9

Author 岩崎直木 (2 months)

Author Ronald McJackson (2 months)
the difficulty in those last 2 puzzles would be from the trial and error,
you could draw out each side on paper, and spending time solving which
piece goes where, on paper would be 100x faster.... once you figure out
what goes where you would just need to solve it like a regular cube, kinda
cheating tho isnt it

Author ★UnderCover1035★ (4 months)
Never soved any!

Author Ashay Doshi (3 months)
it must be really time-consuming to also scramble them up again

Author justinholt2000 (2 months)
OMFG!!! stfu! 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 or 5 x 5 or 6 x 6 if u can solve a 7 x 7 then
u can easily solve a 12 x 12 or a 15 x 15 then u can drop ur baby down a 55
x 55 or 22 x 22 and stick it in and turn a 36 x 36.... fucking kill me!!!!!

Author TwistedAngel58 (1 month)
X'D i just got here randomly so no i don't really do those but its
interesting.. anyway
i once had one of those maze ones and threw it out for being such a pain in
the ass lmao

Author Carter/434 (1 month)
I'm your 4,000th subscriber.

Author theofficialAWESOMEWORLDS (2 months)
can you solve the rubix baby?

Author Va Gina (1 month)

Author XnonStudios (3 months)
is this a place where i can meet girls?

Author Anbu8366 (1 month)
ive had the number ones

Author Abhay Azariah (5 months)
Really but how do you solve the rubik's cube 3x3 and 5x5

Author PawDieFur (2 months)
Honestly idk if u were just showing ur collection or toping the most hard
(speakers broke) but a lot of thoughs are just 3x3 solves. And the cuboid
is a 4x4 down to 3x watever else. But the first two you showed were just a
longer/added moves to a regular 3x3-10x10 (I say 10x10 to surpass the cube
to show its basicly the same

Author BiancaWong (1 month)
Sudoku puzzle looks so difficult. I can't think of a way that doesn't
require a pencil and a piece of paper... I guess first is to find corner
pieces that's definitely not part of a face and try the other two sides of
that corner, then go from there? 

Author moismyname (5 months)
Actually, the sodoku cube isn't all that difficult. I've solved one and I'm
no master solver (I wouldn't know what to do with a 4x4x4, let alone a

The trick is to look at how the numbers are aligned on the individual
corner and edge pieces (i.e. in line, at an angle to each other or facing
the opposite direction). By doing so you can figure out where they would
have to be on the solved cube because of how all the numbers of any given
side must be facing the same direction. Some edge pieces will seem
interchangeable, but you can figure out their positions and which layer
needs which centre piece by solving the remaining 'sodoku', which should be
easy enough by then. The only slight bit of trouble I had was getting the
last centre piece to face the right direction (which of course wouldn't
matter on a normal 3x3).

Author PiXaR PXR (4 months)
LoL i can't do the 4x4x4

Author Nicholas Layton (4 months)
6:50 "all the way around the cube there aren't any repeated numbers" That's
not true. There are only 9 numbers but there are 12 squares all the way
around a cube. It's not possible to not repeat any numbers. Unless you had
a 4x4x4 sudoku cube that used numbers 1-16

Author William Hayden (2 months)
Huh? I never was able to solve even the Rubic's cube.

Author keet nguyen (1 month)
My most difficult is the 3x3 :3

Author Nia Geeh (1 month)
why would you show EVERY HARD PUZZLE when your video says MOST DIFFICULT
PUZZLE. should have named this video MOST DIFFICULT PUZZLES!!!!

Author loyboys (2 months)
I think the way you find out which way the numbers go on the sudoku cube is
pretty easy, you just look at the middle number of each side, since the
middle square doesn't move at all.

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