Baikal MP18 Shotgun

Baikal's MP18 , the "workhorse" of shotguns. This is a single barrel shotgun that is high quality, durability and craftsmanship. Imported by EAA Corp/ US Sporting Goods.

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Baikal MP 18 Shotgun
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my new shotgun i bought for my son and I.
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Отличная винтовка-штуцер-ружьё, сильно порадовала, короче ,не гонитесь за болтовиками и самозарядками, учитесь стрелять из одностволок
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bot a nother pardner, this time in 12 gauge, its alot of fun frig an saves on ammo FRIG
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Sorry for the crappy video, the battery in my camera died after first shot. The recoil is indeed fierce, I could fire only 8 rounds, even with that...
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Short demo of Baikal MP-18EM ONE BARREL SHOT GUN
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New Baikal in the powerful 7.62x54R round at the range... :)
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Baikal MP153 Shotgun
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The Baikal MP153 semi-automatic shotgun - tough, great price, great gun! Imported by EAA Corp/ US Sporting Goods.
Baikal mp18 12 guage
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Here is an up close look at my new 12 guage
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ИЖ-18 20-го калибра. Без прицельной планки. Ложа пластик. Очень хорошее и удобное ружьё. Из него легко попадать влёт. Очень нравится девушкам,...
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Author Nick VR (1 year)
does it shoot 3inch rounds?

Author Christopher Barrett (1 year)
I bought this gun and I want to know can I change it from wood to

Author aliaj00 (3 years)
i have used the magnum on those a lot not any issue till now

Author motov1v2 (3 years)
back home manufacturer sells it for $200 at least

Author ForrestGumpNZ (3 years)
Mine has "Made in the USSR" on the side of it. That's the only reason i
keep it.

Author MrJamesconn (2 years)
Where can I get the model with wood stock and screw in choke

Author valhallawelcomesme (2 years)
I had one of these a few years ago, Took Two turkeys with one shot with it,
kick myself for selling it.

Author ChaplainJoe1 (3 years)
@ycdocs120 Well considering I'm a disabled vet who spends his entire
disability check on chiropractic bills just so I can walk on a cane, I
guess you can call me cheap.

Author Budget Shooter (3 years)
@ChaplainJoe1 IKR

Author flatulantbrothers (2 years)
mine as well, i have one that says "made in the USSR" on the side and it
was what made me keep it. thus far taking it out hunting and such it has
been my favorite shotgun.

Author ChaplainJoe1 (3 years)
@MilliradianDOT Bought it for my son's birthday. He loves it. Drives magnum
slugs into 6" plates at 75 yards. Best $97 including transfer fee I've ever
spent. Fit and finish are immaculate. No sling swivels but that was an easy
fix. I think he'll keep it.

Author MilliradianDOT (3 years)
Hey ChaplainJoe, If you buy one and hate it, I'll trade you fifty bucks and
a pack of gum for it. HAHAHA

Author ChaplainJoe1 (3 years)
How about an actual in depth demonstration and review? Is this the same as
the synthetic stock version? The one I am interested in does not appear to
have the barrel break lever as the one you are showing. What type of
trigger? Trigger pull weight? Sights?

Author VicariousReality7 (2 years)

Author motov1v2 (3 years)
@ChaplainJoe1 I`d say magnum cartridges is of a bit too much for this
single barrel due too astronomical recoile force. On the other hand, I am
shooting clay targets with it which makes me kinda crazy for some folks,

Author account99 (3 years)
OH MA GAH. This waiting period is killing me. :S

Author 04aEEPP (3 years)
waaaaayy too short video!

Author ycdocs120 (3 years)
Jesus Joe its an 89 dollar shotgun! Buy it or don't you cheap bastard!

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