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Author OfficialBossBigBonce (1 month)
I'm 11 and still play with legos. don't waste your childhood. Now stop
reading this comment and live life the real way.

Author Lunatic Gamers (2 months)
For all those haters, some kids don't play outside cause they can't. Or
they don't even have pets, toys or maybe even siblings to play with
outside! So shut the fuck up and stop hating.

Author Ignalis (15 days)
props to the kids for going outside and making something they can be proud

Author hatboxful (3 months)
The Taliban have decided to go live in a shack and have obviously moved
away from the Middle East and sell drugs which seem to be invisible.

Author Michael Vaughan (1 month)
what is the name of the black gun @ 2:35?

Author Antoine Ogarro (26 days)
Awesome video but soldiers dont say "targets dead" they say "Target's
Eliminated" but still awesome vid

Author Angeel mohamed (5 months)
Please don't be mean to them

Author Nicholas Alva (2 months)
This is cool and all but how the hell does this get 44 million views

Author Roman Zilla (7 days)
I love the part when the Taliban is fighting the American snipers and they
just die. It was funny to me. IM NOT HATING it just made me laugh

Author Vicki McCluskey (16 hours)
What was that he put in the ground?

Author ƘƗℵℵ ΛℒɖℰℛℰϮϮℰ (7 months)
All you haters can hate. But I loved my childhood playing with phome darts
accsully using our IMAGINATION then rather doing dumb stuff like smoking or
getting pregnant or getting girl pregnant at a young age! Heck id rather be
a loser who plays with nerf guns with his buds and be imaginative then be
another cool kid anyday. In my opinion the real losers are those who grew
up to fast and wasted their childhood which you only have for so long as
for adult hood you have years on end.

Author New Channel: (1 month)
Yes, offcourse, cardboard protects from what we're supposed to believe is
bullets!Logic is so dumb sometimes, let's just ignore it!! Said these kids

Author Dmitri Tousaint (7 days)
What music is that in the ending part

Author Tman Phoenix (27 days)
What the actual fuck was that?

Author figrider (4 days)
I was expecting another stupid nurf video but this one is just pretty good,
I mean, I see kids from 10 to 14 years old so I guess the editing and
camera angles were chosen by someone in between that age so it's a 8/10
video considering the age of the members.

Author qzhearty (6 days)
Anybody else notice the seemingly unlimited supply of children in that
twenty squarefoot shack?

Author callum macintyre (9 hours)
wow if u had druugs u would write drugs on the box

Author Elunieczek S (2 days)
i love you PDK films! CONTZ 50MLN!!!!

Author Darrin Livingston (9 hours)
Mission failed leave no man behind 

Author able young (4 days)
Was hoping to see some custom rigged nerf guns with idk paint tags or
something actually helping with a drug bust. :/

Author Zourex (10 days)
hay mucho gasto en tantas balas desperdisiadas

Author Firas Alabhath (23 hours)

Author Pandafish (2 months)
this is slander against taliban. they havent done anything wrong, they are
simply retaliating against the american babykilling invaders. remember
vietnam? thats afghanistan, today.

Author Sukrit Manikandan (1 month)
How do you get those darts back?

Author B88r88a88d (12 days)
Last words here are the drugs bang

Author danieltraseira (4 days)

Author thanhduong son (5 days)

Author jisha mathew (8 days)

Author jarek juszczyszyn (4 days)
as it's called this black sniper

Author Dingle Fingle Wingle Mc Cherry Zingle (10 days)
Dear God, what are those kids? Dirty mexicans? I mean, how do they all fit
inside that shed. They HAVE to be dirty mexicans, due to the fact that all
mexicans are dirty and don't suffocate when packed together in herds. They
would have to be mexican in order to be that unaccurate. I mean seriously,
they are mexicans.

Author Aqua Leopard (5 days)
Wtf does the Taliban have to do with drugs?

Author Trickliner Br (7 days)

Author salma nekmard (2 months)
And nerf guns do not kill FOR REAL!! LOL THERE PROTENDING

Author markus nike logon (5 days)
I rassha raul

Author Grumpy cat (14 days)
Lol every man for himself 

Author NorthDuty (13 days)
Like if you're a Unicorn!

Author Nicholas Abdalla (5 days)
Of course they put drugs on the box cause people really do that 

Author Alexander Henderson (2 months)
If you're using elite nerf guns than you should use elite nerf darts. Am I
right, or am I right?

Author Sean Malone (1 month)
holy tithes, 46,174,527 views! i remember being like the 40,800th viewer.

Author Patryk Obrzut (2 days)

Author Johnny Finch (13 hours)
that whas minde blowing

Author Neyser Dutan (14 days)

Author Joshua Wolski Katzur (7 days)
So true 

Author TheMagicPhoneBooth (13 days)
F u

Author Daniele Pinheiro (10 days)

Author Alexandros Tarek Aziz (9 days)
What's the music name that you used? Plz tell me !!!

Author mert kökdemir (1 day)

Author HammyHD (15 days)
When they came out with the cardboard box why were red Indians there? They
obviously hired them xD

Author AJ Weis (4 days)

How do you service

Author helio alves (13 hours)
oipai tu do bem eo luigi

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