Nerf Squad 6: Drug Bust

Today PDK Films brings you Nerf Squad 6: Drug Bust. This is the 6th video of the Nerf Squad series. Nerf Squad is a team of highly trained soldiers that's called in to complete various missions.

In this mission, Nerf Squad must destroy a Taliban position that is suspected of housing large amounts of drugs. Enjoy and stay tuned for more Nerf Squad videos.

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Author I'm Francie (5 hours)
How much money did u get

Author Fernando Plays (7 hours)
What is that black gun? Please someone answer me. D:

Author ahmad awada (1 day)
This video is sooo cool I wish I had all of those nerd guns

Author sergio lopez (1 day)

Author THeroy123 (2 days)
like what you did with the black nerf gun kinda look like a mass effect gun
. have you ever thought about airsoft?

Author Ken Neth (4 days)
good video guys! had my heart racing for a while there!

Author IdeasEscapeMe (6 days)
I can not dislike this enough.

Author RenCZ (6 days)
The black gun is nerf too?

Author patrick deguzman (6 days)
0:57 , bad position when firing an RPG
3:30 , aim for the head
4:08 ,when does flashbang sound like a grenade
4:28 , OH NO..... GOODBYE............ AMMO

Author King Of The Noobs (7 days)
since when does the taliban do drug trades xD

Author victor lee (12 days)
How come the damm good guys are wining and how do kids know about drugs wtf

Author RoligaGaming (15 days)
Even worse CGI than Nerf Socom!

Author william Cooper (17 days)
Why does this have so many views?

Author Rick Chambers (20 days)
fun vid guys! I see you've collected a fair amount of haters on here, that
happens when your video gets such a large view count! 

Author 〉Hansnicolaim〈 GamingHQ (21 day)
I think they'll see the huge orange clip coming out of the grass...

Author wwwdimon96 (21 day)
U.S.A talkin mi please .yu real play in nerf in 15-17 jars ?

Author Jeohn Rebosura (14 hours)
where an I join this mission

Author shotUdown (1 day)
Where can I get these amazing guns

Author Stephanie Ann Zouari (1 day)
its fun right

Author JakeTheCat (2 days)
I'm so jelly

Author amedsf7 (2 days)

Author kaka mama (2 days)
I don't think that it's a coincidence that american children are playing
guns. Gun manufacturers mus have invested in these toys and their
promotions. These kinds of playing lead to real guns and "play." Then
American media talk about "horrific crimes," when one of these children go

Author Jack Theobald (4 days)
Uber fags, really don't think ur gonna get laid! 

Author tord haukeland (2 days)

Author миша касик (2 days)
Good video

Author Gabriel gustavsson (3 days)
5.10 ha lol he says yellow smoke it is Green

Author prasanth francis (2 days)
You guys look super fun with the nerf gun

Author cdog19 (3 days)
how can such a stupid videos get 25+ million views. 

Author Dan Elliott (3 days)
This is probably the worst video i have watched on YouTube this year.

Author Dylan Jones (6 days)
How did that little kid get up there? o_o

Author ThePontivexMaximus (5 days)
Its a very good Video ! 😄👍

Author Ema Ruvalcaba (5 days)
It would be cool if they add juggernauts like they opened the door with a
smoke grenade and POOF a wild juggernaut appears 

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