Nerf Squad 6: Drug Bust

Today PDK Films brings you Nerf Squad 6: Drug Bust. This is the 6th video of the Nerf Squad series. Nerf Squad is a team of highly trained soldiers that's called in to complete various missions.

In this mission, Nerf Squad must destroy a Taliban position that is suspected of housing large amounts of drugs. Enjoy and stay tuned for more Nerf Squad videos.

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 5:54
Comments: 16935

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Author ƘƗℵℵ ᏰʊℛϮ (2 months)
All you haters can hate. But I loved my childhood playing with phome darts
accsully using our IMAGINATION then rather doing dumb stuff like smoking or
getting pregnant or getting girl pregnant at a young age! Heck id rather be
a loser who plays with nerf guns with his buds and be imaginative then be
another cool kid anyday. In my opinion the real losers are those who grew
up to fast and wasted their childhood which you only have for so long as
for adult hood you have years on end.

Author Seth Hoffman (4 months)
come on losers!!!! Get into airsoft you pussys

Author keep smiling :-) (17 days)
finaly some kids that are actually playing out side. i don't care if this
is dumb or not well planned. they are having some fun. OUTSIDE. instead of
playing in a tablet and becoming Antisocial 

Author KopperKid555 (20 days)
Lol they have a bunch of random boxes with the word drugs written in
sharpies on them... Even if the Taliban ran drugs they wouldn't write drugs
on them.

Author B3astpwn RSPS (6 days)
i remember my days when i played with nerf guns, oh they were so
cool...Heck i still think that they are! It's that I'm grown up,
playing with them would seem a bit...odd...But i still admire these kids
for playing with them, All the way until you grow up, you can do anything! gets a bit..difficult to whether or not it's okay to do things
that kids are able to do >.>

Author Angeel mohamed (21 day)
Please don't be mean to them

Author ShadyChris (5 days)
See this is kids being kids instead of being inside and playing with
eletronics !

Author HackerDude1 (1 day)
I have one of those rocket launchers but no rocket :(
Thumbs up anyway!

Author aussiesteve05 (11 days)
leave no man behind. Why blow your fucken friend up. What about his family.
You could've at least took his head back to his parents!!!

Author Samuel PonyRider (3 months)
aemmmmm smoke is green... actually... not yellow

Author MrNintoku (8 days)
Fucking sweet. And this comes from a 23 year old. The roof beam ambush.

Author Timmpan Gaming (14 days)
det är så jävla töntit men lite coolt

Author Captain Frosty (19 days)
What rocket launcher is that?

Author David sandin (5 days)
VolVo plz nerf.

Author Minecraft Needs Updates (22 days)
Yellow smoke? Anyways just a word to everyone who hates on this stuff u
need to stop that kind of stuff just isnt right and if i were them i would
make sure you would never be able to watch this persons videos again so
just stop hating its not right. 

Author Ben Miller (26 days)
I was the one in this video with the teenager until I got shot at the end
and then my buddy set off a bomb for 30 seconds

Author statensisland (7 days)
Used to watch you all the time man. Just thought I'd revisit and watch some
stuff I hadn't seen. Always one of my favorites. Do you still Nerf? I
noticed some of the first person shooters. What do you think of the new
Rhino Fire?

Author Aryan Tehrani (20 days)
Cool video funny and creative.

Author Raman Sanjayan (1 month)
Great video, but a tad racist and offensive, cos the Taliban and all. Maybe
you could' r done another group or made up your own, but I'm just concerned
that this may have offended some people.

Author Mathew Diaz (1 day)
How the FAQ did this video get 38 million views!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Kid Koala (3 months)
A flashbang does not explode.

Author Christian Taff (1 month)
You are supposed to take the dead soldier with you

Author Lobster Entertainment (12 days)
VERY intresting concept and i loved nerf as a kid but if your gonna make a
nerf film at least make all the guns look real.. you painted half and left
the other half original, also if i could say, i would add some effects and
sounds like gunshots or explosions. either then that you got a good film

Author cpcheats2003 (12 days)
fuck. lucky basterds.

they have loads while me and my roomate and my friends barley have any.

dam u paintball and airsoft

y u hurt so badly

Author aj kim (6 days)
what a shame

Author Cody Reynolds (6 days)
to kidish plus you all got hit and missed

Author KaPo Andre (19 days)
5:18 terrrorist win

Author ian mcelroy (10 days)
nerf sucks its for the weak airsoft and paintball are for though HOORAH!

Author BOB JENKINS (3 months)
Just ummm... pointing something out here, the "Taliban" does not, let me
say that again, DOES NOT run drug trading, good video, just do some
research before you write stuff down

Author Piotr Mielcarz (10 days)
wow ASG przy tym wysiada... zalosne zabawa dla malych dziieci 

Author захар корчагин (19 days)
Как можно набрать 37000000 просмотром

Author Steven Jones (12 days)
Chow could YouTube allow this much violence on their site? As a mother of 3
Christian children, I have to urge all of you to either flag this video or
be known as a satan worshipper 

Author xavier rodriguez (3 days)
i like the rocket launcher

Author CoolNerfProductions (1 month)
Are you crazy the black longshot doesn't have orange you will get arrested!

Author Chaos (4 months)
nerf is gay af

Author Sylvain Lamaignere (7 days)

Author ToxicX (12 days)
Dude This is Such a Cool Video It is Just a little Bad When You miss and
They Still Die But other wise good.

Author Crazycliff98 (15 days)
not sure the helicopter would see that smoke :D

Author sapher974 (17 days)
37millions for fuck sake!!! my 5yrs old nephew love your shit

Author andrea mauney (22 days)
Yeah right get the f*ck out of the house I mean your moving so freaking
slow go faster you doosh

Author Parker Weston (16 days)
This is the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. 

Author RcG HAWK (19 days)
loved this video not being a hater but couldn't you have brought your buddy
with you so he didn't leave this world in a fiery explosion
anyways still loved it

Author I'm Funsized (9 days)
A bit stupid but somehow successful...

Author NanoSpace (16 days)
i bet they cant quick scope cos there not in fkn faze m9 not evn mlg

Author Lars Thoresen (12 days)
So fuckin funny to look at those videoes is realy god actores

Author Coolness2546 Awesome (12 days)
do you actully shoot to lose the darts?

Author TheP1mple (1 month)
I'm having A hard time believing 39 million views

Author Your Nightmare (8 days)
mlg sweg 420 no scopezzzz

Author Nicholas Mecsey (17 days)
How does this have 37 million views.

Author Laura Palese (19 days)
Quanto siete fichi cotinuate ha fare i video 

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