Nerf Squad 6: Drug Bust

Today PDK Films brings you Nerf Squad 6: Drug Bust. This is the 6th video of the Nerf Squad series. Nerf Squad is a team of highly trained soldiers that's called in to complete various missions.

In this mission, Nerf Squad must destroy a Taliban position that is suspected of housing large amounts of drugs. Enjoy and stay tuned for more Nerf Squad videos.

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Author keep smiling :-) (3 months)
finaly some kids that are actually playing out side. i don't care if this
is dumb or not well planned. they are having some fun. OUTSIDE. instead of
playing in a tablet and becoming Antisocial 

Author XxƘƗℵℵxX XxᏰʊℛϮxX (4 months)
All you haters can hate. But I loved my childhood playing with phome darts
accsully using our IMAGINATION then rather doing dumb stuff like smoking or
getting pregnant or getting girl pregnant at a young age! Heck id rather be
a loser who plays with nerf guns with his buds and be imaginative then be
another cool kid anyday. In my opinion the real losers are those who grew
up to fast and wasted their childhood which you only have for so long as
for adult hood you have years on end.

Author hatboxful (1 month)
The Taliban have decided to go live in a shack and have obviously moved
away from the Middle East and sell drugs which seem to be invisible.

Author Pandafish (19 days)
this is slander against taliban. they havent done anything wrong, they are
simply retaliating against the american babykilling invaders. remember
vietnam? thats afghanistan, today.

Author Angeel mohamed (3 months)
Please don't be mean to them

Author randomrazr (11 days)
have fun picking bakc up all the ammo LOL

Author Ben Miller (3 months)
I was the one in this video with the teenager until I got shot at the end
and then my buddy set off a bomb for 30 seconds

Author Alexander Henderson (7 days)
If you're using elite nerf guns than you should use elite nerf darts. Am I
right, or am I right?

Author KopperKid555 (3 months)
Lol they have a bunch of random boxes with the word drugs written in
sharpies on them... Even if the Taliban ran drugs they wouldn't write drugs
on them.

Author B3astpwn RSPS (2 months)
i remember my days when i played with nerf guns, oh they were so
cool...Heck i still think that they are! It's that I'm grown up,
playing with them would seem a bit...odd...But i still admire these kids
for playing with them, All the way until you grow up, you can do anything! gets a bit..difficult to whether or not it's okay to do things
that kids are able to do >.>

Author Lunatic Gamers (12 days)
For all those haters, some kids don't play outside cause they can't. Or
they don't even have pets, toys or maybe even siblings to play with
outside! So shut the fuck up and stop hating.

Author Derek Robinson (14 days)
Their white so what do they know about drugs? I bet they live in LA. And
all u white people out their who thinks u gonna be a drug dealer,your gonna
get jacked up in life if u do.

Author Chris Garcia (9 days)
A couple things to point out is that they didn't use marine lingo and also
a real marine would have dragged their partners body out of there and what
would he say to the family "oh…hey I left your husbands dead body in a drug
house to rot right before the Bonn blew up even thought I had a full minute
to take a piss and run with him to bring him back to u" also the smoke was
green😂😂😂no offense but is the guy color blind( serious question not an
insult)btw if it was a serious drug operations here wouldn't be post office
boxes with drugs written on it and why were all the thugs wearing woodland
camp If it is in the Middle East lol other than that great job

Author Itshak Cohen (10 days)
Pas mal mais fallait faire avec des vrais balles regarder danielHack 93

Author cbangbang7 (13 days)
lol now go and pick all that shit up hahahah

Author Melanie Ables (1 day)
FFrank is writing my bossmy name is Brandon I name is why didn't ables

t's your team name um can you would you like to put me in or no war right

Author Oibar Olano (2 days)
It is very well done

Author haro wilson (7 days)
Nice looking nerf guns. Sound effects and sound tracks could be better
though. Can u list down all the nerf gun u guys use?

Author lubos mililis (4 hours)
dobri video hlaně ta bomba

Author Priscilla Thomas (17 hours)
the same guns come every time one a person dies

Author daniel velasquez (6 days)
podrias leer esto

Author Alisia Colston (5 days)
F cn gig. Nag. Guys high josh jam ugh 

Author Thelodgester08 (1 day)
What happened to no man left behind dead or alive

Author Dandrell Tsinnijinnie (1 day)
Bruh can you guyz make a halo one becuase i heard their making halo nerf

Author Саня ФСО (2 days)

Author TheVmaster500 (13 days)
Man I have to give to them. For kids, you guys are really good, and this
video was really good. You just earned a sub.

Author Emerald guy 135 (3 days)
what kind of a soldier are you you had time to drag your teammate out 

Author I Am Mystery (2 months)
My god. when i was younger i wished i could do this epic sh*t with my
friends and make videos. but i didnt know how to edit or film xD Good job
guys, i look forward to seeing more of your series. (Btw that spray painted
intervention nerf replica looked pretty badass)

Author Rick B (9 days)
WOW how many friends do you have and how the hell do they all fit in that
tiny shed.

Author Sgt. skips (6 days)
it was not a flashbang but an Axe Spray can At

Author zayyan latif (9 days)
try making the cardboard into a animated sheild

Author Maciu BacA (7 days)
The soldier its' to relax !!

Author player girl (3 months)
I thank it is good

Author Enzo Bregonzi (5 days)
i dont intindig talkin espanish

Author Austin Zimmerman (12 days)
It would have been kid of funny if they fell through the roof 

Author redneckgamer 086 (9 days)
Where do u guys get your camo

Author Israel Pedroza (11 days)
Congratulations .very good :P

Author Brayan Snayder Vargas (12 days)
nerf como uno con sigue una aca cuarentaisiete nerf

Author Fiona Aranda (21 hour)
I like it

Author doruk büyükkaya (15 days)
D o r u k 8i2srk3grwnietuunrrur

Author Gage Hutchinson (4 days)
Check out this video on YouTube
The fact is a svc. Hey 

Author Bertrand Delvallee (10 days)

Author MunchingHeavy Gaming (4 days)

Author nguyen Thuan (4 days)
Xem video này trên YouTube:

Author alexander moreno (4 days)

Author Lien Pham (3 days)
YNerf Squad 6: Drug Bust:

Author aussiesteve05 (2 months)
leave no man behind. Why blow your fucken friend up. What about his family.
You could've at least took his head back to his parents!!!

Author eric fagrell (13 days)
This is stupid °_°

Author Dingo Sci-Fi (1 day)
What would they do, If they hit the Camera Guy ? Call The Doctor ? Maybe
Cut, Or Something ?
I Really Dont Know..

Author xXGHOST RIDERXx (1 month)
Ja me acuerdo cuando veia estos videos cuando no sabia q hacer

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