Nerf Squad 6: Drug Bust

Today PDK Films brings you Nerf Squad 6: Drug Bust. This is the 6th video of the Nerf Squad series. Nerf Squad is a team of highly trained soldiers that's called in to complete various missions.

In this mission, Nerf Squad must destroy a Taliban position that is suspected of housing large amounts of drugs. Enjoy and stay tuned for more Nerf Squad videos.

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Runtime: 5:54
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Author luan rexhepi ( ago)

Author Denise Garcia ( ago)

Author Susana Meza ( ago)

Author jaymoneymofo ( ago)
I like how they have been doing nerf wars since they where kids and now
there older and still doing nerf videos and wars,keep up the awesome videos
and good work

Author Kush Patel ( ago)
How many kids can you fit in one shed

Author FieryWolverine ( ago)

Author Алихан Бримжанов ( ago)

Author ProfessorMango ( ago)
Cs:go anyone?

Author Lukas Jansson ( ago)
It is a painted long shot you know the gun whit a sniper scope but it is
painted spray painted

Author James Le ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Red Giraffe ( ago)
I Jizzed 14 and a half times when that guy got that sneaky head shot

Author Johana de avila ( ago)

Author Jordajax444 PlayzGamEz ( ago)
Really it took 6 episodes for someone to die really -_-

Author Jordajax444 PlayzGamEz ( ago)
1:27 Gets shot in the leg and dies lol SUPER REALISTIC

Author Ya doodles ( ago)
U dont explode the drugs u smoke it

Author Katie Macdonell ( ago)
DUDE IT NOW HAS OVER 55 MILLION VEIWS. anyone who has seen thiss go and
have a look at the agency or agency 2 which is about to come out.

Author Ooddy Wang ( ago)

Author Jacob Chaney ( ago)
the all shoot like storm troopers

Author Fernando B ( ago)

Author Fernando B ( ago)

Author max shadow ( ago)
You guys think that everything with guns and drugs are cool when people
like you and me die everyday from them.

Author Jayden Arnold ( ago)
Teach me to be a YouTuber my chanlle is jdboy7100 

Author Bichon Yoan ( ago)
55000000...............for this shit.....

Author James Sto.domingo ( ago)

Author Peyton Durbin ( ago)
55 mil views wtfeck

Author aminul hussain ( ago)
Buying views with their parents credit card

Author Nico Maichenitsch ( ago)
how the fuck this video get 55 nillions views

Author Heather Cox ( ago)
That was cool

Author ‫11948 الو‬‎ ( ago)

Author Elizabeth Sánchez ( ago)
A poco n chingado aaaaaaaaaaai

Author Andrea Bongiorno ( ago)

Author Nathan Albright ( ago)

Author Joe McCune ( ago)
this is retarded

Author Jonathan Cerrillo ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Сергей Тюрин ( ago)

Author ‫حصة م‬‎ ( ago)

Author Ghost Face Kila Y Lizard Scuad ( ago)
Alguien español?

Author cmepnku ( ago)
I never seen any of the guns it looks like they made the guns

Author Jim Bukvic ( ago)
counter terrorists win

Author Гога Снайперовский ( ago)

Author spectaclez ( ago)
Mom: What are you doing?
"Writing drugs all over these 100 boxes I just bought . What are you

Author Darryl Jordan ( ago)
the good guys seem like they never get shot

Author nerf master ( ago)
I have 3 long shots

Author Christine Oldham ( ago)
paintballing is better

Author ‫منتظر الكتلوني‬‎ ( ago)
شيء رهيب

Author tony jimenez ( ago)
Qué tonto y que risa

Author Niclas Illgen ( ago)
Wie billich

Author mandee campbell ( ago)

Author Clément Bernard (30 years ago)

Author Mackenzie Williams ( ago)
odd thing is he didnt carry out his teammate plus he just left him there
like was nothing plus non of the dead guys were they moved them nobody

Author azer azer (1517 years ago)

Author DONALD DICK!!!!! (1687 years ago)
3 things. 1:get better actors.
2:get airsoft guns.
3:atleast try not to be on your mothers backyard.

Author Federico Artigue ( ago)

Author Haidar Haidar ( ago)
Yo it is me your brother

Author Simply Give ( ago)

Author Adrian Sättler ( ago)
:( he killt

Author Vašík Verunka ( ago)

Author Gairy Giovanni Loten Loten ( ago)


Author Candy Rey ( ago)
one of the good guys at least has to died to make it seem real

Author Hiep Pham Quang ( ago)

Author Hasan Ersoy ( ago)
Önünüzde#wss nyöplp2pp2pwpwlwlqpqşqlsürme1e9oewEKEMEMWÖÖÖ N

Author Hannah Topps ( ago)
I like the vid and airsoft is fun but with the Taliban part the boy tried
to do an acent
And making sound affects when they come out with the shield it was kind of

Author custom ertl & dcp ( ago)
Airsoft sucks so shut up about nerf

Author Jason Hoang ( ago)

Author azael cabrera ( ago)

Author TheShadow018 ( ago)
5:11-5:12'It's the dude from Biohazard! I forgot his name.

Author Jinzouningen36 ( ago)
nerf grenades and nerf C-4. who knew. Also good thing the taliban wrote
drugs on the boxes of drugs. dont want to confuse them with the boxes of
toilet paper.

Author Littlej27 ( ago)
Most people don't understand that this is for entertaniment so stop hating

Author Jennifer le cheviller ( ago)

Author Archelaus Chua ( ago)
Can the underdog be in this?

Author Mr.Wizard - ( ago)
Its like an action movie ....without the action.

Author trong pham ( ago)
Xem video này trên YouTube:

Author Kanha Charan ( ago)

Author Rigoberto Garza ( ago)

Author Katie Yoder ( ago)
this is amazingly awasome

Author Gaëtan LIERE ( ago)
What is thé n'a me à black fusil

Author ThE[-_.]DEaD ( ago)
so cute

Author Kakin Gel ( ago)
Tào lao

Author Mods n stuff ( ago)
Haaaaa geeeeayyyyyyy

Author Druganja GT ( ago)
Anyone watch this viedio is so cool in my own life

Author Druganja GT ( ago)
This is so cool

Author Leon Toichkin ( ago)

Author Leon Toichkin ( ago)

Author gilbert de guzman ( ago)

Author Marta Varanda ( ago)

Author Joy Palmer ( ago)
I LIKE it,

Author Rayane MOATASSIM-BILLAH ( ago)

Author Nerf vs Nerf ( ago)
Hello guys, im new on youtube and i've just started this Channel to post
nerf videos weekly and now i have just posted a new epic nerf video in my
channel. I would be very thankful If you could just check It and i would be
even more thankful If you could like this comment so other people can also
see it, thank you very much :)

Author Ivanova Olga ( ago)

Author eilika kaljumets-karjus ( ago)
tish sucks

Author Atomic NuKer ( ago)
0:21 what's that gun called?

Author Hank B ( ago)
love the imagination

Author Ava Andrews ( ago)
The children won

Author Frost197 ( ago)
A drug bust on the Taliban? 

Author conchihuahuaplays gaemz ( ago)
wait, targets dead? YAY MILITARY!

Author Trang Hồ ( ago)
Xem video này trên YouTube:

Author Gamehelper Win (644 years ago)
Counter Terriosts win.

Author Diego Berumen ( ago)
Why do nerd war videos have millions of views

Author Andrew P. ( ago)

Author DJ OK ( ago)
1. Toy Guns
Making only a noise and shoots nothing
Age Group (5-8)

2. Nerf Guns
Guns that shoot foam bullets with a piece of plastic on the end.
Age Group (8-16)

3. Safe Airsoft Guns
Blue, Yellow, Red, Pink and Orange guns that shoot plastic bbs. Doesnt hurt
as much as a bb gun or a regular Airsoft gun.
Age Group (16-19)

4. Airsoft Guns
Black and silver, made out of metal or plastic realistic looking guns which
works like a real gun. Has magazines to load the firearm and has either a
red plastic bit on the end (rarely) or not. Looks like a real gun and are
mostly metal.
Age Group (19-25)

5. Real Guns
Guns which shoot metal bbs with a spiky bit on the end. Which could kill
someone if shot in the chest, head, eye and face. Has real sounds and kills
people. Is not used for playing with like the past guns I informed it is
for war and emergencys only.

Remember, Guns didn't kill people...People killed guns.

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