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Author Cemo67 (1 year)
I don't know what to say about this idiotic video.

Author Nicholas Alva (2 months)
This is cool and all but how the hell does this get 44 million views

Author OfficialBossBigBonce (2 months)
I'm 11 and still play with legos. don't waste your childhood. Now stop
reading this comment and live life the real way.

Author Stu onyou (19 days)

Author Michael Vaughan (2 months)
what is the name of the black gun @ 2:35?

Author Николай товарищ (21 day)
I could see them doing Airsoft when they're older... Proper fun that is!
Any other Airsoft Comrades?

Author Angeel mohamed (6 months)
Please don't be mean to them

Author Antoine Ogarro (1 month)
Awesome video but soldiers dont say "targets dead" they say "Target's
Eliminated" but still awesome vid

Author Sack Smoker (8 days)
how did this get 50 million views

Author SamD (4 days)
this is so bad xD oh my god

Author Furkan Turan (5 days)
geleceğin işidcileri mk veledi zinaları :D

Author Brandon Wainscott (9 hours)
Why are there 17k dislikes? You always get a few but that many? Some of
them are worrywart types I'm sure. There was a case I read about where some
busybody prick or bitch called the cops because they saw some kids walking
alone. social services came and investigated, when the kids had just been
walking home from the park. some are douchebags who say Nerf is "gay". I am
29. I watch these videos because I find them entertaining. It makes me miss
being a kid. How can so many people hate these videos?

Author Bharat panchal (1 day)

Author Kieran Leadbetter (22 hours)
Cool keep up the good work just being nice to the kids

Author Max amario (5 days)
Also the bomb was set to 30 seconds. The timer took 90 seconds or 1:30

Author Technowrench (19 days)
this is opa gangnam style is it?

Author Fast Sped (26 days)
Nerf is GAY!
Only Real marines will remember using airsoft,
like if you're a real marine.

Author Tarfah Al-Suleimany (2 days)
Check out this video on YouTube:ؤسييي sc ss sx

Author Aleksi Surenkin (6 days)
Why were all the Guards takeing squadding shit?

Author Lunatic Gamers (3 months)
For all those haters, some kids don't play outside cause they can't. Or
they don't even have pets, toys or maybe even siblings to play with
outside! So shut the fuck up and stop hating.

Author Alexander Henderson (3 months)
If you're using elite nerf guns than you should use elite nerf darts. Am I
right, or am I right?

Author Rhitzler MegaByte (6 days)
Omg Check the views : 51,333,317 O_O 5 L3333LT = LEEELT= ELITE OMG SOOO

Author Daniel Belchev (8 days)
That's cool. This bring me memories. Im 10 but there is no one to play with
nerfs and everyone is 6 years old and 12-13 years old. You know im still a
kid. And there is something stupid in this video.............. when the guy
was shooted in the head why his partner check his pulse???

Author James Kidd (16 days)
Eeeeeee..... D- Dramatic ending?

Author David Kitanoski (19 days)

Author Ruby X9 (5 days)
Oh my gosh that was awesome and sad

Author Thach Ho (6 days)
ya he's right but cool at the same time.

Author Aaron George (1 month)
Taliban are in the desert you idiot

Author Adyn Thomas (1 month)
This video is stupid and don't know why anyone would watch this crap 

Author Jude Bush (19 days)
Legit not breathing whilst they're "dead"

Author Nikolas Riggs (1 month)
Killing cuz drugs wow jjst arrest him

Author Alex Harmer (8 days)
I got sad when the guy died at the end rip youve should of looked behind

Author Hayden McKinney (6 days)
Lol no need in camouflaging because your guns already yell out " IM RIGHT

Author Игровой канал (1 day)
НАТО хуже армии джамайке

Author Justin Marianowits (1 month)
What kind of gun is the black one?

Author Douglas Crockford (8 days)

Author Dmitri Tousaint (29 days)
What music is that in the ending part

Author Pandafish (3 months)
this is slander against taliban. they havent done anything wrong, they are
simply retaliating against the american babykilling invaders. remember
vietnam? thats afghanistan, today.

Author mlgdoritoslayer (2 days)
These video's have been professional for years now

Author Baba Patel (3 days)

Author Alexandros Tarek Aziz (1 month)
What's the music name that you used? Plz tell me !!!

Author Geordi Flippo (21 hour)
That was so amazing

Author David Ried (5 days)
Really? They wrote "Drugs" on the drugs containing boxes. WTF?
It's also sad that this video does not show the real problem. So called
drugs should be legalized.

Author Lego BlockBrecher (3 days)
how da hell have some kids playing with toys over 50.000.000 views?

Author Riley Benning (3 days)
Lol a 4:40 the body is gone

Author Landon Nott (2 months)
Aw come on man! you can't leave your buddy behind like that! you gotta
carry him out?!!

Author Kelly Floyd (20 hours)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Timor Akbari (1 month)

Author morckie cvinki (2 days)
фуууу кустодрочеры

Author Kay Bzr (16 hours)
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