Nerf Squad 6: Drug Bust

Today PDK Films brings you Nerf Squad 6: Drug Bust. This is the 6th video of the Nerf Squad series. Nerf Squad is a team of highly trained soldiers that's called in to complete various missions.

In this mission, Nerf Squad must destroy a Taliban position that is suspected of housing large amounts of drugs. Enjoy and stay tuned for more Nerf Squad videos.

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Author Russell jenkins (2 months)
This is so dumb

Author Omar Rashidov (1 month)
omg wow a bunch of idiots remake a kid cartoon. Just so freaking stupid!

Author BOB JENKINS (12 days)
Just ummm... pointing something out here, the "Taliban" does not, let me
say that again, DOES NOT run drug trading, good video, just do some
research before you write stuff down

Author Seth Hoffman (2 months)
come on losers!!!! Get into airsoft you pussys

Author EdToSCh00l (26 days)
that small shed holds lots of people :P

Author Samuel PonyRider (19 days)
aemmmmm smoke is green... actually... not yellow

Author Ашот (11 days)

Author Chaos (1 month)
nerf is gay af

Author THE REAL CHUCKY 81 (2 months)
no offense but this sometimes looks like a big masturbaation session :D

Author 206robert206 (2 months)
wow. I never knew YouTube was used this horridly. 

Author SG Airsoft Team (2 months)
In reality: the nerf dart goes 5 feet. XD

Author Maison HD (5 months)
a good vidio i love you

Author Goober Media (2 months)
Hey guys check out our channel for some sweet nerf!

Author cody santillo (2 months)
this is why America's future is doomed

Author Fearless Films (2 months)
I think the accuracy of the Terrorists earns them the title of

Author Declan Ogrady (2 months)

Author DerTestMichel (2 days)
Before 30 years i played with a rambo knife, a bow and a sling.
Today the kids plays with NERF weapons and think that they are cool.
Welcome to the world of YouTube ;-)

Author thebriculator (1 day)
wow like 15 guys came out of that shed... :P

Author Mia Bia (1 day)
the dude at 0:22 is so cute

Author Kid Koala (1 month)
A flashbang does not explode.

Author Cemo67 (4 months)
I don't know what to say about this idiotic video.

Author n carp (3 months)
im sure the taliban use minivans alot

Author jakob gunnarsson (7 days)
What is The name of The terrorist sniper? Please! :D

Author thebushcraftdude (4 months)
nice video mate. well put together.

Author Rex ggdotcom (7 days)
HEY,you leave your friend

Author ARES TACCHI (9 days)

Author Alex H (1 month)
This vid sucks

Author Никита Романов (11 days)

Author Bhavjit Singh (1 month)
lol were they actcually lookin for the drugs when there boxes of em piled
up with DRUGS written on em

Author daishon white (2 months)
That was total bullshit

Author Alvaro Sanchez (1 month)

Author Miia Inberg (1 month)
Wow i think this is pretty cool vid, keet it up boys!

Author Kaos MLG (2 months)
Fuck nerf airsoft is better

Author QuissProductions (2 months)
If you like Nerf Wars, check out mine! I can guarantee they are much better
than PDK's.

Author Josiah Chrostowski (3 months)
u suck balls

Author Wolf Pack (3 months)
Wow, you guys are gay as fuck, get a life you childish nerds. How bout get
some real guns, and not wear sports shoes with a army uniform, it looks
tacky. Move on you play with 12 year olds kid!

Author Kevin Aranda (2 months)
Dude your vids are awesome!

Author Jacob Johnston (4 months)
Can you not. Please just don't ever do videos again.

Author Green Hawkx (5 days)
BLOWING UP DRUGS! that would make it worse!

Author kelly frank (19 hours)
lemme stop you at 00:01 drugs don't go through the Taliban. I don't think
you even know who the Taliban is

Author aristotle avaras (3 days)
I've never in my life see something more stupid then that, i mean for
christ sake 1 of them is like 14

Author Rasta Fari (3 days)
In reality talibans get to shoot and kill

Author bomb gamer ian (2 hours)
very cool

Author matcatish (4 hours)
omg if you children are in the age of watching warmovies and getting enough
motivation to do this, you shouldnt play with toy guns ._.

Author Trang Tran (2 days)
Was that a lynx sprayer as a flashbang

Author David Smith (7 days)
+Russel Jenkins You Know Whos Dumb YOU so i think you get the blame

Author alessandra glingani (22 hours)
dyufhv sbhfn icbd pxos

Author Okita Souji Williams (11 months)

Author Thijs von Barnau Syhoff (10 months)

Author Archie Coomber (11 months)
The Taliban don't trade drugs.

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