Nerf Squad 6: Drug Bust

Today PDK Films brings you Nerf Squad 6: Drug Bust. This is the 6th video of the Nerf Squad series. Nerf Squad is a team of highly trained soldiers that's called in to complete various missions.

In this mission, Nerf Squad must destroy a Taliban position that is suspected of housing large amounts of drugs. Enjoy and stay tuned for more Nerf Squad videos.

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Author Kixx burt (1 month)
All you haters can hate. But I loved my childhood playing with phome darts
accsully using our IMAGINATION then rather doing dumb stuff like smoking or
getting pregnant or getting girl pregnant at a young age! Heck id rather be
a loser who plays with nerf guns with his buds and be imaginative then be
another cool kid anyday. In my opinion the real losers are those who grew
up to fast and wasted their childhood which you only have for so long as
for adult hood you have years on end.

Author Ben Miller (2 days)
I was the one in this video with the teenager until I got shot at the end
and then my buddy set off a bomb for 30 seconds

Author Raman Sanjayan (16 days)
Great video, but a tad racist and offensive, cos the Taliban and all. Maybe
you could' r done another group or made up your own, but I'm just concerned
that this may have offended some people.

Author Christian Taff (17 days)
You are supposed to take the dead soldier with you

Author CHLOE MAGI (21 day)
I thank it is good

Author Russell jenkins (3 months)
This is so dumb

Author Seth Hoffman (3 months)
come on losers!!!! Get into airsoft you pussys

Author Carlos Manuel Marino Barajas (1 month)
American idiots

Author Ашот (2 months)

Author Laggers Gaming (3 months)
omg wow a bunch of idiots remake a kid cartoon. Just so freaking stupid!

Author BOB JENKINS (2 months)
Just ummm... pointing something out here, the "Taliban" does not, let me
say that again, DOES NOT run drug trading, good video, just do some
research before you write stuff down

Author EdToSCh00l (2 months)
that small shed holds lots of people :P

Author TheP1mple (9 days)
I'm having A hard time believing 39 million views

Author Samuel PonyRider (2 months)
aemmmmm smoke is green... actually... not yellow

Author Chaos (3 months)
nerf is gay af

Author Антон Матыков (1 day)

Author Sławek XD (1 month)
So dumb... plastic colorful guns... Hell yeah only fucked darts and

Author Esteban chavez (4 days)
XD USPS boxes labels "drugs"

Author TheHuskyRiot Gaming (7 days)
i would of at least tried to of used some effects but i would love to do
this even if i wasn't recording but i cant find any place like this

Author SG Airsoft Team (4 months)
In reality: the nerf dart goes 5 feet. XD

Author THE REAL CHUCKY 81 (4 months)
no offense but this sometimes looks like a big masturbaation session :D

Author Charlie Edward (11 days)
so shit 

Author 206robert206 (4 months)
wow. I never knew YouTube was used this horridly. 

Author Kid Koala (2 months)
A flashbang does not explode.

Author Alex H (3 months)
This vid sucks

Author Dn Opio (3 days)
Nerf nubster 6

Author epicmario plush (2 days)
When the enemy soldiers died there was mysteriously more guns in the shed
for the rest of them

Author Lisa Manica (10 hours)
Just look at his partner for a second than think fuck him I'm going 

Author Mindin Herrera (1 day)
Little sad than his partner dies:(

Author Даниил Малых (2 days)
Америка дебилы я русский

Author Zachary Zoppel (1 day)
I love your videos

Author Bhavjit Singh (3 months)
lol were they actcually lookin for the drugs when there boxes of em piled
up with DRUGS written on em

Author Dea Keever (11 hours)
how where you able to go on the roof top

Author Viking Dre (6 days)
The boxes of drugs were called "drugs" perfect disguise 

Author Monsieur Historian (3 days)
I don't have a problem with this, but the fact that they stood still while
attacking a numerically superior force without getting hit appalls me.

Author Илья Колпинов (14 hours)
Амереканцы дибилы

Author Nicholas Pinn (6 days)
Nerf Squad 6: Drug Bust... Lol

Author AYP (7 days)
Whats the name of this awesome theme song in the backround?

Author Steven Kociu (4 days)
what a waist of time go on airsoft, paintball 

Author Oliver Schletz (3 days)

Author Isabella Parks (8 days)
Funny! How many people were used for this???

Author RANBIR DHATT (4 days)
epic vid

Author pendejadas interesantes (11 hours)
that death was shot in the leg dies, another dies haha arm is a little over
acted very well haha but this video

Author Butterboy965 (3 hours)
what the f***

Author bobcats1234 (10 days)
flash bang aka axe spry

Author DragonBro Gaming (3 days)
Plz guys do not hate but I am an average youtube with a big goal it would
mean the hole world to me if you subscribed 

Author Okita Souji Williams (1 year)

Author Thijs von Barnau Syhoff (1 year)

Author Archie Coomber (1 year)
The Taliban don't trade drugs.

Author Mike Play (1 year)
Now let's collect the ammo :D

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