Nerf Squad 6: Drug Bust

Today PDK Films brings you Nerf Squad 6: Drug Bust. This is the 6th video of the Nerf Squad series. Nerf Squad is a team of highly trained soldiers that's called in to complete various missions.

In this mission, Nerf Squad must destroy a Taliban position that is suspected of housing large amounts of drugs. Enjoy and stay tuned for more Nerf Squad videos.

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Runtime: 5:54
Comments: 19113

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Author Malachi Davis-McClaron (1651 year ago)
that's a tiny trap house

Author Jordan Driver ( ago)
Cool ass videoes

Author Menotti and Melon ( ago)
Nerd not nerd

Author Menotti and Melon ( ago)
You made nerd seem theatrical

Author mk corona ( ago)

Author Rick Quinlan ( ago)
0:47 they hide behind weed

Author Rachel Young ( ago)
The 3rd one

Author WEED CRUCIBLE ( ago)
dem gat noscoped!

Author Ian Welsh ( ago)

Author Erin Jensen ( ago)
say was that apple smokebomb real or was it a somebomb inside an apple

Author Emmett Clancy ( ago)
The best part is the cardboard boxes that clearly have the word "Drugs"
written on them.

Author Robert L'Abbate ( ago)
This is gay

Author logan miller ( ago)
im 24 and i don't have a job and I'm watching nerf videos god i hate my

Author Silvana Campos (680 years ago)

Author Ben Carter ( ago)
Cardboard realy use you'd have to use your brain noobs or pussys

Author Ben Carter ( ago)
Crap play airsoft I et you'll suck badly

Author m H27071975c (276 years ago)
oğlum nörf oynanır

Author LOLSassyVlogGames ( ago)
What was that blaster that had the scope on it?

Author Skye Blue ( ago)
wow I dislike because the titan looks noobiesh looking plus *throws box at
someone's face*

Author Schuyler Mckinney ( ago)

Author Angel Corres ( ago)

Author Shmuel Jacobs ( ago)
Sub and ill sub back

Author Jurjen Visser ( ago)
so these ate kids now...

Author Алишер Мухтарканов ( ago)
you facin noobs kurva

Author Ben Ten ( ago)

Author Valentina Figueroa ( ago)
Hola mi vida y la verdad es que no se si me puedes dar una opinión sobre la
marcha de la empresa

Author Orcun Topar ( ago)
wtf is this shit

Author baki ful ( ago)
nije lose
iphone 6

Author Diego Bernal ( ago)
these guy aren't good actors and they look soooooooooo stupid

Author 일즈런너테 ( ago)

Author Maria Da Conceição De Assis ( ago)

Author Ante Mihaljević ( ago)
i ja boh to

Author RaT Dotar Sodjatt ( ago)
huauhauha legal

Author emilio Castellanos Medina ( ago)
que mierda

Author Ashley Grimmie ( ago)

Author Ashley Grimmie ( ago)

Author Julian Romero ( ago)
I have nerf

Author Jake Strollo ( ago)
normally I thought a solider was never left behind
But still nice vid

Author Robert Santos ( ago)
I feel one is gonna get shot eventually in other episodes

Author Robert Santos ( ago)
not so bad with start

Author NRV 168 ( ago)
dommage on ne voi pas l'explosion

Author Onli craft ( ago)
64 million views

Author Abraham Rincon Callejad ( ago)
yo a blo es pañol

Author Lego Jesus ( ago)
very good

Author federico brisuela ( ago)
este es video mas piola del mundo

Author federico brisuela ( ago)
este es video mas piola del mundo

Author Rinaldosales Sales ( ago)
é legal é muitolega

Author Fiksator sacreesh ( ago)
best sniper :D

Author Tomas Liccardi ( ago)
tremenda jaja buenisima

Author Sebastian Chavez ( ago)
so fackin fake you fackin coon

Author Женя Местников ( ago)
run Forest run

Author ‫הדר זרביב‬‎ ( ago)
איזה יפה

Author minecraft player ( ago)
Youre so coool with your gay nerv guns

Author Marcel Maxa ( ago)
stě trapny

Author LUKE MATTHEWS ( ago)
Literally the shitiest thing iv seen in my whole loge

Author Allenia Allen ( ago)
i love this

Author BriocheGaming ( ago)
This is racist

Author Nymar Chamoun ( ago)
they is a wery butiful

Author Vu Dothanh ( ago)

Author Paolo Pardini ( ago)

Author Robert Uil ( ago)
3:58 ''throwing deodorant''

Author domino bochra ( ago)
mam kanały ale nie mam film ich

Author tho nguyen ( ago)
the em co ve buon nhi u

Author Sandra De La Oliva ( ago)
Esta chevere

Author Ahnaf Mohamed ( ago)
The smoke wasn't yellow, it was greenAnd why did they have a cardboard with
duct tape as a shield ?!But still cool video

Author Jen Buzard ( ago)
Nooooooooooooo his friend died😔😓😪

Author Dušan Fric ( ago)
jnjnjx //🎿🚃🎿🎿🎿🚃🚐🚐🚐.

Author Sarp Bilgiç ( ago)

Author Juan De Los Santos ( ago)
spdnqp d. je 73

Author The Purple Robotic Robot ( ago)
This video has more views than Pewdiepie has subscribers...

Author Romario Sanchez Landeros ( ago)
eso es de berdad o mentira

Author Nick Bryant ( ago)
I remember watching this when I was 10 and it was cool now it is just
silly. Kinda sad

Author ACe460 80 ( ago)
jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja y mas jajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja

Author Phở Life ( ago)
Those Terrorists are respawning in that shed

Author Edjouse Costa ( ago)

Author Tobias Sanders ( ago)
them snipers though

Author Tobias Sanders ( ago)
they got me jealous with all them guns

Author Clinton Gardner ( ago)
Do a zombie attack

Author Garrett Rodden ( ago)
I wish I had a group of friends like this when I was younger. It was just
me and my brother and it was awesome.

Author Derek Purtee ( ago)
hey guys my name is Derek Purtee how would you guys like to be my friend I
like your video

Author Sky LP ( ago)
4:17 Soundtrack?

Author Jaco van vuuren ( ago)
Nerf guns: Good as toys and fun with friends, bad as action video props!

Author EZRA VLAD ( ago)
omg june 13th is my b day

Author Lupe Juarez ( ago)

Author Lbolting005 ( ago)
Kids in elementary school probably love this channel.

Author glaucia soares (1431 year ago)

Author PROGAMER ( ago)
This is a load of bullsh*t

Author Parthiba Sinha ( ago)
really aoesome!!

Author Tai (1322 years ago)
Hjjjjjjjjjjjkkkkllljjkrrrr. Bsxzsddcd. Hulking,ikikikkkkk, X. Hidx

Author Nattakit Lim ( ago)
what.. Was that an apple at the ending?? Did know u can make smokw with

Author Hlini Ásgeirsson (2007 years ago)
u susc

Author Mantas Daukantas ( ago)
63 million views my friend

Author Miri Daullja ( ago)
awsome epic video

Author Minh Anh Trịnh ( ago)

Author Tactical Nuke ( ago)
Lmao @ little kids wearing camo clothing way too big

Author Fabio Brito (1395 years ago)
onde VC compra essa arma azul que o de toca e o sem toca esta sigurando

Author Juan Hernandez ( ago)
Those guns are not real

Author Naruto Sasuke ( ago)
wow i love nerf

Author Terry Jenkins ( ago)
I think these kids have played way to many Fps, but very good video

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