Nerf Squad 6: Drug Bust

Today PDK Films brings you Nerf Squad 6: Drug Bust. This is the 6th video of the Nerf Squad series. Nerf Squad is a team of highly trained soldiers that's called in to complete various missions.

In this mission, Nerf Squad must destroy a Taliban position that is suspected of housing large amounts of drugs. Enjoy and stay tuned for more Nerf Squad videos.

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Author THeroy123 (3 months)
like what you did with the black nerf gun kinda look like a mass effect gun
. have you ever thought about airsoft?

Author cody santillo (18 days)
this is why America's future is doomed

Author Dylan Cramer (3 months)
ths is stupid. the one dropped on a FOOT wound and died there.

Author Rick Chambers (3 months)
fun vid guys! I see you've collected a fair amount of haters on here, that
happens when your video gets such a large view count! 

Author DarthTroll (4 months)
Man I Am Brazilian and my opinian is very good for this video
congratulations very good. 

Author Maison HD (2 months)
a good vidio i love you

Author thebushcraftdude (2 months)
nice video mate. well put together.

Author YB Keregentos (7 months)
Well thats fking gay.

Author Fernando Plays (3 months)
What is that black gun? Please someone answer me. D:

Author Snel Vids (5 months)
It's time for you guys to get some airsoft guns.

Author RoligaGaming (3 months)
Even worse CGI than Nerf Socom!

Author Grny Sensei (4 months)
wtf why are there so many views?

Author Tomislav Klarica (2 months)
Why is this viral???

Author AnimeMaker (5 months)
nerf is a toy for children in 8 or 9 years. Softair guns are for 12 14 and

Author ThisProto (4 months)
YOu are fucking babies, grow up and do airsoft

Author sergio lopez (3 months)

Author Steponas Sab (4 months)
bull shit bitch. air soft is better

Author Trey Ligon (26 days)
Dang so cheesy I hate this.

Author Karisma Paramanugraha (1 month)
i love the sniper and strong arm for nerf!!!

Author ProjectNova (1 month)
Uh the the black gun was magically back in the shed also, where did all of
these people come from? like ten or twelve people. i doubt that many people
could fit in there and one last thing. who rights drugs on packages that
are being smuggled? will the police fail to notice the word drugs

Author william Cooper (3 months)
Why does this have so many views?

Author King Of The Noobs (3 months)
since when does the taliban do drug trades xD

Author ahmad awada (3 months)
This video is sooo cool I wish I had all of those nerd guns

Author Game Play (2 months)
hahaha stupid american kids...

Author Ban (5 months)
Take note: these are your average CoD players. 

Author patrick deguzman (3 months)
0:57 , bad position when firing an RPG
3:30 , aim for the head
4:08 ,when does flashbang sound like a grenade
4:28 , OH NO..... GOODBYE............ AMMO

Author luboš szabo (5 months)

Author Cemo67 (2 months)
I don't know what to say about this idiotic video.

Author DK general (7 months)
That dude when his teamade dead why did he put a stick geneade?If you have
a question of the green smoke it's for the helicoptor to see them when he
can't go by his self

Author wwwdimon96 (3 months)
U.S.A talkin mi please .yu real play in nerf in 15-17 jars ?

Author RenCZ - Let's playe s Českým komentářem (3 months)
The black gun is nerf too?

Author Adam Hartmann (6 months)
is it cliche that usa are the heros or that sound the "bad guys" make in

Author charlie lara (7 months)
Hey kids why don't you use those clothes and play done airsoft or paintball
that's better than nerd

Author Radim Obst (4 months)
Oh my fu?!ing god. Every time I see a video like this i am ashamed for

Author n carp (29 days)
im sure the taliban use minivans alot

Author Daniel Irani (6 months)
Would have been much more realistic with airsoft guns and REAL flash

Author 206robert206 (1 day)
wow. I never knew YouTube was used this horridly. 

Author AnimeMaker (5 months)
omg nerf is a fuking shit softair guns are cool 

Author Web-Abisal (3 days)
Thats why the people doesn't make nerf videos... Because if the stupid
comments from the hatters...

Author Adam Hartmann (7 months)
ssoooooooooooooooooo racist the taliban running drug team... nice accent by
yhe way (NOT) ps I am canadian and i new that

Author Fearless Films (4 days)
I think the accuracy of the Terrorists earns them the title of

Author donovanjivanlopez (8 days)
To me,them getting shot with nerf bullets makes me crack up xD

Author EthanFrances Hine (9 days)
this is not taliban they dont look and speak like muslims

Author Son of SIFI (9 days)
I'm not gonna lie that Nerf Rocket launcher was pretty cool.

Author Logan (12 days)
Fantastic you guys deserve a million likes

Author SYDandCAMproductionz (13 days)
is steel like nerf ist awesome

Author Declan Ogrady (15 days)

Author childrenofworld2014 (25 days)

Author Lapis Miner (21 day)
Wow! I liked how the two Americans stayed alive but one died so it wasn't
like they were superhumans.

Author Playstationhero (23 days)
see these people know you cant just dodge bullets cause thats stupid you
only get hit or shortly get hit after its fired :D Nice job 

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