Thunder on The Loup 2009

Thunder on The Loup airboat Race, Palmer Nebraska

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Author telosfd (3 months)
How much cost a machine like these.

Author shortyjk95 (3 years)
Nice Now I should turn my car into an airboat cuz most of them used v6 or
v8 engines :))))

Author LOeeez (1 year)
this is too lame to have an ac/dc soundtrack... ;-)

Author burbanboy77 (4 years)
nice video

Author stepavia1 (2 years)
Интересно что за двигатели у них?

Author tassanai kunakornvanich (1 year)
ok ชอบมากครับ ผิงอันแค้มปิ้งรีสอร์ทพังงา รีเวอร์

Author mechanikas123 (2 years)
Aciu labai! Nuostabus filmas ir muzika.Gediminas from Lithuania

Author gunman5566 (2 years)
@Fourteen88SoCal man just cuz we live here doesnt mean were rednecks. We
just overgrown kids playing with our man toys.

Author Bryson Bryson (1 year)
Heather you can buy a 2011 video from Mike Kamm and a 2012 video :)

Author chaosking415 (3 years)
i never seen a 16 prop

Author Heather Benda (3 years)
Great video! Any chance of you putting out a 2011 one?

Author leonardo morato (1 year)
the engine radiator or will it is cooled by water from the river?

Author chaserchick87 (2 years)
I know whose boat that is at 2:07 ! His dad lived a couple doors down from
my grandparents!

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