Sassy giving birth to first foal

Our mare having her first foal which was born in 30 minutes from break of waters to delivery, everything was text book and both are well and healthy :) For HD quality please follow link:

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Author watchgoose (5 months)
tail not wrapped.....

Author KiwiAng3l (6 months)
Beautiful Foal Sassy did very well for her 1st foal. Congrats

Author Chin H. Wang (1 year)
It looks painful

Author kayce kay (1 year)
You would NEVER allow the stallion to be there at the birth !! To much
stress on Mare, and possibly worse. I have had Horses for many years, and
Love them.. but I would never PUT A Mare under that pressure. I can't
speak for wild horses, but I do know they go away from the herd to foal.
I believe maybe a aunt or older foal of hers will accompany her, but never
the stallion. They are not people..they are Horses.. The Grandest animal
(except maybe) dog ever. If you don't know, shut up !! 

Author kayce kay (1 year)
Beautiful, healthy Mare. Looked like a lovely natural foaling. Thank
you. Nice, for a first foaling. 

Author kayce kay (1 year)
Would everyone that has NOT given birth... Shut up. You are all so
stupid, I can't believe it !!!! It's not like a game of racketball, this
is real life, for animals, and even more so for women. This is real !!!

Author Michelle Riley (1 year)
Aww what a lovely video, I have never seen a horse give birth naturally
before, bless her rolling about with her contractions <3

Author Jayme K (2 years)
i have two mares and they have had a foal every year for about 3 years I
have never had to help either of them!

Author rentro5 (4 years)
Thanks for the comment. It was 15 minutes from waters breaking to
delivery.So really quick which was good for her first foal. I've got 3
small kids and it surprised me at how good the mare handled it even tho she
proberly didn't know what was going on or so we think, He's doing really
well and is full of beans lol

Author robbie lobbo (2 years)
4:22 she farts

Author MarineEverGreen (4 years)
What a beautiful baby! Congratz Sassy! Is it a he or a she? Whats its name?

Author WinchesterEquestrian 11 (2 years)

Author sassycountrygirl123 (2 years)
The best part is when she was talking to him at 7:58!

Author Shyyler Robinson (2 years)
It is so sweet how mom talks to her baby that melted my heart.

Author haley loves bratayley (1 year)

Author horselover556666 (4 years)
congratz sassy

Author littlehouse15 (3 years)
Those kids are annoying the hell out of me. I can only imagine how
distracting and annoying they were for the poor horse.

Author WinchesterEquestrian 11 (2 years)
umm is hse supposed to walk around

Author smurfyhandy (3 years)
she's probably thinkin ... "will someone shut that damned chicken up!!"

Author Noliving (2 years)
OWWW! I tell ya what OWWW!

Author WhiteDragonStuidos (3 years)
Thats awsome, Im hoping my mares foals that easy when she is due in march.
Its her first foal as well. Im always worried about the first one thinking
that everything can go wrong. But i always hope for the best. And the other
mare in there did really well talking to the foal like it was hers. Thats
the way my frist mare had her foal, in a pasture of 8 other horses at the
vets place. her foal was up before she was... Congrats :)

Author satanic with a k (1 year)
Oh, i guess when my mom had to help a goat baby out of its mom by pulling
it out by the legs is bad, when the baby goat was going to die because the
mom gave up quickly. And when my mom's cousin's horse gave birth and she
had to pull the horse out by the legs. You're very retarded.

Author 00sasukelovagirl00 (1 year)
Never ever huh? Guess when I learned it's alright to do that in my equine
management class my teacher didn't know what she was talking about right?
She only breeds horses...

Author Artemis Everdean (2 years)
When my mare had her first foal she was so scared! She had no idea what was
going on I'm sure! But now they are both great :)

Author nickwissler (2 years)
Either bred or not, we all have to realize, animals rape each other.

Author Stacey C (1 year)
people don't look at the bigger picture when breeding their horses unless
the owner is committed to keeping that little foal for its entire life no
offence but I did horse rescue for 16 years I have seen the other side of
things its horrifying and I don't recommend any owner breed their horse
unless they totally committed to keep that foal for its lifetime

Author Samantha Avalon (1 year)
How the hell did that fit in there?

Author Kaitlyn Miller (2 years)
The mare is lovely... I have learned a lot, thanks for your help

Author picsmics4 (3 years)
interesting fact: most of the mares flip to their left side to give birth.

Author Annie Lee (2 years)

Author Lena Jarvie (1 year)
Quieter place for her to have the foal. Beautiful mom and adorable foal. =)

Author Lone Husted Hansen (2 years)
That noise at 4:21 i think it was a fart from the horse mother

Author SarcasticBelugas (2 years)
she did very well. not a lot of blood at all! good vid for little kids who
love horses

Author amberbrown1192 (2 years)
whats wrong with her hoove is she okie?

Author kartmom67 (2 years)
Ahahahaha! Right on! I hear ya! LMAO

Author Jenna Ku (3 years)
Awww! The baby an the mother look alike! :'D

Author elizabeth torgerson (1 year)
All u in the comments know nothing about horses!

Author AlmaKarine Sulen (2 years)
Is it a mare or a staillon. Is it a girl or a boy

Author Abegail Roman (2 years)
come on big baby! you can saw my the 1st kid from you.

Author Ada Layne (2 years)
is it normal for the mare's to squirt milk b/c i thought the first feeding
held the most nutrition for the baby???

Author Annie Lee (2 years)
Sometimes mates get much more stressed by being inside a confined space
such as a stable, especially if they're used to being outside. So if the
mare has always lived outside then you shouldn't criticise the fact she's
giving birth outside because she rob ably prefers it. Also, if the mare
didn't want her sister to be there when the foal was born she would have
made that very clear. I don't see why people leave daft comments telling
people how to foal, it's not your decision:-/

Author Emily Johnson (2 years)
8:33 i never seen a horse make that lol

Author satanic with a k (1 year)
-_- it was the mare's mate..

Author rentro5 (2 years)
shilodance, it's always good to be there just incase something does go
wrong and this mare is worth 200 g and is apart or our family so for us to
help her out isn't much i dont think.

Author cowboy770404 (2 years)
Is this how you had your baby, ho? That's explains why your pussy looks so
beat up! LOL! I crack myself UP!!!! You nasty ho.

Author cassiesmum (3 years)
It makes you wonder if they feel pain like humans do,cause she's so calm...

Author rentro5 (2 years)
You'd fart too if you had to push that out lol :) Last thing she was
worrying about!!

Author rebecca jones (2 years)
your mare is beautiful girl

Author Camo Mistae (1 year)
Congrats Sassy and Sassy's owner

Author Jenny bear (1 year)
You're retarded.

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