Sassy giving birth to first foal

Our mare having her first foal which was born in 30 minutes from break of waters to delivery, everything was text book and both are well and healthy :) For HD quality please follow link:

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Author watchgoose ( ago)
tail not wrapped.....

Author TheTSwiftGirl ( ago)
your freaking retarded quit calling people retarded

Author Sofya Volynets ( ago)
You should help by pulling the baby!!!

Author Samantha Avalon ( ago)
How the hell did that fit in there?

Author Camo Mistae ( ago)
Congrats Sassy and Sassy's owner

Author Camo Mistae ( ago)
Aww, long time!!!

Author Jenny bear ( ago)
You obviously know nothing.

Author Jenny bear ( ago)
You're retarded.

Author Annabelle Anzelone ( ago)
It's so cute :)

Author Annabelle Anzelone ( ago)

Author pervy mcshades ( ago)
-_- it was the mare's mate..

Author pervy mcshades ( ago)
Oh, i guess when my mom had to help a goat baby out of its mom by pulling
it out by the legs is bad, when the baby goat was going to die because the
mom gave up quickly. And when my mom's cousin's horse gave birth and she
had to pull the horse out by the legs. You're very retarded.

Author The15secondsOfame ( ago)
Aw, that was fantastic!! With a happy ending! :-)

Author 00sasukelovagirl00 ( ago)
Never ever huh? Guess when I learned it's alright to do that in my equine
management class my teacher didn't know what she was talking about right?
She only breeds horses...

Author 00sasukelovagirl00 ( ago)
It's perfectly fine to help that way. As long as you only pull when the
mother goes through a contraction it's fine.

Author Kitty xoxo ( ago)
wooowww that looked painful but her recovery was like in seconds! amazing

Author SoraWind71 ( ago)

Author AbbyTheMs14 ( ago)
you don't freaking pull the horse out of her omg don't do that!!

Author Rebecca BFF ( ago)
Help that poor horse dont just stand there

Author percy volnar ( ago)
NEVER...EVER.. Pull a new birth out of its mother by its legs like that
ever again. Seriously. Other than that, congrats! :)

Author Lena Jarvie ( ago)
Quieter place for her to have the foal. Beautiful mom and adorable foal. =)

Author Lena Jarvie ( ago)
There seems to be a lot happening around this poor mare. I wish there
could've been a Q

Author haley loves bratayley ( ago)

Author Alyssa Hansen ( ago)
that is one PERFECT blaze on the other horse.

Author Stacey C ( ago)
people don't look at the bigger picture when breeding their horses unless
the owner is committed to keeping that little foal for its entire life no
offence but I did horse rescue for 16 years I have seen the other side of
things its horrifying and I don't recommend any owner breed their horse
unless they totally committed to keep that foal for its lifetime

Author Carissa Welch ( ago)
Not onky she's not in a GOOD environment...but it is also I GOOD thing to
help the mother out...

Author Astrid Diamondbridge ( ago)
awesome, and im just a kid! BIRTH!

Author nickwissler ( ago)
Either bred or not, we all have to realize, animals rape each other.

Author shilodance1st ( ago)
So her worth means you can interfere with her natural process? That is
pretty shallow, rentro, don't you think? My mare is only with eight grand,
but I wouldn't involve her in that kind of scenario with traffic and kids
all around....very unnatural for the mare.

Author shilodance1st ( ago)
Part of the reason she is not foaling quickly is that there are too many
people and too much chaos around her. She keeps getting up and trying to
move into cover. Horses are prey animals, and she sees this interference as
a threat to herself and her foal.

Author Annie Lee ( ago)

Author Annie Lee ( ago)
Sometimes mates get much more stressed by being inside a confined space
such as a stable, especially if they're used to being outside. So if the
mare has always lived outside then you shouldn't criticise the fact she's
giving birth outside because she rob ably prefers it. Also, if the mare
didn't want her sister to be there when the foal was born she would have
made that very clear. I don't see why people leave daft comments telling
people how to foal, it's not your decision:-/

Author Knive defender ( ago)
I think it was a good idea to be outside,so once the calf looks up or comes
into the world they will hear the nice lovely sounds of nature. Or she just
needed to go outside/she was already outside.

Author ania79s ( ago)
I think it's a shame that she did not give birth in a stable, in clean hay
- away from noises

Author mistletoe henrich ( ago)
trop de discours ...beaucoup de souffrrances pour cette jument ..

Author Love-the-whiskers 13 ( ago)

Author Love-the-whiskers 13 ( ago)
umm is hse supposed to walk around

Author Lee Graham ( ago)
Couldn't help but cheer her on! =]

Author sassycountrygirl123 ( ago)
The best part is when she was talking to him at 7:58!

Author robbie lobbo ( ago)
4:22 she farts

Author Ash LaFro ( ago)
May I ask what the color of the sire was??

Author Emily Johnson ( ago)
8:33 i never seen a horse make that lol

Author 2010Chenoa ( ago)
Foals can sufficate on Shavings & Chips, but I'm sure the mare would have
prefered a more quite area to have the foal. Horses have been foaling
outside on the ground they walk on for thousands of years, nothing wrong
with that. Other mare's can try and steal a foal, luckly the other mare
didn't want to. Just curious of why no one helped get the foal in position
instead of standing around making more noise? This could have had a very
sad ending. Thankfully it turned out a blessing

Author Kasatka Tilikum ( ago)
*colt or a filly; mares and stallions are only used to describe adults.

Author Kathy Miller ( ago)
Holy Psalm91

Author Leisha Edwards ( ago)
Yeah, can't believe you people wouldn't have provided at least a safe place
with wood shavings or straw for the mother to give birth to her baby. It's
what civilized people do for their beautiful equines. I seriously don't
think you folks deserve her or the other mare about to foal. Real idiots...
like a "good girl" is going to make her feel any better!

Author rentro5 ( ago)
Hi lil boy :)

Author rentro5 ( ago)
You Did didn't you?

Author dmo1 ( ago)
ow ow ow, how could ANYBODY live through that!?

Author AlmaKarine Sulen ( ago)
Is it a mare or a staillon. Is it a girl or a boy

Author elwine83 ( ago)

Author Meagan Weber ( ago)
Is there an update video on how they are doing I would love to see the
little foal and his markings. :)

Author Madara Uchiha ( ago)
Yup, females tend to fart or even defecate when giving birth.

Author fabrice joliot ( ago)
c'est cool quand on fait l'amour

Author SarcasticBelugas ( ago)
she did very well. not a lot of blood at all! good vid for little kids who
love horses

Author Artemis Everdean ( ago)
When my mare had her first foal she was so scared! She had no idea what was
going on I'm sure! But now they are both great :)

Author no name ( ago)
7:03 *mom horse looks up* Mom: whew, THATS what that was?

Author RaveanTheWolf ( ago)
that foal is so cute i want to pet it... after its clean anyway

Author amberbrown1192 ( ago)
whats wrong with her hoove is she okie?

Author rentro5 ( ago)
You'd fart too if you had to push that out lol :) Last thing she was
worrying about!!

Author rentro5 ( ago)
Shoopkitten I couldn't have said it better :)

Author Lone Husted Hansen ( ago)
That noise at 4:21 i think it was a fart from the horse mother

Author Kaitlyn Miller ( ago)
The mare is lovely... I have learned a lot, thanks for your help

Author JesuscantergallopTB ( ago)
Oh that was one of the best horse birth videos I've seen! I like how you
guys didn't seem to be using any bad language and that you tried not to
yell loudly to keep the animals relaxed and at peace. God bless :)

Author AngharadLovesBrenda ( ago)
Have you got any tips about handling a pregnant mare, new foal etc? My Sec
B pony is hopefully pregnant (it's too early for us to tell by her stomach,
and it's rather expensive to get the vet out) and as his is my first time
dealing with this sortof thing, I was wondering if you have any advice, and
also what are the first signs that a mare is pregnant. Thank you for your
help, you have very beautiful horses and I hope my mare does as well as

Author Stephanie Edwards ( ago)
That's like saying women have been giving birth in the dirt for thousands
of years so they shouldn't get any help with their delivery. They may have
a long history of doing it on their own but there is also a long history of
mothers and babies/mares and foals dying from simple complications that an
extra set of hands could have fixed.

Author Lili Moisan ( ago)
I can understand moral support for the mare and complications. HOWEVER
horses have been giving birth for thousands of years with out a human
coming up and pulling the foal out. With doing that you run a higher risk
of injuring the mare if you are not a trained professional. ((If he is then
ignore my statement) And I don't mean you Seen it many times. being a 200g
horse I would have taken that into consideration and called a vet IF she
was having problems...

Author Angelina Burns ( ago)
Honestly, I think it's better to be there because if something would
happen, you're there to help.

Author Noliving ( ago)
OWWW! I tell ya what OWWW!

Author rentro5 ( ago)
Hi there yes both are strong and healthy and are doing great, he's cheeky
like his mum :)

Author abbiielauren ( ago)
Do not know how i got from watching nyan nyan cat to watching a horse give

Author rentro5 ( ago)
Well said ;)

Author kartmom67 ( ago)
Ahahahaha! Right on! I hear ya! LMAO

Author cowboy770404 ( ago)
Is this how you had your baby, ho? That's explains why your pussy looks so
beat up! LOL! I crack myself UP!!!! You nasty ho.

Author lollins123 ( ago)
so, how's the foal doing? is sassy well, too?

Author rebecca jones ( ago)
your mare is beautiful girl

Author Aaliyah Solomon ( ago)
Rentro5 is right... You NEED to be there when your animal is giving birth-
ONE: believe it or not, when they see you there and they know you, they see
you as support, and it's comforting to them. For example- my cat refused to
give birth without someone from the family sitting there with her- Animals
need help sometimes too you know... If I wouldn't have been there for my
cat- 5 kittens would have died because she DID have difficulties. Animals
understand familys, and they do need help too.

Author Abegail Roman ( ago)
come on big baby! you can saw my the 1st kid from you.

Author FlipFlyFall ( ago)
It's very common for a mare to have milk already coming from her teats
before the foal is born. You are correct, that the first feeding is very
important for the baby, but it is because of the antibodies and nutrients
in the milk, which is usually there for the first 24 hours after foaling.
That's why it's important to have the baby up and nursing quickly, but
because the milk still has all of the antibodies and so on up to that 24
hours, squirting/dripping before birthing is totally fine.

Author Jesse Oey ( ago)
oh big momma.. c'mon u can do it...

Author Jayme K ( ago)
i have two mares and they have had a foal every year for about 3 years I
have never had to help either of them!

Author Ada Layne ( ago)
is it normal for the mare's to squirt milk b/c i thought the first feeding
held the most nutrition for the baby???

Author Shyyler Robinson ( ago)
It is so sweet how mom talks to her baby that melted my heart.

Author rentro5 ( ago)
shilodance, it's always good to be there just incase something does go
wrong and this mare is worth 200 g and is apart or our family so for us to
help her out isn't much i dont think.

Author shilodance1st ( ago)
Why do people always feel the need to get involved? Let the mare have her
foal. It's not like the first one ever born, for crying out loud.

Author Mandy Cummins ( ago)
I think it's just incredible that animals know exactly what to do, they
don't panic, they ust let nature take its course. We can learn so much from

Author GoDown WithYourShip ( ago)
anyone else notice the horse farted at 4:21?

Author Kelly Marie ( ago)
Poor dear! What a long and painful process ><

Author littlehouse15 ( ago)
Those kids are annoying the hell out of me. I can only imagine how
distracting and annoying they were for the poor horse.

Author AuntCare2 ( ago)
Looks like she wasn't liking the camera! Poor baby!

Author kartmom67 ( ago)
This is how I plan to let my mare foal as well. In a large paddock. I think
it is safer and more natural this way. I know this happened awhile back,
but congratulations! Well done on the video!

Author kartmom67 ( ago)
Thank you for this video. I have a mare ready to foal and can now feel
somewhat prepared. What a beautiful video!

Author MsBeaglefan ( ago)
such beautiful horses!

Author picsmics4 ( ago)
interesting fact: most of the mares flip to their left side to give birth.

Author Julia O'Brien ( ago)
i find it amazing that they naturally know what to do

Author smurfyhandy ( ago)
she's probably thinkin ... "will someone shut that damned chicken up!!"

Author cassiesmum ( ago)
It makes you wonder if they feel pain like humans do,cause she's so calm...

Author snowmane2123 ( ago)
I know that must hurt way more than giving birth to a human considering the
size of their babies

Author Moses Montelione ( ago)

Author 416tayjay ( ago)
It was so cute how the sister walked up to the mare that foaled and checked
on her new colt! It was so sweet! How's Little Man doing?

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