Louis C.K. - Live In Houston Stand-Up Comedy [HQ AUDIO] [2001]

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Runtime: 38:41
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Louis CK Comedy it on netflix its hilarious


Author mitch0310 (3 months)
"Guy on a bike with not time to speak and time slows down" joke is,
ironically, a Dane Cook joke

Author Cameron Voss (4 months)
lol. I forgot how great this standup is. I thought he said he did the same
act for 10 years? (At the George Carlin memorial show thing) Guess he was
just being modest. Louie CK has been the answer to my comedy wishes. His
show is my favorite show on TV by far. He's real and a genius. Keep it up
Louie if you see this.

Author loiterbro (1 month)
odd haha. his new stuff is funnier. that's rare.

Author Ryo Akira (1 month)
lewis CK? lol

Author Ben Hasson (2 months)
So true about stuffing your face even though you already feel like crap 

Author Enhanced Pyrotechnics (6 months)
its so much less entertaining without the video. wish there was a video of
this show

Author chikadeebee (23 days)

Author HTMHicks (15 days)
the thing about insufficient money will always be genius in my opinion

Author Tom Sprague (23 days)
Jai Guru Dumb ass.

Author Joe Smith (3 months)
Put Tony on or I'll fucking kill you!! 

Author Dan ''Spiffy'' Neuman (24 days)
Where did you get the graphic you use on this? My wife wants it as a

Author tyler seal (22 days)
ehh, pretty racist farm! lmfao

Author BM151 (3 months)
Play it 0.5 to hear Louis do the same set drunk

Author Robert White (1 month)
It's not the same when you can't see him. Part of what makes him funny are
his mannerisms and facial expressions. Still funny though.

Author RealSupaHotFireVEVO (1 month)
I will always hate Jews, after all they did to the Palestinians they
deserve to get hated.

Author bigtysmitty (1 month)
Stop bitching about him yelling into the mic. You're all a bunch of

Author lisa dahling (1 month)

Author Steve Martin (4 months)
"A bird in the hand is like a man in the sand"

Author MMR (7 months)
I totally had the watch thing happen to me on a train one time. The guy who
asked me was sat across from me in one of those four-seater sections, and I
panicked like an asshole and couldn't figure out how to tell time. So the
guy next to me leaned over, read the time off my watch, and then we all sat
together queitly for the next 40 minutes. 

Author DieMenschMaschine85 . (1 month)
I love Louis but screaming in to mic is always annoying.. especially when
the mic is crap and it seems to blow. 

Author Scott A (1 month)
They're made outta candy!

Author kweli05 (8 months)
How did he know the French guys were asking for the time? I'm confused.

Author Graham Mills (2 months)
I love his timing. It just adds so much to the humor

Author snoozeybutton (2 months)
"Don't Let the Man Get You Down" by Fatboy Slim?

Author MrBibbityBop (2 months)

Author izaak mccullough (2 months)
this guy is so funny

Author Krisb BeatS (2 months)
Mitch Hedberg 30:10

Author Scott A (1 month)
oh my god perfection

Author Art Murder (2 months)
"and then people were afraid of me"

Author sickboyduke (3 months)
married ck louis not celebrating his divorce in public. weird...

Author MrRapolas (5 months)
The Racist Chicken bit I lost it xD

Author Michael Ford (5 months)
The pencil store joke

Author Eric Pettersen (5 months)
For some reason Louis reminds me of Joel Heyman of +Rooster Teeth.

Author Paul Sutherland (5 months)
26:31 capitalisms fatal flaw...revolutions seed...truth

Author datasoluble (6 months)
This is one of his more absurd shows. Dig it.

Author MrBibbityBop (2 months)
17:37 I'm crying.

Author Jose Garcia (3 months)
he did the same act for a long time, until he challenged himself to do it
like Carlin, a new act every year. A true master of the craft, inspired by
other masters. CANT FUCK WITH HIM!

Author EarendilUndomiel (6 months)
It's funny how he's talking about just getting married here now that he's

Author Sch Mam (3 months)

Author Elwood Edger (3 months)
Put tony on or I'll fucking kill you

Author Raheem Shakur (6 months)
this guy is funny as hell. reminds me of George Carlin

Author Unz360 (4 months)
Hilarious.. Sounds like a great crowd too

Author billy butt (4 months)
this is YouTube! get it? its about video

Author potsos (4 months)
The amount of comments based solely on the fact that this routine is choppy
and/or without proper segues is amusing. The album was pieced together
with bits from a single show, but the bits are not in chronological order.
This should be very obvious as there is literally no segue between some
bits and you can hear the laugh track stop and start immediately on some

Author Nick N (4 months)
i wish this was a videoooooo

Author Harvey Dentist (4 months)
this guy is hilarious

Author FoxR (10 months)

Author nissevims (4 months)
This is one of The absolute funniest shows I've heard!

Author boe jarton (4 months)
he's a lot more energetic in this.

Author Hannah Lipton (4 months)
favorite louie standup 

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