WWE'12 *Marvel vs Dc Comics*

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Author Jesus Rios Zazueta ( ago)

Author karurosu Clown ( ago)
name sing song plis?

Author Kevin Ibarra ( ago)

Author alejandro pino ( ago)
q asco de video

Author Matheus Knupp ( ago)
what is this music

Author Kaball5009 ( ago)
what music?

Author Akilles Gonzalez ( ago)
cool =)

Author Prince The Dog and Ralph the human ( ago)
Umm wheres lucy she would crush all of dc !

Author Antonio Nicolas ( ago)
la que olor. que está njjj

Author MikeLo Genious ( ago)
Beat finely drops when Superman punches Thor

Author sevan grigoryan ( ago)
The way they look with their attitude XD. Fucking. Hilarious

Author Walner Luis Rodriguez Lopez ( ago)

Author asisa trakunwatthanasin ( ago)

Author Juanito Mac ( ago)
Alguien sabrá el nombre de la canción, porfa

Author Sundesh Rai ( ago)
dc can beat marvel because theres superman wonderwoman green leanturn flash
and batman

Author Do Nguyen ( ago)

Author Cole Brodie ( ago)

Author Chekikene Younes ( ago)

Author Joan huang ( ago)

Author Dimitris Kenourgios ( ago)

Author Human Being ( ago)
Hulk vs Croc

Author Riley Reygaert ( ago)
in real life marvel will crush DC

Author Jose Uyu ( ago)

Author Jose Uyu ( ago)

Author Jose Uyu ( ago)

Author maryam مريم احسان سعيد الكروي alkirwi ( ago)
jf vesnrx oaxbdkhf

Author lizbeth rodriguez ortiz ( ago)
' mkkmkl

Author Alexie Oñate ( ago)
6:57 Joker gave Captain America the chair

Author Andreina Hernandez ( ago)

Author Jerremi Good ( ago)
DC UNIVERSE RULES,marvel universe sucks BTW (marvel are nothing but dc's
just more powerful) (YAZZ DC UNIVERSE)

Author donnoble17 ( ago)
If you comic book nerds knew anything about Pro-wrestling....that booking
was spot on with The Joker heel turn at the end. It kept Batman looking
strong and gave Cap the Title. You see.....Cap would be a great Face to
base merch around for the kids.

Author donnoble17 ( ago)
Iron Man: "We have a Hulk"
Batman: "Yeah...well...we have Superman"
Spidey: "And we have Finn Balor with Venom paint!!!"

Author Anthony Sespene ( ago)
super log

Author Anthony Sespene ( ago)

Author Romeo Gurung ( ago)
Ok not bad

Author stewieboy 12 ( ago)
i dont care about if marvel wins i like the music

Author Seba Chamorro ( ago)
esta. bien

Author Seba Chamorro ( ago)
esta. bien

Author 5TE3CK0 ( ago)

Author James Mceveley (1370 years ago)
come on JLA

Author Шахрияр Ержанов ( ago)

Author Connor Kenway (1435 years ago)
But then also dc is definitely better than marvel for comic reasons. PLUS
Dc is the creator of the word superhero and made the first superheroes, so
dc can just erase and take down marvels company if they want to.

Author Connor Kenway (1570 years ago)
I don't care what the chat says, but flash can just time travel to the day
the marvel characters were born and kill each one of them when they are

Author Samuel lopez ( ago)

Author elier ontiveros ( ago)
chida cancion y me gusto el video

Author Adz McI ( ago)

Author april dahm ( ago)
i wished dc won marvel sucks right

Author Daniel Gustavo ( ago)
x vgffdxggcvfft 5 de la casa ffddrdddssdsssd x

Author Zynabbintwalid Walid ( ago)
hjkb mm

Author Joana Hernández ( ago)

Author Katrina Sweet ( ago)
dc better then marvel

Author The Gamers ( ago)

Author Dumb Fish ( ago)
did anyone feel kinda bad when Joker got gang bashed?

Author maarlon mondragoon ( ago)
jaaaajajajaja me facino XD puras mamadas jajajaja.

Author maarlon mondragoon ( ago)
jaaaajajajaja me facino XD puras mamadas jajajaja.

Author Yummy Games ( ago)
Do you want to channel your friends look at the new game ..... yummy game

Author Yummy Games ( ago)
good game

Author DAVO CAMPBELL ( ago)
BOTH MARVEL and DC are great

Author Wade Butler ( ago)
Marvel characters sucks my nuts

Author Maria Esther Chichipe Borbor ( ago)

Author America Nuñez ( ago)

Author ‫سعود الشمري‬‎ ( ago)
سوبر مان يطيرر

Author jAYaRT ( ago)
dc is the best

Author Macoy Fernandez ( ago)
poor hulk, brutalized by 4 supermans

Author Aseen Aseen ( ago)

Author Pruthvi Mahesh ( ago)
dc is the best

Author Farhad Khan ( ago)
Marvel is best

Author Danny Orellana ( ago)
why this video is still awesome

Author Diana Robles ( ago)

Author Shenol Karagyoz ( ago)
hkkdkvn jn

Author Mete Bara ( ago)
dc wins

Author Sky67mc ( ago)

Author ‫فهد عوّاد‬‎ ( ago)

Author Rosana Figuera ( ago)

Author anthony sava ( ago)
Marvel socks

Author Victor Bernal ( ago)

Author Volcano Gaming TR ( ago)

Author redhood minecraft ( ago)
dc should win

Author omar hernandez ( ago)

Author Roseli Oliveira ( ago)
eu gostei muito do hulk lutando

Author Ha Manh ( ago)

Author Bekhi Ostrowska ( ago)

Author Amrik Singh ( ago)
just great

Author Stverminecraft777 Oe777 ( ago)
nojoda bacano

Author sam shipkolye ( ago)
Why does this have so many views? I just... Don't understand...

Author My name is Jeff ( ago)

Author Gamer_TR ( ago)

Author Pino Giuseppe ( ago)
dc is better

Author Rafael Rodriguez ( ago)
a world without figts of th fanboys of marvel and DC

forget it never gonna happends

Author Giovanni Tomasello ( ago)
Marvel vs dc universe sopra il wrestling

Author PIZZAEL ( ago)
what is the name of song please

Author sabrina miah ( ago)
i wanted marvel to win

Author Adrien MC ( ago)
Dc sorry not doc

Author Adrien MC ( ago)
Doc would obviously beat marvel how did hulk beat superman makes no sense

Author yakup gündüz ( ago)
I Love Dc I don't like Marvel

Author Elisangela Silva ( ago)

Author Pi Nguyen ( ago)

Author Cesar Lopez ( ago)
Stupid dc comics could win like nothing 😠

Author Antimonitor ( ago)
pero que no tienen superpoderes?

Author TheVocalTune (1332 years ago)
mods look good but its also so funny I just can't...I'm gonna die on my bed
laughing at this. too awesome!

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