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Author xPrince17 - FACT. (3 months)
Wooooow, searching WWE in Youtube and filter by most views, then this shit
comes out.

Author Manya Malhotra (1 month)
Dc is the best in everything. 

Author Thang Nguyen (6 months)
Batman is the best superhero, Joker is the best Villain, The Dark Knight is
the best superhero movie, Arkham is the best superhero video game series.

Author DJ Ali (2 months)
So much butthurt. Niether marvel or dc would win, both have godlike beings.

Author Ryan H (3 months)
How would iron or Spiderman knock superman out how would a chair take bat
man out get a brain you suck

Author Sebastian Tupas (24 days)
Screw you MARVEL because DC IS BETTER THAN marvel!

Author ขนิญฐา ศรีประเสริฐ (16 days)
'WWE'12 *Marvel vs Dc Comics*:

Author Barney Stinson (15 days)
Why The Joker gave a chair to Captain America

Author mintor de kraam (5 days)
Bekijk deze video op YouTube:

Author Bazinganator Boom (4 months)
What the actual hell? Everyone agree with me! DC is WAY better! The justice
Leauge will wipe the avengers of the face of the earth! Think about it:
How many characters can fly in the justice Leauge?
Superman, Wonderwoman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, hawk woman, green
lantern + more
In the avengers?
Thor ( but he can't without his hammer), iron man (but he can't without his
So in a battle, DC can fight from above! 

Author sushil devkota (15 days)

Author Mary Robinson (1 month)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Akil manaz (16 days)
For some reason I couldn't stop laughing everytime superman beat someone.
The funniest part was when he fucked up Carnage *twice* xD

Author bavesh kumar (1 month)

Author James Self-Standard (4 months)
Okay, I looked up WWE on youtube and arranged it by View count, and right
at the top was this video. WTF! I don't get it. How does WWE not even get
the most views on THEIR OWN product on a video with THEM being the subject.
This video has over 22 million over an actually WWE video which makes no
sense. Yes I like superheros as much as the next guy but COME ON! this is
why WWE and wrestling in general is DYEING. and there needs to be some
change somewhere. 

Author Fernando Daniel Alcaraz Cardozo (1 day)
Jajaja que buen video, te falto thor con su martillo, el joker traicionó a
batman XD 

Author Nadya Verena (1 month)
Check out this playli\\|~

Author Ferhat Artıran (2 months)

Author GAFSI Alaeddine (8 days)

Author ALICIA MAGGI (8 days)
Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

Author Levi Heard (1 month)
Wolverne should've been treated better since he is a animal of rage, fury,
and has years of milltary combat. Plus Green Lantern hurting Thor, i mean
really. Thor is a god, not a whimp. Venom and Ravage were also treated
poorly. Man dude. You really do value DC over Marvel.

Author samuel TUIL (2 months)
Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :t

Author Daryl Pratt (4 days)

Author Cristiano Ronaldo (1 month)
If it came down to it...this is how it would go down lol

Author Pradeep Kunala (8 days)

Author Jhaydhie Morante (2 months)
Super super awesome talaga

Author slick bone braker (1 month)
Crap on a stick this has a lot a view

Author Belen Silva (1 month)


Author Semih Pişkin (10 days)

Author Eric Stevenson (1 month)
What's with the lack of sound?

Author Sweety Shah (5 days)

Author Leticia Garcia (14 days)
Yeah! That's we do it marvel

Author Beast Folife (17 days)
idk wtf this is, but are those mods or can you actually do this
personalization in game?

Author Becky Ohare (1 day)

Mum it is deacon

Author Brandon Bell (1 month)
LMAO this video is so damn funny

Author Dennis Cornett (6 days)
Marvels biggest fan 

Author ธนาภรณ์ โนนรุ่งเรือง (6 days)

Author rexstore (11 days)

Author Richard Murphy (23 days)
This video is outlandish and DC is breaking the rules and marvel should be
winning by default and by muscle in seconds

Author Fernand Sounton (8 days)

Author Andy Klint Pedersen (19 days)

Author elvan özkök (5 days)

Author lalopa Cortes Espinosa (7 days)
Ahí lkjbhubgvgbnhmkh! Bbng n hbvfcdxxwssssssssssssz

Author Cristian Dominguez (18 days)
Is it me or is everyone getting kicked 

Author via binolirao (2 months)
ntuy vc /yctcvghlknj bjjj in OK
p'ooli txcyujk

Author Ruby Ann Borromeo (1 month)
Maybe kids are watching it and its retarded

Author Hoang Doanh Tran Doanh (1 month)
Batman đánh chẳng xê nê

Author Diana Preciado (2 months)

Author U mad bro (5 days)
Superman punch

Author amir elaqde (2 days)

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