WWE'12 *Marvel vs Dc Comics*

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Author Batman (12 days)
DC dominates Marvel.

Author Game topia of bronnerboy (15 days)
Super man i a invinceble he should have won everything dc should of won

Author Timon TM (9 days)
Dc is boring marvel has more fans better comics better movies names and
costumes dc has fucking borring heroes borring names movies and comics

Author Landeyx (17 days)

Author Headline Gaming (19 days)
One word why Dc is better then Marvel. Joker.

Author pete z (5 days)
Did the music just change?

Author Lewis Wright (4 months)
In terms of Superheroes Marvel is better because they have way more even
though all the marvel superheroes= Batman and Superman, However I don't
know any good Marvel Super Villains whereas there are amazing DC Villains.
Just imagine this The Joker, General Zod , Lex Luthor, Sinestro, Zoom and
Ra's Al Ghul vs The Green Goblin, Magneto, Sabertooth, Redskull,
Abombination and Loki DC villains would ABOLISH Marvel Villains.

Therefore the winner is: DC

Author jamesdalebozeman (3 months)
Did you really manage to forget that "Superman is as powerful as he needs
to be"? There was no way he could have lost to a man in an iron suit.
And don't try to respond with "kryptonite" because that rock doesn't exist
in the Marvel Universe--and I highly doubt the arrogant Tony Stark would
ever use something from a different universe.

Author Damjan Zivcec (1 month)
What is DC??? :P

Author childrenofworld2014 (1 month)

Author joao cleber da silva (1 month)
DC wins 

Author Andrew Viorato (2 months)

Author Elias Mir (10 hours)
Dc should win! They havd Batman, Superman and The Flash!

Author Jarix Pařan (1 day)
This is WEE 11

Author Alba Urena (1 day)
Put the other song back my son loves watching it WITH the song

Author Jorge Luis Lopez Zarate (2 days)
marvel lo mejor

Author mahalingam muhil (3 days)
where is hulk?

Author TheBrownGamerz (5 days)
Flash is dc?! What the hell when did that happen

Author Marcus Barnes (2 months)
How did Cpt. America beat Batman?

Author Monique Johnson (8 days)

Author SpinCraftGaming (8 days)
Lol Marvel would literally beat the shit out of DC

Author Arturo Calva (8 days)
Vean mi canal

Author Tomás Pereira (8 days)
Dude Thor is a God !!!!

Author Rodrigo Cajales (8 days)
La weá chistosa !!! XD

Author Necati Zıplı (8 days)
not possible !

Author Blackman calavera (9 days)
que de mamadas,no pude dejar de reir,¿quien edita todas estas mamadas?

Author Allan Perez (3 months)
why would you have joker in this? i mean it should be a superhero or put a
marvel villain in the mix

Author adonias martins adonias (10 days)
cd o Darkseid??

Author Caro Camacho (10 days)

Author Guds777 (10 days)
Batman is smarter than going in to the ring...

Author Ludson Ferreira (10 days)
Batman ta ficando muito tempo na Batcaverna e acabou ganhando uns quilinhos

Author James Anderton (10 days)
Did I hear some gears of war music?

Author Gelo Fulo (10 days)
how do I download this game with this mods? 

Author Timy Luther (12 days)
I think DC is better in the comics and marvel is better in movies

Author SARMAN PRINT (13 days)

Author Khaliunaa Sanjaa (13 days)

Author Lincoln Mathis (14 days)
awsome just awsome

Author Patrick Mosley (15 days)
Marvel fans think Marvel is better because they have way better
superheroes. Batman and Superman alone would crush the entire Marvel world

Author James Swain (15 days)
At the last one the joker thew the chair to captain america so he betrayed

Author Zakster Twitch LIVE (16 days)
We all know that superman is practically invincible on Earth, he could take
on all of Marvel and win by himself, plus most of the Marvel superheroes
don't have powers, so they're not classed as superheroes, just lame ass

Author Mahbub Sajib (16 days)


Author Witty Donuts (16 days)
Spiderman should have won against the joker

Author Jorge Mesquita (16 days)

Author muntasermo (16 days)
Superman and batman are both unstoppable sooo

Author Aaron Payne (17 days)
Hulk would beat up all of those supermans

Author yoel rodriguez (17 days)

Author Santiago Jara González (17 days)
lol dafuq is this!!?? 

Author Tiger18 (17 days)
This was awesome! Great video!

Author BSNewsandStories (9 months)
Even in a video game wrestling looks fake

Author Sammie Z (9 months)
Marvel vs Superman like shit

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