WWE'12 *Marvel vs Dc Comics*

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Author Timon TM (3 months)
Dc is boring marvel has more fans better comics better movies names and
costumes dc has fucking borring heroes borring names movies and comics

Author Batman (3 months)
DC dominates Marvel.

Author TheBrownGamerz (3 months)
Flash is dc?! What the hell when did that happen

Author SurpriseEggs4Kids (2 months)

Author Thang Nguyen (4 days)
Batman is the best superhero, Joker is the best Villain, The Dark Knight is
the best superhero movie, Arkham is the best superhero video game series.

Author VlKES724 (17 days)
How the fuck does this piece of shit get 33 million views

Author Timy Luther (3 months)
I think DC is better in the comics and marvel is better in movies

Author jamesdalebozeman (6 months)
Did you really manage to forget that "Superman is as powerful as he needs
to be"? There was no way he could have lost to a man in an iron suit.
And don't try to respond with "kryptonite" because that rock doesn't exist
in the Marvel Universe--and I highly doubt the arrogant Tony Stark would
ever use something from a different universe.

Author David Currie (1 month)
I love both marvel and dc. However, there are massive differences that need
to be taken into account. DC created Batman , Sup, Green Lantern, Green
Arrow, Wonder Woman, Martian Hunter, Flash, Supergirl,many, many years
prior to Marvel. Marvel countered with almost identical characters, Hulk to
Sup, Iron/Cap America for Bats, Hawkeye for Arrow, She hulk for wonder
woman/supergirl, the list goes on and the years are easily found on the web
for all. Marvel seem more popular today though and I cant blame them, they
do have original characters too with Spidey, Wolverine etc. However, DC
were and are the origin of the genre for me. The best hero is simple as its
Bats, the only human with no power and he has screwed pretty much all of
them, Hulk, Sups, included. If you also want to take it that far DC also
have HeMan, stronger than both Sups and the Hulk as he has magic ability.

Author Lewis Wright (7 months)
In terms of Superheroes Marvel is better because they have way more even
though all the marvel superheroes= Batman and Superman, However I don't
know any good Marvel Super Villains whereas there are amazing DC Villains.
Just imagine this The Joker, General Zod , Lex Luthor, Sinestro, Zoom and
Ra's Al Ghul vs The Green Goblin, Magneto, Sabertooth, Redskull,
Abombination and Loki DC villains would ABOLISH Marvel Villains.

Therefore the winner is: DC

Author Yuval Gino (1 month)
How is this the most viewed video related to wwe? It's not even actual wwe

Author Ferhat Artıran (2 months)
dc loser

Author Childrenofworld2014 (5 months)

Author Lee Darin Jr (2 months)
Brown Gamerz
Ha ha ha ha!!!
Flash was D.C. for over 60 years.

Author Bora Çetinkaya (5 days)
x man is not a marvel man he is x man comic

Author Landeyx (3 months)

Author Nirmal Das (1 day)
Which game is this..?? 

Author anhtony marcondes feitosa (2 days)
deadpool arrebeta todos da DC juntos

Author Ferhat Artıran (2 months)
marvel winnner

Author Game topia of bronnerboy (3 months)
Super man i a invinceble he should have won everything dc should of won

Author pete z (3 months)
Did the music just change?

Author bea talao (7 days)

Author Jennifer Klitchko (6 days)

Author марина дудиева (6 days)
Что за чушь ? Куда дели прежнюю мелодию?

Author 100Pointsandover (16 days)
0:42 Wow there feet don't actually tough the guy in the game either.

Author Headline Gaming (3 months)
One word why Dc is better then Marvel. Joker.

Author Sandra Maria Santos (9 days)
Pk,digitígrado. Ovogkgogopelroyofkslfkgkgkrktktkrofkoeoemroeorkro

Author Данил Галанов (13 days)

Author Moidaxter PlayerPro (18 days)
le agarro el bicho

Author miguel fernandez (15 days)
fantasticos , delicias de niños y grandes

Author Sexy Zoney Emo Clopper XXX (16 days)
wwe is for faggets

Author anuwat anuwat (21 day)

Author Jorge Luis Lopez Zarate (3 months)
marvel lo mejor

Author Dillon Goethals (20 days)
Boo Dc is better

Author Power Fighter (1 month)
Marvel is boss.

Author Marcus Barnes (5 months)
How did Cpt. America beat Batman?

Author SpinCraftGaming (3 months)
Lol Marvel would literally beat the shit out of DC

Author kostis paparodopoulos (27 days)
how are you doing that ?

Author Rodrigo Cajales (3 months)
La weá chistosa !!! XD

Author ivonne flores (28 days)

Author Damjan Zivcec (4 months)
What is DC??? :P

Author Emir Saraylı (1 month)
Old music is deleted... Why?

Author augusto prates (1 month)

Author Alan Parker (1 month)
Marvel is better than DC by a country mile.
I enjoyed the Christian Bale Batman movies but Man of Steel was just taking
itself too serious and had very little entertainment value, and I've tried
watching Arrow, Gotham and Smallville series but again I get no real
entertainment from them.
But with Marvel I've enjoyed to various extents every movie and show in the
Avengers universe, I'm not a big fan of the Spiderman movies but enjoyed
the last 2 and some of the X-Men movies were watchable.

Author RD LEGOS (1 month)
luta em nosão, ninguem usa poderes. e o batman teria esquivado da do golpe
da cadeira antes de perder aluta. ele teria ganhado.

Author Alexei Saraiva (1 month)

Author noe vazquez (1 month)
horible music

Author Catherine Gumapon (1 month)

Author Jose Andres (1 month)
I got dc and maver toys and DC is socks my wants to buys DC toys

Author Eyad K (1 month)

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