WWE'12 *Marvel vs Dc Comics*

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Author Thang Nguyen (4 months)
Batman is the best superhero, Joker is the best Villain, The Dark Knight is
the best superhero movie, Arkham is the best superhero video game series.

Author VlKES724 (4 months)
How the fuck does this piece of shit get 33 million views

Author DJ Ali (23 days)
So much butthurt. Niether marvel or dc would win, both have godlike beings.

Author xPrince17 - FACT. (1 month)
Wooooow, searching WWE in Youtube and filter by most views, then this shit
comes out.

Author Bazinganator Boom (2 months)
What the actual hell? Everyone agree with me! DC is WAY better! The justice
Leauge will wipe the avengers of the face of the earth! Think about it:
How many characters can fly in the justice Leauge?
Superman, Wonderwoman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, hawk woman, green
lantern + more
In the avengers?
Thor ( but he can't without his hammer), iron man (but he can't without his
So in a battle, DC can fight from above! 

Author James Self-Standard (2 months)
Okay, I looked up WWE on youtube and arranged it by View count, and right
at the top was this video. WTF! I don't get it. How does WWE not even get
the most views on THEIR OWN product on a video with THEM being the subject.
This video has over 22 million over an actually WWE video which makes no
sense. Yes I like superheros as much as the next guy but COME ON! this is
why WWE and wrestling in general is DYEING. and there needs to be some
change somewhere. 

Author Ryan H (1 month)
How would iron or Spiderman knock superman out how would a chair take bat
man out get a brain you suck

Author Daniel Burnett (2 months)
My favorite is Wolverine.

Author Joseph Johnson (3 months)
so cool

Author Jhaydhie Morante (26 days)
Super super awesome talaga

Author samuel TUIL (15 days)
Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :t

Author manolis koulias (1 month)
Ρίξτε μια ματιά σε αυτό το βίντεο στο YouTube

Author HedgehogKnight (27 days)
This video is so much better with Darude Sandstorm.

Author Batman (7 months)
DC dominates Marvel.

Author Kaua Silva (1 month)
WWE'12 *Marvel vs Dc Comics*:

Author Ferhat Artıran (13 days)

Author Ruby Ann Borromeo (23 hours)
Maybe kids are watching it and its retarded

Author Sergio RICARDO FERNANDES (2 months)
no final a marvel sempre vence

Author Brandon Bell (10 hours)
LMAO this video is so damn funny

Author Olima Sultana (19 days)
Check out this video on YouTube:gmmmkjjjq

Author urbanalisti (2 months)
For everyone who is asking about old song.
Gears of War 2 Theme (Direct Drumstep Remix)

Author David Currie (5 months)
I love both marvel and dc. However, there are massive differences that need
to be taken into account. DC created Batman , Sup, Green Lantern, Green
Arrow, Wonder Woman, Martian Hunter, Flash, Supergirl,many, many years
prior to Marvel. Marvel countered with almost identical characters, Hulk to
Sup, Iron/Cap America for Bats, Hawkeye for Arrow, She hulk for wonder
woman/supergirl, the list goes on and the years are easily found on the web
for all. Marvel seem more popular today though and I cant blame them, they
do have original characters too with Spidey, Wolverine etc. However, DC
were and are the origin of the genre for me. The best hero is simple as its
Bats, the only human with no power and he has screwed pretty much all of
them, Hulk, Sups, included. If you also want to take it that far DC also
have HeMan, stronger than both Sups and the Hulk as he has magic ability.

Author via binolirao (22 days)
ntuy vc /yctcvghlknj bjjj in OK
p'ooli txcyujk

Author Jessica James- Horton (7 days)

Author Juanita P (27 days)

Author Dave wthm (2 months)
what? this is.. i don't know how to feel about it hahaha

Author fjaber82 (1 month)
Hhgvbjhhgbbjjhkjn vudav kjhvvvbhjhv. Bob bhbvghhvbhipHnjh

Author Diana Preciado (14 days)

Author zobitX (1 month)
Sucks, can't believe i just wasted my time here

Author Kris Hatman (25 days)
Marvel Fan-Boy -.- Obvious Batman would kick any of Marvels asses, he may
even have luck with the Hulk.

Author Marko Velickovic (1 month)
Song name?

Author Alvaro Venecia (1 month)
Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

Author Jeff Stromgren (1 month)

Author Stark Thomas (1 month)
le joker vs hulk hulk smash

Author Vanessa Blanco (24 days)
Esta. Padre wwe. Rueselmenia

Author william bogue (1 day)

Author virgil calamese (17 days)

Author Hazem Gawish (15 days)

Author Hosam Ibrahim (1 month)

Author Francis Acupan (3 months)

Author Nguyen Thi Truong Giang (13 days)

Author Maribel Mariscal-Ochoa (22 days)

Author Neha Jain (15 days)

Author Kam si (1 month)

Author Valerina Marniku (2 days)

Author christopher gill (1 month)

Author Juan Reyes (2 months)

Author Christine Will (1 month)

Author rahulmiah100 (1 month)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Stefano Spada (1 month)

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