WWE'12 *Marvel vs Dc Comics*

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xbox 360


Author jamesdalebozeman (2 months)
Did you really manage to forget that "Superman is as powerful as he needs
to be"? There was no way he could have lost to a man in an iron suit.
And don't try to respond with "kryptonite" because that rock doesn't exist
in the Marvel Universe--and I highly doubt the arrogant Tony Stark would
ever use something from a different universe.

Author Gary Alexander Stott (6 months)
Both Marvel AND DC are awesome. I think Marvel have a slight, slight edge
as their overall universe feels really cohesive and together, but DC have
Batman and Superman, and you can't really put them down for that! In terms
of movies, Marvel is doing better. In terms of TV, DC is doing better. In
terms of videogames, both are doing well. In terms of comics, it's hard to
say. Management-wise, Marvel seem to be more on top of things, however. All
the best to both companies! :)

Author ijokesolo (6 months)
Lol tell me how Ironman could ever beat down Superman?

Author Lewis Wright (3 months)
In terms of Superheroes Marvel is better because they have way more even
though all the marvel superheroes= Batman and Superman, However I don't
know any good Marvel Super Villains whereas there are amazing DC Villains.
Just imagine this The Joker, General Zod , Lex Luthor, Sinestro, Zoom and
Ra's Al Ghul vs The Green Goblin, Magneto, Sabertooth, Redskull,
Abombination and Loki DC villains would ABOLISH Marvel Villains.

Therefore the winner is: DC

Author Death2Fanboys (6 months)
Fuck Marvel.

Author Sterling15Rocks (3 months)
The most viewed WWE video on YouTube, I think

Author ThePINOYZONE (3 months)
I think. Hulk is batista 

Author childrenofworld2014 (28 days)

Author KoolzPrith (7 months)
how did u made these?

Author sidgar1 (4 months)
Captain America=John Cena

Author TheBlackPhantom (7 months)
Superhero's: DC
Super villain's: Tie
TV Series: DC
Movies: Marvel
Animated Movies: DC
Video Games: DC
Great character story-lines and origins: DC
DC Wins

Author frogdog3 (4 months)
Shut up marvel is better than dc

Author Marcus Barnes (1 month)
How did Cpt. America beat Batman?

Author Cassius Povey (4 months)
Joker you son of a bitch

Marvel Wins!

Author MrBb100000 (2 days)
00:35 Prince Devitt?

Author Doodleoddles Eaton (4 days)
What is this music I know it's gears of war but what's the rapping part

Author frogdog3 (4 months)
Because it came from him

Author demmetal (14 days)

Author frogdog3 (4 months)
No but marvel is better and your opinion is rubbish

Author glenxxvii (1 month)
You know you have been watching too much wrestling when

1. you are laying in bed and you're wife/gf lays her arm across your chest
and you interpret this as a pin and kick out

2. you work at a supermarket and an old lady cant reach the top shelf for
beans and asks for your help. You cant reach the top shelf either so get a
small step ladder in order to reach the beans. you climb to the top of the
ladder and jump down from it, doing a double axe handle on the old ladies

3. You are in trouble for your actions and the manager calls you to the
office to be reprimanded. In the office he tells you to take a seat. You
grab the chair, fold it up and whack the manager across the back with the
chair, knocking him down on the floor then repeatedly hit him with the
chair several times in the back as wwe no longer allow chair shots to the

4. You wake up in bed suddenly in the early hours of the morning and see
the alarm clock says 1.23 so you kick out of bed.

Author Willie D. Washington (7 months)
HILARIOUS!!! For some reason I just can't look away.

Author Erin Marshall (1 month)

Author Riyaz Mohamed (7 months)
Luv it

Author Nguyen Trung Duc (6 months)

Author alvaro ramos (3 months)
dc is the best

Author Nitin Nits (4 months)
LOL funny as hell XD

Author Kl Malcom (1 month)
Everyone asking for the song it's a Gears of War 3 remix. Long Live M$oft

Author Matius Lenin (4 months)
15.168 Marvel
8.212 DC

Author Michael Johansonn (1 year)
Hello guys I interest your opinion about this fight... Just tell DC or

DC a little stronger... :-P

Author Sébastien Després (1 year)
Le CAW à son presque maximum, DC vs Marvel avec tous les codes narratifs du
catch, ça va saigner!

Author Erin Marshall (1 month)

Author Erin Marshall (1 month)

Author kecakaem (6 months)
WTF 20 Million Klicks?!?!

Author 3baid AG (9 months)

Author Andrew Viorato (1 month)

Author Barrington Christopher (3 months)
Btw, DC has 5 good superheroes, well as Marvel has over 20

Author Damjan Zivcec (13 days)
What is DC??? :P

Author Pratch Chaiyawat (6 months)
In real dc is stronger but this noob of dick make this shit

Author oblivexx (6 months)
why is there one villain and 9 heroes?

Author Spartan MF (7 months)
I wanted DC to win

Author Allan Perez (2 months)
why would you have joker in this? i mean it should be a superhero or put a
marvel villain in the mix

Author Javier M (3 months)
somebody knows the name of the song please

Author joao cleber da silva (1 month)
DC wins 

Author Junpeng Cen (8 months)

Author aryan rokhzad (1 month)
was that green diva wrestler,she hulk?

Author Roberto Quiroz (14 hours)
You suck wrong side to make win retard

Author Stefano castro (2 days)
wow fantastic

Author TN Thomas (8 months)
Why is The Joker, a villain, part of the DC Comics team, when no Marvel
Comics villain is included? Loki...Galactus...Doc Ock...?

Author marduk2641 (1 day)
i like only the soundtrack 

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