[Full HD/HQ] Jamie Pugh Britains Got Talent 25 May 2009

[Full HD/HQ] Jamie Pugh Britains Got Talent 25 May 2009

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Author Laura Salvatore (5 months)
Maybe he needs counseling

Author Suckedintooblivion (9 months)
"I couldn't do what you just did"

Yes, Piers. We know. So stop judging fucking talent competitions.

Author denis43545 (3 years)
Jamie is the best! thumbs up

Author ittap28 (2 years)
DON"T GIVE UP Jamie!!! Everyone was so focused on your nerves - it'll get
better as you keep singing...

Author homerhuntley (4 years)
@Khaminor no no no shes not just because she bussed him dont mean she's a

Author Elizabeth Brenner (3 years)
Great man, three kids and he can sing.

Author paragod666 (3 years)
So what happened to this guy?? Is he making records in the UK?

Author Sheryl Modesti (2 years)
Love him!

Author chocolatechip290 (2 years)
and i would buy jamies music i think he is awesome and the judges were
(most of the time) too harsh on him hes great and i hope to hear more of
him.. ur amazing jamie.. i send u my best wishes. hope u go far in ur life
and with music!!!

Author chatnick3 (3 years)
Sry but he did shit it a litle bit :(

Author w ak (2 years)

Author John Dale (4 years)
the old ones can still cut it..check out my videos as well and make an old
guy very happy..cheers

Author TehEon (3 years)
The one thing about these epic... iunno what the word is? Harmony? Opera?
these sorts of singers is that they just don't have a wide enough set of
songs. They all do the same three or four songs. If they could change it
up, it'd be so much better

Author adnan hajdarpasic (4 years)
@echanpowerroot haha i think she will like both at same time

Author silentfades (4 years)
wonderful voice and spirit

Author daint (4 years)
inspiring singer !!!!

Author TheDirrtyMike (3 years)
Who is Amanda anyways?

Author Naveed lal khan (3 years)
this man's first audition was so intense made me cry

Author chunlee74 (4 years)
the nerve did get ya jamie.... but really..truly ur voice have
changed...not really touching anymore.. so do improve jamie ;) expecting ur
come back ;)

Author aurapet (4 years)
@lifesavid I agree

Author sukes58 (5 years)
jamie is fantastic at singing

Author greatspacebiz (5 years)
You are mistaken when you think you have to remove your vibrato and that it
comes when you are nervous. The vibrato is the air vibrating your vocal
chords freely. If you take away the vibrato you take away the core sound of
your voice and all the emotion that it imparts to the listener. (the
connection). If you can, read a book called the Tenor Voice by Frisell. You
can find it in any library or online. I think you simply need information.

Author Abby Seal (3 years)
I know how you feel bro... nerves stink :(

Author goyomex66 (4 years)

Author David Fletcher (3 years)
The problem is that most amateur performers perform the audition as
'themselves' with their own personalities intact, but by the time people
like simon cowel and louis walsh get hold of them it's too late...these
guys and/or their colleagues steer them down the commercial railroads and
the focus is then always on the music BUSINESS rather than the business of
making MUSIC and great songs with great feeling and emotion...They think
that it's some kind of formula that can be packaged up...

Author Steve A (3 years)
@xkokivagox The song is "The Impossible Dream" from the musical "Man of
Lamancha" (it is sung by the lead character Don Quixote).

Author Aenemandrea (4 years)
There's only my hope, that you will read this Jamie. I'm not interested in
any opinions of your nervousity. I love you the way you are, nervous or
non-nervous. I'm from Slovakia, and every time I watch your first audition
my body stop breathing and I know that you're wonderful person, such a
miracle in this world. I have watched so many auditions from Britain's got
talent... But you will be always my best ... Thank you so much, that you
came there and sang. For me, for yourself.

Author Andreios5 (3 years)
This man is so better than Susan Boyle

Author melodyworks (4 years)
Jamie has a lovely singing voice.

Author kjeska (3 years)
Well done, Amanda. We so feel with you, you bloody idiot.

Author Nadia Beitzel (2 years)
shut up, judges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author mal334455 (3 years)

Author Ambur Bond (2 years)
I Think He Did Great For Being Him And Not Being A Pro

Author GambiTheSlave (3 years)
@kjeska Well actually - why? She pressed the X button when he actually blew
the song. A few seconds later he made it up, but she pressed just in a
right moment when he sucked. That's raw and tough but freakin' true.

Author 屁 小 (2 years)
I was touched by him

Author Paul Anthony Fort (4 years)

Author mudvyannn1 (3 years)
tap.tap.tap... "your on" ...rofld

Author Jon Suzuki (2 years)
I just saw Les Miserables! It was AMAZING!

Author grecogreco4 (4 years)
i really wish Jamie is watching these good comments on you tube and gain
confidence go jamie!

Author AmandaMenghe (2 years)
He needs to cheer up. He sang the tune too low and I know he can do better.

Author yourshadow05 (5 years) a fan. you're good, but.....i dont think this song did you
justice. Yer audition was freaking awesome. this song.....sry bro. Keep
singing, yer the man.

Author whiteash002 (3 years)
"You didn't entertain me or relax me." Amanda, you cruel little dog. You
cry for every Tom, Dick and Larry out of the box when others think they're
rubbish and you buzz this poor man? Good LORD what were you thinking?

Author paulreno1 (2 years)
I personally like the song - and he was slightly out of time and hit some
dodgy notes. BUT give the guy a chance. It was live and he did a great job
on the song. Amanda's heart appears to have frozen over. Imagine his nerves
and confidence - which he struggles with, then gets an X from her! Totally
heartless woman. I'm sure he'll go far. As for Amanda, I couldn't tell you!

Author Keysforge (3 years)
sw8talker said "wrong choice of song !! that's all." and is right the
problem is he has the voice but dont know what his voice tone and style, he
need training and know how use his gift.

Author famousMaryMoon (3 years)
yeah, he's got a beautiful was the wrong song choice for him...

Author Koxieafond (2 years)
YES!! Fuck negative prophecies! In name of what law or principle does one
nervous performance means that he'll never succeed after 38 to control
better his nerves?!!! What is this age limit for singing, for goodness
sake! COme on Jamie, the show's go on! Continue, have lessons, and do come
back! We are waiting for you! FUCK THEM! Believe US, angels of HOPE! :))

Author Niamh McGrath (2 years)
Hu de fuck sed no

Author Kadoc09 (4 years)
Anyone know is Jamie singing still? Hope he is, love to buy his CD!

Author tmcconnell78 (3 years)
Now I can hear his got a voice

Author Ceadus34 (2 years)
I didn't watch him... I just listened. I liked it. I could feel it. Its a
hard song, and a hard one to make you believe it.

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