[Full HD/HQ] Jamie Pugh Britains Got Talent 25 May 2009

[Full HD/HQ] Jamie Pugh Britains Got Talent 25 May 2009

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Author Norman Wentz ( ago)
Keep it up Jamie! I loved your audition video. Yeah, ok, you hit a couple
of sour notes on this round. I've heard some so-called super stars sing
live and they sounded like a cat in a set of bag pipes being ran over by a
lawn mower. What you did took guts.

Author Laura Salvatore ( ago)
Maybe he needs counseling

Author Suckedintooblivion ( ago)
"I couldn't do what you just did"

Yes, Piers. We know. So stop judging fucking talent competitions.

Author KB1UIF ( ago)
In my opinion this was not the right song for him. I think he would have
been much better with something different like "How to handle a woman" from
Camelot. Richard Harris did a good job but I think Jamie would be better.
Good luck Jamie.

Author Jeremy Keaton ( ago)
But I felt they judged the middle too much. I thought the end was actually
really good.

Author Michelle Messner ( ago)
The song is "The impossible Dream" from Don Quixote.

Author Jacki Allen ( ago)
This song is from a musical!

Author 屁 小 ( ago)
I was touched by him

Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Rame Nitsuga ( ago)
he just sounds les mis :'DDD

Author Giorgi Maghlakelidze ( ago)
I think THAT's exactly what his problem was in this performance... Too bad.
Jamie, you've got a great talent! Keep trying, never give up! :)

Author Edgar Woods ( ago)
I feel for him. I have the same problem. I do think he has a good voice. He
can certainly improve on his stage fright which many of us haave. However,
I am taking medication for mine. A good man.

Author ghostboyee ( ago)
Ooo I got nervous for him. He fell behind the music... Yah not a good song
choice at all especially with his nerves and his voice.

Author Lizzie Collins ( ago)
Hos voice is amazing, this song is not right for his voice, wish he'd chose
something from a musical!

Author Drew Scott ( ago)
No matter who sings this song. It's horrible. I can't stand this stupid
tune. Who the hell wrote this piece of shit? Even Elvis sucked at it.

Author OStark ( ago)
I really think he just chose the wrong song and can beat his nerves and
sing well. He already proved it the first time. So sad he lost this big

Author Antoine Pinard ( ago)
You Only Have To Put One Capital Letter Per Phrase And Not Per Word.

Author 4kisso ( ago)

Author Niamh McGrath ( ago)
Hu de fuck sed no

Author Joe Schmo ( ago)
What a dumb comment

Author gabenovski ( ago)
Show business is a fucking cunt.

Author jimsmallish ( ago)
He's only beginning to learn how to use his voice...

Author chocolatechip290 ( ago)
and yes i too struggle with nerves and anxiety it's hard to control it.
some ppl cant do it til theyre old so give jamie break he was great.. keep
going jamie u rock!

Author chocolatechip290 ( ago)
that's rude. u can have ur opinion but u dont have to be mean i think he
has tons of talent hes truly amazing

Author chocolatechip290 ( ago)
and i would buy jamies music i think he is awesome and the judges were
(most of the time) too harsh on him hes great and i hope to hear more of
him.. ur amazing jamie.. i send u my best wishes. hope u go far in ur life
and with music!!!

Author chocolatechip290 (8 years ago)
I think Jamie is incredible and you can tell hes a really good, respectable
man. he respected their opinions and i think it was very brave of him to
finish the song..and quite well.. after amanda Xed him.. i think that was
the beginning of him getting over his nerves. and although i really like
simon i hate how he said.. ur nerves are ALWAYS gonna hold u back.. nothing
is permanent u can work at things and get over weaknesses thats what life
is about there r ups and downs it's not a sraight line

Author unavitadellamusica ( ago)
It's no the voice, that's talent, but the singing ability. and he has that
as well. I hope he doesn't listen to Simon, and doesn't give up. I wish him
all the luck he can get!

Author Farmer Brown ( ago)
Let us hear you sing!

Author Conceitful Edits ( ago)
What is scary is this song riff is from a spanish movie I watched in
spanish class :O

Author unavitadellamusica ( ago)
Your dirty language says a lot about your character traits, and one of them
is obviously not to respect that other people have a different view of
things than you do. So I say it again: having talent means having
potential, that can be developed and perfected. In case someone is already
perfect - which is anyway impossible, as there's nothing perfect in this
world - one doesn't need a talent show anymore. Yes, you can have your
opinion, but you don't accept, that I can have mine, too.

Author yamaha4759 ( ago)
when you have talent, that only mean you can do it perfectly or more.;.
obviously he don't have any... so why the fuck you want to argue with that?
u can have your opinion, and i can have mine,

Author Liam Keyes ( ago)
There are so many great singers in Wales and Jamie is right there at the
top. Good Luck to you Jamie.

Author Sheryl Modesti ( ago)
Love him!

Author unavitadellamusica ( ago)
I hope this singer reads all these positive comments, and takes heart to go
on to develope his talent, because that's what he's got: TALENT!

Author SouthernProper FratDaddy ( ago)
Since when did Simon become the good guy? Not cool. Pussy. He wasn't
fucking good. Next time, have him bring the audience some pizza instead.

Author SouthernProper FratDaddy ( ago)
You only use quotations for direct quotes. Dumbass. In your username, you
misspelled "whitetrash" by the way.

Author unavitadellamusica ( ago)
Yeah, since when is a talented person required to relax and entertain the
judges? Is that the reason they are doing this show? Very strange!

Author unavitadellamusica ( ago)
This is a show for TALENT - not for perfect performances!

Author AmandaMenghe ( ago)
He needs to cheer up. He sang the tune too low and I know he can do better.

Author Koxieafond ( ago)
YES!! Fuck negative prophecies! In name of what law or principle does one
nervous performance means that he'll never succeed after 38 to control
better his nerves?!!! What is this age limit for singing, for goodness
sake! COme on Jamie, the show's go on! Continue, have lessons, and do come
back! We are waiting for you! FUCK THEM! Believe US, angels of HOPE! :))

Author Dae Han Pak ( ago)
WTF stupid amanda!

Author MrsD7777 ( ago)

Author Nadia Beitzel ( ago)
shut up, judges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author yamaha4759 ( ago)
come on people, he's off key on most part, and the last part should be
straight up high but he toned it in mid range, not very impressive, i agree
with the judge that he really struggle.. he screwed this one..

Author patmarful ( ago)
he has the most incredible gift

Author paulreno1 ( ago)
I personally like the song - and he was slightly out of time and hit some
dodgy notes. BUT give the guy a chance. It was live and he did a great job
on the song. Amanda's heart appears to have frozen over. Imagine his nerves
and confidence - which he struggles with, then gets an X from her! Totally
heartless woman. I'm sure he'll go far. As for Amanda, I couldn't tell you!

Author TechS3eK ( ago)
i think, he choose a very unsuitable song ... He should've avoided this
sorts of song, he was better off singing kinda of quite and relaxing songs

Author Jason Guo ( ago)
I was waiting for something like an explosion coming out of his mouth, if
you know what I mean. But apart from that it was an amazing performance

Author leaningoak ( ago)
Come in off key and there's no hope ... nothing a coach couldn't sort out.

Author stratos k ( ago)
she is fucked up

Author Ambur Bond ( ago)
I Think He Did Great For Being Him And Not Being A Pro

Author Wafi Abou Al Khair ( ago)

Author Keenan Ahmad ( ago)

Author Dusty Swinson ( ago)
High quality/ High definition

Author twoguys ( ago)
what is the difference between hq and hd?

Author shmoogle14 ( ago)
he really butchered this song. his voice warbles A LOT, could be nerves
though. I'm sad that he didn't do the high note at the end and even the low
note he took, he didn't hold it to the end.

Author Tamra King ( ago)
He reminds me of the Lion on the Wizard of Oz. Adorable and AMAZING! Great
job Jamie! You have an AMAZING voice! Keep it up darlin! Much love from

Author tara tomko ( ago)
Simon's haircut always reminds me of a Gorilla. :x

Author Superking119 ( ago)
Does he kinda sound like the cowardly lion to anyone else?

Author Samir Abou El Gheit ( ago)
same to me i like his voice much

Author Ceadus34 ( ago)
I didn't watch him... I just listened. I liked it. I could feel it. Its a
hard song, and a hard one to make you believe it.

Author rcasoundhmv ( ago)
May be he was singing a song unsuitable for his voice. I was just nervous
watching his singing.

Author Panamon ( ago)
His CD is much better...sounds a little like "Hootie and the Blowfish", I
wish him well:)

Author SaybreofAges ( ago)
Jamie's audition was Priceless!! But wrong song choice with parts out of
tune this time. Keep going Jamie!!!

Author Jon Suzuki ( ago)
I just saw Les Miserables! It was AMAZING!

Author veronica z ( ago)
very crude B- woman thats all X

Author scaxxomaxx ( ago)
4:59 Amanda, pls.

Author Pedro Quintanilla ( ago)
He sung fine but the song wasn't as good as the audition one. Amanda
shouldnt of buzzed though

Author Rotger Süßmann ( ago)
You people act like as if he sang horribly. I think he did great!

Author ittap28 ( ago)
DON"T GIVE UP Jamie!!! Everyone was so focused on your nerves - it'll get
better as you keep singing...

Author David Fletcher ( ago)
When you think about all the variables, with different chord progressions
and keys (twelve keys) and different instrument combinations and then
ultimately the different ways of phrasing, I mean you could take any
language and then note how although many ppl speak the same language but
phrase differently then you realise the options are endless....That new
sound is always there waiting to be discovered and I'm afraid it will never
be discovered by profit hungry, sheep herding leeches....!

Author David Fletcher ( ago)
The problem is that most amateur performers perform the audition as
'themselves' with their own personalities intact, but by the time people
like simon cowel and louis walsh get hold of them it's too late...these
guys and/or their colleagues steer them down the commercial railroads and
the focus is then always on the music BUSINESS rather than the business of
making MUSIC and great songs with great feeling and emotion...They think
that it's some kind of formula that can be packaged up...

Author Matt Swift ( ago)
Ah dear. He should have stuck with the show tunes!

Author SKKC1986 ( ago)
picked the wrong song................that's all, he needs sappier songs,
not this manly songs.

Author Abby Seal ( ago)
I know how you feel bro... nerves stink :(

Author MushroomQueef ( ago)
whats wrong with that? he sounded great!

Author martin Hutchinson ( ago)
same with me :'(

Author ShiniGorky187 (697 years ago)
I felt the same as the lady judge. Nervous. Thought it was just me

Author orestesdd ( ago)
Horrible presentation, and I don't think it got the talent to win like
Suzan Boyle.

Author Ty Matthews ( ago)
i hate his vibrato! just saying

Author Keysforge ( ago)
sw8talker said "wrong choice of song !! that's all." and is right the
problem is he has the voice but dont know what his voice tone and style, he
need training and know how use his gift.

Author good5682 ( ago)
he made me cry to in his first audition what a arsehole haha but very very
talented and good to see a normal person a real life bloke who has a voice
of a very gifted chap

Author paragod666 ( ago)
So what happened to this guy?? Is he making records in the UK?

Author AVCStereo ( ago)
He seem's to have lost his way here. Forgot that singing has to come from
the soul/heart, not to be a Performance for show. Look inside and bring out
the Real Song, from the Heart.

Author Corey Lavornia ( ago)
Me too bro, then i was like "What am i doing crying? i'm a man, so i'm
gonna go play some football with my friends" so i put on my headset and
turned on the Xbox

Author nycbassist76 ( ago)
listen i loved his first was amazing made me cry..but this
has nothing to do with song choice..he's singing out of key throughout the
whole thing

Author TehEon ( ago)
The one thing about these epic... iunno what the word is? Harmony? Opera?
these sorts of singers is that they just don't have a wide enough set of
songs. They all do the same three or four songs. If they could change it
up, it'd be so much better

Author whiteash002 ( ago)
"You didn't entertain me or relax me." Amanda, you cruel little dog. You
cry for every Tom, Dick and Larry out of the box when others think they're
rubbish and you buzz this poor man? Good LORD what were you thinking?

Author whiteash002 ( ago)
@TheCookieJar1998 I agree completely. Amanda was way out of line this time.

Author ishulli paqes (1080 years ago)
Things didn't click in the semi because Jamie is a true artist that needs a
live orchestra. Singing to a sound track is like serving a decent steak on
a plastic plate. Why did they keep going on about Jamie being nervous?
Feelings and nerves aren't the same thing. Im sure the magic will return.

Author mudvyannn1 ( ago)
tap.tap.tap... "your on" ...rofld

Author guroizebra ( ago)
you stupid beach

Author Alex Izmayloff ( ago)
hi is the best!!! respect from Russia

Author tmcconnell78 ( ago)
Now I can hear his got a voice

Author Elizabeth Brenner (59 years ago)
Great man, three kids and he can sing.

Author famousMaryMoon ( ago)
yeah, he's got a beautiful was the wrong song choice for him...

Author TheDirrtyMike ( ago)
Who is Amanda anyways?

Author Aee Zee ( ago)
no one said what should have been said. Wrong song, wrong speed.

Author Cody Johnson ( ago)
Did he win?

Author Electricchris1 ( ago)
he actually lifted after amanda buzzed him shows great heart

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