How my mom chose Rumble in LoL

She asked why I was clicking so much on the computer... she wanted to try and this was the result...

here is a video of my dog:
I'm not putting it in annotations because annotations on other peoples videos always piss me off.

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Author Darkonk z (9 months)
see even moms know teemo is bullshit XD

Author Richard Nixon (5 months)

Author james6358 - GhostNappaGaming (1 year)
well here's teemo. "god no!" she knows..... she knows..

Author Chrissy Voeten (10 months)
I was fine with everything until the homosexual thing.

Author Jonathan Chew (8 months)
Nasus is a dog

Author Shawn Degler (1 year)
nasus is a dog as is warwick

Author daniel anderson (1 year)
teemo? god no, best thing that's came out of her mouth and until she dies

Author Anthony Leone (9 months)
I hope that is your mother's mac, not yours.

Author Lisa K (1 year)
Nasus is a dog!

Author Pimpcane Nasus the Curator of the Sands (1 year)

Author ToryLeagueOfLegends (1 year)
How about this homosexual, Instant like.

Author Your Best Friend (1 year)

Author The Big C (1 year)
she called yi gay? fuck this

Author clop99thecanadian (1 year)

Author jonathan chung (1 year)
teemo *GOD NO

Author Vanom Srsly (1 year)
North America is the REALM!! :))

Author kevin ocana (1 year)
susan is a dog

Author Marcus Peecheemow (1 year)
Doesn't ww also count in a way?

Author Annabeth Chase (1 year)
O.o I thought Nasus was a pig..... I'm kinda like his mom, always judging
the looks, not caring about the damage lol

Author DudeDudDood (1 year)
Tried to do this, but my mom shut my laptop down and told me to study :P

Author TheDivineGods863 (1 year)
THERE IS A DOG ITS FREAKING NASUS god damnit that annoyed me.

Author ZelddaLinkFreak (1 year)
"God no!"
Lost it.

Author kevin ocana (1 year)
i play league now and they have a lot of revisuals

Author Hif Games (1 year)

Author Jordan Pasquill (1 year)
Yordles so gay. #AssholeTeemo.

Author Dieguitoxx121 (1 year)
Nasus is a Dog :D

Author Miki Ryan (1 year)
Because everyone fucking hates Teemo. Sky is blue. The sun is a
middle-sized star. People fucking hate Teemo.

Author SixStringsBroken (1 year)
"How about Teemo?" "GOD no." I like this woman.

Author Sameh Hamadeh (1 year)
Same here

Author Ezreal (1 year)

Author AGAB FTG (1 year)
Why is he lying? He has Nasus (a dog)

Author GuillerMak (1 year)
Tell me. How do you record using a mac client?

Author ezaaii (1 year)
Is she playing now? :p

Author vlad mihnea (1 year)
Nasus it's a kinda dog, if not an actual dog

Author DIncognito (1 year)
Pretty sure everyone who watched this video yelled Nasus the entire time.

Author Exavidos (1 year)
I am sure he knows, but his favorite is Renekton, so he can't let his mom
choose his archenemy Nasus.

Author robbydax (1 year)
She knows what's up

Author Glory Michele (1 year)
lol he even had his cursor over nasus for a second when she said she wanted
a dog xD

Author Coo (1 year)
Nasus is a dog doe

Author Evan Lewis (1 year)
Nasus... Warwick...

Author ImMrHappa (1 year)
LOL Your mom sounds like my mom when picking. no lie lol

Author TheTjerty (1 year)
She probably would have loved teemo is the splash art was up to date. lol

Author intothekey (1 year)
I wanted to see her play darn it

Author haywja483 (1 year)
Then don't watch or complain lol videos retard just don't associate
yourself with the game -_- everybody wins, one less Idiot in the league
community and you don't have to think of a game you hate.

Author Holygiant (1 year)
Nasus is a dog.

Author Victor brandt (1 year)
NO DOGS ???? NASUS !!!!

Author J So (1 year)
Nasus is a dog.

Author Evan Hollnagel (1 year)
Attractive woman.... is that some sort of new champion?

Author TheLogicAtheist (1 year)
Its just a random pic.. its not her ..

Author WhosA Legend (1 year)
ahahaahahahah True story!

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