How my mom chose Rumble in LoL

She asked why I was clicking so much on the computer... she wanted to try and this was the result...

here is a video of my dog:
I'm not putting it in annotations because annotations on other peoples videos always piss me off.

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Author veronica laos ( ago)

Author Feytey .DarkEmber ( ago)
He has Nasus, and there is Warwick... COME ON! DOGS!

Author League of Legends Pro Plays ( ago)

Author AGAB FTG ( ago)
Why is he lying? He has Nasus (a dog)

Author Better Nerf Irelia ( ago)
Why not Teemo? :( We like him.

Author Kappa ( ago)

Author Victor brandt ( ago)
NO DOGS ???? NASUS !!!!

Author Dmit Coro ( ago)
)))) Teemo? God no ! ))))))

Author Alex Beaupré ( ago)
''there is no dogs'' WHAT ABOUT NASUS!?!?!

Author knightofnightside ( ago)
Nasus was meant to be like Anubis the egypt god of death but well, if you
prefer "dog" go ahead

Author GK4ME ( ago)
This isn't nintendogs .. :D

Author Rengar Heimerdinger ( ago)

Author dangermonkeybob ( ago)
it's just instinct every human is born with it

Author Fanimation ( ago)
But dem crits doe

Author Smashington ( ago)
she obviously wanted nasus ffs

Author Ben Pells ( ago)
4:20 Blaze it.

Author Evan Alvarez ( ago)
She kept asking for a dog, and you kept clicking champions adjacent to
Nasus, and it caused me a very real, physical pain.

Author XxElite60xX ( ago)
1:14 "Look this homosexual" "Noooo" xD

Author Matthias Keck ( ago)
Shows her Yi... No, hes gay :D

Author Ayoub Khalil ( ago)
LOL "whos that? O he's a samurai. O no... his gay."

Author Gaming Site Reflexbyhop ( ago)
Nasus is a dog!!

Author Siclone ( ago)
what about nasus? hes a dog

Author Miki Ryan ( ago)
Because everyone fucking hates Teemo. Sky is blue. The sun is a
middle-sized star. People fucking hate Teemo.

Author wasgeht siedasan ( ago)
Karthos is my fav because hes the coolest :D

Author IcyCube Icy ( ago)
No Dogs BUT a WOLF!!!!! Warwick....just show her she'll love him

Author TheTjerty ( ago)
She probably would have loved teemo is the splash art was up to date. lol

Author travboy101 ( ago)

Author Hans Meier ( ago)
why didnt you show her nasus :o

Author soschar2050 ( ago)
Am i the only one who wants to actually see her play?

Author buliwyfZrage ( ago)
It is good to know that we go for the visuals. & Nah, no offense but hot is
something else. Very pretty, yarrrrr. Hot, no. Lets stop thinking with our
dicks btw.

Author SixStringsBroken ( ago)
"How about Teemo?" "GOD no." I like this woman.

Author Zylar Adama ( ago)
Stereotypism at its finest.

Author Reynas Farinas ( ago)
Yes it does have "dogs"... Nasus?

Author David Smith ( ago)
How come you couldn't think to choose know...the dog?

Author Evan Hollnagel ( ago)
You're a random pic, you're not her!! damnit

Author Evan Hollnagel ( ago)
Attractive woman.... is that some sort of new champion?

Author ★AimlessTV★ ( ago)
Its just a random pic.. its not her ..

Author ObsidianValkyrie ( ago)
It's 420 here

Author intothekey ( ago)
I wanted to see her play darn it

Author Scawking ( ago)
pfft idiot

Author Stan van der Linden ( ago)
it's not a hot gamer girl. it's a gamer like all of us. now shush and go
eat your taco.

Author escuse me ( ago)
"that's master yi is a samuri" "noo, that's gay" hahahahahha!

Author Evan Hollnagel ( ago)
you're too hot to know about LoL....

Author Kesuke Miyagi ( ago)
hahaa so good xD

Author D.E.A.R Chaleomwong ( ago)
She hate how all champion look ugly but she did not pick Teemo o.O' he is

Author jeting13 ( ago)
who's that? "thats master yi, hes a samurai." noo... hes gay 2:12

Author Kim Wilson ( ago)
nasus is a fucking dog ;3

Author Kim Wilson ( ago)
Teemo? God no. LMAO

Author Exavidos ( ago)
I am sure he knows, but his favorite is Renekton, so he can't let his mom
choose his archenemy Nasus.

Author iankobe ( ago)
I really enjoyed this video... HAHAHA

Author Holygiant ( ago)
Nasus is a dog.

Author Shaclown ( ago)
The ol' good LoL...

Author SWEG WEEG ( ago)
Warwick and Nasus... both canines

Author Alex D'Elia ( ago)
"You want Teemo?" "God no!" Love your mom bro

Author NightmareChaos RS ( ago)

Author MrSkme ( ago)

Author robbydax ( ago)
She knows what's up

Author Dodssynden ( ago)
Was he on high ?:D

Author Ravagerngr ( ago)
I love how she hates teemo before she even knows about him

Author Glory Michele ( ago)
lol he even had his cursor over nasus for a second when she said she wanted
a dog xD

Author Rothargar ( ago)
Oh it's 420 is it ?

Author Troys50 ( ago)
I do too, and I have 5 ranked pentas :/

Author sloth ( ago)
loooool u play with tuchpad

Author Star Legend ( ago)
Shows teemo "God no"

Author Deck Says ( ago)
Warwick is a wolf

Author NoGoodNameGG ( ago)
Teemo? - God no. YAY TEEMO HATERZ

Author KhakiChan ( ago)
Nasus is a dog and it's always 420.

Author MeetThaLeet ( ago)
its 420 :p

Author ImMrHappa ( ago)
LOL Your mom sounds like my mom when picking. no lie lol

Author Mesa Selimovic ( ago)
RP generator giveaway /watch?v=m_rIbWLGlIk

Author Mesa Selimovic ( ago)
RP generator giveaway /watch?v=m_rIbWLGlIk

Author bobatea57 ( ago)
she said no to teemo....

Author anokajdm53 ( ago)
Why are you calling Dog Nasus?

Author Hansavad ( ago)
Baka! He's a were-fucking-wolf

Author TheRiverweasel09 ( ago)
Don't forget about warwick.

Author TheRiverweasel09 ( ago)
or Warwick

Author Too Busy Sleeping ( ago)
Your mom would love the debonair Jayce.

Author Jake James Jacob Jhonson Jr. ( ago)
ew, mac

Author nebbii ( ago)
everyone hates teemo regardless if they play league or not

Author DIncognito ( ago)
Pretty sure everyone who watched this video yelled Nasus the entire time.

Author GameMusicChamp015 ( ago)

Author young dickwheel ( ago)
And a dog is technicaly a wolf, so shush

Author MrServantRider ( ago)
lmao The best part is that, calling Rumble cute would probably piss him
off. XD

Author J So ( ago)
Nasus is a dog.

Author plgr1p ( ago)
-.- nasus is dog and ww is wolf

Author afdelgado1 ( ago)
How about this homosexual lmao

Author dzanker hostes ( ago)
Riot points giveaway /watch?v=LZNeT8kEy-Y

Author Rado Petrov ( ago)
and nasus is a dog

Author Rado Petrov ( ago)
yi isnt gay and voli is my avatar dont fk with him fking mom of

Author Euphorism Swagger ( ago)
I remember that.

Author Griffin Tremaine ( ago)
I was yelling "NASUS!" everytime she asked if there was a dog

Author Coo ( ago)
Nasus is a dog doe

Author Fluffybrute ( ago)
You should show her a Cho-Gath. He is cute.

Author TheTerminator ( ago)
always remined me of hypno...

Author DefiniteHD ( ago)
Please Check out my youtube channel. I have 3 videos Currently and upload
videos every week. Please Check them Out Ty

Author TallyZrg ( ago)
"Where are the dogs?" *Cough* *Cough* Warwick *Cough* Nasus *Cough*

Author EddyThePro ( ago)
Btw there is a dog in league... Nasus

Author Robbie O'Brien ( ago)
why did they like it? THEY MUST LIKE THE DEVIL OF LOL

Author MrSuperdude6 ( ago)
Riot posted this thing on Facebook that said If the post got zero likes
they would delete Teemo. It got over 30,000 likes. XD

Author Kyo Kyo ( ago)
i asked my uncle he said darius

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