Iron Man "JARVIS" Effect

First off, watch in 1080pHD. Without a doubt, this is the most complex clip I've ever completed; including precompositions, the complete After Effects project had over 1700 layers. Seated at my desk, I command an interactive volumetric display as part of the archetypical sci-fi holographic user interface. Inspired by the "Mark II" scene in Iron Man (2008). Special thanks to Kaleb Horn for voicing the character Jarvis.

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Author Joe Quispe Ccuno (2 months)
tutorial porfavor!!!!!!!!!!

Author xD3MON THETHEMON699 (1 month)
what software do you that too??

Author MelsChamomile+96 (3 months)
Total orgasm for a fangurl like me...

Author DeadlyUSMC (3 months)
Awesome work!!! Hope to be this good one day lol. Still learning
everything. And subbed ya ;-)

Author leomel ibasco (4 months)
u must have a million dollars to do that :3

Author Vinod Kumar (8 months)

Author Shaaran arts (4 months)
Guys this is easy and u can do this using using adobe after effects.our
team is yet to release a tutorial for this so subscribe us to see it
without missing it

Author joe teo (10 months)

It's amazing..mind teaching how u did it?

Author AdelaideChrome (1 year)
tutorial of this awesome clip please~! :D

Author joshua kurt (1 year)
how did you do that
tell me

Author James Orlando (1 year)
I love how CGI that a decade ago would have cost millions now some guy in
his living room can do for a fraction of the cost, I love technology.

Author Max Payne (2 years)

Author Tsubasa Kato (3 years)
I love this! Thanks for sharing it on YouTube! :)

Author Charlotte (3 years)
Wow, this is FANTASTIC. This must've taken ages to create! Congratulations
on your genius o_o You make me want to finally get around to learning After
Effects for myself. Also, to the people asking for a tutorial: The
description says 1700 layers. Fudge no, he isn't making a tutorial for
that! It's a wonder he made this in itself at all!

Author Rhyas9 (2 years)
You got skillz.

Author Denis Stefanet (3 years)
100 percent that he don't know what he's doing there :))

Author Jordan Bennett (2 years)
why is he still using that keyboard and mouse?

Author GlaciΣr (2 years)
31 people failed to find a holographic desktop/Virtual AI on google. Haters
gonna hate!!

Author DreamWorld Prathamesh (1 year)
make tutorial dude please

Author Tatoo236 (1 year)
you have done an awesome job!!

Author shalithachess (1 year)
please do a tutorial to how to do this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Author TheClyde1997 (2 years)
Any tutorial??????????????????????????

Author Nuel Smart (2 years)
at thank u :)

Author zacTAG (2 years)
Malcolm in the Middle?

Author Zzulu2 (2 years)
Needs a tutorial mate

Author Sanjae Suresh (1 year)

Author cevans114 (2 years)
how did u make it follow your hand

Author HacMacSiri (3 years)
Thanks Dude , Please Comment On My Video- I Used Audio From iVONA . THANKS
MAN ! I Will COntinue To make Such Good Clips , So Please Subsctibe ,

Author StarKiller (2 years)
Dude I'm diggin the acting and the hard thinking x) and that Jarvis voice
you did lol

Author Irfan Azwan (2 years)

Author Jordan Reece (1 year)
like seriously..

Author George Charalambous (3 years)
it might sound funny to you, but Hollywood futuristic products always lead
to the future. For instance those things in the Iron Man movie are the
Artificial Intelligence which is designed as we speak and the Hologram
Technology which is as well designed as we speak. Of course we will have to
wait another 20-25 years until we can buy such things

Author Darrion Vaughn (2 years)
Niiiccceee, real nice

Author Pete McDonnell (3 years)
So did you make all the individual objects such as the house the bed etc in
3ds max or maya? what did you track it too? is that light an actual light?
how did you know where to put you hands? did you have a reference points?
sorry for asking all these questions but i am creating something similar
for uni?

Author WinTech94 (3 years)
@whomovieman Dude.. a tutorial would take too long for this.. didnt you
read the description? The final cut consisted of over 1700 layers...

Author drummaster157 (3 years)
@HacMacSiri It's good just could use a little work on the voice of "jarvis"
otherwise good job! :)

Author ghostie108 (3 years)
But will it blend in?

Author MrTecnec (2 years)
Yeah you could set one tracking point in after effects on your finger for
example and use the tracking data, or you create a mech or something in
Boujou (3D Tracking) and use the tracked mech data. But for example for the
rotation it's easier to keyframe the rotation manually :)

Author Ian yuen (1 year)

Author thewimpydj (2 years)
tutorial please

Author Kasper Nørgaard (2 years)
Yearh tutorial :)

Author James Everingham (2 years)
wow, this is the best after effects hud i've ever seen! just had an idea
though, did you think of playing all those hitech blips that the hud was
making through your computer or something so that it intergrated with the
audio of you the video if you get what i mean? great job!

Author MrTecnec (2 years)
ever heard of tracking? ;)

Author Ritu Juneja (1 year)
plz do a tutorial

Author claireanimorphs (2 years)
That is so cool dude!!!

Author ironhidewatson (3 years)
I can't wait for this sort of technology to actually be created.

Author Matt (1 year)
cant wait till 2020-30 when this is acctually possible!!!

Author EventHorizonTV (3 years)
Dude this is sick! Now that is some serious talent

Author Angelica Rivero (1 year)
Make me one

Author matrixhackers (2 years)
awesome vid. but maybe the base of your hologram is a but too bright.

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