Iron Man "JARVIS" Effect

First off, watch in 1080pHD. Without a doubt, this is the most complex clip I've ever completed; including precompositions, the complete After Effects project had over 1700 layers. Seated at my desk, I command an interactive volumetric display as part of the archetypical sci-fi holographic user interface. Inspired by the "Mark II" scene in Iron Man (2008). Special thanks to Kaleb Horn for voicing the character Jarvis.

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Author ammar asyraf ( ago)
this is awesome !!

Author Amit kumar singh ( ago)
its cool...!!!

Author Awesome Tech ( ago)

Author Emery Murry ( ago)
How did you do that

Author xD3MON THETHEMON699 ( ago)
what software do you that too??

Author Joe “20EDUARS” Quispe Ccuno ( ago)
tutorial porfavor!!!!!!!!!!

Author DeadlyUSMC “SERE” ( ago)
Awesome work!!! Hope to be this good one day lol. Still learning
everything. And subbed ya ;-)

Author Dr4g1nx ( ago)
Total orgasm for a fangurl like me...

Author Shaaran arts ( ago)
Guys this is easy and u can do this using using adobe after effects.our
team is yet to release a tutorial for this so subscribe us to see it
without missing it

Author prithvi dhakshaan ( ago)
pls giv me a tut...dude

Author awsome1286 ( ago)
Could you make a tutorial maybe not that huge scale but a smaller version.

Author Matt ( ago)
cant wait till 2020-30 when this is acctually possible!!!

Author Inzaghi ( ago)

Author Igor Bajic ( ago)
coooool :D will you make a tutorial? :D

Author John Tubig ( ago)
Doesn't sound like Jarvis

Author Shine Creations ( ago)
subscribe here at my channel. follow shadow shine studios dot net and you
will see a tutorial like this. I'll get started immediately. you'll even be

Author DreamWorld Prathamesh ( ago)
make tutorial dude please

Author Денис Д ( ago)
1700 layers? nice joke! ...or u r crazy nab... rly

Author ViJaY PrAkAsH ( ago)
how much time u have spend to create this effect

Author saud ansari ( ago)
I m tryng the same thng bt fist I wnt my computer respond me lyk ur. M
doing ths bt I thnk my strategy is nt enough. So I need a litle help frm u
if u cn nd if u wnt. This is my u cn rply me in
this. Nd lst bt nt the least ur work is jst awsum..

Author huynh toan ( ago)
import from autocad ?

Author shalithachess ( ago)
please do a tutorial to how to do this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Author Ritu Juneja ( ago)
plz do a tutorial

Author Mrozowski123 ( ago)

Author Jiří Robert Stárk ( ago)
How this can be a home-What things do the necessary for fuknci? .. Jak se
toto dá po Domácku udělat jaké veci k tomu jsou potřebné pro fuknci ??

Author Seaghán Pipistrello ( ago)
You got the fucking Jarvis thingy then why the hell do you still use mouse
and keyboard and monitor.

Author Jordan Reece ( ago)
like seriously..

Author anas zia ( ago)
tutorilas plz

Author Sarthak Shetty ( ago)
whose Microsoft Sam??? O.o

Author Tsubasa Kato ( ago)
This is very inspirational. Thank you! -Tsubasa Kato (@stingraze)

Author dominoking0179 ( ago)
@shizakinakamora he made it himself

Author Sanjae Suresh ( ago)

Author Daniel Roberto ( ago)
its very cool but i would put the flare brightness a litle lower and were
did u get the hologram footage i like to know

Author ThePerfect1077 ( ago)
over 1700 layers wtf and tutorial plzz

Author ThePerfect1077 ( ago)
adobe after effects it is in the description

Author Angelica Rivero ( ago)
Make me one

Author Jeremy Perdomo ( ago)
Good job man!

Author Mex ate ( ago)
omg that is so amazing

Author Vedant Pratap Singh Jadon ( ago)
Tutorial Please??

Author Adam ( ago)
If you look really close by the.. nope.. it seems pretty legit.. good job

Author Adam K. ( ago)
Adobe After effects

Author Christopher Chapman ( ago)
How did you do the effects, like what program did you use?

Author Ian yuen ( ago)

Author TeenForces ( ago)
You don't say?

Author Genrev Hernandez ( ago)
no shit fuck boy thats why it says effect

Author Marco Mc Cabe ( ago)

Author ZeroCiel ( ago)
Whoa, what the heck, that's awesome! :o

Author JianShen Ong ( ago)
i feel like wanna slap ur face .. LOL !

Author zeek detiquez ( ago)
Looks gay to you but for tony, AWESOME LOL! Good work though

Author heath-owen sacré davies ( ago)
hi cosmo pretty sweet jarvis system have you thought pf making a iron man
hud thats interactive for an app prehaps, like youtube clip > iron man hud
effect - , only instead as an app overlaying your camera like the tony
stark feature in quofx app for iphone , even better if you could talk to
javis voice (like siri / to send video calls while in iron man hud
accessing contact txting google etc

Author Aileen Irias ( ago)
Very cool to say the least!

Author Tatoo236 ( ago)
you have done an awesome job!!

Author moobozaa ( ago)
u r really good u should do this more actively

Author justPlain Gerald ( ago)
Good Job, great models and great fx. Two thumbs up! Now keep your secrets
to yourself....

Author Samuel Sebastian ( ago)
What app Are You using

Author jlrockafella ( ago)
adobe ppl, great video. I have Jarvis installed but cant seem to get the
damn voice to work with my commands ;*( Its really easy to set up but
without the JARVIS voice from Iron Man , this sux lol

Author jazminglaman111798 ( ago)
OMIGAWD please post a tutorial on how to make this thing! :ooooo

Author Alperen Aksoy ( ago)
Tutorial please

Author oguzhan sisman ( ago)
tutorial plz

Author Kasper Nørgaard ( ago)
Yearh tutorial :)

Author Zzulu2 ( ago)
Needs a tutorial mate

Author Matt Barber ( ago)
It'll be amazing when things like that are invented for homes like in
Starks apartment

Author Cremisius Aclassi ( ago)

Author Halo Lestrange ( ago)
How do you hey the effects??!!!

Author Noble Spartan Films ( ago)
43 people still talk to Microsoft Sam.

Author Nuel Smart ( ago)
at thank u :)

Author Nuel Smart ( ago)
tutorial please... help me i need that,really bad :)

Author thewimpydj ( ago)
tutorial please

Author A$AP HULK ( ago)
whats a Nob?

Author Jordan Bennett ( ago)
why is he still using that keyboard and mouse?

Author SueWreck ( ago)
It needs some refining, yeah, but the over all composition still looks
great, so gtfo dude.

Author bossem tossem ( ago)
tutorial PLEASE!!!!!

Author solomon pickles ( ago)
Great job? You mean fake job. It isn't even real so you're the nob and also
the guy in the video

Author Alfred Pennyworth ( ago)
Why use plastic when you can make them out of fiber glass, Hell metal even?
There are people out there with Iron Man suits made from the same materials
used in the movie. Some knob you are for busting this guys balls for a
great job done.

Author Gryfirine ( ago)

Author JABPivot ( ago)
my real name is Jarvis and no one cares.

Author James Everingham ( ago)
wow, this is the best after effects hud i've ever seen! just had an idea
though, did you think of playing all those hitech blips that the hud was
making through your computer or something so that it intergrated with the
audio of you the video if you get what i mean? great job!

Author kevintedjosugondo ( ago)

Author Irfan Azwan ( ago)

Author BitesCGI ( ago)
for people asking for tutorials... this is far to complex for a tutorial.
If you are asking for a tutorial, then you don't know enough about
compositing yet, work on that and eventually you can try this.

Author TheClyde1997 ( ago)
Any tutorial??????????????????????????

Author matrixhackers ( ago)
awesome vid. but maybe the base of your hologram is a but too bright.

Author GlaciΣr ( ago)
31 people failed to find a holographic desktop/Virtual AI on google. Haters
gonna hate!!

Author Shivansh Budakoti ( ago)
hi it was real cool effect can you do the camera angling effect done in the
song "fort minor believe me official video" hope you will respond

Author TechnoEchoFilms ( ago)
epic what did u use

Author Anthony Padildo ( ago)
Yeah, thats the point.

Author NicksPolitics ( ago)

Author LukeBlogger ( ago)
This is incredible dude. Apart from loving all of it, I especially like the
3D hologram of the building. What programme did you do that it and also how
did you make the texture??

Author richie love hurt ( ago)
jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja XD sad

Author Mario Krastanov ( ago)
I wish. Could make one! That looks soooooooo freaking awesome! Amazing job,

Author MrTecnec ( ago)
Yeah you could set one tracking point in after effects on your finger for
example and use the tracking data, or you create a mech or something in
Boujou (3D Tracking) and use the tracked mech data. But for example for the
rotation it's easier to keyframe the rotation manually :)

Author cevans114 ( ago)
yeah so u just track it to your hands?

Author MrTecnec ( ago)
ever heard of tracking? ;)

Author Tracy Haynes ( ago)

Author cevans114 ( ago)
how did u make it follow your hand

Author Darrion Vaughn ( ago)
Niiiccceee, real nice

Author Strong Cochran ( ago)

Author zacTAG ( ago)
Malcolm in the Middle?

Author racazael ( ago)
just have a after effects... have a tuto... and at last.. u have this... :D

Author claireanimorphs ( ago)
That is so cool dude!!!

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