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Author Samantha Lin (1 year)
Jerome why do you have to be so mean to Mitch :(

Author Rendel Brigino (2 months)
Who is the winner?
This vedio is too funny hahaha ;D

Author Metsfan123 (3 months)
guys turn on your CC at 16:29 the subtitlless r soooooo funny.

Author ashael polanco (5 months)

Author Dylan Dowell (3 months)
if you guys have your vooices on like a cats it wuld me funny as crap

Author Viktor Chistozvonov (3 months)
Jeii Bajan winner

Author poppycc1335 Gaming (4 months)
Betty VS Silvia sharp VI

Author Chris Costa (4 months)
Love parkour Raceing

Author Latchezar Stoyanov (5 months)
You both are aweome im you r bigest fan take care

Author David Antonio (4 months)
Happy New Year everyone!!!

Author PumamanGames (5 months)

Author pancaketrowsers (5 months)
big nose

Author Brody Carty (1 year)
People say ASFJrome sucks but he is not im against those guys who say he
sucks whos with me leave a like on the comment if you do

Author Marc Bayman (5 months)

Author fran davis (6 months)

Author Robert E (4 months)

Author Christy Cason (5 months)

Author PumamanGames (5 months)

Author Anthony DeBonis (5 months)
I think skydoesminecraft did this map for herobrine escape

Author candoccasion dubai (8 months)
Take a look at this video on YouTube:jjnnnjjjj

Author redice (8 months)
How do they do parkour I suck at parkour show me please

Author Rosalina Melchar (6 months)
jerome at the beginning lol

Author Judi Vaders (5 months)
Jerome and Mitch are joking with each other there awesome friends have u
seen their other videos they are perfectly fine they just joke and mess

Author GreenSkull Gaming (8 months)
1200th comment

Author Teresa Valcarce (9 months)

Author Ivano Fištrović (8 months)
no cool yours suckers :(

Author ShyBlossom AJ (10 months)
was it just me or did mitch say something about jerome and a mac,
my question does he have a mac

Author Jaylon Stafford (8 months)

Author Sumber Boldsaikhan (5 months)
Jerome is a stinking cheating furry bacca

Author Roma Kawasaki (9 months)
Betty vs chicken nugget butter 

Author David Herdy (9 months)
jramae is a noob guys he chetict

Author Bleeu No love (1 year)
Bo Jerome you suck

Author Luke Rhoades (1 year)
Rank down

Author Jessy Jacobo (10 months)
Guys suck dick

Author Kathy Lam (1 year)
This was uploaded on my bday

Author Marshawn Williams (10 months)
I love the video

Author Emmanuel Turner (11 months)

Author Isaac Mhar (11 months)
did anyone realise that at the end it said ASFJerome won???

Author Chiron Yay (11 months)
Don't like the video

Author Angel Coloma (10 months)

Author irfan merican (11 months)
update your server's version so more people can join 

Author Ben F (11 months)

Author Brian Ly (11 months)
Is this not a map that is made for a team who are running from the killer
and the survivors have to get to the end and the map was created my

Author Soccer Boy (1 year)
so funny best video ever

Author emmanuelfeb23 (1 year)

Author Lianna Loughman (1 year)
In banja we trust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Ben F (11 months)
I meant bacca

Author sarah coello (1 year)
You guys should put more red light green light in minecraft

Author Ben F (11 months)
Jerome and meetch are both sexy smelly Bacchae

Author Gerard Lagana (1 year)
Jerome stinkes

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