Minecraft: PARKOUR RACING w/Mitch & Jerome!

Hey Doods! ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ Much Luv :)

Mitch and Jerome race on the Adventure Parkour map! Double intro all the way across the sky! AND OF COURSE SUMOTORI! :D

Hope you enjoyed - and if you did please give the video a thumbs up!
Much luv!

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Adventure Parkour Race Map Download Link --
(Tell them Mitch sent you) ♦ Play on my Minecraft Server - IP: ♦
Hey Doods! ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦ Much Luv :)

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Author Jake Bridla ( ago)
pls make more parkour videos then like u guys have powers i like it pls 😊

Author Jake Bridla ( ago)
u guys are freking awesome

Author MC GirlGaming ( ago)

Author Isaac Yi ( ago)
jerome actually won hahahaha

Author Rendel Brigino ( ago)
Who is the winner?
This vedio is too funny hahaha ;D

Author Viktor Chistozvonov ( ago)
Jeii Bajan winner

Author Dylan Dowell ( ago)
if you guys have your vooices on like a cats it wuld me funny as crap

Author Metsfan123 ( ago)
guys turn on your CC at 16:29 the subtitlless r soooooo funny.

Author poppycc1335 Gaming ( ago)
Betty VS Silvia sharp VI

Author Chris Costa (1909 years ago)
Love parkour Raceing

Author David Antonio ( ago)
Happy New Year everyone!!!

Author Robert E ( ago)

Author pancaketrowsers ( ago)
big nose

Author Latchezar Stoyanov ( ago)
You both are aweome im you r bigest fan take care

Author Marc Bayman ( ago)

Author Judi Vaders ( ago)
Jerome and Mitch are joking with each other there awesome friends have u
seen their other videos they are perfectly fine they just joke and mess

Author Sumber Boldsaikhan ( ago)
Jerome is a stinking cheating furry bacca

Author PumamanGames ( ago)

Author PumamanGames ( ago)

Author ashael polanco ( ago)

Author Anthony DeBonis ( ago)
I think skydoesminecraft did this map for herobrine escape

Author fran davis ( ago)

Author Rosalina Melchar ( ago)
jerome at the beginning lol

Author Ivano Fištrović ( ago)
no cool yours suckers :(

Author Jaylon Stafford ( ago)

Author GreenSkull Gaming ( ago)
1200th comment

Author redice ( ago)
How do they do parkour I suck at parkour show me please

Author candoccasion dubai ( ago)
Take a look at this video on YouTube:jjnnnjjjj

Author Teresa Valcarce ( ago)

Author Roma Kawasaki ( ago)
Betty vs chicken nugget butter 

Author David Herdy ( ago)
jramae is a noob guys he chetict

Author ShyBlossom AJ ( ago)
was it just me or did mitch say something about jerome and a mac,
my question does he have a mac

Author Jessy Jacobo ( ago)
Guys suck dick

Author Girl with a hidden dick ( ago)
My booty in ya face, may booty in ya face - Jerome

Author Angel Coloma ( ago)

Author Marshawn Williams ( ago)
I love the video

Author irfan merican ( ago)
update your server's version so more people can join 

Author Brian Ly ( ago)
Is this not a map that is made for a team who are running from the killer
and the survivors have to get to the end and the map was created my

Author Emmanuel Turner (Eman) ( ago)

Author The Monkos ( ago)
Don't like the video

Author Ben F ( ago)
I meant bacca

Author Ben F ( ago)

Author Ben F ( ago)
Jerome and meetch are both sexy smelly Bacchae

Author Isaac Mhar (xPr0PvPGaM3Rx) ( ago)
did anyone realise that at the end it said ASFJerome won???

Author Samantha Lin ( ago)
Jerome why do you have to be so mean to Mitch :(

Author Luke Rhoades ( ago)
Rank down

Author emmanuelfeb23 ( ago)

Author Lianna Loughman ( ago)
In banja we trust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author sarah coello ( ago)
You guys should put more red light green light in minecraft

Author Gamer7294 ( ago)
I love parkour

Author Chris King ( ago)
Peoples subscribe to me please, It would really help.

Author shaheen fire ( ago)
Best minecraft map

Author Soccer Boy ( ago)
so funny best video ever

Author Tyler Gurney ( ago)

Author Daniel Hyde ( ago)

Author Brody Carty (FuriousDoggie84) ( ago)

Author Brody Carty (FuriousDoggie84) ( ago)
People say ASFJrome sucks but he is not im against those guys who say he
sucks whos with me leave a like on the comment if you do

Author marc benavides ( ago)
Old but still good

Author Super Lantern ( ago)

Author Super Lantern ( ago)
Baccarat cheat Mitch you cannot be Benjamin bacca

Author Fabian Dejesus ( ago)
Have a hard drive plug the wire into computer and download

Author Fabian Dejesus ( ago)
Do u have an Xbox 360 for I can add u

Author GoldenTalonGrant Minecraft ( ago)
Happy b day Jerome!!!

Author zack mahoney ( ago)
suck my nob

Author Alejandro Diaz ( ago)
i like waffels

Author Dylan Craft ( ago)
Jerome stinks

Author rprince1209 ( ago)

Author Doom Surge ( ago)
cheaters never win

Jerome cheated

Author Gerard Lagana ( ago)
Jerome stinkes

Author Bleeu No love ( ago)
Bo Jerome you suck

Author Kathy Lam ( ago)
This was uploaded on my bday

Author Ash Teh Boss ( ago)
who the hall made the "sumotori" thingy did benja?

Author Tobyhaus ( ago)

Author Jiayi Hu ( ago)
2 suicidal guys

Author Rob Crook ( ago)

Author Ashley D ( ago)
Can anyone tell me how to download maps like this on the xbox 360 version
of minecraft, is possible. Please and thank you.

Author Nicholas Mania ( ago)
16:21 budder vs blueberries

Author Isaac Wilson ( ago)
Lol good idea bacca 😄

Author dalen lenyz ( ago)
1100 comment :)

Author jesper svensson ( ago)
smart idea

Author James Greg ( ago)
Jerome Is A Loser At This Game Stinky Bacca Cheater

Author James Greg ( ago)
I'll say Mitch Won Double Because Jerome Cheated More Than Mitch Now You
Won't Win Jerome! That's Karma

Author Cube Sulky ( ago)
Don't swere

Author na chichi ( ago)
13:48 If Mitch won then why does it say ASFjerome won!!! CONGRATS!!

Author Zoheb Rahman ( ago)
Cheating bacca

Author Noah Guerrero ( ago)
I love parcore

Author Dan Carr ( ago)
10,000th like

Author RojhatHDGameing ( ago)
That's what they played with bodi

Author Michael “BigMike8Minecraft” DelloBuono ( ago)
At 1:43 it's sounds like Jerome said nigga and balls

Author GemMaster10 ( ago)
I watch 4 the sumotor

Author Skylar Wolfe ( ago)
Idat slurp though at the end

Author minecrafter 2 diamont ( ago)
wow great!!!

Author ronny heuy ( ago)
What is the red one

Author Luis Cruz ( ago)
Jerome hi

Author Bub Bub ( ago)

Author Masonboy109 ( ago)
How do u do the photo art on your videos

Author James Stefanowicz ( ago)
Nice awesome man

Author Toonscraft1 ( ago)
Awesome! :D

Author Huy Tran ( ago)
Nice troll mitch 

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