Totmianina and Marinin

Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin at 2004 Skate America. This is their long program where Maxim fell and dropped Tatiana.

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Author SerenityFL (8 days)
Jeezus that was a horrible sound. I knew that she was going to fall, I
read the description, but man, I was not expecting that! Poor thing.

Author Olga Levin (1 month)
I remember watching this pair skate when I was younger. Remember this
accident very well. When I was learning how to skate on ice when I was
little there were these kids who were playing around dangerously. I don't
know if they were play some sort of ice tag or something like that, but one
of the boys was much heavier than the other, he was flying on the ice. And
I mean FLYING as in speeding. He tripped somehow and I saw his body fly
right into the barrier head first like a hockey puck. I remember seeing
medics show up and all that. The ice is truly unforgiving if you don't
respect it and honestly it bothers me when I hear anyone say that they
watch sports like this only to see people get hurt.

Author secretsecaret (4 months)
That is the scariest feeling, to know a split second before it happens that
you're going to faceplant into the rink and there's nothing you can do to
stop it. Agreed, all the fault was with Marinin in this program. 

Author helen hall (1 month)
This was such a beautiful programme until that happened

Author zecrom vs reshiram (2 months)
omg I feel bad for her. I remember when I hit my head off the ice at
Brady's run ice arena I was bleeding from my head and I had a minor

Author Sue Walsh (1 month)
I was a serious figure skater when I was young. My skating coach had this
happen to her. Her partner dropped her and she fractured her spine, ending
her skating career. Skating is more dangerous than most people recognize.
The ice is not forgiving and skate blades are very sharp.

Author Lauren Thompson (3 months)
I am glad to hear she has fully recovered, what a terrible fall!

I had never seen her skate before, she is unbelievable really! Really a
fantastic skater, so seamless, perfect! Amazing!

Author theoriginalbillholt (1 month)
This may sound odd, but I found Peggy Fleming's heartfelt reaction for the
several seconds after 2:11 to be one of the sweetest things I've ever
heard. Everyone was seemingly concerned, but Peggy's expression was
profoundly compassionate and humane. I don't think it was one of shared
perspective as a fellow world-class skater. It was more transcendent.
Women, in general, are pretty awesome creatures. ; ]

Author Libertine DeSade (2 months)
People can say what they want about figure skaters, but it takes some
serious balls to flip and jump and spin around on something that most of us
can't even walk on. I used to be such a huge fan when I was a kid and
teenager and I remember how my heart would skip a beat or stop when they
would do big moves. Especially pair skaters where you run the risk of being
sliced by someone else's blades. Prop to the athletes of this sport. 

Author mckenzie thorton (3 days)
From the time the guy slipped I was like we now now it's gonna happened

Author crobc1 (2 days)
Pairs is terrifying for this reason.
If my daughter wanted to do it, I'd support her, but it would be
painful to watch her entire evolution. I skated only as an individual and
estimate I fell at least 3000 times over 10-15 years. That resulted in 2
minor injuries, sprained ankles, from which I luckily quickly recovered.
Interestingly, these accidents only occured while going slow and trying
some new tricky turn. I never got hurt from jump falls, which accounted
for 90% of my falls. Learning to fall correctly and having little fear of
falling as a result helped a lot. The only thing that consistently scared
me was the ice rink walls. Because I loved to skate fast and hard--always
pushing to the limits of my ability to control--and knew if I wiped out too
close to a wall and my back crashed into it, the consequences might be ugly.
I regard singles skating as significantly safer compared to gymnastics
and pairs. Once you get significant elevation involved, the potential for
spinal/neck injury becomes very serious.

Author Taeyeon J'adore (17 days)
OMG ouch 

Author Cynthia Andena (14 days)
wow I felt it myself. Poor women. I don't know how she is doing today.
For him wow I wouldn't know what to do or say.

Author Miryam Hernandez (25 days)
I wanted to cry

Author Kbalz (2 months)
02:23 nice shot of her rear

Author Eta L (2 months)
Wow, they did so good until that part. 

Author Lylah Boudib (2 months)
How sad hope she is ok

Author Richard Jansson (1 month)
Wear a helmet. Problem solved.

Author Саяна Шабанкова (1 month)
Oh, Gravity, you are such a heartless b*tch.... (2)

Author Batareikaz x (1 month)

Author ChannelingusLLCIM (1 month)
make a law that says nobody skate without a motorcycle helmet. We need
more laws. Same goes with gymnasts, must wear a motorcycle helmet

Author Amelia EverythingBabyNames (25 days)
I remember this so well. In figure skating you are taught to be so aware of
surroundings. And so when you see falls or collisions of this nature it's
so shocking because you're trained so well. I was only 12 when this
happened, and I was still figure skiing, but I remember this so so well. 

Author Jamie Pan (2 months)

Author Roman Bli (4 months)
omg((((( so scary

Author Marine P (4 months)
At 4:10 you can see all the audience has the same reaction of shock... What
is terrible to me is that the skaters hold on so tightly to each other even
while falling, that it is impossible for her to cushion the impact with her
hands. You must feel so powerless when that happens !

Author RawrTara52 (1 month)
On 23 October 2004, during the free skate at the 2004 Skate America in
Pittsburgh, Marinin lost his balance while attempting an Axel lasso lift
and Totmianina slammed to the ice head first.[10][11][12] She sustained a
concussion and spent the night in a local hospital.[13] On 25 October,
Totmianina said that, although she felt pain, she had no memory of the
accident and was not afraid to return to the ice.[14] She recovered from
her injuries rapidly and was able to return to the ice within days.
Although Totmianina did not blame him, the accident weighed heavily on
Marinin and when the pair returned to training, he was unable to lift her
due to panic.[4] He began seeing a sport psychologist who helped him
overcome it.[15]

Author Angelina25676 (1 month)
She had a concussion but she recovered within days. She never blamed her
partner, Marinin, but he couldn 't get over it and had to see a specialist
before he started lifting her again.She retired from skating in 2006 and in
2009 gave birth to the famous Alexei Yagudin 's daughter. 

Author porcusuxor (1 month)
OMG. That was a terrible fall. I am glad to know she got through okay,
because from the shot it looked really bad. 

Author Famous Broke (1 month)
It took time to heal her shoulder and she was 99% healthy said the
announcer...and she fell immediately afterward. That really sucks -.-

Author Toby McGuire (1 month)
It's too bad. She died later that night. 

Author Christian Arqu (1 month)

Author john john (2 months)
Holy face plant batman

Author TheDiscipleOfHell (1 month)
im sorry but i was laughing hardcore at this fail. i know its evil to but i
couldnt resist

Author Goldenartistic140 (1 month)
OMG !!

Author jayro benitez (2 months)

Author brian scovich (1 month)
Beauty before safety?! F*ck. Why are they not wearing safety gear? Their
dress has nothing to do when they fall and banged their heads on the ice.
You've said and you knew from the beginning that it's dangerous. Sorry for
the word but this sport is kind of STUPID by not implementing any safety.

Author James Jones (2 months)
Nice ass...

Author Benjamin Chung (2 months)
The ISU should outlaw that dangerous maneuver and several other manuevers
like it which are simply too dangerous to be called "figure skating." I am
not thrilled by such feats of endangering the performers...!!! Have some

Author Salvador Guntherr (1 month)
Lmao that was brutal.

Author umbrellasaltysalmon (1 month)
holy shit, this is one of the most fucked up things I've ever watched
happen to someone.....did she die?

Author Dani loves u (2 months)
oh my god! what exactly happened to her? what were her injuries? is she ok?
are they still skating partners? that was such a bad fall!

Author Jedi Z (2 months)

Author Екатерина Голикова (1 month)

Totmianina and Marinin are great figure-skaters. They are the best. I love
them. I wish them all the best

Author trooth seeker (1 month)
Poor girl. Dropped from a great height onto her face... I truly couldn't
watch the re-runs of the accident. He must have felt so bad. 

Author Brittany2995 (2 months)
Oh crap... wasn't expecting that. :P

Author Chica Bowow (2 months)
what is the music in this program? it is stunning

Author Griffin Reid (2 months)
Vicky Vallencourt @ 3:41 

Author shelly o.m (2 months)
O my god that was brutal.. how fell..figured ice skating is very dangerous
.especially the Olympics were therev very demanding in the jumps im glad
shes ok

Author Kenny Genny (1 month)

Author Natalia Martinez (1 month)
I remember this, it was awful =*( I wonder if it's really safer for the
man to maintain his handhold when something like this happens? I heard that
it is, but it seems like it would be safer if he released his hold as soon
as he tripped - at least then her hands would be free to brace her upper
body for the fall (it's instinct to throw your hands in front when you

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