Totmianina and Marinin

Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin at 2004 Skate America. This is their long program where Maxim fell and dropped Tatiana.

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Author Hey Im Anna ( ago)
I feel so horrible for the man. he will never outlive that even though it
was actually the fault of both of them and not just him.must feel horrible.

Author Panther Lily ( ago)
Dang there are good

Author Alena Khang ( ago)

Author Koyri Magill ( ago)
Did you see he slammed her down on perpes

Author Frédérique Crétté ( ago)
Poor guy !!!! too stressed he didn't care about her partner !!!!
He fellt she has done the best.... we never see such a bad guy !!!! and be
sure I do this sport from 20 years and a partner take care first of all !!!
a german man !!!!

Author Rosiclei Oliveira ( ago)
Oq acomteceu com ela

Author Rosa T.C. ( ago)
Dios mio que golpazo tan impresionante. Me quedé impresonada, no podia
creer lo que estaba viendo. Creí que podía estar muerta pero he buscado
sobre esta pareja y afortunadamente siguen patinando. Cuanto me alegro.

Author Orlemail ( ago)
Tatyana Totmianina is Alexey Yagudin's girlfriend now. They have a daughter
of 5 years and they are waiting for another child.

Author mclovin200987 ( ago)
You had one fucken job Johnson!!!

Author Carla Sánchez Veiga ( ago)
Pobre , el al dar la vu3lta tropezo y calleron pero fue una caid4a muy dura

Author annajeehee ( ago)
Omg - that is no ones fault - it's team work

Author xHarlequin ( ago)
The commentator jinxed her big time.

Author Alexis Alberto ( ago)

Author hyasmin yee ( ago)
Poor Tatina Hope You Feel Better Soon Tatina 😀 I Feel Sad Right Now And
Scared😱😵😢 Xoxo Tatina 😙😗😘😍.

Author annajeehee ( ago)
The fact that he almost fell at first says he was not physically there -
therefore tragedy after

Author Barbara Ördög ( ago)
Oh noh.😰

Author 이인녕 ( ago)
헐!!! 대박!!!!!!;;;;;;;;;;;;

Author Jaylin Mavunga ( ago)
Oooopoo 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙉💏💑💏💑💏💑💑👨👩👭👬👫👪

Author Syndra Sovereign ( ago)
Marinin's legs like fall 2 times. I don't know why too.

Author zzztubazzz ( ago)
this couple is so fucking stupid i hope she die

Author Leilani Dawkins ( ago)
Every time they did a lift i was just like "oh my god" but then she'd get
down safely and id embarrass myself

Author Charlie Mills ( ago)
I'm going to make that my new finishing move. 

Author Anne Ravenwood ( ago)
Same scores in both disciplines......

Author Hanting Chen ( ago)
are the jumping differently scored in pairs than men and women? I dont
watch pairs but i was wondering is a triple double toe combo a really hard
combo for pairs. Or did the male skater here just not complete it on that
day. Becuz a triple double is a relatively easy jump for men and women in
the singles competition. Can someone explain??

Author leahrsullivan ( ago)
They should ban this lift...too many accidents with it

Author sunmoon er ( ago)
my heart aches every time I see this 

Author Isabel Chavez ( ago)
Ponlo en español en spanish

Author Clopodav Clopodav ( ago)
Totmianina was the leader of this pair (as usual in Russian pairs except
Dmitriev with two of his girls) and she really was psychologically OK after
few weeks. Marinin from the other side is completely unbalanced.

Author Rafaël Desjardins-Venne ( ago)
She is dead ???

Author cauchamar ( ago)
Not to belittle the girl, but - hockey players and football players take
worse hits and falls than this every game, and they don't stop play, let
alone carry them off on a stretcher. They'll miss a shift or two at most.

Author TripleTroubleX ( ago)
I'm quite scared to be a female skater. It's all up to the boys if they
drop you or what. And in most of these ice skating accidents it's usually
the female who suffers

Author Rayna Biffle ( ago)
she looks dead a little at first!

Author Julia McKibbon ( ago)
Nope nope nope!!!! No partner skating for me thanks :) its incredible that
she bounced back and w/o a GOLD medal

Author Tal Mamatov ( ago)
Tatiana is a true champ! to sustain that fall during an olympic season and
then come roaring back to win an olympic gold medal convincingly and a with
a flawless inspired skate that is the best ever olympic free program to
date - that takes more than just guts and heart and determination. no
wonder she is an olympic champ and world champ many times over!

Author bootyfly boot ( ago)
My mom : walk it off walk it off

Author Tearbear 2000 ( ago)
he dropped her so now he is humiliated

Author lily “sevenskatergirls” rae ( ago)
hahaha it said she is 99 % feeling better....falls

Author Bettie Perr ( ago)
I could hardly watch knowing that they would fall. The poor man who dropped
her, he must feel terrible. 

Author ElegantCharm Videos ( ago)
Sliced my head open once.... dancing like a idiot and I just bumped my head
into the table but it didn't hurt at all but I could never figure
skate..... I rather stick to gymnastics

Author Sheila Bloom ( ago)
I just watched it; it appears she was going to be released next day.

Author Maureen Staniforth ( ago)
I remeber watching tis

Author Cynthia Kitchen Home and Life (1448 years ago)
I knew it was coming so I cringed at ever lift waiting for it..

Author Jimenezz89 ( ago)
2:28 ... now THAT is some Ice skating!

Author ‫אתם מגעילים את ליז!‬‎ ( ago)
Tatiana's now is Olympic champion as well as Maxim. They won Olympic Games
in Turin in 2006. After this fall she was unconsious for about 20 hours,
and when she came back to her senses her first question was WHEN SHE MAY
RETURN TO THE ICE! She didn't remember anything of the incident unlike her
partner who had need a help of psychologist for some period. 

Author Honey greenBee ( ago)
Oh Is she OK!

Author Brian Chladek ( ago)
And yes, I still watch skating videos from 1970-1980 as well as current,
because there are skaters from those times that are STILL better than some
of the skaters today. They did quads back then too. Theres absolutely NO
reason to NOT look back in time and look at old performances, good OR bad.
Theres a LOT to learn from them. Mistakes teach you too.

Author Brian Chladek ( ago)
Its funny people say "stop talking about" yet people still bring up the
Chicago Bulls and their championships. People still talk about the
Blackhawks and their old achievements. People still talk about the old pro
golfers and tennis players, you celebrate old football players and baseball
players. You induct them into the hall of fame and talk about them and have
multiple biographies about them 30 years after they stop playing the sport.
Why again should we stop talking about such a wonder sport? Im not sure
were focused on the fall here, they are great skaters, this happens to be
one of their performances that didn't go well. If they as CHAMPIONS, cannot
handle having a video of a failure out there, which im sure they CAN
because they are, because they didn't make it that far without falling like
that at least 100+ times, then they would never have made it in the first
place. This says a lot about you personally. It means you expect that when
you do something, you think itl be perfect no matter what, and that youll
hide any mistakes you do, rather than learn from them and grow.
Unfortunately true sportsmen, figure skaters and gymnasts, record their
failures and watch them over and over, to figure out what went wrong and
correct it. We don't ignore the problem like it didn't happen.

Author blueRobin910 ( ago)
They are such good ice skaters I'm so jealous, I'm starting figure skating
lessons and i wish i could become as good as them one day!

Author Mara Williams ( ago)
oh my gosh

Author Chris Newman (Fat Libertarian Dude) ( ago)
That was harsh. That had to be the hardest face slam I have ever seen in
figure skating.... I felt that one 8 years later and 500 miles away...

Author xDiamondDoll702x ( ago)
Damn!! He's kind of hot

Author Miss Haven ( ago)
...warning was the first falter he had >.>;

Author Taylor Williams ( ago)
Dang that was a bad hit to the ice to me I think she broke her neck

Author Isaìas Velázquez Amaro ( ago)
estan en el di de muertos en Mexico df

Author Isaìas Velázquez Amaro ( ago)
estan en el di de muertos

Author Vell Baria ( ago)
axel lasso lift at 2:08 

Author Tony Bee ( ago)
Ouch.....Bet it took ages to get her teeth out of the ice.....

Author raul rivera ( ago)
You don't move the person when something like that happens, that's the
first thing you need to do.

Author kaila powell ( ago)
so expalin to me what her injures were. the poor guy and girl!! he must
have felt soooo soo soo bad..... poor girl hope shes okay.

Author Elezha Hudson ( ago)
its weird how the anchors were saying she was 99% better right before the
fall...poor girl.

Author piano4soul ( ago)
what is the name of the song ? its amazing

Author Briana Poinski ( ago)
Plus gravity can be are enemy sometimes but at the same time that's your
life saver cause if gravity wasn't here you can jump and never come down 

Author Briana Poinski ( ago)
I loved being a professional skater till the last tournament I did my
partner Antonio had twisted me to fast in the air and I hit the ice so hard
that my blades made a big gap and no im not fat lol but I slipped very fast
and my head took the fall i almost died but luckily I got to the hospital
on time 

Author Faithe Amica ( ago)
does anyone know the song that plays during the program?

Author daniel redondo ( ago)
inutil el gacho dedicate a otra cosa

Author Zuke Bryan ( ago)
Maxim wins flawless victory fatality 

Author Zuke Bryan ( ago)
Finish her

Author crobc1 ( ago)
Pairs is terrifying for this reason.
If my daughter wanted to do it, I'd support her, but it would be
painful to watch her entire evolution. I skated only as an individual and
estimate I fell at least 3000 times over 10-15 years. That resulted in 2
minor injuries, sprained ankles, from which I luckily quickly recovered.
Interestingly, these accidents only occured while going slow and trying
some new tricky turn. I never got hurt from jump falls, which accounted
for 90% of my falls. Learning to fall correctly and having little fear of
falling as a result helped a lot. The only thing that consistently scared
me was the ice rink walls. Because I loved to skate fast and hard--always
pushing to the limits of my ability to control--and knew if I wiped out too
close to a wall and my back crashed into it, the consequences might be ugly.
I regard singles skating as significantly safer compared to gymnastics
and pairs. Once you get significant elevation involved, the potential for
spinal/neck injury becomes very serious.

Author mckenzie thorton ( ago)
From the time the guy slipped I was like we now now it's gonna happened

Author SerenityFL ( ago)
Jeezus that was a horrible sound. I knew that she was going to fall, I
read the description, but man, I was not expecting that! Poor thing.

Author Cynthia Andena ( ago)
wow I felt it myself. Poor women. I don't know how she is doing today.
For him wow I wouldn't know what to do or say.

Author Malia Velazquez ( ago)
I found it very ironic how the guy was talking about her shoulder injury
and how it took a while to rehab it and how she was now 99% better, and
then BAM she falls and hits her shoulder in the process. I feel so bad for
her :(

Author Ou8y2k2 ( ago)
God Louuurd don't replay it. Oh shit...

Author Miryam Hernandez ( ago)
I wanted to cry

Author Amelia EverythingBabyNames ( ago)
I remember this so well. In figure skating you are taught to be so aware of
surroundings. And so when you see falls or collisions of this nature it's
so shocking because you're trained so well. I was only 12 when this
happened, and I was still figure skiing, but I remember this so so well. 

Author MrIvanhoe53 ( ago)
Poor Tanya...(((

Author Екатерина Голикова ( ago)

Totmianina and Marinin are great figure-skaters. They are the best. I love
them. I wish them all the best

Author Вадим Бородкин ( ago)
Какие суки здесь лайки ставят???

Author Famous Broke ( ago)
It took time to heal her shoulder and she was 99% healthy said the
announcer...and she fell immediately afterward. That really sucks -.-

Author Toby McGuire ( ago)
It's too bad. She died later that night. 

Author cagedtigersteve ( ago)
Helmets should be made MANDATORY!

Author Luchessi1000 ( ago)
Ponganle una bolsa con hielo en la cabeza ,para que se le pase la hinchazón
a esa chica.

Author melodicspeed ( ago)
¿ WHAT IS THE Minimum weght difference between the male and female? 10lb,
20lb ?50? 70?

Author RawrTara52 ( ago)
On 23 October 2004, during the free skate at the 2004 Skate America in
Pittsburgh, Marinin lost his balance while attempting an Axel lasso lift
and Totmianina slammed to the ice head first.[10][11][12] She sustained a
concussion and spent the night in a local hospital.[13] On 25 October,
Totmianina said that, although she felt pain, she had no memory of the
accident and was not afraid to return to the ice.[14] She recovered from
her injuries rapidly and was able to return to the ice within days.
Although Totmianina did not blame him, the accident weighed heavily on
Marinin and when the pair returned to training, he was unable to lift her
due to panic.[4] He began seeing a sport psychologist who helped him
overcome it.[15]

Author Kenny Genny ( ago)

Author DancerChannel ( ago)
OMG !!

Author Coco Emarthle ( ago)
Dame thats gotta hert! 2:10

Author Salvador Guntherr ( ago)
Lmao that was brutal.

Author trooth seeker ( ago)
Poor girl. Dropped from a great height onto her face... I truly couldn't
watch the re-runs of the accident. He must have felt so bad. 

Author Lolek Mutant ( ago)
politycy !! z uni ! zakazać tego sportu dla bezpieczeństwa ludzi .

Author Christian Arqu ( ago)

Author Natalia Martinez ( ago)
I remember this, it was awful =*( I wonder if it's really safer for the
man to maintain his handhold when something like this happens? I heard that
it is, but it seems like it would be safer if he released his hold as soon
as he tripped - at least then her hands would be free to brace her upper
body for the fall (it's instinct to throw your hands in front when you

Author theoriginalbillholt ( ago)
This may sound odd, but I found Peggy Fleming's heartfelt reaction for the
several seconds after 2:11 to be one of the sweetest things I've ever
heard. Everyone was seemingly concerned, but Peggy's expression was
profoundly compassionate and humane. I don't think it was one of shared
perspective as a fellow world-class skater. It was more transcendent.
Women, in general, are pretty awesome creatures. ; ]

Author Batareikaz “BatareikaZ” x ( ago)

Author Helen H ( ago)
This was such a beautiful programme until that happened

Author ChannelingusLLCIM ( ago)
make a law that says nobody skate without a motorcycle helmet. We need
more laws. Same goes with gymnasts, must wear a motorcycle helmet

Author choobplaya ( ago)
you don't bring bad karma during competition.. c'mon commentator. 

Author porcusuxor ( ago)
OMG. That was a terrible fall. I am glad to know she got through okay,
because from the shot it looked really bad. 

Un deporte muy artístico y bonito .... pero muy peligroso...... 

Author SavchikOn ( ago)
smash ur fuckin face tonight !!! (c) Limp Bizkit - break stuff

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