Shower in Jail

Tom has a dream that he drops the soap while in jail.

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Author The Eagle Mapper ( ago)

Author Dreams Falling Down ( ago)
How do you hide that snake 

Author Sonicman0123456789 ( ago)
"Better pray baby, pray"

"I'm next"

Author SHADOW31904 ( ago)
LMFAO, I was laughing at the video, and starting really laughing when
someone said "Im Next"

Author Jerry Harway ( ago)
Can't even fart on jail or they might interpret it as a gay mating call.

Author Faiitheless ( ago)
Why doesn't he just squat and get the soap instead of bending down...

Author JimmyDaButt ( ago)
Why did this get on my home list?

Author Chris Handy (Cold Cookie) ( ago)
This is the sex-ed video in hood / predominantly black schools.

Author Najee Jackson ( ago)
Then sagging was born

Author LMTR14 ( ago)
so, you don't know how to pick up something with your feet only? FAIL

Author leurbanparkour ( ago)
hey whats the name of this movie

Author ThAtGuY1110 ( ago)
Ultimate challenge
Go to jail and come out unraped

Author Samuel Hicks ( ago)
Freaking Terry crews, oh and back against the wall as a defensive move.

Author lidywyane 42 ( ago)

Author The Ghastly Varangian ( ago)
This is why you *need to* squat!

Author wen hen ( ago)
Sexy as fuck

Author dbsirius ( ago)
The big guy is voiced by Terry Crews "Everybody hates chris' dad".

Author UncleBiscuits79 ( ago)
480 people did NOT wash behind their ears!!

Author Jesmark Mikesell ( ago)
Was this suppose to teach me something? If so, how come I got my dick stuck
in a toaster?

Author Dark The Wolf ( ago)
this is how the guys got fucked in the ass, by dropped any bar of soap in
the prison or the boys locker room, during shower.

Author Ulf Wildström ( ago)

Author Reflex Point ( ago)
@0:21"you hear something?" I don't know what it is but that cracks me up
every time!

Author e0o9kii ( ago)
Seriously, you could just kneel down and grab it.

Author Joshua Bassett ( ago)
Little suggestion, don't bend over, kneel down with the back of your head
pointing up to the ceiling and right as you grab the soap, stand right back
up. I've never been to prison, but it would seem that is what I would do in
that situation when in a shower surrounded by notorious serial rapists.

Author NotWithNathan ( ago)
I've seen this scene like 10 times since it came out. Never before did I
hear dude say "I'm next".

Author Clementine ( ago)
im next

Author Pudge Freeman ( ago)
Lol. Finish him

Author David Lawrence ( ago)

Author Ryder Wilson ( ago)

Author Art Andrew ( ago)
Is this actually a cartoon or an anime? Where can I find it? What is the
name of it? :P

Author Blvck ФБ, 卐русский ( ago)
You can pick up then soap without benting over 😮 just get on your knees in
pick up the soap.

Author ToothyWulf (1699 years ago)
Here's a lesson to learn: Don't drop the soap

Author MrHeavy466 ( ago)
Now that's a wet dream.

Author Kevon Campbell ( ago)
Bs a

Author 王力 ( ago)
The black horse is the champion.

Author J.A.Y.E The Homicidal (Just A Young Entertainer) ( ago)
Yo. Uhhhhh. 3 Things.
1:Why is every dude in the showers a bunch of swoll ass, bald black dudes?
2: Uhhh Health Inspector, sir, what dick enhancement pills you takin'?
3. Where can I get some?

Author Robert Holmes ( ago)
Always wash behind your ears.

Author Miles Prower ( ago)
They need to show this video in schools. Nobody will wanna end up in prison

Author nek asadsda ( ago)
The way those dudes just all start saying 'Aw yeah' in unison as soon as
the soap hit the floor is the best fucking part.

Author Tissan Young ( ago)
Banned Old spice commercial?

Author Keem Lafleur ( ago)
Did someone say i'm next?

Author SolidRockTelevision ( ago)
That cartoon character of the big cock diesel health inspector inmate is
FINE though. Lol

This is a classic ;O

Author Jay Synyster ( ago)
lmao Terry Crew's voice acting 

Author Sam Fox ( ago)
If ou have soap on a rope make sure the soap is extra long so if you drop
the soap you pick it up and you swing it around by the end of the rope.

Author SEABASS ( ago)
To the people who say you could point your butt to the wall, ok look
That's not how it works!!!
That's just not how it works!!!

Author Keishen Lloyd ( ago)
Took me forever to realize that the health inspector is Terry Crews.

Author Nnaemeka Odunze ( ago)
The thing I love about that scene are the adlibs from the other showering

Author Nile Porter ( ago)
Night night keep your butthole tight lol

Author Tylan Bean ( ago)
I think Terry crews plays that huge black dude

Author manifestgtr ( ago)
one of the greatest scenes in cartoon history...the first time I saw that
fuckin dick disappear down into the fog, I laughed my ass off and decided
it was time to stop running red lights at the same time

Author Iyana Brown ( ago)
I'm sure if he didn't start crying half of them wouldn't have noticed.. xD

Author Armin Arlert ( ago)
He could have just crouched

Author Edmund Cunningham (1377 years ago)

Author DirtyDanTheMan™ ( ago)

Author Fuppo ( ago)
"Pray baby, Prayyyyyyyyy" lmfao fucking done

Author Renny Ren ( ago)
why this show got canceled?

Author sembarangjaknama ( ago)
Krillin wont survive.

Author Bosco Baracus (Barracuda) ( ago)
" pray baby pray.. amen " hahahaha

Author FlameKnight ( ago)
Believe in the Shrek. Shrek is love. Shrek is life.

Author ShootBigBucks ( ago)
black people

Author Mike T ( ago)
Ya hear somethin?

Author Flash Smith ( ago)
Brb, getting soap on a rope

Author NeverGiveUp25100 ( ago)
I love how the guys yell "RAPE" repeatedly (at 1:11-1:12) in the background
as Tom drops down to pick up the soap as if they already know that the
giant muscular black guy known as the Health Inspector is going to anally
rape Tom.

Author sidney chalamila ( ago)
I don't get this myth...what's wrong with just bending over to pick up your

Author Eliteassassin Dw ( ago)
Hahahaha (3 (; (3

Author Hunter Wells-Kimbley ( ago) didn't washed behind yo' ears or me the health

Author Sašo Belčevski ( ago) didn't washed behind yo' ears or me the health

Author minzi2047 ( ago)
I'm next

Author carapo66 ( ago)
A "Dove beauty bar" advert. during the clip, really?

Author Timothy Harris ( ago)
The huge guy is Chris's father from "Everybody Hates Chris". He don't let
his son Chris waste any soap and it looks like he ain't about to let Tom
waste any either.

"That's a dollar worth a soap nigga! My son don't waste shit and neither
are you!"

Author Thomas Parker ( ago)
black nappa

Author Smith Mipheee ( ago)
Watch the uncensored version it makes the scene scarier (in a funny way).

Author TheColorblindpony ( ago)
i want more rape jokes XDXD rape jokes are the best (in before butthurt

Author Jack Mehoff ( ago)
least he cared enough to tell him to wash behind his ears

Author CyberSquid ( ago)
If I end up going to jail, I'll be sure to try and get liquid soap...

Author deeplydeepali ( ago)
Lol! The length of the censorship shadow made bust a gut

Author Ricardo Lopez III ( ago)

Author Ricardo Lopez III ( ago)
What is that piano part at the end?

Author zev piro ( ago)
Thats hygiene nigga lol

Author Ricardo Lopez III ( ago)
What is the name of that piano song at 1:17

Author GaudyGabriev02 ( ago)
Is this the original scene? this scene from this cartoon?

Author JehedEffersonGames ( ago)
"im next"

Author Oscar Chapa ( ago)

Author GrieviousGeorge ( ago)

Author Harrison Polite ( ago)
At 0:55 had me laughing. "I've been watching you"!

Author iskremape ( ago)
The re-released dvd version had an uncencored penis...
Scared for life

Author Samwell The Evilshroom ( ago)
This is what it will happens if Chris will go in jail. (After the GameStop

Author lorenzo jaxsun ( ago)
Im finished 😂😂😂😂👍

Author thelder798 ( ago)
Another case of big dong and sexbutt

Author The Rock Music Channel ( ago)
I would have just stepped on the soap and shoved it down the drain lmao
fuck the "Health Inspector"

Author AerialTactics ( ago)
Just squat, there, problem solved.

Author phil schifly ( ago)
Im next.

Author Mike Z ( ago)
@ 0:39 is Terry Crews!

Author Dajuire Matthews ( ago)
pray tom pray. I'm next lol what the fuck lol

Author tony diaz ( ago)
"Loose up bitch"

Author YourLatinLover69 ( ago)
damn is dick hang past his knees can he even get it erect?

Author Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé ( ago)

Author Mack and Physics Gaming ( ago)
Terry Crew is The Health Inspector!?

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