Shower in Jail

Tom has a dream that he drops the soap while in jail.

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Author ko-op co-op (2 months)
Krillin wouldn't make it

Author Kyle Snoddy (4 months)
The thing I learned from this video is to always wash behind your ears

Author SolomonTDS (2 months)
Drake be the type of nigga that look the Health Inspector right in the eye
and throw the soap on the floor

Author Fester (1 month)
I don't see what's so scary. That man's body is gorgeous.

Author Herbivore The Carnivore (2 months)
How to avoid: Turn around facing away from the wall and get back against
it, then pick up the soap. Your anus is saved.

Author Health Inspector (3 months)
We don't waste no motherfuckin soap in here

Author Christopher Lee (3 months)
Banned Old spice commercial?

Author Musa M (3 months)
the reason that inmate is clean and glistening because he showered using
old spice shampoo. ;)

Author Renato Souza (1 month)
*Health Inspector:* - Soap drop nigga. You think you just goin' leave it
down there? We dont waste no motherfucking soap in here!
*Tom:* - I'm ... i am finished!
*Health Inspector:* - na na nigga. You ain't finished. I've been watching
*Tom:* - You have?
*Health Inspector:* - You ain't wash behind your ears and nothin'. Look at
me! see how i'm all clean, glistening and shit? That's hygiene nigga. You
can call me the health inspector. NOW PICK UP THE SOAP!!!

Pray nigga, pray!! I´m next!!

Author someguy827 (1 month)

Author Yato (9 days)
"You aint wash behind your ears or nothin"

+ZeroZWarrior +Aldine The kawaii wolf queen of ice +Kawaii Amy Rose X3 +dj_deal
with it blaka the hedgewolf +Official Daniel/Sonikku The Hedgehog

You should watch boondocks its funny as hell 

Author Rude Wolf (10 days)
remind me of good old time when y was in prison

Author WuKingdom1 (2 days)
1:12 Wait wait wait, did somebody say "I'm next" right before he woke up?!

Author Apexways 47 (2 months)
Lmfao "I'm next". That shit got me dying.

Author TriggerHurtSD (4 months)
I swear to god, Boondocks influenced me to be a nigga.

Author azraelangelofred (4 months)
I wouldn't have worried. I'd have looked at the size of that crazy
motherfucka's dong and been like, "Hmph! Ain't no way that gonna fit."

Author HighLevi (11 days)
"Dropped the soap again?" Lmao

Author Shin Akumaforu (5 days)
Lmao shit got me rolling. I'm next! 

Author lilbricks8037 (12 days)
Imagine if the booty warrior was there lol

Author Vortex Darkstar (5 months)
how to avoid: If soap is dropped kick it in to a corner and then back up to
the wall and then pick it up. Problem solved :)

Author Joseph Brown (24 days)
Don't dropped the soap if u do u get raped

Author LeGarsToutJaune (3 months)
What on earth is this series?

Author PrankStAr (1 month)
I know this sounds weird but ever since I first learned about the "drop
the soap" joke about 5 or 6 years ago, every time I shower and drop the
soap, I do this thing where I crouch on the spot and pick it up really
quickly so I don't have to bend over. It's weird, I know, but it's true.

Author Arliss Caruso (1 month)
He was watching American History X!!!!

Author TheBeautyInTee (18 days)
Loosen up, bitch! 

Author Ninetails2000 (11 days)
It's shit like this that leaves me conflicted. It potrays an unhealthy and
horribly prejdudiced interpretation of homosexuality.

But then, it's actually kinda hot....Especially that Health Inspector.

The reasonable, tolerance seeking man in me is disgusted, but the
perverted, horny man in me is considering saving this for later. XP

Author Ryan Kyojiri (5 days)
Two things you can do in case you dropped the soap in this situation.
1. Be against the wall, back faced to it, and then pick up the soap.
2. CROUCH MUTHAFUCKA, don't bend over!

Author Ageless Reaper (1 month)

Author mellowandjello (7 days)

Author Fierce Deity Link 熾烈な神へのリンク (4 months)

Author Chee -Z (26 days)
Why doesn't he just squat instead of bending over?

Author Mikey B (4 months)
This. is. Scary. D:

Author Hitagi Senjougahara (1 month)
+Trash Senpai I'm kidding btw :p

Author amir blair (17 days)
Pray baby pray I'm next

Author xfilesmanson (4 months)
Why is it cool to be gay in prison?

Author jerry davis (1 day)
If I dropped a bar a soap in prison I'd just fuckin walk out of the showers
and say fuck da soap

Author Alexis The Dragon (3 months)
I feel it woulda been funnier if he just helped him pick up the soap after
all that and made him clean behind his ears.

Author ricoco7891 (12 days)
What is this cartoon? 

Author drybowserman9091 (2 months)
All he'd have to do is turn his back to the wall, crouch down, move over
and pick up the soap.

Author ShrekTheOgreLord (2 months)
Errmmm... use shower gel? 

Author Yakko Warner (2 days)
Simple solution, put your ass to the wall.

Author ‎小早川ゆたか (11 days)
This guy looks like a black version of Nappa from DBZ

Author Krono Whooves (3 months)
which is funny cus shit like that never really happens in jails

Author Colin Meikle (1 month)
you shouldn't have made a scene Tom you should have picked up the soap
quickly and not cry like a little bitch

Author Oluwole Akindahunsi (18 days)
Team Four Star should do a parody with Krillin (Tom) and Nappa (Health

Author Pvt Marquise Hollis (26 days)
whos going to pick that soap up not me!!!

Author FHN1987 (1 month)
Big dude had bent down for others, now he wants to be behind those bending
down lol

Author MrChrisHam RN (20 days)
What episode is this

Author Triple anal fisting has ruined my mind and forever corrupted my soul™ (3 months)
just crouch

Author Kendall (1 day)
GTA 6 footage leaked.

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