Shower in Jail

Tom has a dream that he drops the soap while in jail.

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Author Qasin Nur (1 month)
why is dropping the soap in jail a bad thing?

Author Terrence Lufuta (14 days)
I swear the BIG dude looks like TERRY CRUISE

Author Jada Dedier (2 months)
Soap drop nigga

Author jmantime (3 months)
Did you guys hear - " Rape Nigga Rape ! .. I'm Next " at the end ?

+Waffle with Butter and Syrup +nyscout +Comrade Stalinator +Sondos Walid +Luka

Author Lief Alan (2 months)
Anyone else think that one of the black guys looks like Terry Crews?

Author Tony Miller (2 days)
Mr. Pickupdasoap

Author Andrew (3 months)
You can call me... THE HEALTH INSPECTA...


Author RickRomo (1 day)
I'm Next...


Author Buk Lau (1 day)

Author Fusionx916 (1 month)
what season and episode is this?

Author Rad Dudeman (3 days)
You're supposed to squat down, you retards

Author Obsidian Wasp (4 days)
1:13 "I'm next!"

Author robyray Lwando (4 days)
I wish the put this health inspect.... In meek mill"s prison cell lol

Author Dr.Hugo Strange (4 months)

Author MeSoHornyMeLuvULongTime (9 days)
What really goes on behind the scenes of Old Spice commercial.

Author WASQEHTN (3 months)
as a white female i would drop the soap for this big dude... god damn...

Author Law Dawg (20 days)
Das hygiene nigga

Author Andy Lavandero (6 months)
Never bend over. ALWAYS CROUCH. Bending over means certain death.

Author zeioIIDX (1 month)
The "BOB HATHCOCK" credit right after he wakes up always gets me!

Author niggergotswag (2 months)
I have a solution to this anal rape problem .

How about you just not wipe your ass every time you take a shit?

Author Viva Xemxija (2 months)
goddamn, if that homo nigga sticks his 10 foot long hose in your ass it
will pop out from your mouth..

Author marc larry (2 months)
That censor bar was huge...

Author Sterling Archer (2 months)
when the guy that said im next does he mean he is gonna get rape or he is
next to rape tom

Author America Washington (5 months)
Banned Episode of Pokemon

Author Tray Jones (2 months)
You droped your soap pick it up

Author ebonics4everyone (6 days)
Gay people = funny ha ha

Author 5648945621 . (1 day)
niggers in jail

Author Gabe B (8 days)
We dont waste no muthafuckin soap in here!

Author RapBoyE (2 months)
Nigga I be havin nightmares about this shit nigga! D:>

Author Joseph Brown (3 days)
Pray baby pray

Author franmq94 (7 days)
The booty warrior can rape the big nigga.

Author UrbanLegend131 (8 days)
After seeing that if you ask me I think Tom has a healthy fear! lmao

Author Mindraker1 (15 days)
How did I get here on youtube?

Author kenyon bazel (5 days)

Author Evan Tucker (15 days)
Naw naw nigga you ain't finished. I been watching you. You ain't washed
behind your ears or nothing...

Author Noelzilla1 (6 months)
How do woman do it?

Author PimpThe478 (7 days)
Tom is so funny and the other guy is just out of this world hilarious.

Author Noah Morgan (3 months)
When is he going to give his donkey 

Author Comical (1 month)
That censor bar... nice wishful thinking, niggers.

Author Alex (11 days)
Dayum dat nigga hung!

Author Brandon Johnson (3 months)
um where can i sign up for that?

Author Packy (18 days)
Shower in Jail huh?... It LITERALLY! rhymes with rape...

Author I Like Cheese (3 months)
I'd totally drop the soap on purpose *oops* 

Author Torrent Coralie (3 months)

Author Daniel Hatfield (26 days)
If you guys listen carefully the guy at the end says, "amen" not "I'm

Author JOKER Batman (17 days)
Fuck this ninjas man :D

Author ComDamTer (18 days)
i got sent this. whats it mean

Author Aziz Rahman (19 days)
My anaconda dont want unless u got buns hun

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