Shower in Jail

Tom has a dream that he drops the soap while in jail.

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Author Jada Dedier (4 months)
Soap drop nigga

Author jmantime (5 months)
Did you guys hear - " Rape Nigga Rape ! .. I'm Next " at the end ?

+Waffle with Butter and Syrup +nyscout +Comrade Stalinator +Sondos Walid +Luka

Author azraelangelofred (22 days)
I wouldn't have worried. I'd have looked at the size of that crazy
motherfucka's dong and been like, "Hmph! Ain't no way that gonna fit."

Author Andrew (4 months)
You can call me... THE HEALTH INSPECTA...


Author ironbixby (2 months)
Step 1) Put your back to the wall
Step 2) Slide down the wall
Step 3) Grab the soap
Step 4) Stand up
Final step) Wash behind your ears.

Author Past Link (18 days)

Author jay hamilton (1 month)
Yall know thats Terry Crews voice right? That nigga Damon still thinks he
is in jail....

Author Alexis The Dragon (1 hour)
I feel it woulda been funnier if he just helped him pick up the soap after
all that and made him clean behind his ears.

Author kira cantik (12 days)
the reason that inmate is clean and glistening because he showered using
old spice shampoo. ;)

Author LeGarsToutJaune (1 day)
What on earth is this series?

Author Ricky Mula (4 days)
I'm a Lightskin I'm literally fucked if I go to jail 

Author Krono Angelo (9 days)
which is funny cus shit like that never really happens in jails

Author Alexis The Dragon (1 hour)

lol so funny.

Author Christopher Lee (5 days)
Banned Old spice commercial?

Author Taylor Redd Muda (11 days)
We don't waste no fucking soap in here 

Author Mazu Py (14 days)
XD You drop the soap again?

Author Kyle Snoddy (1 month)
The thing I learned from this video is to always wash behind your ears

Author Elijah Pittman (28 days)
he is scared for nothing all you got to is don't commit a crime aka not
breaking the law a and you won't go to jail to get raped 

Author KING TONY (8 hours)
Nigga betts squat 👇

Author Laxus dreyar (18 days)
your supposed to do a handstand, then pick it up

Author James Williams (5 days)
"Ya hear something. ahahaha yeah baby"

Author Vortex Darkstar (2 months)
how to avoid: If soap is dropped kick it in to a corner and then back up to
the wall and then pick it up. Problem solved :)

Author Malik Wood (26 days)
Lmao I feel sorry for you man just think happy thoughts 

Author Jak Saward (29 days)
I don't know why I watched this.
I just did.

Author TriggerHurtSD (1 month)
I swear to god, Boondocks influenced me to be a nigga.

Author Jason Smith (27 days)
Michal sam in da nfl locker room!

Author DraculaCronqvist (14 days)
Remind me to drop the soap more often.

Author ghmasterjj (16 days)
when I was like 9 my mom walked in on me watching this video, it was worse
than porn

Author robyray Lwando (1 month)
I wish the put this health inspect.... In meek mill"s prison cell lol

Author xfilesmanson (1 month)
Why is it cool to be gay in prison?

Author Rosery2000 CreepypastaQueen (15 days)
What's the name of this episode?

Author Laxus dreyar (18 days)
" that hygiene n^gga" Lmfao

Author Mikey. B (1 month)
This. is. Scary. D:

Author Thomas Alexandre (1 month)
Oh, fuck you Tom & the fact that I have a lot in common with you.

Author Elijah Pittman (28 days)
Oh yeah I think about it that way LAMO

Author Rad Dudeman (1 month)
You're supposed to squat down, you retards

Author baijanmew (6 days)
This is what it feels like when you're in the enemy jungle on lol

Author Vincent Glory (22 days)
I'm Next! lolol

Author lyon nguyen (16 days)
We can do this the easy way or we can do the hard way!!!

Author Tiny Jim (19 days)
I was done when I heard one of the guys in the background say "Pray nigga,
Pray", that got me laughing so hard.

Author Lief Alan (4 months)
Anyone else think that one of the black guys looks like Terry Crews?

Author Nawaf The FearBraker (3 days)
Squat or turn around <.<

Author Marquis Revis (6 days)
we dont wast no mothafuckin soap

Author Jacob Feeney (24 days)
Dude, just crouch.

Author Ryan P. (21 day)
More people should see this, they would think twice before committing a

Author eddy7457 (4 days)
wats this episode called

Author Terrence Lufuta (2 months)
I swear the BIG dude looks like TERRY CRUISE

Author LavenderLushLuxury (22 days)
who voices the man who rapes tom?

Author Tony Miller (1 month)
Mr. Pickupdasoap

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