Shower in Jail

Tom has a dream that he drops the soap while in jail.

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Author jmantime (21 day)
Did you guys hear - " Rape Nigga Rape ! .. I'm Next " at the end ?

+Waffle with Butter and Syrup +nyscout +Comrade Stalinator +Sondos Walid +Luka

Author SpacekillaHD (6 months)
And that is why liquid soap is created

Author Scout Creed (6 months)
haha u all talks about liquid soap AT JAIL U WILL NOT HAVE LIQUID SOAP SO
better pray baby..

Author Andy Lavandero (3 months)
Never bend over. ALWAYS CROUCH. Bending over means certain death.

Author Noelzilla1 (3 months)
How do woman do it?

Author The Notorious F.A.G. (5 months)
i got next 

Author Supershadebam1234 (2 months)
For you all wishing for this to happen to Justin Bieber, HE'S TO FUCKING

Author Christian Wisdom (4 months)
I think Daddy Long Leg is a good black-guy-in-prison name

Author Noah Morgan (13 hours)
When is he going to give his donkey 

Author Andrew (2 days)
You can call me... THE HEALTH INSPECTA...


Author I Like Cheese (5 days)
I'd totally drop the soap on purpose *oops* 

Author Torrent Coralie (7 days)

Author Justin Best (14 days)
"I been W a t c h I n g you..."

Author Dr.Hugo Strange (26 days)

Author Viva Xemxija (22 days)
goddamn, if that homo nigga sticks his 10 foot long hose in your ass it
will pop out from your mouth..

Author TheyCallMeArjun (25 days)
The fact that the nigga looks and is voiced by Terry Crews is fucking

Author Mantis' Channel (1 month)
"Look at me. See how I'm all clean and glistening and shit."

This always makes me laugh.

Author Zonda Zerda (22 days)
if that happened do not grab the soap even if that means death xD

Author MrAnimepredator (3 months)
Welcome to OZ bitch!! 

Author Versifyd (1 month)
Nah nah nigga xD

Author GinBunny (24 days)
I miss this show..when it was good. Fuck off season 4..fuck off to hell.

Author I Control My Fate (26 days)
Naw, Naw nigga

Author America Washington (2 months)
Banned Episode of Pokemon

Author Soccercrazyigboman (2 months)

Author shenell dixon (3 months)
some of yall went thru this lol

Author Billy Arabia (1 month)
They called that guy 'The 3rd' in prison.. His dick is so big they think he
has a 3rd leg.

Author Erro Senn (2 months)

Author Colonel Lambert (1 month)
Only in American jails

Author JayDerring1 (3 months)
Man's shit was 6 inches off the ground!

Author Peter Sunnerberg (1 month)
This from the boondocks (for those who don't know)

Author PATCHES CLOTH (6 months)
that sound like terry crews.... right?lmaaao

Author Millie (1 year)
Shower in Jail

Author Tonie Wheeler (7 months)
mothafucka shoulda squatted

Author mursel aljahmi (4 months)
Nah nah... You didnt wash behind yo ears nigga 

Author Alex Curry (1 month)
He could of just turned around and put his ass against the wall and picked
it up

Author Pinkie Pie (7 months)
Thai is creepy

Author MangaEater68 (8 months)
pffft! the pixeled censorship goes all the way down below the knee!
hahaha!! ;)

Author Venny (2 months)
Fuck and shit are censored but not nigga

Author PsychoJosh (4 months)
Listen for the guy who said "I'm next"

Author Ed Hitchins (6 months)
I still love the exaggeration on the dude's part the guy who's going to
rape him...who is the dude raping him? Ron Jeremy? and the wife's reaction (
*yawn* dropped the soap again?)

Author Emily M (6 months)
Why are they all black?

Author IrishR0ulette (2 months)
Did I here someone say I'm next at 1:13?

Author Demis Am (6 months)
Did he say i am next at 1:11 ? lol

Author Red Lantern Corps (7 months)
thumbs up if you hear the other prisoners sayin "pray baby pray"

Author William Town (7 months)
What is this from?

Author Ed Rey (27 days)
Pretty sure this is every man's greatest fear.

Author Brandon Johnson (19 days)
um where can i sign up for that?

Author Enrique Garcia (1 month)
Terry crews?

Author Health Inspector (7 months)
Soap drop nigga

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