Scream 5 cast

The New SCREAM 5 Cast.

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Author Jacob Clark (1 year)
Kirby never died.

Author jason clark (3 months)

Author Aaron Saucedo (11 months)
neve cambell is a hottie

Author Charlie Raymond (1 year)

Author SuuperGoo Movies (1 year)
Well good neve Campbell she's the main character without her it's nothing
Miranda cosgrove as gale and Dewey's daughter what now?

Author Julio Zachary Paulino (1 year)
This could not be true.

Author Shannon McAllister (1 year)
Is dead

Author No. l (1 year)
He or she spelt will wrong it was well

Author PrincessSparkles (1 year)

Author beautybyjodiie (1 year)
kirby died though..

Author Julio Zachary Paulino (1 year)
Or the dead ones are a flashback.

Author Charlie Clode (1 year)
This is probably fake , because Jill and Kirby died in Scream 4

Author Lucy Rae (1 year)
kirby died in no 4 by jill how is she in again if she was dead in scream 4

Author anthony_b211 (1 year)
The dead characters can be flashbacks smart ones and we never actually saw
Kirby die she was stabbed and grasping for air she may still be alive

Author beautybyjodiie (1 year)
Jill is dead

Author Shannon McAllister (1 year)

Author Shannon McAllister (1 year)
Fake Emma Roberts is drag

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