Wild Cow Catchers

The Ericsson brothers and their crew capture feral cattle in the Arizona

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Author MEGAONE302 (3 months)
What's your name cow?

Author MelissaAnnTard (1 month)
Leave them alone! =(

Author stephen arellano (1 day)
where in Arizona?

Author bigwee123 (2 years)
@southrnboi69- we mostly use our dogs just to help us find them and bay
them up. the dog on the video is my half red bone half catahoula named
carl. hes a good one.

Author uzarragacowboy (2 years)
asta qe encontre un video bueno hhehe, aunqe no mecatean como aca ni
atrincan como aca, pero esta chilo

Author openrange1919 (3 years)
Those guys rock! That is so not as smooth as they make it!

Author MrAzrancher (1 year)
"NECKING" a steer is an old ranch tactic for wild cattle. Saves horses from
injury. Let the steer wear himself out fighting the tree. I do dislike
these half plastic ropes. They may be great for rodeo but for ranch work I
like a 60 ft grass rope over the 30 ft plastic. Great Video!

Author bigwee123 (2 years)
@suzywesty why thank you, and youll be seeing more of us

Author romok987 (1 year)
Mavrickscar. That sorrel with the snip is a real good horse. If you've ever
seen the the roping video Jake and clay the journey. Clay Cooper is heeling
on him.

Author Matthndrx1 (3 years)
Very impressed how long ya leave them tied up to fight the tree for?

Author mtjoanna (1 year)
alright, I'm totally impressed with the horses in this video--talk about
calm, willing partners!

Author Grant Butler (2 years)
These fat bastards could probably be used for an anchor themselves. Instead
of wrecking a good rope by tying it in knots, they might use a couple of
straps, tiand save the wear and tear on the animals necke the legs up front
and back, and save the stress on the animals' neck. Whatever you get used
to though eh?

Author jose luis fernandes (1 year)
they are not wild bulls wild bulls,real wild bulls tided by the neck the
same age as the ones on the film would ripe the saddle off the horse. or
kill the horse riders .wild bulls tide down goes even more wild

Author fisheatsleep1 (10 months)
What did he say? Pretty impressive? That's like saying it gets dark when
the sun goes down. This is extremely impressive, and anyone that has had
anything to do with even much quieter range cattle will be very impressed!
I really like the calmness, and quiet, self assured attitudes of the
cowboys. Some rarities there...Real men. I'm with Freecoyote. A video would

Author granitehills2t (2 years)
@3finker Wow you are dumb. These animals are only there to be slaughtered.
Go eat a salad and shut up.

Author Logan Canterbury (1 year)
Wow. That's cowboyin at its finest. You guys are good.

Author SuperMarvinjames (2 years)
That's telling the fool. Tie a rope hooked to these babies around 3finker's
neck and let him drag them awhile.

Author TheFreecoyote (2 years)
@3finker - You are as dumb as that tree they tied those bulls to......and
those are not pygmy cattle , YOU are just a Pussy that's why you can't
believe that there really are such men .......and they don't like YOU and
they can darn sure do something about it .....makes YOU wonder what
happened to YOU , donut ??? How about them horses .......they don't get
better than that !!!

Author 3finker (2 years)
Did the narrater actually say... "Its pretty impressive to watch cattle
being handled like this"?These are either pygmy cattle or calves, babies!
Why can't you leave them alone? They were neither harming you nor anyone

Author TheFreecoyote (2 years)
This video should be longer , do you folks have a movie ? I worked for
years up on a Creek called Badwater , some of our neighbors used to go down
and help someone rope Wild Cattle ....was that you ? A movie of what you do
would sell , I'd buy one !!!!!

Author bigwee123 (2 years)
everyone should look up ericssonhorses on youtube.

Author Grant Butler (2 years)
These fat bastards could probably be used for an anchor themselves. Instead
of wrecking a good rope by tying it in knots, they might use a couple of
straps, tiand save the wear and tear on the animals necke the legs up front
and back, and save the stress on the animals' neck. Whatever you get used
to though eh? Check out the video's of bullcatchers in Queensland or
Northern Territory in Australia.

Author bigwee123 (2 years)
@lubetubgrade thanks for the support, youll be seeing more of us soon

Author Lucas Velten (2 years)
why the cattle doesn't fight ?

Author TheFreecoyote (2 years)
@wheelerericsson123 - Do you sell Horses ? Grey Horses ? I'm at 6800 ft and
it would take some aclimation but it looks like you have some that I would
be interested in . When do you shell them out ? I am old enough now that I
really only should mess with 12 year olds .........but if you had something
younger that wouldn't kill me I might be much do you get
for a Horse ?

Author granitehills2t (3 years)
These guys are bad asses. No arena and crowd, no glory, just hard assed
cowboys that work hard for a living and have fun while they are doing it.

Author bigwee123 (2 years)
@3finker the government wanted them off so they contracted us to do it. you
sound like you must be pretty good at gathering wild cattle. you should
post some of youre videos and we'll see. id like to see you leading 2 head
of a huge mountain wich we led for at least 10 miles or more. ill be
waiting for you video there cowboy!

Author kingamer1234 (2 years)
What the hell

Author imfarmraised (3 years)
that looks fun

Author nicolekg08 (2 years)
Come to the big island of hawaii to to watch and feature real wild cattle
roping. Look for Broson Branco. hes the island go to man for wild cattle
roping. you will blow your maind on how its done here in the the island.
the mainland dont know wild cattle like what we got here.

Author southrnboi69 (2 years)
no good dogs?

Author cowdog1967 (2 years)
Everyone should look up Hanging tree cowdogs!!!

Author mavrickscar (2 years)
the sorrel with the white snip on its nose, looks like a skipper w mare I
had. Fine fine looking horses you have!

Author lubetubgrade (3 years)
great cowboy skills and horses!!! Leading 2 bulls attached to your horse
takes some real skills not to mention the terrain.

Author bigwee123 (2 years)
@3finker Im sorry you dont eat meat, I think you should try it . Its pretty
good for you.

Author southrnboi69 (2 years)
@wheelerericsson123 never seen a hound work a cow. is it gritty or loose
bay, i only need 2 to 3 dogs to find our cows

Author SolomonTheSloth (10 months)
cool and interesting

Author bigwee123 (2 years)
@Matthndrx1 overnight but sometimes we just take them after we catch them.

Author bigwee123 (2 years)
@TheFreecoyote I dont think that was us. it might have been our dad Dave
Ericsson. No we dont have a movie but weve been working on one that should
be available pretty quick.

Author Chuichupachichi (1 year)
Don't know much about this kinda stuff, but I know those gotta be some good
cowboys & good horses to do that

Author bigwee123 (2 years)
@southrnboi69 Yes, we have a bunch of good dogs.

Author pdayton01 (1 year)
Oh the humanity!!!

Author 35wildbill (1 year)
One day their wild and soon after their sold ,killed and eaten.Say how it
really is.

Author Nikki Rose (2 years)
when your horse was runing that camra was mess up

Author 72milesman (3 years)
Nice Work

Author bigwee123 (2 years)
@TheFreecoyote _ yes we do sell horses and we do have good gentle horses.
contact me.

Author bigwee123 (2 years)
@cowdog1967 gary ericsson is our uncle. yes thats him

Author southrnboi69 (2 years)
no dogs?

Author TONY Campbell (1 year)
Love it.using dogs is great.they are worth their weight in gold.

Author HoozaMakim (3 years)
watch some Australian Bull catching if you want to see a few guys having a
real go.

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