G-Shock Rangeman User's Guide Pt 1 Module 3410

Video User's Guide for the Timekeeping related Modes of the new CASIO G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400

DOES NOT INCLUDE SENSOR MODES, those are in Part 2 separate video.

03:58 Homescreen Functions
08:54 Settings & Adjustments
18:00 World Time Mode
20:13 Stopwatch Mode
21:58 Countdown Timer Mode
23:50 Alarm Mode
27:58 Sunrise/Sunset Mode
33:24 Data Recall Mode
39:00 Receive Mode (Atomic Radio Control)

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Runtime: 44:19
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Author D800Lover (1 month)
I like to get one, but the deal breaker is the American date, like it says
10-16 for 16th October and I want it to say 16-10. Is there a way to change

Author Moonface00z (3 months)
Omg I bought gwa1100 instead :(

Author fwupow (6 months)

Author Doktor Goethe (4 months)
good job!!!

Author mark bello (2 months)
just got men yesterday very cool. I'm not sure if you missed it or just me.
but how to set the hourly signal?cheers..

Author Krzysztof Kolinski (2 months)
Hello! Frankly, I do not want to criticize. But this model is worse than
the Riseman GW-9200. There is also a compass. Buying THIS MODEL IS TO WEAR
AND DO NOT USE THE FUNCTION. ALTI and inaccurate barometer depends on the
change in the weather. It gives a minus.

Author Jouko Räisänen (2 months)
Difficult but precis guide,tank's !

Author Om (4 months)
Awesome video.... Thank you.

Author Adrián Kašniar (3 months)
Does it seem to me - but when you press buttons you also slightly shift the
display as well. Side to side. That is odd.

Author DRED ATOR (2 months)
Excellent video! A really well put together explanation of the Rangeman. I
bought a GW9300GB Mudman a couple of years ago and wished there was a user
guide like this one out at that time. My Mudman is still goin strong and
does share a lot of the same features as this one, but me being me I feel
it's time for a newbie and I think this'll be it. Well done on a great pair
of videos. Thanks for uploading.

Author Oscar Vinas (2 months)
I want it!

Author Mark Ramier Villegas (5 months)
Just bought one of this yesterday and its a very nice looking and great
feature watch. Just a question though this is my first gshock, how to you
lit up all the panels like what you did starting 2:00? I want to check if
all my panels are working. THanks

Author John Talbert (3 months)
I'm glad I stumbled on this video, I'll be checking out your channel for
more g-shock videos, if you have more you have a new subscriber.

Author Dylan Wright (3 months)
Thank you mate. Just received mine an hour ago and now have everything
sorted thanks to your thorough user guide. Really appreciate it!

Author Sarge dela Cruz (3 months)
this watch costs $450 in the philippines.

Author Lissomjungle (3 months)
Thanks man very helpful, you just earned a subscriber(:

Author MTN NOC (1 month)
Thanks for this video. is this the carbon fiber strap? are there any other
differences between the American and Japanese versions? FYI; this watch is
so much more functional than even my Suunto Terra! (for a fraction of the
cost..) i love it!

Author tomasmadarasi (2 months)

The video is absolutely brilliant!
I live in England but bought one from Japane. Im getting angry a bit as its
showes been atomic synched 1 week ago there, but since then is nothing,
eventhough i changed it to London as location. What is more worrying that i
can not even ask the atomic shyncing manually, the watch doesnt do anything
when i press the buttom right button for long :/
Anybody had same issues? Or any ideas?
Thank you in advance:


Author Michael Kish (4 months)
I own the G9300-1ACR. I really want to get the 9400 Range Man in my
collection. Do you think that the price will go down? I really like to get
one. I like the fact that it as a little weight. Please get back to me when
you can. Thank You. Merry Christmas.

Author iatrui (2 months)
I have seen this in the Casio store and def going to buy one coming
weekend. Looks even better in Army Green colour. IMO this GW-9400-3 is the
best G-shock at the moment for the looks, money and features. 

Author skip9766 (4 months)
Great review as usual. Thanks just picked one up at Macy's for 225.00 under
the friends and family sale. 

Author erouhour (4 months)
great, really helpfull,thank you for your time.

Author Martin Weiser (6 months)
BER - Berlin

Author Phukfaic McGee (6 months)

Author SaoBilious (6 months)
Excellent! Been wondering when you were going to do another rangeman video
:D Best source of G-shock knowledge on youtube, please keep making these

Author Phukfaic McGee (6 months)
So i live in The Netherlands, to which citycode do i have to change it?
Great video!

Author Reuben Aguinaga (5 months)
The "RC indicator" stack is actually a signal strength indicator when
recieving atomic time.

Author Michael Kish (1 month)
How did you get your watch to do that? Will it mess the watch up? Please
get back to me.Please

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