G-Shock Rangeman User's Guide Pt 1 Module 3410

Video User's Guide for the Timekeeping related Modes of the new CASIO G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400

DOES NOT INCLUDE SENSOR MODES, those are in Part 2 separate video.

03:58 Homescreen Functions
08:54 Settings & Adjustments
18:00 World Time Mode
20:13 Stopwatch Mode
21:58 Countdown Timer Mode
23:50 Alarm Mode
27:58 Sunrise/Sunset Mode
33:24 Data Recall Mode
39:00 Receive Mode (Atomic Radio Control)

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Runtime: 44:19
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Author fwupow (1 year)

Author generationofbmx (1 year)
In continuation to my last post. I saw where a customer who bought this
watch had the strap break where it connects at the bezel. Mine seems like
it could be vulnerable at this spot too. Again,doesn't seem like the
material is as thick as the 90's models. It's still a nice watch. Glad I
bought it and am contemplating buying the green one or the Navy.

Author marklar4x4 (2 months)
what to do?!? i just unboxed my brand new gw9400 and its greaaat. but ther
is problem with sensor. brand new watch ;( altimeter show me -10m and im on
+90m ... and preasure show 1015hPa and its actualy 1026hPa based on
relayable measurment. is it normal or i hawe no luck?!

Author AppleiTechDevice (5 months)
i got same one bro just ordered mine picked mine up great watch.

Author Peter Winchester (1 month)
This was so helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this
video. I am very grateful 🙏

Author andreww1212 (9 months)
I really want this watch. A great update to my 9300-1 Mudman. Although I
want to put the negative display on the black version. Should look wicked!

Author nikita kvasnitskiy (4 months)
in r/c mode when i do a manwell recive it shows err

Author Sugarglider1 (1 month)
Excellent instructions to set this watch. So much easier than reading the
somewhat daunting manual. Thanks for putting up these clear video

Author ULTRASIAN Gaming (17 days)
I love in Melbourne. And there is no melbourne in the city settings. So
what do I choose?

Author Michel Casabianca (3 months)
Thanks for this video. Very helpful.

Author stephen means jr (2 months)
The atomic clock on this watch doesn't work in auto or manual I'm very
unhappy with this watch. .

Author Moonface00z (4 months)
Woohoo after 10 months, i bought the lightning yellow 30th anniversary
rangeman. It looks awesome!

Author David Howell (1 month)
I have yet to see a better review on YouTube. Very thorough. Perfectly

Author Ruhlan Bell (2 months)
Hey buddy please help me , my altimeter shows wrong height what should I do

Author MrDesertScorpion (1 month)
Thank you again, very good video..

Author Young lee (4 days)
Hi my rangeman has not updated for the past 3 days on the atomic
timekeeping and I have not had a signal in the past 3 days I live in md

Author Mario PR (2 months)
Thank you for taking the time to make such and in-depth video. It was
really helpfull and it speared me from going through the manual.

Author soranys (3 months)
I just received my G-shock today and its WaW your video is grate and very
helpful Thank you verymuch and keep us updated. 

Author salpanahi (6 months)
Please do a review on gshock GPW1000

Author Kyu7 (4 months)
Very helpful video! Just got my 3410 for Christmas (a few days early) Got
the OD Green colored one with the black display. Pretty nifty! Love the
LT setting where the light automatically comes on when I look at my watch!

Author Mr Mac (2 months)
Amazing video!!! I just followed each step as I watched !!! Thank you very
much. Now I know how to work this thing. Lol !!! 

Author Krešimir Margetić (5 months)
Thank you! Does it possible to reset Casio Rangeman to factory settings,
clear everything??

Author Ashley Segal (4 months)
thank you

Author Derek Gugel (5 months)
That was one of the best instructional videos I have ever seen, on any
topic. The person who made this must be the reincarnation of Dr Richard
Feynman! A complex topic, very well explained !!!

Author raga N (9 months)
Very awesome guide dude.. didn't have to go through that dictionary sized
user guide ..thanks to you... i think u forgot to say about auto light

Author Tyrone Shoelace (5 months)
Almost all the features I'm looking for in a watch (can't read in the dark
without 1st finding your watch and then hitting the correct light button)
but sorry, the button layout is so ill conceived that it's a challenge
just to learn how to set things, and forget about actually trying to use
any of the features 10 months after you've read the manual and can no
longer remember which button changes what in each of the different modes!
Each button has multiple functions depending on what mode you are in. Who
the hell can remember all that if you don't use them all on a regular

Author Barack Obama (7 months)
This watch cost $500 s'pore dollars here Singapore. what a total rip off. 

Author Michael Kish (10 months)
I would like to know how you got your G-Shock to go like that? Please get
back to me when you read this. Thank You. Did a great job on this video.

Author LUCIO caetano (10 months)
great tutorial dude is very usefull for me

Author WranglerULTDRubicon (8 months)
Such a damn good review!

Didn't recognize the lower right stopwatch shortcut function.

I missed that from my mechanical watches ever since I own G-Shocks.

Now I want a Rangeman

Author Alon Jan (6 months)
Hey, great guide !
What is LT in the lower part of the watch ?
How do I cancel this ?

Author . (4 months)
i have problem with radio control indicator shows L1 L2 L3 and Error every
time...what's going on ???

Author truewebjunkie (4 months)
Informative, detailed, and easily understood. Thanks for a great video.
Casio should send you kudos and compensation. 

Author Tesla Coil (8 months)
very useful! drink some water bro, sound of saliva is annoying

Author George Sotak (9 months)
Great guide and I learned a lot. One question though. I put my current
city To NYC and I still can't get the atomic clock to work. It went up to
L3 but than never said it received the time. The last time it calibrated
was three days ago. I live in SC. Any advice would be great.

Author Naery Alboghos (3 months)
Very helpful video! I just got this watch and didn't know that there is an
auto lighting when you press the light button and wait until it says LT and
try to move the watch you will see the light goes on 

Author aubreystark (3 months)
Just bought the watch & your video was very helpful in understanding
everything i needed to know about how to operate it. Thanks!!

Author Bear Legion (10 months)
What is OH on the watch?

Author Chris Soto (11 months)
+fwupow My rangeman always appears to show the inncorrect default
temperature. I have the correct lat/long coordinates and the correct city
set. Please help? thanks 

Author VocalMojo (7 months)
JUST got this watch - so cool. Your guide - so helpful. I can't believe all
the features and how easy it is to use once I watched this guide!!! Thank

Author D800Lover (1 year)
I like to get one, but the deal breaker is the American date, like it says
10-16 for 16th October and I want it to say 16-10. Is there a way to change

Author Adrián Kašniar (1 year)
Does it seem to me - but when you press buttons you also slightly shift the
display as well. Side to side. That is odd.

Author DRED ATOR (1 year)
Excellent video! A really well put together explanation of the Rangeman. I
bought a GW9300GB Mudman a couple of years ago and wished there was a user
guide like this one out at that time. My Mudman is still goin strong and
does share a lot of the same features as this one, but me being me I feel
it's time for a newbie and I think this'll be it. Well done on a great pair
of videos. Thanks for uploading.

Author MTN NOC (1 year)
Thanks for this video. is this the carbon fiber strap? are there any other
differences between the American and Japanese versions? FYI; this watch is
so much more functional than even my Suunto Terra! (for a fraction of the
cost..) i love it!

Author Krzysztof Kolinski (1 year)
Hello! Frankly, I do not want to criticize. But this model is worse than
the Riseman GW-9200. There is also a compass. Buying THIS MODEL IS TO WEAR
AND DO NOT USE THE FUNCTION. ALTI and inaccurate barometer depends on the
change in the weather. It gives a minus.

Author Edgar Briljants (9 months)
Excelente aula. Parabéns - Daqui do Brazil

Author generationofbmx (1 year)
I got the black one. I wish Casio would have highlighted the lettering
around the bezel better with brighter color. The words
reverse,forward,mode,and adjust are very lightly colored and the bezel is
lacking in style because of that I think. The green version is rich in
color with the yellow letters and it really stands out nicely against the
green. Looks much better. Also it doesn't seem to me that the quality is
as good as the 90's versions of G-Shock that were made in Japan. The bezel
seems really light and not as thick and the band doesn't seem as heavy

Author Zefer (7 months)
THAAAANKSSS MAN...!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Author Moonface00z (1 year)
Omg I bought gwa1100 instead :(

Author Lissomjungle (1 year)
Thanks man very helpful, you just earned a subscriber(:

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