Bobcat tricks

SOME BOBCAT TRICKS FOR THE BOYS more to come when new machine arrives. have to practice my landings

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Author superFENNtastic (2 years)
you might be a redneck if you can ride bobcat wheelies and your mail box
spells M-A-L-E

Author Maestro The (3 years)
dude thats like the best tricks i have EVER scene work hard big brothers

Author chickendonkygoose (3 years)

Author CJB351 (4 years)
Whereabouts are you?

Author discopigs69 (4 years)
nice auzzie fun!

Author western767 (2 years)
mate, got yr reply to saying 'not bad for a beginner'. You said you do it
on one wheel ?????? mate put it up on here then... If you had four b'cats
or fourteen ' dont mean jack squat neither do words old son. So show us yr
'new' gig. Gotta say i dont beleive you puttin it on one wheel !!!!! define
yr respone and claim old son. Well done on makin a business going good, but
now fess up bloke and put 'it up'

Author Jiehn Rawr (1 year)
what's funny, they do those tricks in the bobcat parking lot with the brand
new 500's. its amazing to watch them spin those suckers around at top
speed, makes me dizzy just watching.

Author lyokofans (2 years)
Yeah I guess you are right it would be worth more two years ago. Something
tells me that hard drop at 1:46, and the frame grinding starting at 2:00 is
not good for the machine.

Author Bob Sullivan (2 years)
it needs a whily bar hahhahaa

Author cbenedetti81 (2 years)
i sold that machine for $30000 to a mate. it was in perfect condition never
been miss treated and never driven on more than two wheels

Author joel VanDeWeert (2 years)
you're definitely not a redneck if you can even afford one of these....

Author western767 (3 years)
mate not bad for a beginner but lets see that off the back of the truck and
then maybe you gettin somewhere . Not bad but they basic as hell. off the
truck matefront and back

Author BeefCaike (3 years)
Front flip!

Author cbenedetti81 (2 years)
yeah thanks for the correction. i only just realised my spelling error....
i would love to look like one of those rednecks.... stay tuned i have
better videos ready to post with my new s205 and s250

Author bestamerica (4 years)
' try to use a videocamera LESS LESS shake shake

Author cbenedetti81 (2 years)
this video was filmed with my first ever bobcat. i have four now. got a bit
of practice can do the holy grail now which is spinning on one wheel. i can
easily go up and down trucks balancing on front wheels. there is a video
which i star in with stunt riders being made for go pro . stay tuned

Author ,nb (2 years)
umm im 13 and can do that?

Author lyokofans (2 years)
Not at all dangerous or risky with a $15000 machine

Author Bill Mundo (3 years)
bobcat Xgames

Author Dave Condon (2 years)
Well done mate, bloody good job. Precision driving skills

Author teejuoppo (2 years)
"Fuck you Robin and your "frontside ollie". I haz a bobcat!" :D

Author cbenedetti81 (4 years)
new machine is here

Author THE DARPODUKE BAND (2 years)
ya'all be right old son.

Author Dave LeBlanc (3 years)
i saw a guy get a bobcat onto a flatbed truck without ramps. he put the
shovel up on the truck and lifted the front untill the front wheels were on
top and drove it up. it was crazy. if you can do that it would be sweet. i
tell people about it but they dont think its possible.

Author MrCrazykansas (2 years)
It's not hard to do all you got to know is your Controls not that hard an u
idiots n the background laughing shut the fuck up

Author cbenedetti81 (4 years)
please feel free to comment or male requests on wat you would like me to do
for the next video as long as it legal

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