Bobby and Ellie chat and Pam disappears. From 1987.

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Author Tonya Sizemore (6 months)
I want Pam to come back and have bobby and Pam reunion that's real love

Author NWAfan (2 years)
Pam was a fruitcake , half barnes nut from day one.

Author StreathamG (1 year)
Pam WILL return; mark my words.

Author Kram6298 (1 year)
When a series is #1 and a hot property the sky is the limit on expenses and
the creative juices are flowing and the writers and actors play off of each
other. When a series starts to tail off the producers look to cut their
losses i.e. cutting corners. The scripts become sloppy. New characters
begin to appear and disappear at a rapid clip. Over the last several years
of its run Dallas became like a once loved puppy that's tied out back and
ignored. Very few successful shows escape this fate.

Author byeeeeeeeeeeee (7 years)
what happen to Pam? I don't watch the episode before this, so I don't know
what's going on

Author Tattie3 (2 years)

Author exemptinferno (5 years)
Wouldn't work because in Carousel (the Season 12 opener) Pam reveals in
secret without Cliff present that the real reason she won't return to
Dallas to be with Bobby, Cliff and Christopher is because she's dying and
that she doesn't want to come back in their lives and then have them lose
her again

Author forexrobots212 (3 years)
@redletter2008 The problem with recasting a disfigured Pam is that this
method was already employed on Dynasty. There a male character was
disfigured, has plastic surgery, and came back with a different actor. I'm
sure the Dallas producers did not want to give the appearance that they
were copying Dynasty.

Author bluenail03 (3 years)
@MrsBobbyJamesEwing That cannot be because TPTB made it clear that Pam
bribed the nurse to get out of the hospital. Katherine had no part in it.

Author Christine Golding (1 year)
At this point I think they should try to get Victoria Principal to come
back as Pam one more time so Bobby and Pam can have closure.

Author younggeorgy (6 years)
yes,Pam being "barbequed" was the last few seconds of season 9(and
victoria's final scene).

Author James Biederman (3 years)
@forexrobots212 Have you seen Victoria lately. Her plastic surgery alone is
perfect for the look of a restructured burned face. The new series is in
2012 is happening on TNT. The episode that she should return on should be
called, " Digers daughter returns"

Author paul harris (2 years)
i liked this stoy line maybe they will bring her back on the knew show but
not Victoria another actress she turned her back on dallas fans

Author BarbaraFanDallas (5 years)
Loved this scene between BBG and PD so touching love them both

Author redletter2008 (3 years)
@forexrobots212 I completely agree. Patrick Duffy is to blame for all of
this. He insisted producers kill off Bobby when he left in '85, only to
return one year later (thus forcing producers to concoct the "dream"
scenario). Pam should have been killed off, but as you noted, they were
leary of doing this again in case VP wanted to return. I would have just
replaced her. Since Pam was in a awful car wreck, they could justify her
looking & sounding a bit different. That would have been much better

Author prettybad1 (6 years)

Author kbirdusa (7 years)
OK - how do you walk out of the hospital when you have third-degree burns
all over you?

Author carolineal (6 years)
great Barbra Bel Geddes ..

Author wintunnel23 (2 years)
Yes Bobby I know what you are going through

Author cnrdcthy (6 years)
i felt so bad for bobby to. i just cried to. if it wasn't katherine
kidnapping pam. pam still would be at the hospital.

Author cnrdcthy (5 years)
jatherine was bad pam disapperance form the hospital and from bobby and
christopher life fore good to.

Author Vydio (3 years)
@cjh661 After what Bobby did to her, Charlie and Lucas? No way.

Author Astraldragon1 (1 year)
I don't think Victoria turned her back on the Dallas Fans. she just wanted
to move on and try other things. you can't fault anyone wanting new
challenges and do new things. no matter what job you have there comes a
time you get tired of it and want to do other things. Even a actor will get
tried of doing a role on a TV series and want to move on to other Roles.
nothing wrong with it, the show was a success but that doesn't mean she had
to stay the entire time.

Author cjh661 (4 years)
@MrsBobbyJamesEwing ya they should have just killed her off in the
accident.. he should have married jenna

Author lee sheard (1 year)
was this before or after the crah with the truck

Author Randall Kowalik (1 year)
Not sure why that was the case, John Rambo... but the point is now moot.
For more details, I suggest you catch up on the new series... particularly
the last couple of episodes of the second season (and yes, I'm trying to
avoid blatantly spoiling things).

Author MrCraigblaze (2 years)
@MrsBobbyJamesEwing I think they were giving her the bird!

Author cnrdcthy (6 years)
i cried and i felt so sorry for bobby to. when pam disappeared from the

Author Michael Baker (7 years)
Thats Dallas70 your a legend

Author wantsomecoffee (2 years)
barbara bel geddes was the WHIP!

Author dcntry (5 years)
i felt so bad for bobby in this scene alot.

Author James Biederman (2 years)
I said that because the very first episode og Dallas was called Diggers

Author John Rambo (1 year)
And why is Victoria Principal so stuck up in the head that she wont even
appear once in the new Dallas.

Author exemptinferno (6 years)
So was Pam during the cliffhanger of the last season !

Author James Rhett Kennedy (5 years)
Horrid storyline. But at least Bobby got a great parking spot!

Author bixbyglaser (6 years)
Would Pam still have disappeared if Bobby had not let Katherine go?

Author TRAVISJAMES03 (7 years)
You never found out what happened to Pam really.

Author Brady Crampton (5 years)
maybe they can bring back Pam in a new reunion where she explains Katherine
held her captive for years and made that actress pretend to be her to cliff.

Author tom89zigman (2 years)
I agree. It would have been a good way to bring Bobby back. The writers
were not thinking right.

Author forexrobots212 (4 years)
Perhaps they felt they couldn't kill Pam because they already killed Bobby
and brought him back. The way they did it did allow for Victoria to return
as Pam if she ever wanted to.

Author michael65 (5 years)
Katherine may have but it wasn't done for despicable reasons. While they
get someone else to play Pam in the next season when Cliff finds her, we
find out Pam left because she found out was terminally il.

Author Richard Albiston (6 years)
Yes, Pam got away with help from her friends in Wentworth Industries.

Author joacim99 (6 years)
Yeas he was!

Author RodeoCowgirl (8 years)
Thanks for posting this is one of my favorite clips. If you find the clip
where Bobby is reading Pamela's farewell letter will you please post it. It
would be much appreciated.

Author cupcakefairy87 (2 years)
You, know, Victoria Principal doesn't have to come back as Pam if she
doesn't want to. Maybe another actress can be hired for the job.

Author 21bblover (1 year)
poor Bobby :(

Author Jauneen m Simons (1 year)

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