LoL - Challenge Accepted 2 - AP Fiora

So AP Fiora isn't as great as her Garen counterpart... but fun none the less XD Keep the comments coming guys! I'm really enjoying these!

Music: KawzKaos - Hug That Turret Instrumental
League of Legends - Dominion Theme

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Author Peter Mcknight (2 months)
The most ironic thing about AP Fiora is that your only AP scaling ability
has a passive which gives AD XD

Author Justus McNeal (7 months)
I used AP Fiora a couple times on Dominion just to see how funny it'd be.
One game I ended up with a bunch of newbies who kept getting chunked by the
parry to their deaths, but the other two I got beat pretty good.

If you're against newbies, then this is a good troll idea.

Author алексей степанов (8 months)
So cool?lol,you are just troll,and cause of people like you i every day
loosing games

Author Serbian Piromans (8 months)
Sona ADC or ADC Maokai xD, or ADC Karthus

Author KleinesMonster25 (9 months)
and garen doesnt counter fiora ;D fiora counter him, if she is a little bit
smart... and knows the abilities of fiora and garen.

Author Marvin Marvin (9 months)
Lux adc -> phantomdäncer , bt ...

Author KleinesMonster25 (9 months)
Fiora is a great toplaner... she is very tanky and does tons of dmg. She
have great ganks as jungler, can also go mid if u have an ap top. fiora is
also a great melee adc and u can go with the right supporter bot. she have
one of the highest dmg in the game... u could do so many things with fiora,
but the silliest thing u can do with her is building her ap. Just her parry
scales ap ._. many call her assassin, u have to q to the opponent carry and
to ult... but with ap fiora cant do it... pls never play her ap xD

Author bohnski (1 year)
u guys r so dumb xD

Author smitty wits (1 year)
And the AP comes in where?

Author MrKeksdose91 (1 year)
Karthus Jungle 2 bloodthirster, 2 phantom dancer , IE and berseker graves
FIrst Spell w the wall

Author Eddie Ye (1 year)
So dumb, you're just got carried so fiora can't do shit

Author Max Krijnen (1 year)
Lulu solo top ad, with ravenous hydra as first item XD.

Author madzell001 (1 year)
LOL at "thanks for my first death in 6 hours"..... sure sure lol. No way
you can play LoL and not die once for 6 hours. That guy was a noob lol.

Author lsrrazermiaw (1 year)
the ad + hp regen and stat is still good for overall stats even if the proc
and item cleave doesnt work ^^ its 75ad and 15hp regen xd+ lifesteal... its
really a good item in overall stats aswell xd...

Author swaglevels over 9000 (1 year)
Xin Zhao ap actually works great.

Author Metalfighter241 (1 year)
yes but i carried a game with dat i dont know how but i did xD

Author PILLS__HERE (1 year)
APC Mundo

Author רפאל ביטון (1 year)
tank anivia OP 3 HP bars 1. then she is a live 2. egg form 3. GA =]

Author NitrosLP Lp (1 year)
Ap Darius or Ap Draven or Draven Tank or Darius Support

Author paweł świstak (1 year)
WTF?! I play Renekton and zyra

Author Hatchet Jack (1 year)
That works pretty well, I've done that several times in ranked in Season 2.

Author TheMrVincento (1 year)
Adc Zilean first item statik shiv

Author ivanlagrossemoule (1 year)
How about hybrid morde with manamune and archangel, starting with a tear of
the goddess ?

Author eirik solheim (1 year)
ap vayne jungle no smite solobluff challenge

Author Tannert1441 (1 year)
Full AD SHEN Jungle, 100% Crit & 2.00 Attack Speed

Author RSmake (1 year)
Anivia with 4x warmogs, 1x GA, 1x Thornmail. Good for baiting

Author Rasmus Larsen (1 year)
might be but if they are good then it wouldnt be a problem would it?

Author jaybsc (1 year)
TIL there was a none tedious way to fill out rune pages. You just got a

Author Jack1899y970987 (1 year)
AP talon mid and start out with a dorans ring

Author n-Kay GEEHGEEH (1 year)
holy shit that woud be so op!

Author Eithan89 (1 year)
League of disconnects

Author TheLorlol (1 year)
adc zilien with e first skill and ninja tabi first item

Author RoBlackK MC (1 year)

Author Umabrakum (1 year)
Challenge Accepted.-> Fiora playd by a noob. 3 vs Lulu Lulu wins Report

Author WarrenFreind (1 year)
When you play AP fiora enemys be like "Seriously AP Fiora?HA!There isn't
any AP for her!" and then "HOLY SHIT!Ok i am wrong but i am staying the
fuck away from her!" MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

Author Alejandro Sarodag (1 year)
I did it and won, hue.

Author SchietzeDerZocker (1 year)
only works on turkish server

Author conditionzeromaniac (11 months)
Alistar adc would totally worth viewing

Author Christofer Garcia (1 year)
Ap tryndameer. I wanna see the stupid heals that just happen. Rylas would
be the rushed item. remember kids. spin to win.

Author FirePrysm (1 year)
been there done that

Author JustToBeWild (1 year)
wtf this guys so bad ,,,, amumu counter jungles and this guy loses his mind

Author termin8you (1 year)
AD carry veigar infinity edge first item :)

Author MASTERKILL147 (1 year)
correction ; darius has 0 ap scaling so ap is useless on hem,

Author paranidherc (11 months)
Leona AP would be interesting

Author GooerGaming (1 year)
AD soraka, build whatever you want

Author Rick Bazen (1 year)
movement speed hack detected!! ban for a year xD

Author Patroiten (1 year)
Ap olaf jungle and first buy is Rod of ages

Author Creator245 (1 year)
ad off tank veigar, solo top...

Author curreno (1 year)
AP Riven, first item is an archangels staff, HAVE FUN!!!

Author Intars Leikucis (1 year)
What do u think about Critical fidlle ? :D

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