Welding Pipe. 6" Schedule 80

Burning a root pass with a Lincoln 6010 electrode. weld done in the 5G position (pipe horizontal). Used a Miller Dynasty inverter power source on 77 amps. View in video mostly from backside of weld.... duh

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Author Ian Christopher Valenzuela ZMU PRO ( ago)
filipino are best in welding. even no welding mask can.. success to weld..
with perfect penetration..

Author Ian Christopher Valenzuela ZMU PRO ( ago)
ur position is lol.. hahahhaahhaha and also.. ur penetrate epic fail!!

Author Sick Sharts ( ago)
why did he not run a downhill root first the uphill hot then uphill cap?

Author Mrmonza1 ( ago)
automatic fail with the amount of arc strikes you have everywhere!!!!!

Author Jamaica Alvaro ( ago)
6010 its not so good for welding up.... why u dont use 7018 2,5 or 1/8

Author christian yuson ( ago)
right the tie end root pass is failure. its ok to if you dont feather end
but you must start with 2cm before the keyhole

Author Jovie narzoles ( ago)
your rooting is not good enough if there need to x-ray your
cannot be qualify in american bureau of shiping....

Author Derek Barker ( ago)
Chaz your a dumbass

Author jonar rivera ( ago)
mga pilipino magaling mag welding kahit walng welding mask at gloves

Author Chase W ( ago)
The thickness of the pipe he is welding by ASME code requires uphill welding

Author Andrea Grass ( ago)
Why didn't u down hill it? Skate the root in.

Author jordan jalipa ( ago)
most pilipino are weld not use glasses gloves most likely use face only y?

Author krautattack100 ( ago)
I thought about switching to pipe welding but it looks so boring.

Author govind assudani ( ago)
can you elaborate about the schedule number . wether it increase with the

Author dbennett4 ( ago)
The schedule refers to the wall thickness of the pipe.

Author Mathew Whittle ( ago)
U shape weave! back and forth, not side to side, dont let it freeze, this
is where you get inclusions!

Author Righandwelder1202 ( ago)
Down hill that Somma B and get on with it

Author Shelia Cayer ( ago)
turn up the heat, drag it in, and ride the lightning, maybe try a few
nightmared, anyone can weld with a perfect fit up

Author Rosalio Morales ( ago)
I like the way a root oass comes out uphill and ive never had any problems
with x rays but y do u keep whipping it try a constant pass or go side to
side burning the walls so u dont get those ugly ass lack of fusion in ur

Author turtlewax3585 ( ago)
wow takes some skill. btw what is schedule 80

Author don boys ( ago)
ones u become a pipe welder, it is really hard to be impressed, u had a
close to perfect fit up, u grinded ur tacks, but not ur restarts, take the
time to grind them down, clean ur restarts from the inside, n 5g position
is fairly easy, its like doing a 3g weld, 6g if the tough one, n everyones
root looks good with 40% slag on it lol, clean that shit n show the whole
fucking weld

Author don boys ( ago)
the size of the rod, no bigger than that, u could contaminate the root,
learn to drag those fuckers, welds look much nicer when u drag, n faster, n
the right way piperoots r done, when fitted corecttly

Author don boys ( ago)
arc control just means that the higher u have ur arc control, aka, dig, the
closer u have the rod into ur bevel the amps rise so u wont stick, just
like anything in welding u gotta see what works for u, for 6010 5p+ id put
a 60% arc control

Author Chawski93 ( ago)
Grind those stops and starts for better fusion on tie ins. Otherwise
doesn't look bad

Author Jessie Lewis ( ago)
whip at width of the rod lil short whips

Author Soriano Bhong ( ago)
if i do the whipping how far should i go? an inch?

Author KeepitGHOE ( ago)
hey not bad man, got some great penetration through the inside

Author Soriano Bhong ( ago)
comment nicely beast36001.

Author Soriano Bhong ( ago)
yup i agree... we must accept criticism positively.

Author Daniel Ford ( ago)
Hi Anderson. I have to agree with budgaugh24. I've been pipewelding since
1983. Movement should be much small too much heat. Without the ability to
take critisism we never improve.

Author Young joon Cho ( ago)
Fantastic! Beautiful man !

Author Kieran Fisher ( ago)
Do you do any tig pipe welding, carbon/stainless ?

Author James Lee (1514 years ago)
you need practice learning to spell bro.

Author Jamesmatthew1982 ( ago)
Btw, to many stops and starts

Author Jamesmatthew1982 ( ago)
5G is for the pipe welding novice, try your hand at 6G

Author Chris Veranneman ( ago)
pity that he does not grinding end crater.

Author TheCapetiger ( ago)
What polarity are you putting that in with? and can you weld vertical down
with these rods?

Author budgaugh66 ( ago)
Your welcome my friend. Once you know exactly what to look for and what to
listen for when running 6010, the rest usually comes pretty quickley. If u
come across a stumbling block let me know, Id be glad to help. And good
luck with the certs so you can get away from that shit they call aluminum.

Author Shawn Dalton (1118 years ago)
how is the dragging? you just leave it in there and let the rod do its
magic? watching the keyhole of course.

Author Shawn Dalton (1283 years ago)
Thank you so much man, instructors didnt help me out much in school when it
came to the 6010, and thats the rod you need help with generally, haha.
imma go to an abc school after work shortly and start running that rod a
good amount. if like to get a combo welder cert:D aluminum is getting very
boring!! hah

Author budgaugh66 ( ago)
cont.. and when ur tacking up the joint, use this time to get a good idea
where ur gonna set ur amps. Ive donw a shitload of typing but i usually
like to help out when i can. Hopefully this does help

Author budgaugh66 ( ago)
cont again... if the keyhole is closing up on u, bring the rod to a more
trailing angle, pointing the arc towards the puddle and slow down a bit.
Like i said if u got the amperage dialed in right AND ur fit up is good, u
should be able to run it without a lot of fuss but nothings perfect and
there are ways to control the size of the keyhole. If u end up on a job
that uses a lot of 6010 on an open root ull need to know how to work w an
uneven fit up. It happens.

Author budgaugh66 ( ago)
cont.. i cant give u a definate amperage cause most machines tend to be
calibrated differently, but u got it dialed in right when u can run the rod
along with little or no manipulation. Of course u may have to adjust ur
travel speed and angle. the size of the keyhole will tell u what to do. Iv
found that when the keyhole is gettin too big, it helps to bring the rod
closer to a pushing angle or at least perpindicular and if its getting real
out of control, try whipping it a cpl times it does work

Author budgaugh66 ( ago)
Im surprised ud ask me.. i left quite a dickheaded comment on this page..
lol. 1st things 1st. Fit-up is key. as a beginner u want that nice even
root opening between 1/16 and an 1/8. I prefer somewhere in between w about
1/8 land. Play around w it until u find what works for u. If ur machine has
a "dig" or an arc force dial, be aware of that. the higher up that is the
more u will will penetrate. Try out about 90 amps more or less w 1/8 6010.

Author Shawn Dalton ( ago)
how can i get my bead to run nice and smooth with a 6010? i cant stand how
much i have to whip it. please give me an explanation or tutorial if

Author Shawn Dalton ( ago)
while i was in school, i only learned the whipping motion. SO, i dont have
to do a whipping motion right? can you give me a little better of an
explanation if possible about the technique you use?

Author DiazDZMiguel ( ago)
todavia le falta hay mucho socabado pero nuena la tecnica de eso se trata
de mejorar cada dia

Author DiazDZMiguel ( ago)
es muy buena la idea hasta que al fin a alguien se le ocurrio la idea es la
manera mas tactica de enseñar pero falta el mismo procedimiento por fuera

Author DucharmeMetal ( ago)
Get a buddy on yer dial and from the progressiion from 6 to 12 gradually
lower yer amperage about 5 to 7 amps ..........starting around 730 cuz as
you go up the heat units in the pipe itself intensifys therefore making a
progressively larger keyhole.

Author DucharmeMetal ( ago)
Ya thats right about right for heat were running a nice fat
keyhole and caught both edges flawlessly all the way up.........good video

Author DucharmeMetal ( ago)
I agree with whipping hot going up buddy thats a good bead as far as im
concerned......didnt even hafta use the grinder and got all yer tie
ins.......Myself I lilke ultrahot and downhand but thats a beauty uphand
bead.......I just did another stainless test the other day....I might start
posting videos compliments of United Association....good job

Author Jose Miguel ( ago)
buen fondeo muchacho

Author XScorpion85X ( ago)
The first thing people need to understand is that not every welding machine
is the same. Even the welder him/herself. Some like to run hotter. The
whipping motion works great just as the dragging motion works just as good.
It depends on the welder. Just as long as you keep the electrode right in
here and keep that continuous keyhole, you're fine.

Author purple God ( ago)
Hi, how many months did you have to train at that college before they got
you on pipe? about how much does it cost? thanks,

Author wazzok33 ( ago)
good video and good line..... "I love the smell of
6010s".....hahahahaha! toooo!!

Author wazzok33 ( ago)
hope it went well bud

Author Robert Horton ( ago)
Your long arcing it. bury the rod in deeper as so it is touching the grove.
this will lower your heat and make for a even burn and weld. keep your rod
angle even. also whip it up and back. this will allow the hot and cold
process preventing your burn out

Author ripslim24 ( ago)
see when i do 5G i have nice fit ups and everything and i run the root pass
with a 6010 at 77 amps but when i start putting the root in, sometime the
keyhole opens up TOO damn much and then when i whip it back to fill the
keyhole it only makes it a legit hole after that......any tips? my weldin
teacher givin us a weld test this friday over this

Author AndersonLocksmith ( ago)
Holland Colllege PEI Georgetown Centre

Author AndersonLocksmith ( ago)
Holland Colllege PEI Georgetown Centre

Author Kieran Fisher ( ago)
Nice stuff, im a second year apprentice got my 6g stick test on carbon
tomorrow, where you guys based

Author Sikksa as ( ago)
Where is your remote control? i wouldnt weld a pipe at all, if there is no

Author Alex Figueiredo ( ago)
I usually run my root in at 1/16" with a 1/16" land around 77amps. Instead
of stepping out and coming back in try just keeping your electrode still
with a little bit of a half moon movement and try to pull your electrode
instead of pushing it and it will come out really nice and consistent.

Author JJ Jones ( ago)
@budgaugh24 it's good to learn the whipping motion. When u get out in that
field dnt always expect nice tight fit-ups.

Author Skepticalpete1 ( ago)
Work on that restart in your overhead,and I like to go all the way thru my
overhead and get it out of the way.And remember pipe welding can't be just
good enough it's gotta be 100% or you won't pass X-ray.

Author mit52 ( ago)
give your head a shake marcellus!!!!

Author crislt1 ( ago)
I've never tested in that position. Always in a 45* 6 and 2 inch pipe. Ok
root pass might pass

Author mpthomasca ( ago)
nice job you dont have to chip of slag it will burn out ,onley the 7018
needs a good cleaning.we do the 2 inch pipe on 45 degre angle.6010 3/32
root filerup 7018 3/32.

Author cantthinkanameup (699 years ago)
@AndersonLocksmith I typically use a 3/32 gap with a 1/8 land. I like this
better because you can go straight from 1/8 6010 @ 85 amps to 3/32 7018
without adjusting your heat. I only do this in position though, as in any
other circumstance 85 amps for 7018 isnt hot enough for me.

Author atpchase ( ago)
Love that "keyhole"

Author AndersonLocksmith ( ago)
@zurenoloko be sure you have a landing. i use a 3/32 rod to guage how much
to grind off the bevel.just the core wire width. if the root is wider in
some spots you will struggle get your prep good and you will weld good .
even if you gotta take your pipe to a shop to get it cut and beveled

Author AndersonLocksmith ( ago)
@budgaugh24 That was awfully hateful Bud i was running my heat at 75 amps
maybe i should have adjusted my arc control dial. Are you familiar with

Author AndersonLocksmith ( ago)
i traditionally feather out but made an exeption not to shoot sparks all
over the place in my vid. Yes you should do it zurenoloko

Author Rogelio Rama ( ago)
good job bro.god bless

Author peachswishaPS3 ( ago)
@skooteroo Mouth? I think you're sooooooooo cool that you can spell now go
get a girlfriend or a wife or somthing you fat ass old man.

Author peachswishaPS3 ( ago)
@skooteroo can you read this? You're fucking gay. You also like dick in
you're month.

Author peachswishaPS3 ( ago)
@skooteroo oh mr.spellcheck ur cool and im a fucking kid too so i have the
right to say he sucks cause im on the same age level as him.

Author jerry wallace ( ago)
API 1104 is the only down hand motion on low pressure pipe

Author jerry wallace ( ago)
@CATmech89 api is downhill

Author Flint Dodson ( ago)
@dumraufs I have heard that.Why is it down hill.I was told not to run 6010
down hill.But I seen it down before.

Author AndersonLocksmith ( ago)
would you fire up a 5 inch dewalt with a 200 dollar camera 2 feet away ahah
. i know you are supposed to though...

Author Jon lawson ( ago)
nice arc strike at 7:20

Author l. ( ago)
I wonder why he didnt grind the end of the 1st pass before he ran another

Author jerry wallace ( ago)
this would be the same process for API as well correct? 6010 root and HP
and cap 7018

Author peachswishaPS3 ( ago)
your way to cocky..

Author AndersonLocksmith ( ago)
Thats funny cause at my school we never went down hand. I am almost
possitive if you test for your B-pressure pipe the 5G part or the root has
to be uphand . down hand is only for low pressure pipes ....although i am
not sure . it is a 1/8" a 3/32 might last all of 9 seconds lol

Author daniel gallo ( ago)
o ya you dont need to chip on stop and starts with a 6010 root it is almost
impossible to trap slag with a cellulose based flux like a 6010 or 6011 the
flux is basically paper learn your shit before you comment

Author daniel gallo ( ago)
i think i was set around 75 to 80 amps . ya thanx i hope i got a bit of
skillls when i pay almost 20 grand going to school for welding

Author RastaLee311 ( ago)
shoulda chipped off the slag before you restarted

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