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Author thr33wisemonks (1 month)
A professor wanted to experiment something. He told the criminal that if he
could stick his tongue out and blink twice after he's beheaded by the
guilotine, he would be a free man. So that's what exactly happened.

Author mikeyherb1923 (25 days)
Tough way to get head

Author NortoLanger (26 days)
This method of execution is simple, quick, safe and virtually painless.
According to the neurophysiologists awareness of delinquent retained for a
maximum of 300 milliseconds, followed by deep unconsciousness and death.
Events after decapitation of neurophysiological perspective
The former often vividly discussed speculation about what happened
immediately after an execution by decapitation has flared up historically
over again. Obviously, people have often wondered if severed heads still
can provide services conscious. Proved is only that the uninjured brain can
survive long time without oxygen supply and work with it, as long as the
excitation propagation is not disturbed - but this is the case in heads.
According to today's view are effective immediately after the execution the
following events: The severing spinal nerve fibers causes within the axons
(a component of nerve fibers) in an increasing physiological highest
frequency of action potentials, which is simultaneously connected to the
immediate failure retardant functions. This sits within 300 milliseconds a
massive and uncontrolled spread of excitation patterns in the brain
continued, where participate all formations. This leads to an immediate
loss of consciousness and a profound, irreversible disruption of all
cerebral functions. A similar, but weaker by many powers uncontrolled
spread of excitation is also known from epileptic seizures, but in which
participate only a few areas. The unconsciousness of a severed head,
however, is massive. Conscious or later processed reactions of a severed
head to cheers are 300 milliseconds to reliably rule out after. This is
also called a cerebral shock, which can not only occur, but will occur in
any case.
The processes within the first few seconds after separation are also known
safe today. Since the enormous uncontrolled excitement in the transected
and deadly (lethal) damaged axons of cell physiological and energetic
reasons can only be maintained over a few seconds, sets their biological
death within a few seconds after its transection. This is so, because the
ability to carry action potentials, an essential and vital metabolic
component of all nerve cells. If the intracellular reserves of adenosine
triphosphate (ATP) exhausted, the activity of ion pumps (active
membrane-spanning proteins) comes to a standstill, resulting in spinal
axons for immediate biological death (severed). The death of the axons is
made up like wildfire from the site of transection until the brain
continues where it after about 5 seconds the associated Somata achieved
(see pyramidal cell), from which they derive. At this moment this Somata
die regardless of the available oxygen from (functional death) because the
excitation patterns are an important factor in cellular metabolism. The
older view Zellsomata could still until exhaustion of the oxygen supply (eg
3 minutes) to live and work, is wrong.
Higher projection areas of these dying cells - ie more switched connections
that have been excited by the dawn of the first 300 milliseconds - carry
this excitement inevitably so long, until their own intracellular reserves
are depleted. Since the brain but on glial cells (cells with support and
supply functions for neurons) can be supplied by interruption of the blood
supply with oxygen for about 20 seconds, and reserves the projection areas
can be replaced until the end of this time partly. These cells still live
in the physiological sense, but are no longer able to maintain a meaningful
information processing. Generate action potentials no longer in a
differentiated manner, but in physiologically maximum extent possible. Soon
here also there is the biological death.
This does not include the enormous rising energy needs of the cells, which
is accompanied by the increase in activity. The reserves are probably used
up much faster than for example with an interruption of the blood supply,
as it may happen in case of accident victims, which remained under the
cerebral shock. In any case, in a separated head within about 20 seconds,
but probably sooner, all ATP reserves consumed, and the
Repolarisationsfähigkeit of cell membranes is generally ground to a halt.
An exception is only ganglienzellulär based arousal circuits, which are
located outside the brain and mainly allow reflex. Since these arousal
circuits in terms of the brain primarily afferent connected (ie from the
periphery connected to the central nervous system) and receive little
efferent input, they can be shown even during the fatal processes in the
brain. The blink reflex is one example for this purpose, which works
similarly to spinal reflexes. (Analogously, the separated from the head,
which can called. Spinalisierte body showing yet reflexes). This explains
observations that a severed head should have responded to a rapidly moving
toward him hand. However, reflections such as these are not signs of
cerebral presence or even a conscious reaction. Observations like jaw and
tongue movements come efferent reactions as they occur with seizures. They
do not imply that the head still wanted to say something, but are
unintentional muscle movements equate. Relevant reports from the literature
come from more fantastic or macabre decorations of naive ideas that the
audience made themselves at such events of the matter.
Category: Traumatology

Author felix baumgartner (2 months)
nagrywane surową wołowiną

Author lock Hughes (1 month)
No bullets were fired in the making of this documentary.

Author joshjhutton (9 months)
They so much need to bring this back. Its virtually painless and quick as
can be.

Author Safa Ryan Homayoon (7 months)

Author Bojan366 (8 months)
2:25 is scene from some mowie i wached years ago. Here is just fotoshoped
to lock like wery old original fotage. We are fooled. ;) 

Author Walter Batty (3 months)
The actor whose character was guillotined in the film papillon did a
fantastic job and was totally convincing. I suppose he must be dead in
real life by now.

Author phil rud (9 months)
For the next revolution in France against the bankers....

Author jober2290 (5 months)
for those who are unsure that was footage from a movie called papillon with
dustin hoffman and steve mcqueen!! it was in no way real just edited in
black and white for effect!! great flick!

Author hoofbags (8 months)
Recent scientific research, probably by experimenting on animals, suggests
that this is an extremely painful way to die.

Author Aidan Convery (3 months)
They always find the few parasites willing to be executioners.

Author Peter Whitehall (9 months)
Quick, economical, but messy.

Author Matt Steiger (1 year)
Screw the head shaver, the Guillotine is the original HeadBlade!

Author mike wright (1 year)

Author - Azy - (2 months)
Made me shivers. I feel like my head is going to snap by those guillotines.

Author FERNANDO SOLIS (9 months)

Author gruff5 (10 months)
music's pretty depressing. Couldn't you have found something more cheerful?

Author Marcfj (8 months)
Disgusting! If you're going to execute someone at least allow him the
dignity of dying in one piece.

Author jade lisa (7 months)
There is something wrong with you if you can use the guillotine and pull
the string to release it on someone's head without any remorse 

Author Lord Necromancer (1 year)
2:30 that scene is from Papillion with Steve McQueeen.

Author Josef Zack (9 months)
when i think aobut it, this is probably the only thing la belle france ever
did right.

Author macroevolve (6 months)
The guillotine is a macabre device

Author acoow (1 year)
The shock to the spinal cord and the sudden loss of blood pressure causes
nearly instant loss of consciousness. The Guillotine is the most human
form of capital punishment created.

Author Spaz Modicus (8 months)
Why are the French so good at making sauces???
And I don't mean fucking condiments - HP* and Ketchup are NOT sauces.
Hollandaise - named after the first Frenchman to climb Mount Everast, is a
Buchinklock - named after the first Frenchman to die during
autoasphyxiation (wanking with a belt round the neck - like Michael
Hutchinse, David Carradine and Ronald Reagan died doing).

The French Sauciere trains for 14 years to perfect his art.
During his 10th year he lives above the snowline in the Alps and meditates
of the sounds and smells of nature.
He learns out to make sauce from just noise and ambience
When he is ready to graduate as a fully qualified sauciere (one of only 6
that graduate every year) he says an oath to the body of Napoleon and burns
the picture of a saint in his hands......

There's nothing gay about French cooking.

*HP is Houses of Parliament 'Sauce' (actually a condiment, made in

Author Andrew O'Donnell (1 year)
Get real, it's a most evil and wicked invention - the French are berserk

Author kimsuratos (1 year)
That is so frickin' gross and wrong >.<

Author David Kim (1 year)
It was often practiced to hold up the just cut-off head by the hair so it
and the audience could look at each other. Tales of up to 30 seconds,
responding by blinking, once twice but failing to reach tree times, and
making faces after being slapped. Because real evidence is covered up,
it's probably not good.

Author JaraldthePale (1 year)
fast way to kill a lot of people really fast.

Author Jake Biggins (1 year)
PEOPLE LOVE IT especially the demented brits
the human race is fucked up

elle posséde vraiment une sale gueule !

Author J Judge (1 year)
he deserved it or something worse. a slow painful death would have been
eugen weidmann lured innocent, unsuspecting people to their death. google
hi s name. burn in 

Author Rod Doney (1 year)
There is annecdotal evidence that the head has conciousness for up to 90
seconds. Google it.

Author Alessia85thebest (1 year)

Author Nelson Baietti (1 year)
at 4:15... is this the real footage of the 1977 last guillotine execution?

Author Miklos Halasz (1 year)
sick soon shall vomit on the film .nobody gat the ringt to take othr Life.

Author madmax92gsx (3 years)
@ahmaddinejungilvez key word "physical"

Author richard fey (2 years)
Yes arabs can by swotd

Author Graham Jowett (3 years)
have a listen to these experts.. as if any of you know ... laughable really

Author ChicaWolverina (2 years)
I wish that it would be updated and brought back for use with all the
corrupt T-Party Fascists, Prison Gangs, Rapists, Sikhs, Muslims, corrupt
FBI and CIA types, Dr. Condalisa Rice and every former the members of the
Bush administration etc, plus the "Business" leaders and their Nazi friends
in this country!

Author alberferdi1 (2 years)
le progrès enterré !! nostalgie ,nostalgie : l'abbaye de cinq pierres : la
seule issue vers la rédemption pour les assassins .

Author Mark Elder (4 years)
@055697 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz attention folks, we have a
bovinely stupid redneck here! (you're a Yank, right?)

Author koolkoop (4 years)
if some one is put to death the person that well executioner should die to
i mean he has just killed a man . I FU***** DESPISE CAPITAL PUNISHMENT YOU

Author chicken4247 (4 years)
@kevinsalami ur right it is ... beheading is still used in saudi today
because of this reason.

Author Liss P (3 years)
@fullmetaljaco why should animals suffer?

Author Leonn Esquivel (4 years)
hella legit man

Author J kK (4 years)
Death is not instant with the guillotine. The brain and the body do not
"instantly" die. Because it is so swift, the head and body go on for
several minutes. They say the eyes can actually see right after the
beheading. Death is never "instant" unless pulverized, like in a plane
crash where the plane smashes into a mountain or the groud at high speed.

Author madmax92gsx (4 years)
guillotine was actually a really quick way to die. pretty much no physical

Author Baldoxxx4000 (4 years)
Uhhh guillotine is nothing, being burnt alive is worse....

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