digital video montage dealing with guillotine execution in the early part of the 20th century; most notably that of eugene weidmann in 1939. the enthusiasm of the crowd, as well as the fact that the event was filmed from an apartment window, became major factors in the french governments decision to ban public executions. as a result, the weidmann execution was the last public guillotining in france before the death penalty was finally abolished in 1981. musical setting is the viola solo "elegie" by igor stravinsky, performed by miles hoffman..

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Author Peter Whitehall (2 days)
Quick, economical, but messy.

Author Josef Zack (7 days)
when i think aobut it, this is probably the only thing la belle france ever
did right.

Author joshjhutton (14 days)
They so much need to bring this back. Its virtually painless and quick as
can be.

Author mike wright (4 months)

Author fernando solis (20 days)

Author phil rud (20 days)
For the next revolution in France against the bankers....

Author gruff5 (1 month)
music's pretty depressing. Couldn't you have found something more cheerful?

Author willi wacker (2 months)
1:48 ff is from the film papillion with steve mcqueen

Author Jake Biggins (3 months)
PEOPLE LOVE IT especially the demented brits
the human race is fucked up

Author Pale Jarald (3 months)
fast way to kill a lot of people really fast.

Author Nelson Baietti (6 months)
at 4:15... is this the real footage of the 1977 last guillotine execution?

Author Lord Necromancer (3 months)
2:30 that scene is from Papillion with Steve McQueeen.

Author Rod Doney (6 months)
There is annecdotal evidence that the head has conciousness for up to 90
seconds. Google it.

Author David Kim (4 months)
It was often practiced to hold up the just cut-off head by the hair so it
and the audience could look at each other. Tales of up to 30 seconds,
responding by blinking, once twice but failing to reach tree times, and
making faces after being slapped. Because real evidence is covered up,
it's probably not good.

Author Andrew O'Donnell (6 months)
Get real, it's a most evil and wicked invention - the French are berserk

Author Matt Steiger (4 months)
Screw the head shaver, the Guillotine is the original HeadBlade!

Author acoow (8 months)
The shock to the spinal cord and the sudden loss of blood pressure causes
nearly instant loss of consciousness. The Guillotine is the most human
form of capital punishment created.

Author Miklos Halasz (7 months)
sick soon shall vomit on the film .nobody gat the ringt to take othr Life.

Author madmax92gsx (3 years)
@ahmaddinejungilvez key word "physical"

Author richard fey (1 year)
Yes arabs can by swotd

Author Graham Jowett (3 years)
have a listen to these experts.. as if any of you know ... laughable really

Author ChicaWolverina (2 years)
I wish that it would be updated and brought back for use with all the
corrupt T-Party Fascists, Prison Gangs, Rapists, Sikhs, Muslims, corrupt
FBI and CIA types, Dr. Condalisa Rice and every former the members of the
Bush administration etc, plus the "Business" leaders and their Nazi friends
in this country!

Author alberferdi1 (1 year)
le progrès enterré !! nostalgie ,nostalgie : l'abbaye de cinq pierres : la
seule issue vers la rédemption pour les assassins .

Author Mark Elder (3 years)
@055697 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz attention folks, we have a
bovinely stupid redneck here! (you're a Yank, right?)

Author koolkoop (3 years)
if some one is put to death the person that well executioner should die to
i mean he has just killed a man . I FU***** DESPISE CAPITAL PUNISHMENT YOU

Author chicken4247 (3 years)
@kevinsalami ur right it is ... beheading is still used in saudi today
because of this reason.

Author Liss P (2 years)
@fullmetaljaco why should animals suffer?

Author Leonn Esquivel (3 years)
hella legit man

Author J kK (3 years)
Death is not instant with the guillotine. The brain and the body do not
"instantly" die. Because it is so swift, the head and body go on for
several minutes. They say the eyes can actually see right after the
beheading. Death is never "instant" unless pulverized, like in a plane
crash where the plane smashes into a mountain or the groud at high speed.

Author madmax92gsx (3 years)
guillotine was actually a really quick way to die. pretty much no physical

Author Baldoxxx4000 (3 years)
Uhhh guillotine is nothing, being burnt alive is worse....

Author gerry3x (3 years)
my head hurts...

Author bern bren (1 year)

Author perlaand (2 years)
@ipage1 Thank you commenting. Most humans are heavily conditioned by
religion and misconception on life. Each one that awakes from the daylight
dream is an enormous step because he enlightens all around without doing
anything. So, if you "know" you become responsible. Waken up and we will be
just fine.

Author Niraj Puri (1 year)
honestly the music freaks me out !!

Author brontewcat (3 years)
@sapperzulu And who is qualified to judge who lives and who dies

Author perlaand (2 years)
Humans beings are really deplorable insane.

Author SledgeHammer (3 years)
@JohnnyLemonhead That's right!!! I knew I had seen this somewhere before.
Nice work Lemonhead! Lemonhead's right people, the scene was pirated from

Author MrAltarex3000 (11 months)
2:33 -> 4:31 (LOL)!

Author gyreenedoc (2 years)
@Neemeess french didn't invent it. there were machines similar in use in
other countries. (look up Brown Bess, par ex.) french made it more
efficient by angling the blade. so, instead of chopping, it sliced.

Author BloodOfYeshuaMessiah (10 months)
For those that think this is a quick humane execution think again. It is
well known that blood remianis in the head continuing to supply blood and
oxygen to the brain for up to 30 seconds. This means the individual remains
alive and aware for up to 30 seconds after decapitation. By far the best
form of execution is a Hyperbolic Oxygen Chamber similar to what pilots
train in. Gradually oxygen is reduced inducing painless sleep followed by a
painless death.

Author Lazar Sreckovic (3 years)
better than electric chair

Author Ethan Windsor (1 year)
this is much more quicker than lethal injection .

Author Arina Moonstone (9 months)
dont worry, they will go to hell...

Author cubanbach (2 years)
@dinosaurhunter3 He didn't invent, he just promoted it as the preferrred
way to execute. but the notoriety stuck with his name and now we believe he
invented it. his family changed their last name because of the infamy of
their name.

Author MrSwe911 (3 years)
@mjslash557 -.-

Author Mrahamedmalik (3 years)
@Highlander01 nice comment, i just dont understand why people complain of
halal or kosher ways of slaughter , very near guiltone, a blade is used in
all case, NICE CLEAN CUT, im all for meat.

Author madmax92gsx (3 years)
@immachasem True

Author CockKnocker920 (3 years)
@kanedonny The firt Law to ever be institutionalized was Capitol
Punishment. The reason for it was to put into the minds of the poplace that
murder is a bad thing. or in some extream cases that revolts would not be
tolerated. It's ment to be horrific. Most sates within the USA have banned
exicutions, And what replaces it? In Maine the death penetaly is 25 years
for horrifically, sadistically murdering a woman. That to me isn't justice,
but it'll have to do.

Author marie fifi (2 years)
et c'est moi la sauvage ?!! pwahhhh

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