Battleship & ACDC - Thunderstruck

Movie: Battleship
Music: ACDC - Thunderstruck

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Author Massoterapia Brasil ( ago)
Hey owner of the chanel, congratulations, this is a awesome edition, great
work. They should had called YOU to do the trailer of this movie. What you
did is great ! I really enjoy the edition you did.

Author Brian Lawlor ( ago)
oooooooooooooooooooooooooo yes

Author Trucsenvracs69 ( ago)
This is gorgeous :D

Author Christoffer Hermansson Synnestvedt ( ago)
Its so damn awsooome!

Author Jade West ( ago)
Would be nice if they bring all 4 yamato class shinano musashi yamato and
super yamato

Author Thomas Orr ( ago)
I thought the movie was actually quite good for an American movie

Author Shibata Kitatei ( ago)
"why battleship drifting?" I think that's unromantic question.
努力と根性! それこそが至高!

Author OoohGravity ( ago)
Iowa. New Jersey. Missouri. Wisconsin.

The definition of Thunderstruck.

Author Debra Maxwell ( ago)
*Life is everything there is or ever will be.* Take it all or leave it all.
Time to step out of the prison you can't see, hear, smell or taste or
touch. *There is only one way to go.* Do you want to know the *Truth* of *Life?
Google:* *The Truth Contest*

Author Kristine “Kris” Evans ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube

Author Ryan Scherbluk ( ago)
Peter Berg Directed this. He claimed he wanted to do something different
the movies not bad I've seen worse movies the this. The movie only made 303
million with 220 million dollar budget so it made 83 million dollar profit.
But I think people don't give it a chance it's just an action summer movie
it's not ment to make sense 

Author Lucho Recontrak Alcapone ( ago)

Author Gillian Sabino ( ago)
David Sabino her
Hay man I'v watch it and I love it Thunderstrucke song
That I love it Thanks for the video I really like it thumbs up
Thank you. From D.J.M.S

Author Gillian Sabino ( ago)
I love it Thanks for your video. From D.J.M.S

Author Gillian Sabino ( ago)
Hey man I have been watching this video
And I love it I love the video the Thunderstrucke
Song I like it rock 'n' roll brother.

Author :]Dame ster312[: ( ago)
I think I shouldn't have but when the alien ship blew up one of the
destroyers, I laughed so hard, reason why, that's what you get for firing
at an alien ship with I little cannon 

Author MICROKNIGHT3000 ( ago)
Just as expected from Michael Bay...

Author Jadah Dishman ( ago)

Author Anne Wangberg ( ago)

Author Griffin Faulkner ( ago)
Movie title: Battleship
What actually happens: Arleigh-Burke Missile Rape

Author Simon Brown ( ago)
Is it just me, or is every action film improved by the addition of an ac/dc
I think so!

Author Anthony Martinez ( ago)
Tuesday. What days waiting, for us all . Enjoy this music fest? 

Author Stinus Madsen ( ago)

Author Roy Cantrell ( ago)

Author Raymond Horton ( ago)
Thunderstruck indeed

Author JoséÑko Rivero ( ago)

Author James Cain ( ago)

Author Flumpty Bumpty ( ago)
Why is it that EVERY ALIEN RACE WE ENCOUNTER Has to be Hostile??

Author jean des mytter ( ago)
trop cool lol

Author Sebastien Boufflet ( ago)

Author Amanda Wright ( ago)

Author Earl Timmons ( ago)
Great job
The best of SCIFI and my Navy:)

Author Calvin L Weir ( ago)
i agree

Author Robin DeArcos ( ago)
dam good movie i'v seen worse

Author Pablo Fernandez Castro (414 years ago)

Author Patricia Riley ( ago)

Author Basílio Farinha ( ago)

Author Barry McGuigan ( ago)
this was beautiful.

Author NFSINSANE ( ago)
This song made the movie for me : ) So awesome, a tad on the cheesey side
but still a really sick movie

Author James Foster ( ago)
A bad movie that I will watch over and over again. Who doesn't want to see
an old warship kick some alien butt?

Author Belinda C ( ago)
rock on :)

Author Reinaldo Ulloa ( ago)
I loved that movie. The movie was a good mix of scifi and action. ..and
patriotic as well.

Author Matheus Maffra Çz ( ago)
, Fodao-Se Todos Os Americanos *|*.


Author Hornet Magtf ( ago)
This film was cool. It was on parr with Independence Day

Author Belinda C ( ago)

Author II Regno d' Italia ( ago)
I Saw The Whole Movie Shorter and With Better Music.

Author Belinda C ( ago)
Stay away from my friends devil

Author David S. Guerrero ( ago)
3:47 it's too impossible that aliens will not be scared about that sight!

Author Christian angelo ( ago)
What is the 1st and 2nd war boat??

Author Александр Лавриенко ( ago)

Author Angelo Lopez ( ago)

Author Lalaloopsylovers100 ( ago)
The ship fights were the awesome parts.Everything else was BORING

Author DrexplaysMC ( ago)
Nice movie... song brings out the action... COOL... O_O

Author Fareed Aljawhary ( ago)
Battleship, ACDC and sex, all what you need in life :)

Author Belinda C ( ago)
this is how i greet aliens bahaha

Author Ricardo Simonazzi Dominguez ( ago)
Battleship & ACDC - Thunderstruck:

Author Redd WebDev ( ago)
... A Sci-fi fix ...

Author georgejsl ( ago)
Genial !

Author Zsolt Albert ( ago)

Author Deadlus Radek ( ago)
3:18 it was something like : Hello this is humanity :D

Author Zsolt Albert ( ago)

Author mistery lucky ( ago)
dat wrily epic

Author BlueThunderFox ( ago)
I just overloaded my stereo with this song. Seriously, the front reads
"input overload."
Says a lot about how much I enjoy this song, eh?

Especially the syncing of the song and the video. Very well done!

Author Jacobe Ross ( ago)
This was a really bad movie ..but i cant fucking lie... When the ww2 ship
tore apart the alien , i fucking jizzed

Author kim peace (fiftyfive) ( ago)
Alexis II , King of Byzantium , Commander of the Knights Templar , WE are
ready !

Author curt youngblood ( ago)

Author Zer0kbps ( ago)
HEH Brilliant way to sum up movie in 5 mins.

Author Stephen Benavidez ( ago)
This never gets old!!!!!

Author RichieCarrie Jaske (CascadesRentalServicesInc) ( ago)
love it!

Author Rodrigo de Freitas Silva ( ago)
Bom dia Comunidade!!!
Todo dia é dia de Luta!!!
E Aki estamos Pronto!

Author iDaveProduction ( ago)
guys pls klick on it its for me some free rp ..make me this christmas
present and klick in the link...thank you :D

Author Hellfire674 ( ago)
Real life those little canisters would've never made it to the destroyers
why you ask? Cause those CWIS's can hit every single shot fire from a
GAU-8(4,200 RPM) gotta love military testing.

Author Belinda C ( ago)

Author Asheville Online ( ago)
It's not Christmas yet. So ~ #OneMoreTime

Author baza7008 ( ago)
who ever edited the audio with the film footage should be working in the
film industry! epic!!!

Author Carmen Eu ( ago)
i love this song... for u my
love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️­­❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Author Belinda C ( ago)
a lot of my friends are getting attack by  the kingdom of darkness laterly.
I'm totally going to destory there plans a :)

Author dla Ciebie PAN ( ago)
yeah :D!

Author Belinda C ( ago)

Author Belinda C ( ago)
hi devil your lies you sent didn't work lol :)

Author Belinda C ( ago)
o hello lol

Author Belinda C ( ago)

Author Melissa Calle ( ago)

Author Melissa Stefanie Calle Mansilla ( ago)
este video es genialll me encanta

Author Dwiska Kahardianda ( ago)

could serve as PV to those who don't mind the spoilers

Author Jade Brown Bull ( ago)
Hell yeah!

Author kraxus03 ( ago)
Well...guess I don't need to see that movie now then lol
Great vid

Author Belinda C ( ago)

Author Evan Featherston (The Human Auto-Correct) ( ago)
This basically sums up the *ENTIRE* movie

Author Jeff Penley (722 years ago)
Battleship & ACDC - Thunderstruck:

Author Asheville Online (739 years ago)
Battleship & ACDC - Thunderstruck:

Author Stanimir Chitov ( ago)

Author paul h ( ago)

Author Sharon Powell King ( ago)

Author RedBaron RE ( ago)

Author jose monzo ( ago)

Author Tihomir Marinov ( ago)

Author 3majster ( ago)
o fuck!!!!!

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