Doc Holiday - TombStone - Not Friends Any More

Doc Holiday's introductory scene in Tombstone. "...I don't think I could bear it"

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Author S Speck (2 months)
Dude. Re Post this with you shutting the fuck up. It's a great scene. You
fuck up a wet dream. Get over yourself.

Author Fearless Dreamer Thomas (3 months)
Should not be talking constantly through the ENTIRE scene...

Author orim (5 months)
Im happy the director made such a wonderful film. Im not so happy this clip
has his voice all over it like a tv reporter who wont let his interviewee

Author liamtz (8 months)
That's the voice over of the director of this movie, George P. Cosmatos. A
talented, creative, successful man. Hardly a POS.

Author dornravlin (6 months)
hey witch DVD has the director commentary 

Author mfp508 (9 months)
Nice accent narrator. Somewhat in between a Mexican, a Russian, a latino
piece of shit, or maybe a gunfighter who never was in a gunfight. Who just
got called. Maybe your the most interesting man in the world. Or maybe your
the most interesting piece of shit in the world.

Author gRosh08 (8 months)

Author Anthony Gangone (1 year)
Does this dude really have to be talking through out the whole thing... Hey
narrator, are we cross?...

Author dean winchestette (1 year)
I found the commentary so distracting I couldn't enjoy anything. great :s

Author CassDaMan1138 (1 year)
The guy Doc stabs is Sylvestor Stallons brother Frank.

Author Mitzi Mathias (1 year)
I surely love dh, All of those good guys, best movies the greats have ever
done, too many to know, lol, no they r all great the good ones especially!
what a movie,none as good since! Wish people nowadays had that kind of true
gut? balls, ha whatever, but don't think we'd b in this shape if so?,

Author NiteStar131 (2 years)
To be an actor you have to be stuck on yourself and think your the best
thing since sliced bread, throwing phones at folks, driving cars into
parked cars and wondering why people look at you funny and the list goes
on. Some of the very best actors around are total pricks to work with, it
is the way of the beast. Very few maintain touch with reality so this is a
poor reason to single him out not to work with considering the actors thy
use today who draw millions in sales and most are a waste

Author NiteStar131 (2 years)
I do not know what a-hole Val Killmer pissed off in Hollywood and do not
care, he is and was an excellent actor and it is your loss and our loss he
was not given a chance and great rolls, he took this roll and made it his
own, he captured Doc Holiday and was outstanding and should have got an
Oscar, never cared for Kilmers other rolls, they were dumb but he got to
work, you robbed America and the world of a great talent by ignoring Killmer

Author poop (2 years)
Michael Biehn. Yes, he's an underrated and underused actor.

Author gmaxxed (2 years)
I really think this is Val Kilmers very best role ever. He's icier than
Iceman here. Just love his style and demeanour. 'Who's your huckleberry?'.

Author THEfox888 (3 years)
@user98xp "Does this mean we can't be friends anymore?"

Author Iron Enthusiast (2 years)
I just noticed the nude women painted on the wall and I've seen this movie
many times. If I thought I wasn't heterosexual anymore I don't think I
could bear it.

Author gonzobrains (3 years)
Why did he grab the cards before leaving?

Author Eric S (2 years)
Val Kilmers best role.

Author kirk rullman (3 years)
@JP5466 where do u see that? i dont see a washington quarter..the coins are
not so clear to determine

Author don417 (3 years)
pretty funny how he just takes the roulette dealer's money like it's no big

Author kirk rullman (3 years)
well it's a daisy if it is.

Author noobi core (1 year)
A stellar Oscar worthy performance by Kilmer. GREAT GREAT movie, as good a
Western as they come

Author General .Cinema (2 years)
look up gepetto by shingle celled duplexes. They sampled that part for a

Author boikhutso27 (3 years)
what an ugly thing to say haha

Author RonanMacQuarrie (3 years)
5 people aren't friends anymore

Author Lew Archer 1949 (1 year)
If I have one criticism about this movie, it's the way they marginalize Big
Nose Kate as just another whore. She was actually a pretty fascinating
character in her own right.

Author Usurpationblitz (3 years)
Cover you're ears darling

Author Murphdogg4 (3 years)
everyone needs a ride or die woman like big Nose Kate in their lives.

Author Skip63 (3 years)
Dying and still badass!

Author James Crane Jr. (2 years)
My God that's a good looking woman!

Author Jonathan Jones (3 years)

Author mryuck206 (3 years)
@hisoj these characters were still just the outlaws. most were normal
working folks like me and (probably) you. i know what you mean though, life
was simpler and tougher on everybody. it's lost now on cell phones and the
internet we're on.

Author mikealanzo (2 years)
I've been Doc's friend since 1992.....

Author SyggKvislingNielsen (2 years)
"How lewd..."

Author whitekidcem (2 years)
I really like the whore's gun.

Author Skip63 (2 years)
I wish I could take a badass son a bitch like Val's Doc with me.

Author bramabull123 (1 year)
the other guy was still in to, the opening line is "$500 in holiday you are
in or out", meaning he either calls or folds, the other guy folds, so
Holiday then shows his hand.

Author LastOfTheBreed78 (3 years)
@JP5466 are you serious about calling out props in movies. Do you think
they had a budget big enough to encompass purchasing the proper tender for
every single scene? Get a life and stop posting from your mom's basement!

Author inthenuddy (3 years)
is he saying, "how rude..." after kate sits on him?

Author JohnFord91 (3 years)
"ill burn u down"?! thats the best she could come up with?!

Author Spencer Smith (3 years)
I really like Kilmer's Doc because he nailed the old money Southern accent.
Some actors try but never succeed with it. The writing helped as well.

Author TEMUJIN ARTS (2 years)
u did

Author LastOfTheBreed78 (3 years)
The sound is the roulette ball dropping in the background.

Author Russell Higgins (1 year)
I'm working on a project where I count down my top 100 favorite movies and
show a clip for each of them. Every time I decide on a clip for this movie
I always remember another and have to change it. God, he's awesome.

Author Akf1993 (3 years)
doc holiday makes me wanna smoke cigerettes and be a badass

Author iamcodizzle (2 years)
you look like your bout ready to burst

Author user98xp (2 years)
The guy who played Johnny Ringo was really good too.

Author briant420 (3 years)
I'd have killed him just for being Frank Stallone.

Author Mike Valverde (1 year)
I would love to be this cool...but I would probably end up shooting off my

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