Doc Holiday - TombStone - Not Friends Any More

Doc Holiday's introductory scene in Tombstone. "...I don't think I could bear it"

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Author leftcoaster67 ( ago)
Kate? You're not wearing a bustle. How lewd.

Author HATTONGTS ( ago)
We cross

Author Andrea Trembly ( ago)
damnit, cant i get a clip of this without the damn voiceover?

Author Jesse Pomeroy ( ago)
When Doc stabs the guy and Kate holds her gun to the head of the bartender
the hammer is not cocked. She points it around the room and threatens
others hammer still down. I single action revolver requires the hammer be
pulled back before it can fire and I would suggest IN REAL LIFE it would
have been. Just a minor detail most folks, not familiar with single action
revolvers never even saw. j.

Author S Speck ( ago)
Dude. Re Post this with you shutting the fuck up. It's a great scene. You
fuck up a wet dream. Get over yourself.

Author Fearless Dreamer Thomas ( ago)
Should not be talking constantly through the ENTIRE scene...

Author Julian Anthony ( ago)
My question to 17 people "Are we cross?"

Author Mark Jackson ( ago)
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Author DeRex9 ( ago)
priceless upload 5***** :)

Author noobi core ( ago)
A stellar Oscar worthy performance by Kilmer. GREAT GREAT movie, as good a
Western as they come

Author mynamespitt ( ago)
LOL, For I am Costanza....Lord of the idiots.

Author user98xp ( ago)

Author mynamespitt ( ago)
How dude......

Author mynamespitt ( ago)
Truer words have never been spoken....

Author Samantha Rose ( ago)
Ed, what an ugly thing to say.

Author TYBG YouHaveBlessedMe ( ago)
i wish this guy would shut up

Author JiveDadson ( ago)
1:56 That's a US Trade Dollar, which would have been right at home in a
western poker game. (They traded at a discount to gold dollars.) But there
is a historical inaccuracy in the frame. Holliday carried only one pistol,
probablyt a nickel-plated Colt .41 given to him by Bat Masterson. Its
whereabouts is unknown.

Author Russell Higgins ( ago)
I'm working on a project where I count down my top 100 favorite movies and
show a clip for each of them. Every time I decide on a clip for this movie
I always remember another and have to change it. God, he's awesome.

Author JR Black ( ago)
Isn't that a daisy ....

Author jhfit ( ago)
you ought to just shut the fuck up while this is playing

Author rocker4u123 ( ago)
In real life docs mistress was reputed to be fat and ugly.

Author blueticecho ( ago)
@ 1: 56 a eagle quarter first minted in the 1930's...

Author batmannotahero ( ago)
That's Sly's brother.

Author TheAirheaded1 ( ago)
I bet he tapped dat ASS!!

Author zenburger ( ago)
now i know what is missing from my life ... a sweet hungarian whore

Author phoen99rising ( ago)
Kate is fine as hell

Author tyrion stark ( ago)
the legs could be a 'touch' wider...... lol

Author bramabull123 ( ago)
the other guy was still in to, the opening line is "$500 in holiday you are
in or out", meaning he either calls or folds, the other guy folds, so
Holiday then shows his hand.

Author TheHeater90 ( ago)
It's actually an English made gun, known as a "Bulldog". Can't remember
what year it was introduced. While Doc is using a Colt 1873 Single Action
Army .45 "Peacemaker" and a Colt 1877 Double Action .41 "Thunderer", in
case you cared. lol

Author KP guitarzan ( ago)
In todays time of Hidy Seeky..........Doc Holy Day is merely a beginning. I
suggest you run and don't look back. Yes I am speakin to 2013-2020

Author Lew Archer 1949 ( ago)
If I have one criticism about this movie, it's the way they marginalize Big
Nose Kate as just another whore. She was actually a pretty fascinating
character in her own right.

Author Patrick Treu ( ago)
I sure like the wallpaper in the background!

Author Mike Valverde ( ago)
I would love to be this cool...but I would probably end up shooting off my

Author OwlEyes85 ( ago)
Every second of Val Kilmer in this is legendary

Author James Crane Jr. ( ago)
Kate was not a whore.

Author Skip63 ( ago)
Doc's girlfriend is hot.

Author iamcodizzle ( ago)
you look like your bout ready to burst

Author dysplasticrome0 ( ago)
VAL Kilmer at his best, he trained a lot to pull his guns out that fast. I
love this movie. "My sweet soft Hungarian devil."

Author whitekidcem ( ago)
does anyone know which brand is that?

Author whitekidcem ( ago)
I really like the whore's gun.

Author Eric S ( ago)
Gun Control = exhale before you pull the trigger. Nothing else.

Author Eric S ( ago)
Val Kilmers best role.

Author John Zollner ( ago)
If I remember right there was a movie that came out in 1960's about Doc
Holiday and his encounters. It was a color film that had nothing to do with
Tombstone but the movie had Tombstone in it.

Author CSATexan ( ago)
The right to keep and bear arms had nothing to do with an invasion from
another country.

Author ZCorp Alpha ( ago)
Now, this is " Education " young ones

Author Joseph Johns ( ago)
Why not allow for better gun control. The likelihood of a European invasion
on American Shores, is non existant, The Crown will not take back the
colonies. Gun control, more Americans killed each other with weapons, last
year, than our war theaters, not to mention drinking and talking on cell

Author msattler111 ( ago)
LOL... Ya think?

Author Electro ( ago)
Why is it that only the wales don't ware a bussle? DANG IT!!!

Author James Crane Jr. ( ago)
My God that's a good looking woman!

Author Eve Utyro ( ago)

Author Albert Nygren ( ago)
I read somewhere that the real Wyatt Earp said that Doc was either the most
dangerous man he had ever met or the most dangerous man alive. Both could
be true as Wyatt certainly met a lot of very dangerous men.

Author Albert Nygren ( ago)
Yes, He should have gotten an oscar for that role. It was not only the best
Doc Holiday it was the best acting that Kilmer has done so far. I hope He
can rise to these heights again and possibly lose a little weight.

Author Gardner Rowe ( ago)
Got to be his best roke I can't think of anyone who played Doc Holkiday any
better. Love that movie!!!

Author $knowpoor ( ago)
I wish I had a girlfriend that didnt ware a bussle

Author kobe0834 ( ago)
"without them guns you aint nothin but a skinny lunger" Doc stabs

Author bjroberts65 ( ago)
Sylvester Stallone disliked this video

Author Jake Maciejewski ( ago)

Author gmaxxed ( ago)
I really think this is Val Kilmers very best role ever. He's icier than
Iceman here. Just love his style and demeanour. 'Who's your huckleberry?'.

Author compvm33 ( ago) lewd...

Author TEMUJIN ARTS ( ago)
LOL The sense of humor is strong in this one...!

Author Darren Lachel ( ago)

Author TEMUJIN ARTS ( ago)
u did

Author AndJusticeForMe ( ago)
Should I hate the 11 dislikes? I'm sure of it...I hate em.

Author General .Cinema ( ago)
look up gepetto by shingle celled duplexes. They sampled that part for a

Author Darren Lachel ( ago)
Ed, what an ugly thing to say. I abhor ugliness... does this mean we're not
friends anymore? You know, Ed, if I thought you weren't my friend, I just
don't think I could bear it. There. Now we can be friends again. Sweet, who
wrote that?

Author apocq ( ago)
"cover you are ears darling" english just like doc would want it.

Author supermanoftheoc ( ago)
The other guy (Ed) probably went all in and Doc had more money overall then
Ed. He called everything Ed had and broke him.

Author MadLip78 ( ago)
Why would he just call with 4 Qs?

Author Lee N ( ago)
I love to listen to people that talk out of their ass... you sir are one of
them. :D

Author Joe Smith ( ago)
The gal who plays Big Nose Kate is a blond from Poland. She got her start
as a model. You'd never guess that from this scene.

Author Black Heart (1333 years ago)
10 dislikes? Internet, are we cross?

Author Mike Wayne ( ago)
What kind of fish calls with quads in 5 card draw? Push all in next time

Author SlippersFuzzy ( ago)
Hey,I agree with what you're saying. I wasn't knocking what you were
saying. I was just repeating what I've heard.

Author NiteStar131 ( ago)
To be an actor you have to be stuck on yourself and think your the best
thing since sliced bread, throwing phones at folks, driving cars into
parked cars and wondering why people look at you funny and the list goes
on. Some of the very best actors around are total pricks to work with, it
is the way of the beast. Very few maintain touch with reality so this is a
poor reason to single him out not to work with considering the actors thy
use today who draw millions in sales and most are a waste

Author SlippersFuzzy ( ago)
From everything I've heard, Kilmer is hard to work with.

Author NiteStar131 (1354 years ago)
What ever helps you sleep at night

Author Arthur Chang ( ago)
I wasn't suggesting that you aren't within your rights to share anecdotes
with complete strangers on the internet, I was just exercising my right to
tell you that it's likely that nobody cares. I'm not questioning your
masculinity,stud. I just couldn't help calling you out over your internet
posturing, which is slightly embarrassing. I'm not sure how that makes me
the keyboard warrior.

Author NiteStar131 ( ago)
Val Killmers finest performance and he should have been respected by the
Hollywood elite yet he was shut out due to petty jealousy, thus it is our
loss not having him in more fitting rolls of today not to mention the loss
of westerns in todays Hollywood

Author NiteStar131 ( ago)
Just walked outside and yea, ut us still America despite GW's attempt to
change that which gives me the right to state a point in history of my
life, now if it bothers you simply get your nose out the air less you drown
in a rain storm and move along or crawl from behind your keyboard and try
your luck. Then again that isn't your style is it baby cakes go find a
preschooler you might stand a chance with though doubtful indeed nut you
shall continue to sit safley behind your little keyboard.

Author Arthur Chang ( ago)
I reiterate my initial comment. I'm not sure why you're choosing to share
this information on a youtube comments page, because the chances of anyone
being impressed by tales of your machismo are quite slim.

Author NiteStar131 ( ago)
No, just someone who has a dislike for smarta $ $ drunkards no matter the
relationship as he soon learned, especially when they wake me ay 3 in the
morning to tell me how they plan to kill themselves. Figured I would
shorten the wasted discussion quickly which I did

Author Arthur Chang ( ago)
My my, it seems as if we have a real badass on our hands.

Author Lars de koning ( ago)
How lewd, haha that is just funny, my god playing against doc holiday in a
poker game must really piss you off, the guy was a mixture of a badass and
a wiseass

Author NiteStar131 ( ago)
Had much the same conversation with my closest cousin many years ago sans
the knife, left him crumpled on my living room floor and called my old man
to collect his crumpled but still breathing body and take it to an
emergency room, Moral of the story, do not come into another mans house and
insist to tell him your opinion of the right way to live, especially if
your a junkie without a $ $ to back up your mouth

Author NiteStar131 ( ago)
I do not know what a-hole Val Killmer pissed off in Hollywood and do not
care, he is and was an excellent actor and it is your loss and our loss he
was not given a chance and great rolls, he took this roll and made it his
own, he captured Doc Holiday and was outstanding and should have got an
Oscar, never cared for Kilmers other rolls, they were dumb but he got to
work, you robbed America and the world of a great talent by ignoring Killmer

Author poop ( ago)
Michael Biehn. Yes, he's an underrated and underused actor.

Author user98xp ( ago)
The guy who played Johnny Ringo was really good too.

Author Kopihucky ( ago)
holiday was slow rolling....

Author charles gullickson ( ago)
watch thunderheart

Author Walker Buchner ( ago)
Makes me want to play RDR so badly.

Author sandythebear ( ago)
Int that a daisy

Author Skip63 ( ago)
I wish I could take a badass son a bitch like Val's Doc with me.

Author mikerayo96 ( ago)
This movie is full of epic one liners

Author SyggKvislingNielsen ( ago)
"How lewd..."

Author mikealanzo ( ago)
I've been Doc's friend since 1992.....

Author Andrew Fontanez ( ago)
That was a good hand what doc has Four Of A Kind a very good hand in poker.

Author Andrew Fontanez ( ago)
Is that Western Style Poker Doc Holliday is playing i need to know.

Author Crypte Gardien ( ago)
Doc Holliday says suck my dick = She does

Author RobTheStargazer (648 years ago)
Jim Morrison was

Author MrJM1878 ( ago)
Very quick!!

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