how to weld a 2g mig bend test plate part 1

This video will show you how to weld a 2g horizontal test plate with a mig welder gmaw and pass it along with how to cut out the pieces and bend them also how to scarf off the backing strip. In the part with the torch it looks like the flame is not set correctly but it is, it just does not pick up well on the camcorder If you have any how to requests on anything in general let me know ill be happy to make a video for you

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Author Stuart Simpson ( ago)
turn your machine up, getter done

Author ixCONTA GiOUZxi ( ago)
Why is he holding the gun like that? Doesn't he have to be in a angle so he
sees the puddle? 

Author jose garcia ( ago)
good well

Author mossbergfun ( ago)
Up 5

Author Carlos Daniel ( ago)
Muito bom este vídeo, aguardo novidades.

Author Eric Purtell ( ago)
I work for Fulton Boiler Works and my 2g test was without a backer, and the
top plate had a 45 degree angle. root pass with solid wire then the face
was all flux core. Does anyone have any tips or know how to pass without
problems? both plates were 5/8.

Author joao batista pereira de paula ( ago)
2/1 or 3/1

Author David Ariza Mejia ( ago)
y por que no le pones la platina en los costados
haci es mas facil

Author Rolly Cutte Sánchez ( ago)
oe hijo de la re mil camionadas de putas porque muestras esa cochinada de
soldadura, asqueroso !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author skyliinegtr10 ( ago)
why are you pulling? also you shouldn't be moving in circles. Either do a
stringer or a weave

Author arek gryl ( ago)
zbyt duży pęd drutu

Author Hunter McNeil ( ago)
is that a 8milimeter gap ? for cwb qualifications its a full fillet on the
bottom and 4-1/2 " stop and start on the top...if your not using a backing
bar....that's called a open root.

Author MrJimmyPayne ( ago)
In all of my weld tests I was not allowed to use a backing plate..... had
to strike off the tacks much harder to do

Author Dai Nguyen ( ago)
Dont weave, weave make weld bead look like shit

Author Larry Knight ( ago)
I take it that is hard wire ... much easier than dual shield.

Author Neil Boekhoven ( ago)
i was surprised to see a single pass root i this a sinlge bevel groove weld
or a double bevel

Author Aleksandr2975 ( ago)
You know, there is some world outside of the USA: countries where arc
welding was actually invented (Russia, 1881–1882, Nikolai Bernardos) In
Europe and in Russia they don't worry about AWS opinion; MIG is the legit
name there, but they also aware that GMAW is an alternative name for the
process at the wild West.

Author m hornete ( ago)
Did you even have shielding gas on?

Author randy malette ( ago)
why are you doing circular motions like that?really extreme,and its a
bullshit technique for guys that arent steady enough to lay one down,just
saying,you can tell your in school bud,once you school guys get a
grip,youll understand what welding is in the real world,keep at it

Author crazysacotickerry ( ago)
dud MIG lol you should not have to stop and start for that lol

Author phil borg ( ago)
in my school they have us do 600 amps in spray transfer which means we have
to move way faster than this...ive been practicing all second sem!

Author Alex Lim ( ago)
MAG is Metal active gas.

Author Brennon Stock ( ago)
MAG is metal active gas

Author Chuck Norris ( ago)
MIG, MAG same thing ya twat. it stands for metal argon gas, mig stands for
metal inert gas. dick

Author StickerMigTigger ( ago)
Hey diederrr, no such thing as MAG?. You da twat, boy. Look it up in

Author Adam Trautman ( ago)
Not bad for a school weld. But in the real world an inspector would shit if
he saw you running hard wire in short circuit. The only way you should ever
run hard wire in a "structural" manner is in spray so ~27+ volts (depending
on gas). This sounds like maybe 23 tops. If you are going to cert
structural go FCAW 3G super easy. And you should NEVER quench between

Author KeepitGHOE ( ago)
dude that guy sucks ass at welding

Author Highwhile High ( ago)
I agree, inspector will want to see two root passes for 2g a stop and start
on the bevel side, usually shouldn't even weave unless your doing your
cover passes unless you cant run straight beads

Author fearme1012 ( ago)
^ this.

Author fearme1012 ( ago)
Why not arc that?

Author The Man With No Name ( ago)
should have 2 root passes , and you need a stop and start

Author aaron81er ( ago)
Good job. you should use all of your run on and run off tabs though.

Author aaron81er ( ago)
MIG is not an offical name for it, accoriding to AWS. The offical name of
the process is GMAW (gas metal arc welding). I mean since were being
technical and all.

Author Trev Fot ( ago)
pinner plate

Author HiredHitman63 ( ago)
Pushing the puddle and pulling are all preference and situation specific.
Just as vertical down and vertical up are(except with FCAW and SMAW.) You
don't get as much penetration when pushing with MIG, therefore, he actually
made the proper decision to pull the puddle. It's a test plate,
penetration=PASS. Also, quote me if I'm wrong, but I saw no porosity* in
his welds. His travel speed was a bit fast, but at least know your facts
before unjustly critiquing someone.

Author Dwingie ( ago)
I bet their is No penetration in your root run. Would have to back grind
and weld,

Author tyler thompson ( ago)
why do you have a backing piece in the root ive only used backing plate for
a horizontal spray transfer test not short circuit just use a 1/8th inch
and go then no need to cut that backing plate off

Author 2toketombo ( ago)

Author The0bliviousOne ( ago)
not bad... It was lookin real good until that restart on the last pass. not
bad overall though. good job

Author James Raulerson (1710 years ago)
That stop and start wasn't pretty, but luckily that's where you usually cut
the plate for the bend. I jacked up my cutting last night and had to use
the edge of my plate where the welds stopped at the end. Luckily, I always
cut them a bit wider than the book says to give me room for cutting error,
(I hate using torches). I didn't do much of anything different than this
video here, and I got a 97% on my test. All in all, I'd say it wasn't a bad
video. Just work on your restarts. Good job.

Author Maddox Hegedus ( ago)
You should learn what to do when welding a 2g horizontal weld test before
making a video about it. The first pass should have a stop/start about the
last 2 or so inchs before the end of the coupon but this video doesn't. So,
it's a fail right there!

Author gabe watson ( ago)
MIG= Metal INERT gas... dumbass

Author Gage Humpert ( ago)
You should also not go in circles so fast usually you would hold the top
edge more than the bottom common sense

Author Gage Humpert ( ago)
When you cool the weld off there's more of a chance for it to crack.

Author Alex Payne ( ago)
For the best penatration it needs an open root

Author mauro holguin ( ago)

Author fernando benites ( ago)
whats undercut?

Author ARCSTREAMS ( ago)
so does the reinforcement on this test cannot exceed 1/8" either?.

Author ARCSTREAMS ( ago)
unless you were trying to tell him that most ppl confuse MAG with MIG and
that in reality MIG is active gas because most places using it are using
Co2 so if thats what your saying then your correct. but they dont use Co2
for non ferrous metals.You would think they should since its cheaper and
may not react with them but I may be wrong on that.

Author ARCSTREAMS ( ago)
yes there is so your the twat too , MAG = metal active gas,,look it up if
you wont take the word of a welder.

Author Jordan Walker ( ago)
mag stands for metal active gas, its the same as mig only it gets called
mag in some places

Author hated boay ( ago)
A lot of undercuts but still nice!

Author Paweł Wisłocki ( ago)
MIG aka Metal Inert Gas, MAG aka Metal Active Gas. Of course in Europe
norm, i dont know where do you from. Maybe Australia and USA got other
norms and names, so thats why i get confused.

Author bunkkker ( ago)
if ya knew why call it metal argon gas numpty!!! ;((

Author Chuck Norris ( ago)
i know...

Author bunkkker ( ago)
MIG welding stands for Metal Inert Gas welding (inert). An inert gas (rare
gas) is e.g. Argon or Argon + Helium. Its task is to protect the welding
deposit, MAG welding stands for Metal Active Gas welding (chemically
active). An active gas is e.g. a gas of the protective gas category M21,
also known as mixed gas 18 or MIX 18 (trade names). These protective gases
react during welding :)

Author bunkkker ( ago)
pushing just makes sure the gas cleans the weld properly its hardly gonna
cool it quicker ya might aswell blow on it ha ha...if ya just weave back
and forward slightly ya go back into the puddle making better penetration
:) plus if ya not penetrating properly turn ya machine up...;)

Author bunkkker ( ago)
going from pull ta push them welds r shite!!! if you want more penetration
when pushing just weave back in an out of ya puddle..... an you can see
where ya going ha ha!!!!

Author Chuck Norris ( ago)
yeah there is, ya twat. mig is another word MIG, mig is metal Inert Gas and
MAG is metal argon gas

Author diederrr ( ago)
haha actually no, it is GMAW aka MIG. there is no MAG ya twat

Author Demonlord468 ( ago)
the BEST tip i have for ANYONE that wants to learn how to weld and do
fabrication..... start out burning rods!!! once you can burn 7018s
uphill... then you put a mig in their hand!!!! and learn EVERYTHING related
to the trade!!! just cause you can weld doesnt mean shit if you cant take a
drawing and make all your parts, fit, and weld the work!!! if you cant
fabricate your parts then you are useless in a shop that pays! Good Luck!
to you guys!

Author Demonlord468 ( ago)
And for 2,... NEVER get in a habbit of dragging or PULLING your weld!!!!
the position of your tip/cone on a mig makes changes to the way it not only
welds but the shielding (GAS)!!! the whole point of getting into welding is
finding a decent job makeing GOOD money!!! and the only way to do that is 2
ways.. work fast,.. and know how to do welding properly!!! if you go into
the places that are gonna give you the $16 an hour and do things like pull
your weld.. NOT know how to set your mach.. NO JOB

Author Demonlord468 ( ago)
the biggest problem i see... you dont even somewhat look like you are in a
comfortable posistion for 1, and a way to remedy this is put a clamp on
your work, hell ill put anothe drop of say angle against the wrok so it
doesnt burn my hand! free handing is NEVER going to be as consistant as
welding with you in a proper strong body position that is comfortable to
you! prop that hand and be relaxed! you will ALWAYS see a much more
consistant weld! remember... Technic is only developed over time!

Author Paweł Wisłocki ( ago)
First bro be sure what method you are welding. Its not MIG!! ITS MAG
welding!! MIG use active gases, and you weld non metalic metals like
aluminium or cooper

Author uranobnut ( ago)
i push mig to retain the heat ??? pulling looses the heat therefore lack of
penetration?? am i right??

Author le dat ( ago)
who need the welder?i can mig and stick .i am from to viet nam.i stay in
japan now.

Author Davdar4 ( ago)
For one the weld looks like sh*% because you free handed it and you're not
good enough for it. Two you have a back plate on it. Anyone who can halfway
weld can do this weld with a back plate on it. Get you some 3/4 inch plate
about 10 inches long and 8 inches tall, cut it in half long ways. Put you a
bevel in your top piece. Fit it up with a 1/8 inch gap between the plates
(with the bevel in the gap on top). Put you a MIG route (with no back
plate) then fill and cap it with FLUX.

Author Craig Randell ( ago)
zig zag also works thats how i learnt in school the circles seemed to work
fine tho

Author daomightBELTHAZOR ( ago)
dont use a bend a circle just usd a stinger it works better and never put
it in water if your going to bend test it it gives you a better chance of a
failed weld but otherwise it was a ok video. keep it up

Author TheWelderman1962 ( ago)
ha ha good set up before welding.......half circles work better and are
flatter than whole circles had lack of fusion in starts and to make your
plate even go left to right then right to left cause the angle change
effects buildup......not a good video to learn on

Author Dana Pinkett ( ago)
not bad little gouging

Author Dana Pinkett ( ago)
are u using pulse spray, i am guessing from the sound....

Author Jim Jon ( ago)

Author James Farina (806 years ago)
geez lots of people are bossy with welding techniques on youtube. maybe the
worst subject for trolls yet.

Author JAVIER HURT ( ago)
la terminacion no es prolija.

Author johnnyfast76 ( ago)
@49bluesman have you done a test like this? that comment makes me think not

Author welderbones ( ago)
I am a welding instructor and a welding inspector in Toronto. I am a CWB
qualified welder in GMAW in the horizontal position done in spray transfer.
I'm also all-position qualified (flat/horizontal/vertical-up& overhead) in
GTAW, SMAW & FCAW! Not sure where you are from but you don't know what
you're talking about in regards to testing in Canada to the CSA Standard
W47.1 & W59. There is no pre-qualified joint testing in GMAW for vertical
or overhead. I never mentioned anything about vertical s

Author Philippe Lamontagne (624 years ago)
@welderbones you dont use spray transfer for any other position then
flat... i dare you to make a vertical test plate using spray transfer...
this guy was right to use short circuit transfer for his horizontal test

Author Julian (1702 years ago)
@redneckman454 Is this flux?

Author martinto tinto ( ago)
hi my name is martin and i was actualy practicing this at school on a flat
surface and it didnt looked good at all lol any tips on how to fix this?

Author Damien Alzidan ( ago)
dude that looks as bas as the first one i ever did ! haha

Author hijodepuuu ( ago)
Looks good, but you can do it better, not being rude or anything, but you
need more practice bro.

Author LLAMAZONoCOMLL ( ago)
awsome i had to do the same thing today

Author 49bluesman ( ago)
secondly why is anyone critisizing em when this is with a backing plate. so
its not a real test anyhow. hes jus tryin to show technique

Author 49bluesman ( ago)
i ran it on about 18 volts.and somewhere around 220 wire speed

Author 49bluesman ( ago)
actually guy, i jus took, and passed, first try, a bend test. and i did it
short circuit, so i dont know if you jus cant do it, but i had no problems
whatsoever witrh it. actually going to take my unlimited today....

Author partyboy93 ( ago)
How much voltage/amps did you use ??

Author Dinosaur111Pwn ( ago)

Author lamont22222 ( ago)
sounds like settings for sheet metal

Author SeanandDawn .Schultz ( ago)
very awsome man im on elctrodes over head and its a pain in the ass im
using 7018 1/4 rods at 85 volts and using a whipping motion (i cant do it
in circles) i just have to keep practicing

Author stape931 ( ago)
i dont understand stupid comments. So many stupid people think they can do
better or asking why dont you try it in another position. how about because
the video is called from 2g position. retard

Author Colin Eva ( ago)
Ok why dont you just lay it on a table its just the same it EASY . Im a
certified welder and i run that weld 50 times a week. Try it in a 4g
position with flux core wire or even in a 3g .

Author Sean King ( ago)
try doin it without a backing and holla at me. ahahaha

Author Erniz2 ( ago)
nice done! what I dont understand ,it is the critics in comments below!

Author subieman100 ( ago)
WOW, He can MIG weld....

Author subieman100 ( ago)
Too bad your camera doesn't have a hood!!!

Author silvermustang1486 ( ago)
and why random stop start?

Author silvermustang1486 ( ago)
I hope you didnt cool it off in water...

Author Ryan Conlow ( ago)
@redneckman454 do u know how to braze weld cuz i do i dont wanna be mean or
anything cuz i see some post but i do welding in tech and im a sophmore aka
10th grader i know how to use oxy acetylen and now stck b0ut next year i
will learn to weld pipe with stick and then after tht i will learn tig good
luck on the certification dude

Author Ryan Conlow ( ago)
@redneckman454 do u know how to braze weld im just curious cuz i do i dont
wanna be mean cuz im just a sopmore aka 10th grade in side votech taking up
welding class but right now im stick welding next year i might do pipe with
stick and tig and good luck for the passing u will do well

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