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Author Stuart Simpson (1 month)
turn your machine up, getter done

Author ixCONTA GiOUZxi (3 months)
Why is he holding the gun like that? Doesn't he have to be in a angle so he
sees the puddle? 

Author jose garcia (3 months)
good well

Author Eric Purtell (10 months)
I work for Fulton Boiler Works and my 2g test was without a backer, and the
top plate had a 45 degree angle. root pass with solid wire then the face
was all flux core. Does anyone have any tips or know how to pass without
problems? both plates were 5/8.

Author Carlos Daniel (8 months)
Muito bom este vídeo, aguardo novidades.

Author mossbergfun (8 months)
Up 5

Author joao batista pereira de paula (1 year)
2/1 or 3/1

Author David Ariza Mejia (1 year)
y por que no le pones la platina en los costados
haci es mas facil

Author skyliinegtr10 (1 year)
why are you pulling? also you shouldn't be moving in circles. Either do a
stringer or a weave

Author Hunter McNeil (1 year)
is that a 8milimeter gap ? for cwb qualifications its a full fillet on the
bottom and 4-1/2 " stop and start on the top...if your not using a backing
bar....that's called a open root.

Author arek gryl (1 year)
zbyt duży pęd drutu

Author MrJimmyPayne (1 year)
In all of my weld tests I was not allowed to use a backing plate..... had
to strike off the tacks much harder to do

Author Rolly Cutte Sánchez (1 year)
oe hijo de la re mil camionadas de putas porque muestras esa cochinada de
soldadura, asqueroso !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Larry Knight (1 year)
I take it that is hard wire ... much easier than dual shield.

Author Neil Boekhoven (1 year)
i was surprised to see a single pass root i this a sinlge bevel groove weld
or a double bevel

Author Dai Nguyen (1 year)
Dont weave, weave make weld bead look like shit

Author bunkkker (2 years)
pushing just makes sure the gas cleans the weld properly its hardly gonna
cool it quicker ya might aswell blow on it ha ha...if ya just weave back
and forward slightly ya go back into the puddle making better penetration
:) plus if ya not penetrating properly turn ya machine up...;)

Author Trev Fot (2 years)
pinner plate

Author redneckman454 (6 years)
thats just how the college has us do it. I have practiced some without
backing strips and they have came out nice. I havent had time to recorded
any as im preparing for certification.

Author Matthew Thomas-Bass (4 years)
@redneckman454 What arcadian4life432 meant was that you were near perfect
and just a little more practice would make you flawless.

Author Mike Royan (3 years)
dont you wire brush, back grind before the next pass,adjust the amps &
voltage (increase), and then weld .

Author KeepitGHOE (2 years)
dude that guy sucks ass at welding

Author partyboy93 (3 years)
How much voltage/amps did you use ??

Author Terrence Hollister (4 years)
Can't see shit! why don't you have the camera on the OTHER side with some
lens on it??

Author Paweł Wisłocki (2 years)
MIG aka Metal Inert Gas, MAG aka Metal Active Gas. Of course in Europe
norm, i dont know where do you from. Maybe Australia and USA got other
norms and names, so thats why i get confused.

Author Davdar4 (3 years)
For one the weld looks like sh*% because you free handed it and you're not
good enough for it. Two you have a back plate on it. Anyone who can halfway
weld can do this weld with a back plate on it. Get you some 3/4 inch plate
about 10 inches long and 8 inches tall, cut it in half long ways. Put you a
bevel in your top piece. Fit it up with a 1/8 inch gap between the plates
(with the bevel in the gap on top). Put you a MIG route (with no back
plate) then fill and cap it with FLUX.

Author Colin Eva (4 years)
Ok why dont you just lay it on a table its just the same it EASY . Im a
certified welder and i run that weld 50 times a week. Try it in a 4g
position with flux core wire or even in a 3g .

Author crazyhorsebear (5 years)
welders are always fuckin know it alls, just watch the fucking video, and
stop trying to sound like you know everything

Author HiredHitman63 (2 years)
Pushing the puddle and pulling are all preference and situation specific.
Just as vertical down and vertical up are(except with FCAW and SMAW.) You
don't get as much penetration when pushing with MIG, therefore, he actually
made the proper decision to pull the puddle. It's a test plate,
penetration=PASS. Also, quote me if I'm wrong, but I saw no porosity* in
his welds. His travel speed was a bit fast, but at least know your facts
before unjustly critiquing someone.

Author Erniz2 (4 years)
nice done! what I dont understand ,it is the critics in comments below!

Author redneckman454 (6 years)
3 inches wide not 2.5

Author redneckman454 (6 years)
put up some movies

Author Begbucks (5 years)
nice clear vid! (as opposed to the fuzzy ones out there)

Author crazysacotickerry (1 year)
dud MIG lol you should not have to stop and start for that lol

Author Dana Pinkett (3 years)
are u using pulse spray, i am guessing from the sound....

Author mauro holguin (2 years)

Author mrchekky (6 years)
why is it that when i weld like that, the steel plate bends and buckles
from the heat! what could i be doing wrong?

Author redneckman454 (6 years)
both pieces are 2.5 in by 7 in long the metal is 3/8in think it qualify s
you for twice the thickness so it qualify s you for 3/4 in steel check out
my video on how to set up a bend test

Author ARC EYE (6 years)
why you got a backing plate on

Author phil borg (1 year)
in my school they have us do 600 amps in spray transfer which means we have
to move way faster than this...ive been practicing all second sem!

Author freakboynv2000 (6 years)
you herd the man, put up or shut up.

Author uranobnut (2 years)
i push mig to retain the heat ??? pulling looses the heat therefore lack of
penetration?? am i right??

Author James Farina (3 years)
geez lots of people are bossy with welding techniques on youtube. maybe the
worst subject for trolls yet.

Author diederrr (2 years)
haha actually no, it is GMAW aka MIG. there is no MAG ya twat

Author martinto tinto (3 years)
hi my name is martin and i was actualy practicing this at school on a flat
surface and it didnt looked good at all lol any tips on how to fix this?

Author redneckman454 (6 years)
colorado, where are you from maybe you can show me some stuff they do out
in the field

Author JustWonderingHowToDo (4 years)
Why do those plates have to be so far aprt, couldn't you also get full
penetration by putting them closer together or is that just part of the

Author motoman911 (6 years)
Thx for all the info you put up here. I have been welding on railcars and
motorcycles for a while- interested in being certified now. Trying to get
myself oriented. Nice job by the way!

Author mike james (4 years)
hey can you do a multi pass (6)..7018 vertical for me..thanks

Author subieman100 (4 years)
Too bad your camera doesn't have a hood!!!

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