Seasons of Love - Rent (Music Video)

The music video for the wildly popular hit, Seasons of Love, by the cast of rent.

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Added: 8 years
Runtime: 2:58
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Author shenell dixon (3 months)
damn black people can sing!!!!

Author Kevin Frost (3 months)
The audio on this is horrible...

Author Link6456s Troopers (4 months)
im singing this in chorus AND idina menzel is in this!

Author Jessi Rose (3 months)
My concert choir is singing the acapella version of this cx 

Author KlinjollyCraft (5 months)
I measure in cups of coffee. 

Author TwoCanadian | Vahtacen & Revamped (3 months)
the woman that sings let it go from frozen is in this musical.

Author Gbe 300 (1 month)
Vine brought me here

Author JustAnyOldGamer (7 days)
Anyone else miss the office or is just me ;(

Author Simply Arlie (6 months)
Seasons of LOVE

better on and off Broadway, but the movie version will do.

how do you measure a year?

525,600 minutes

how about love


Happy New Year!

Author mylovofvideo (14 days)
Measure your life in love!!

Author Alida Brandenburg (1 year)
*[525,600 minutes: How do you measure a year?]*

** Oh, hi there. :) Now that it's January 2nd and I'm
back at work shaking off my holiday hibernation, it actually feels like
*today* is New Year's Day. **

It's been a long-time tradition for me to listen to (and more importantly
to sing at the top of my lungs!) RENT's "Seasons of Love" to start off the
year, so I thought I'd pass it along so you can share in my little
celebration. *(+1 if like me, if you never listen to it just once. ;D)* It
never fails to bring tears to my eyes. Almost 20 years later, and the
piercing issues that this musical addresses are still relevant.

525,600 minutes... how do you measure a year? Here's to hoping it's in love
for 2013 for you all. Happy New Year, noodles.

Author ethanpaisley (19 days)
I (seasons of) love rent!!!

Author 邱安政 (7 months)
Is one of them perform rachel's mom in glee?

Author Zina Daniels (5 months)
On repeat in my head

Author Lucy Heartphilia (2 months)

Author pauline wu (27 days)
We were gonna sing this for chorus but then.. I don't know.

Author Sarah Rochelle (2 months)
My choir sang this at our last concert which was yesterday 

Author Alex McGillvrey (6 months)
Great song from a Broadway classic.

Author cerniglia65 (3 months)
The Office

Author Kyle Simpson (3 months)
Wow! That was Great.

Author SaRah Kae (3 months)
Cleveland show bought me here

Author Catey Carmody (6 months)
Been singing this song all day :) Happy New Year!

Author Christopher Vallo (1 year)
Celebrating Obama's victory by watching *RENT* just because I'm sure
it'll irate someone who's already having a bad night.

Author Jenny Kim (1 year)
One of my good friends just wrapped up a production of *Rent* in NYC...
Wish I could have been there to cheer her on in person at their SOLD OUT
closing matinee! :) So proud of you. <3

NYC.... Let the countdown begin. See you in TEN DAYS! :D 

Author Mr David Lurks (11 days)
9,986,000 minutes, we actually sat down and did the math

Author Ali Haselden (7 months)
Aww I wonder how the 525,600th view felt haha...

Author AniYa A. (17 days)
Just Do It, Just Love and NEVER Look Back - Grosse Bis ~ A Bientot!!!!!

Author The Doctor (3 months)
Wildly popular? I guess I'd have to call it.... WICKEDly popular. 

Author Clarie Dane (3 months)
Singing this in my school choir for the spring concert! ^-^

Author Christine Tan (7 months)
I love this song!! Btw, is Rachel berry's(from glee) mom in this?

Author Mia Dowd (5 months)
Beautiful song. Heard glee did this and saw it. It was okay, but it's not
the same without Tracie Thoms. Her voice is amazing!! 

Author Katherine Lieblang (1 year)
Listening to it non-stop so I can know it for Ovations. #love
Seriously adore this song. Always have, always will.

Author Madison Pisano (1 month)
I wonder who the 525,600 view was...

Author baile lillard (4 months)
") i have to to sing this in music class 

Author Afrika Henderson (5 months)
I cried hard when angel died

Author Kirsty Bradley (5 months)
Whats the movie called ?

Author jfbiggestfan (8 months)
who's here b'cos of Glee? :(

Author zaza M (4 months)
I don't know why but I prefer the version of Glee

Author 岡田成将 (10 days)

Author theeyeeyemonkeyboy (11 days)
I'm in the whole musical show business and I have done RENT already and it
was amazing. The women's note towards the end and how she teases it, just

Author Jenny Watts Makingmusic (14 days)
My favorite musical, love this song

Author NYG1991 (16 days)
What a great movie! 

Author SpikeLanta (5 months)
this was my girlfriends graduation song back in 2007. 

Author claire cauchi (7 months)
So Beautiful !
I love a lot this song !
And What a wonderful singers !!!!
Thanks for sharing !
I saw Rachel's mother (Glee)

Author Vernetta banks (5 months)
This movie is great . I give this movie a A+ <3 :-)

Author Ace Referiza (4 months)
Glee brought me here. But more than that it's the meaning of the song that
endeared me to the song.

Author Surat2880 (1 month)

Author truediva18 (5 months)
Tracie Thoms totally rocks this song!! She was a revelation in this movie.
The tango Maureen and Love Me or Leave Me--she killed it!!

Author ken mwangi (8 months)
This is truly beautiful. Bravo!

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