Seasons of Love - Rent (Music Video)

The music video for the wildly popular hit, Seasons of Love, by the cast of rent.

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Author Jackie Powers ( ago)
Gosh it has been too long since i've listened to Rent... after seeing Idina
Menzel in concert I just had to listen to the whole track again

Author Judey63 ( ago)
Just absolutely great music! Reminds me of the rock musicals back in the
late 60's & throughout the 70's. Yea I'm showing my age but love the old &
the new!!

Author TheThedrumer18 (1971 year ago)
1.55 isn't he the actor that currently portrays Dtve. Joe West in Warner's
The Flash (2014)?

Author Ofeina Akau ( ago)
lip syncing the high part because you know for sure you can't hit that

Author Cindy Gonzalez ( ago)
😭 :,( so many memories I miss my choir teacher I love singing ever since

Author Katerina Lepore ( ago)
I'm here because it was on Glee

Author baxatak ( ago)

Author Kaori Suzuki ( ago)

Author Thomas Anderson ( ago)
Detective Joe West?

Author Kaylei Madison ( ago)
When Maureen hits that high note, it give me chills. This is such an
amazing song!

Author Unicorn Plays ( ago)
This is more upbeat compared to the Glee version..

Author Chloe Judge (658 years ago)
can i ask if this was from a movie please and if it was what movie? its for
my homework aha, thanks x

Author Honor Hanau ( ago)
crying bc of cory. r.i.p cory montieth

Author Johnnique Paul ( ago)

Author yo mama ( ago)
Came here because of that song by trey songz 

Author Danny Ordonez ( ago)

Author Dylan Moore ( ago)
Listen to this everyday!!

Author John Samuel ( ago)
I really should take another look at Rent sometime.

Author ひかりんご ( ago)

Author Ezio Auditore ( ago)
It is actually 525,948.766 minutes but I love this song anyway 

Author Cozta Mathers ( ago)
Is that Iris dad from The Flash?

Author Cozta Mathers ( ago)
I accidently type rent. And I found this.

Author Rania Abdelrahim ( ago)
Wow I love this song it's my fav
Comment yes if you think so too

Author Michael Loughrie ( ago)
this song is retarded. REALLY. In bridges he burned? And a seen of him
throughing fire off of a bridge. *face palm* And then I talks about a girl
dying. What the f*ck.

Author tomato2524 ( ago)

Author hefzi andara (1979 years ago)
+julio payro​ 

Author Nathan Beck (1961 year ago)
8,426,921 minutes and 25 seconds of this video has been watched from all
the people who have watched it at this second, maths was usedXD.

Author reema ahmed ( ago)

Author Becky R ( ago)
Thank you SCOTUS for making gay marriage legal in all 50 states! Now, the
Maureens and Joannes and the Angels and Collinses have the same legal
rights as the Rogers and Mimis!

Author Rich Myaing ( ago)
This music video is amazing! Nothing but talented singers here. This takes
me back to when I was in chorus!

Author Xroxielove Skye ( ago)
Omg I love this song it's literally my favourite song as of today

Author Laura Ess ( ago)
This was on very early this morning. I taped the film and watched it this
afternoon. Unusual musical, and muggins here was crying by the end.
#rent #musical 

Author 桑野芳枝(うみうさぎ) ( ago)

Author Maria Cristina Melis ( ago)

Author bobbysworld281995 ( ago)
Anyone who had this for graduation today? 

Author Elizabeth Kim ( ago)
The nostalgia is overwhelming ;-;
Rent was my everything and this song will always have a special spot in my
musical-loving heart

Author jayanna0521 ( ago)
Did anyone noticed that, The black guy is the same guy who portrayed det.
Iris in the flash?

Author the man-beast22 ( ago)
Ask google how many minutes are in a year it's weird

Author Moonwatcher19 ( ago)
Why does no one kiss Mark? Is Mark not pretty enough for you? I'll take him

Author Will Goodman ( ago)
Joe what are you doing singing here, you should be in Central City helping
the Flash!

Author Sam B ( ago)
I love this movie so much

Author june arthur Montero (1320 years ago)
Seasons of Love - Rent
I love this song so much!~

Author Jeff V ( ago)

Author Jeff V ( ago)

Author Jeff V ( ago)
I just finished watching the movie and I was not crying wow just wow

Author buddypowe ( ago)
Oh the nostalgia!!

Author mary briscoe ( ago)
Just Love this

Author june arthur montero ( ago)

Author Hayleigh McKee ( ago)
Birthday song...

Author joseph isedowo ( ago)

Author Moe Lester ( ago)
Thumbs up if The Cleveland Show brought you here!

Author Bandit7tgirl ( ago)
Geez, completely forgot about this. This is where I started loving a few of
these actors and actresses. Must find on DVD!

Author Paloma Diaz ( ago)
The choir of my school sang this beautiful song today at my graduation!
Class of 2015 💖💖

Author Nerf Reviews ( ago)
We did this song for our gradition 

Author Zachary Kraft ( ago)
The black guy sort of looks like Hakeem Nicks. Lol.

Author Shumpei Imazu ( ago)
i love it

Author NaNa Te ( ago)

Author Srija Sengupta ( ago)
Victory! I can hit that high note! I don't have a favorite song from this
musical because it's just not possible.

Author Genesis Rios (629 years ago)
I'm suing this in my honor choir band listen to this

Author Genesis Rios ( ago)
I'm in honor choir and we r singing this song because our award s ceremony

Author Sasha Hardy ( ago)
Remember to always follow your dreams and sing your heart out! 😄🎤 (If you
like to sing, that is.) 

Author Sasha Hardy ( ago)
Awesomesauce song! I'm doing this song for a concert! So excited! 😄 I love
this song! 😄

Author Lexie Elizabeth ( ago)
By far my favorite song

Author ROBLOX Gamer :3 ( ago)
Begged my dad for the movie

Author Erica Sorto ( ago)
This is a really good and catchy song ... LOVE IT! 💕

Author About2Explode ( ago)
1:10 Is that Joe from The Flash?

Author LaughterLines Dublin ( ago)
This song ended the Gay festival and the energy was electric! Great night ☺

Author Domanic Blanco ( ago)
Opened my Rent DVD case last night, disc was missing :/ oh well...FIVE

Author John Dake ( ago)
one of the greatest groups to come together for one song.

Author WhiteWolf Gamer ( ago)
The problem with watching Rent is that I want it to end but I don't want it
to end. D:

Author Lisa Bell ( ago)
This song makes me cry every time!!!!

Author Jaime Gallegos ( ago)
+Fantage BGLO good luck

Author Mayumi Long ( ago)
Just a realized.....that's Joe from The Flash.... WHAT

Author Hassan Said ( ago)
Doing this in school -_-

Author netcy Cortes ( ago)
This was my high school graduaction song

Author Akiraxoxo ( ago)
60*24*365=525,600 :D

Author kitkat999 ( ago)
really amazing

Author bri jones ( ago)
Doing this song in choir !!

Author Olivia Burton ( ago)
I sang this in like 5th grade...😂 great song!

Author Wha Happon ( ago)
525,600 dipshits... 525,600 morons on here

Author Deb Saladow ( ago)
Absolutely fantabulous!!

Author Sheila P (Gooch) ( ago)

Author Young Justice ( ago)
Seasons of love <3 yes I said it!!

Author CrazyPlumbob ( ago)
Thank's Glee ! This music is magic *-* 

Author Peter Neal ( ago)
The office brought me here

Author Lipupo100 ( ago)
Omg detective west can sing

Author corin tarver - moore ( ago)
Ok so I have a talent show comming Up on May 8th. I am so exited because I
am doing It with one of my biggest Role Models. I am Honored to be doing it
with her. Anyways, decided to make it a group thing, and we are going to be
doing it with some of our friends. I am really exited. We will be singing
this song from rent named Seasons of love. I really can`t wait.

Author lance lusung ( ago)
I think I'm gonna cry by listening to this song when graduation comes😔

Author JHON dough ( ago)
i really enjoy this song because of the broad way play and the talented
people that also sung the song and stared in the movie both were really

Author Angelo Anderson ( ago)
I'm singing this song in chorus 😆 I love it so much 💖 

Author Ultraflame707 ( ago)
I love this song so much.

Author Charlotte Roberts ( ago)
One of my all time favourites.

Author Lanetta Castorena ( ago)
Live this song

Author Louis T ( ago)
The memories this song brings me 

Author Wontavius Gotchaword ( ago)
I like this song, it makes me Happy!

Author Veronica Ramirez ( ago)

Author 정혜림 ( ago)

Author Doeljeen ( ago)
I really love this musical. I don't understand what happened in the big
screen though.

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