Seasons of Love - Rent (Music Video)

The music video for the wildly popular hit, Seasons of Love, by the cast of rent.

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Added: 8 years
Runtime: 2:58
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Author L Rosex (13 days)
whats rent about?

Author Kevin Frost (4 months)
The audio on this is horrible...

Author Gbe 300 (3 months)
Vine brought me here

Author TwoCanadian | Vahtacen & Revamped (4 months)
the woman that sings let it go from frozen is in this musical.

Author TheMusic4Lifex (2 days)
Thanks Grester, now I fucking can't stop listening to this.

Author OnlyAnnelie (2 days)

Author Alex Christie (1 month)
No control, no bullshit, no insecurities, please just love! I refuse to do
the other three anymore! 

Author talentum00 (1 month)
Wow, this is bad.

Author Link6456s Troopers (5 months)
im singing this in chorus AND idina menzel is in this!

Author Mr David Lurks (2 months)
9,986,000 minutes, we actually sat down and did the math

Author GalliosMC (1 month)
I went on a trip the past week with my 6 best friends, and this song came
on in the car. The best moment of the whole trip was all of us singing this
song perfectly together, it just meant to much to me. I don't even know
why. Just love it.

Author shenell dixon (5 months)
damn black people can sing!!!!

Author Uberkitty55 (1 month)
This is the song for michael Scott's goodbye!

Author Jessi Rose (5 months)
My concert choir is singing the acapella version of this cx 

Author AniYa A. (2 months)
Just Do It, Just Love and NEVER Look Back - Grosse Bis ~ A Bientot!!!!!

Author JustAnyOldGamer (2 months)
Anyone else miss the office or is just me ;(

Author mylovofvideo (2 months)
Measure your life in love!!

Author ethanpaisley (2 months)
I (seasons of) love rent!!!

Author Daphne Ross (1 day)
You have but, one life. Our inner circumstance determines how we choose to
live it and view. I am grateful this Sunday for wanting to choose love.
God Bless You ...happy Sunday!

Author Nina Mandarina (3 days)

Author Madison Pisano (3 months)
I wonder who the 525,600 view was...

Author Hannah Walker (3 days)

Author The Marshmallow (2 months)
I clicked this video because I saw Maureen or Elphaba or Elsa or Adele
Dazeem or Elizabeth

Author Jiraiya Sannin (8 days)

Author pauline wu (2 months)
We were gonna sing this for chorus but then.. I don't know.

Author Karma Buckner (4 days)
This is my favorite broadway musical!

Author Brianna Camp (2 days)
Grester brought me here😂

Author Ryan Ara (3 days)

Author itsmeaubrey (3 days)
Fucking grester brought me here XD

Author Yolis Bortin (15 days)
Its like...even though you consciously know theyre just acting and none of
it is emotionally overwhelming...I cannot handle it.

Author Kat Slater (9 days)
this is seriously such a good film..i recommend it to anyone 

Author stephanie stevens (20 days)

Author Jason Lee (20 days)
This movie made absolutely no sense whatsoever

Author Cashmere Williams (16 days)
This movie is one of the best musical I know and the best play. I love it
so much and I love this song a lot I hope I will always remember the words
to this song. Although it's old I really do love this movie. To me it's not
that old though. 

Author 334cobra (15 days)
girl at :40??

Author babbygurlhbk12 (12 days)
That one women was catfished

Author Princess Anna (14 days)
I came here from Elsa from Frozen

Author macie janto (25 days)
I had to sing this in 4th grade.

Author Nikka Gaddi (17 days)
Nostalgia, listened to this when I was a kid.

Author Shannon Thomson (3 days)

Author 竹林功恵 (1 month)

Author Michelle Gregory (24 days)
525,600 minutes, damn that's deep. Well... How much love? Grr. 

Author Evan Christiansen (24 days)
I watch the movie all time 

Author acasaidwa (28 days)
this song can inspire anybody!

Author meganishappy 101 (1 month)
i wnna kill my self 

Author David Ligo (27 days)
This song brings back so many memories. The choir sang it on my last day of
7th grade and I just started senior year two weeks ago. Time just goes by
so quickly. 

Author Horace Ramirez (1 month)
RIP Jonathon Larson

Author illcoverit (29 days)
Absolutely one of the best musical songs! Please check out some of my
musical covers, that would be really great :)

Author Deborah Eastwood (28 days)
Love that song!!

Author kiana baby (1 month)

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