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Author Alain Bruno (1 month)
This song is amazing

Author Elia Neeley (2 months)
Who has sung or is currently singing this song in choir? I have in middle

Author Jack Gerrard (1 month)
9 million 9 hundred 86 thousand minutes

Author Miss Rize Kamishiro (2 months)
Is there anyone out there who actually came to this video because the
sincerely have a passion for the talents of this musical, not because they
had to perform this song for choir...

Author Sheila P (25 days)

Author Michael Scott (5 months)
nine million, nine hundred and eight-six thousand minutes...

Author Smileyeli21 (5 months)
Singing this in chorus... Got the solo.. Extremely proud of myself 🙌

Author WhiteWolf Gamer (6 days)
The problem with watching Rent is that I want it to end but I don't want it
to end. D:

Author L Rosex (8 months)
whats rent about?

Author 真実ひろ (2 months)


Author Chandler Mathis (1 month)
I knew I saw Joe West from somewhere before...

Author Akiraxoxo (21 day)
60*24*365=525,600 :D

Author Wendy Corduroy (2 months)
How about......LOOOOOOOOOOOVE!

Author Evelynn Lovell (2 months)
Finally! I found this wonderful song!!! The time i heard it being sang
beautifully by the glee club of the elementary department at our school, i
was like *'GAHHH!!! I need to know what's the name of this song!* Thank God
for helping me find this!!! \(≧▽≦)/

Author Vee francois (2 months)
i like this one, its more celebratory the glee one is hella sad. i can only
listen to it not watch the video cuz ill cry.

Author Domanic Blanco (5 days)
Opened my Rent DVD case last night, disc was missing :/ oh well...FIVE

Author CrazyPlumbob (26 days)
Thank's Glee ! This music is magic *-* 

Author Dirk Schweitzer (4 months)
To the next 525 600 minutes! Happy new Year!

Author Olivia Burton (23 days)
I sang this in like 5th grade...😂 great song!

Author Antonio Domenici (3 months)
Non vogliamo stagioni.. ma che sia almeno una giornata di amore!

Author GamingGrub15 (2 months)
LIES its 525969 muinutes!!!!!!

Author Dirk Lloyd (1 month)
I never knew this was from Rent...

Author Sasha Hardy (8 hours)
Awesomesauce song! I'm doing this song for a concert! So excited! 😄 I love
this song! 😄

Author Annette Medlin (2 months)
How are you using your minutes??
"In daylights, in sunsets
In midnights, in cups of coffee
In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife
In five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure, a year in the life?"

Author Eleonora Gambino (1 month)
forse sono solista

Author Lipupo100 (27 days)
Omg detective west can sing

Author Jacob Komi (8 days)
This is a really good song

Author lance lusung (27 days)
I think I'm gonna cry by listening to this song when graduation comes😔

Author Arnold Rane (2 months)
This is a really good song

Author Josette Bassett (2 months)

Author Young Justice (26 days)
Seasons of love <3 yes I said it!!

Author Kailen Brown (2 months)
This is a really good song

Author MissPattinson08 (2 months)
I've always loved this musical ever since my chorous teacher showed it to
us. We got to sing it for our hs concert. Nine years later I still know
every verse. This song brings so many memories, escpecially of those who
have past away.

Author debydav (1 month)
The year I was diagnosed I began treatment with a mastectomy + 17 lymph
nodes, chemo started in January, then ended Sept with radiation. So it was
one year of physical and emotional hell to extend my life a few more years.
That Christmas at a Broadway Holiday Musical, they ended the program with
the actors choice song. . . and this was it! Bald as a newborn baby, I
stood for this performance and sang along with tears of joy rolling down my
Now THAT's a connection to a song!

Author Mayumi Long (15 days)
Just a realized.....that's Joe from The Flash.... WHAT

Author R.Borges (2 months)

Author LaughterLines Dublin (4 days)
This song ended the Gay festival and the energy was electric! Great night ☺

Author Louis T (1 month)
The memories this song brings me 

Author 0ldSch00lReigns (5 months)
Seasons of Love - Rent
+Elena Morlotti​ +Mya Lovely​

Author Wha Happon (24 days)
525,600 dipshits... 525,600 morons on here

Author netcy Cortes (17 days)
This was my high school graduaction song

Author Alex Derry (2 months)
The talent of these performers is ridiculous. I have seen this so many
times and I'm blown away every single time. 

Author Xavier Barrett (2 months)
Saw this on Cleveland Show. Couldn't help but come see the real thing

Author Diondre Edwards (2 months)
I never knew Joe could sing lol

Author kitkat999 (21 day)
really amazing

Author Tionne Latice Hall (5 months)
My old music teacher in elementary school used to make us sing this, new
levels every year. Finally watched the movie and now I know why he
emphasized it so much. Btw he was gay..

Author Jean Deaux (2 months)
chills....just chills. 

Author Lisa Bell (9 days)
This song makes me cry every time!!!!

Author Gaming With Ally (2 months)
I'm singing this song for my choir concert and its sooo easy to sing.

Author John Dake (6 days)
one of the greatest groups to come together for one song.

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