Seasons of Love - Rent (Music Video)

The music video for the wildly popular hit, Seasons of Love, by the cast of rent.

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Runtime: 2:58
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Author Smileyeli21 (1 month)
Singing this in chorus... Got the solo.. Extremely proud of myself 🙌

Author Michael Scott (1 month)
nine million, nine hundred and eight-six thousand minutes...

Author Mr David Lurks (6 months)
9,986,000 minutes, we actually sat down and did the math

Author L Rosex (5 months)
whats rent about?

Author iSophie (6 days)
My story: my friends were singing this and I shazamed it, and then youtubed
it. And now I am here. 

Author Forever_gLeeful (2 months)
Joanne about to cast a Harry Potter spell while doing that vibrato.

Author Dirk Schweitzer (1 month)
To the next 525 600 minutes! Happy new Year!

Author Adriana Escobedo (2 days)
Singing this in choir in honor to 1 of our teachers who passed away due to
cancer💔😔*rest in paradise beautiful*01-18-15

Author Brennan Bowyer (3 months)
I'm singing this for an audition tomorrow

Author 0ldSch00lReigns (2 months)
Seasons of Love - Rent
+Elena Morlotti​ +Mya Lovely​

Author Angel Mercado (1 month)
Seasons of Love - Rent (Music Video):

Author Matthew Mayes (1 day)
i so wish i could have been a part of this musical

Author Madison Schell (7 days)
My chorus teacher is making us do thus song, its kinds hard

Author savannah k (14 days)
Smileyeli21 I might be singing this in chorus but idk yet

Author Lydia Collins' (17 days)
Performing this at drury lane theatre in London in March :D !!! So lucky :)

Author Jezebel Skeptic (10 days)
I'm feeling it this morning. Don't judge me. :P

Author Julia Delgado (4 months)
2:37 working on doing that. SO HARD

Author alvin cruz (5 days)
Seasons of Love - Rent (Music Video):

Author kaylen sanchez (22 days)
I have to do this song for my choir class ☺ I got the solo part 😁 

Author hcsp1 (1 month)
Who's listening to this in the end of 2014 to close the year off?

Author Alexis Matthews (22 days)
Singing this in AL county

Author DaHuzyBru (2 months)
there are not enough people referencing The Office in this comment's
section... step it up people

Author Halima Grant (1 month)
I remember my choir teacher introduced us to this song in the 3rd grade. so
glad I saw this movie almost ten years later. opened my eyes to a lot.

Author Henry Yuan (1 month)
sung this when i was in 4th grade!!! loved this song so much!

Author Joe Antonelli (1 month)
always loved this song -- a great message, especially around the Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone

Author Emma H. (2 months)
525 600 minutes of laughed in a year. 525 600 moments in a year which I'll
never forget. 

Author Tionne Latice Hall (1 month)
My old music teacher in elementary school used to make us sing this, new
levels every year. Finally watched the movie and now I know why he
emphasized it so much. Btw he was gay..

Author Terrell Jakes (1 month)
Every time I hear this it takes me back to my high school chorus days. I
had to sing the guy part for all the middle schoolers

Author 大石アカリ (1 month)

Author Miss Santana (4 months)
Absolutely love this song... Powerful movie also...

Author Alex Christie (6 months)
No control, no bullshit, no insecurities, please just love! I refuse to do
the other three anymore! 

Author Naarah John (1 month)
Love dis song everyday I sing nd sing I love this song I got in school of
dis song 

Author Fairlyn Grace Oriel (16 days)

Author Kjartan (5 months)
Wow, this is bad.

Author valeria mesa (29 days)
like si llegaste aqui por el video "ADIOS 2014" de @ladivaza. 

Author beaupre Koford (1 month)
i love this song so much i had 2 sing this song in front of my whole school

Author Gift munyai (21 hour)
try to check this 1. Tuks 525600

Author TheNinetynine9 (1 month)
is that detective greene from law and order?

Author Blanca Morales (3 months)
<3 #Perú 

Author OchreHeat (2 months)
Getting tired of all the "OMG it's that film that features Idina!!!<3<3<3"
comments. No, she's not the only powerful and talented artist here.

Author Hope la (1 month)
The Office did it better :D

Author Karen Smyth (1 month)

Author Natalie Wiggins (1 month)
I Love This Movie , 

Author Mary Hales (2 months)
Pretty sure my roommates are sick of me singing Joanne's part constantly.

Author David Godfrey (2 months)
I saw this movie in 9th grade in Arts class. Brings back memories!

Author tanya ahmed (3 months)
Amazing I would sing it all day it is
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. Seasons of love love season of
love oh my god I am goung crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt

Author Keaton Miramon (2 months)
Love this song and the movie 

Author Jason Purdy (3 months)
This show teaches a person about life love and kinda how to be a little bit
better of a human being...just one mans opnion I guess!!

Author Harry Horowitz (1 month)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Willy Garza (2 months)
Watch "Seasons of Love - Rent (Music Video)" on YouTube

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