What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction (Kaichou wa Maid-Sama) AMV

first of all i DO NOT own the song or the anime.
Song: What Makes You Beautiful
Artist: One Direction
Anime: Kaichou wa Maid-Sama

after 6 straight hours of hard work! enjoy! i thought this song kind of fit with the story line.
i used clips from a few different episodes. (ask if you want to know the episode of a part)

at first i thought it wasnt going to be good because its about a maid BUT i was completely wrong! This is now one of my top anime :)
it's about a girl who is a tomboy. she goes to an school that use to be all boys so there are mostly boy there. the thing is she hates boys. she is the student council president but she has a secret. she works at a maid cafe (where she dresses as a maid and serve people while pretending he or she is "master") one day a boy finds out. it's a romance story from there.

*4/26/12 update: 10,000+ views!!! thx :D
*5/25/12 update: 20,000+ views!!! goal trillion+ :P
*6/22/12 update: 30,000+ views!!!
*7/14/12 update: 40,000+ views!!! i should make more views like this but it takes lots of time and effort.
*8/18/12 update: 50,000+ views!!! i just keep getting 10,000 more each month! thx.
*1/13/13 update: 82,000+ views!!! thanks for all the views! this is my most viewed video. so watch more of my other videos xD
*8/10/13 update: 111,000+ views!!! OMGness i passes 100 thousand! :)

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Runtime: 3:24
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Author kåthÿ bæ (8 months)

Author Zeref Sama (1 year)

Author TheAwesomness220 (7 months)
What episode is 2:10 I've never seen that episode.

Author poornima maurya (10 months)

Author gerson gremory (7 months)
so n curti a musica

Author HappyGuyUpNorth (2 months)
Omfg this is sooooo damn great!!!!!!!!

Author juvia chan (1 month)
anime mix what makes you beautiful 

Author iesha_A (19 days)
Im in tears<3

Author LUGERshom Dela Cruz (6 days)
NICE i am watchin this!!:D

Author Trinity Aguilera (3 months)
Awww! That was so CUTE!!!!

Author superfandulce (1 year)
kya , misa and usui =3

Author LovingAnime143 (1 year)
Yes! Lol but the subbed is better. :)

Author PikachuJackskeling94 (1 year)
if you haven't found one yet try

Author Emily rox (1 year)
Yukimaura was crying lol

Author Shaly1803 (1 year)
Then the title would have said: Warning, contains Yaoi!

Author Feliza Casano (1 year)
Maid-sama's on Hulu. There are tons in Hulu's Anime section.

Author Samantha Conway (2 years)
-fangirl squeal- LOVE IT!!

Author TwoLargePizzas (1 year)
0:51 ~ 1:06 :D

Author HerartlessBeauty (2 years)
T.T waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kaichou wa maid sama season 2 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author I'm happy! Are you? (2 years)
you do... you really do

Author Rosalina Watson (1 year)
0.0 are you really that stupid? xDD

Author yurilladylover (2 years)
omfg its way to good it should be on the best amv ever

Author Esa106 (1 year)
thank you for the support :)

Author PinoyGamer AnimerWarrior (11 months)
what epsiode is 1:15 from please tell me!!! pretty please, i'm begging you
please tell me <3

Author Reiko Satou (1 year)
I only see many haters haha it's funny because nobdies give a fuck about
what are u saying, guys.

Author Kong Kei Xuen (1 year)
hey,u put it up really greatly. :)

Author fm01tt01 (2 years)
@TinaN106 the 1 n a miad out fit cuz i read the discription n im confused is it a girl if she came from n all boys school?

Author Esa106 (11 months)
the violin part? it's episode 19.

Author Esa106 (2 years)
it was suppose to be this year is what i heard but it pass... i heard there
is going to be season 2 and then some places i heard there isn't just read
the manga which is still ongoing. the anime and manga are the same kinda
but a few different things and different order but it goes a lot further
than the anime!

Author nodto modley (1 year)
NOO!!! She just has that boyish look to her even when she is in the maid

Author John Price (2 years)
usui and mizaki is the perfect for this

Author Fri fra Fa fa (1 year)

Author Tina Nguyen (2 years)

Author Oana Nightcorer (1 year)
very cool

Author linnbirgit (11 months)
Haha! I love you Ayasawa. I... Hate you ahaha!!!

Author Julie Stickfort (1 year)
love it !! well done

Author Katrina Chavez (2 years)
awwww amazing!

Author Esa106 (11 months)
the violin part? it's episode 19.

Author Cozy Rolo (1 year)
I dont personally enjoy or listen to this song but it fits so perfectly
that this is an extremely well done amv

Author nodto modley (1 year)
Hey you can't blame the guy...or girl. I got confused at first as well.

Author Ingrid Luna (1 year)
I love one direction and i love Usui and Misaki... so, i love you *-* XD

Author hoozukigetsu (2 years)
did anyone else click on this because the picture looked like naruto
walking with hinata? or am i just blind today?

Author JasiLuna (2 years)
I think the song fits her so perfectly ;-)

Author dwynna win (1 year)
Oh come on, she just wants to make an amv with that song. I'm sure that you
if were a 12 years old too, I know that you'll hate it when the song you
really really like to be critic like that.

Author Loveless6676 (1 year)
don't like the song? then don't listen to it? instead of writing a
douchebaggy of a comment on it even if you were trying to be nice about it,
it was still rude to the creator of this video -someone who actually lost
all faith in humanity because of people like you and many others XP P.S.
the creator has a right to listen to whatever they want instead of
listening to people like you who just make rude comments!

Author Timothy Clark (2 years)

Author Leticia Espinoza (2 years)
i really hate this song but when am in the car and it comes on like 20
times i start getinn crazy and dance and sing to this song

Author dwynna win (1 year)
well if you really hate it that much then just avoid it, you're just making
things more complicated. I know people have their own taste on music but at
least don't start to heat things up :)

Author Liwanag Kate Carren (1 year)
animax! axn! hero!

Author Caroline Salinas (1 year)
I love this song and i love One direction ;3

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