Indian Girl Speech Against Pakistan

Jago Pakistanion abhi nahi to kabhi nahi

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Author Manoj Bisht (1 day)
wtf she talking abt..?....aise logo ki baje se hi ladayi hoti he...i urge
all u people forget religion and live as human ...Respect religion follow

Author carlito brigante (5 months)

Author yaseen khan (1 month)
Fuck you india bitch ass hole 

Author TheXx00xx00xx00xx00x (14 days)
Wow it's been 10 fucking months and nobody replied to my comment...Once
again Pakistan ki maa ka bhosda

Author Hassan Saeed (23 days)
Shame on India and Pakistan. Always fighting like kids. Grow up. 

Author Hassan Mughal (3 months)
Hello you swati madam I think tumhe pata nahi h we have the nuclear power
energy or jo tum islamabad main apne jhande garne ka keh rhi I think tumhe
pata nahi hai ke 1 nuclear attack se tumhara india clear ho Jaye ga phir
Mumbai main lage g pakistan ka jhande or door door tak indians ka
nam-o-nishan nhi rahay ga got it!!!!
And to he'll to those people's who are bloody fucck cllapping and enjoying
Tum jesay log indians ka naam kharab karte hai
I respect India
I like India but not bloody fuck people's like you just underestimating
other nation and having vulgur thoughts about them

Author Shani Khan (5 months)
I am Pakistani and i would must say that it's totally not good... she is
using very bad words against by country and if want i can also use such
words against India but we want to show the difference .between her and us
and whoever will read it they would must understand....

Author chaps69in (4 months)
I m indian, but girl shut ur mouth u bitch pehle India ki problem toh solve
kar le, lok pagal hain they r clapping fuck i m surprised pata nahi kab
logon ko akal aayegi...sab bewakoof ikathe hue hain

Author subhan afsar (5 months)
How dare she say bad things about Pakistan I'm ashamed she is a women if
she was in front of me now and said that I would kill her chop her into
pieces and feed it to the dogs she has a filthy mouth and a ignorant pig
all I want to say to her dont keep thinking what happened million years ago
about the war and attacks get over it we were all one long time agoPakistan
is the best and will live forever I don't know about India

Author adil riaz (5 months)
sali khud hi keh rahi mardin ko ke jago ab waqt hai jaghne ka aby kii mard
ho tu jagy sab ke sab na mard hai baby abhi choti hai tu tegi chot mein
main apna bada lan dalon ga tu phat jay gi behan ki ludi

Author Rana Amir Wasim (4 months)
ary nadan gashtitmko kya pta history of pakistan kabi ao na khushbo laga k
phir dekho hota hi kia grand masti

Author ubaid sial (4 months)
idhar a tujhy btata hn lion kia hota ha

Author adil riaz (5 months)
sali behan ki lodi pakistan ke baar mein tum logon galat information hai
pakistan wo power bana chuka hai le india tu kya pori dunya mein aisa koi
bhi mai ka lal nahin hai jo ise mita sake

Author Swati Sharma (1 year)
Dear Pakistanis,

This video is created by VHP, which is not mainstream and most Indians do
not know even of its existence. Media in India ignores this kind of stuff,
and I request Pakistan to do the same. If anyone is offended in Pakistan by
this video, I give my apologies on behalf of my countrymen.

India is a peaceful nation with no intentions of developing enmity with any
other nation. We only want a peaceful neighborhood, and growth and
development for our country. Nothing more. Nothing less.

However the fact remains that Pakistan, along with so many peaceful
Pakistanis, is also home to terrorist training camps targeting India, and
these are openly supported by Pakistani military. I urge peoples of
Pakistan to bring a stable democracy in your country, and put an end to
terrorism originating from your lands.

India and Pakistan is destined to be partners in development, and not
enemies hindering each others growth.

The Indian Girl

Author subhan afsar (5 months)
Stop keeping hate that happened million years ago (war) Pakistan and India
were one so stop the hate and move on 

Author Mayank Walia (10 months)
Such a stupid girl./..... I really apologise on behalf of India....bludy
brain washed idiots...

Aman ki aas kerte hai, jung ki nahi.....

Author Shivam Sharma (8 months)
jay shree ram
kya bat kya bat kya bat

Author Jeetu_Ghorpade! (10 months)
@ Walia, I can understand your frustration. You might be the Pakistani
refugee who fled to India during Partition and now you are apologizing to
your suicide bomber bros.

Say stupid to your mom for giving birth to an unthankful stupid cunt like

She is saying the truth! 

Author Siddhartha Kumar (8 months)
Ppl like her shouldn't exist ! 

Author adil riaz (5 months)
hye baby teri mou mein main lan dalon is tera se tera botha band ho jay ga

Author pakistani jawan (4 months)
is ki chut main sab pakistanio ka lund

Author Razor Jacob (11 months)
such bullshit!\

Author nani sunny (1 year)
encouraging this type of craps and believing in this kind of saadhus and
swamijis is the main point for our country's backwardness :(!!! crap crap

Author Ashish Singh (9 months)
Proud on this girl...jai hind ..jai shree ram

Author rainbow mama (10 months)
Why is this girl's issue made so big by the media. She is only 13 wat does
she know abt te reality of tjis world yet??????

Author Dikshant Hasbe (11 months)
nice 1..awesome..

Author TheXx00xx00xx00xx00x (11 months)
Pakistan ki Maa ki Choot...Peace out

Author Numayr Malik (1 year)
This Indian girl needs to stop running her mouth about my country because
Pakistan will not be invaded Pakistan Zindabad!

Author zeesnan kashmiri (2 months)

Author mindyourown (1 year)
Silly girl spreading hate!

Author aneez babu (1 year)
What a country is ours...If these Hindus spread the terrorism through they
are said to be great personalities but if Muslims use this way then they
are titled as terrorists and imprisoned...Our Secular Country is leading to
the way of troubles by these idot Hindus...

Author Maharshi Jani (1 year)
Very extremely views, but some truth in what you are saying!!!!

Author Mayur Ahir (4 months)
Bharatvansh k is pani ki he tumko pahchan nahi..

Author adil riaz (5 months)
lol islamabad mein indian flag lehray ga hihihi tujhe ulta leeta ke tere
bothe mein main apna lan lehraon ga blody bitch 

Author Vasanth Kumar (1 year)
awsum awsum.... speech

Author Zodiaca meritious (1 year)
Maa ki lodi Pakistan 

Author Shaikh Nurul delhi (1 year)

Author Vikash Mohanty (1 year)
Totally waste.... this kind of thing only good to flair Bombs... COme on
yaar we know that lot of faults but they are mostly brainwashed... And this
kid is also brain washing people.. Who is the master mind here.... Come on
religeous people should believe in humanity... not anger... Gosh kya ho
raha hei... Block this kind of video

Author rajat sharma (1 year)
isnt this illegal , this girl must be imprisoned , now this is exactly what
we call brainwash as we think about the terrorist . Shameful for India

Author Ashish Singh (9 months)
Proud on this girl...jai hind ..jai shree ram

Author De Shaun Mac (7 months)
Oo! this girl is so irritating , go and complete your studies then come to
speak about nation and for its bright future.Nonsense!

Author takes lartp (1 year)

Author Sahil Sinha (1 year)
Wow Very Good Allah Gandu Wow Very Good Dalla Paigamber Wow Very Good Kutti
Quran Lage Raho Waseem Wasi and Dalla Kutta ki Ammi chodne me

Author Kutti Quran (1 year)
Abe Dalla Allah, Mujhe Dhekh mai teri Randi Ammi Quran hu ,Tu Masjid me
Imam se Roz Chudwata hai ,abe Kutta Mai 3 muslim gandu Bahi(Allah,Paigamber
and Muhammad) in 3no ka LUND ko chusti ho.

Author juytzz larks (1 year)

Author Dalla Paigamber (1 year)
Waseem Wasi Jara Apni Eyes too khol ker dhekh mai tera kata Lund wala GOD
Paigamber hu,Abe Maderchode tu aur tera bahi Dalla Allah 2no meri Maa
Tony/Sahil and Dalli Quran se kerwa rahe hoo,Abe Maderchodo kyu ISLAM ko
Randiyo ka Adda bana rahe ho,

Author Sahil Sinha (1 year)
Sirtiger555 ki Ammi chodne per ek Condom Kata lund wala musalta Sirtiger555
ke Baap ke liye Free,Free

Author takes lartp (1 year)
muhammad ne aisha apni pathni ko apne dostho ke haath se gand mari,isse
dekhkar allah apna muh dikhane layak nahi raha

Author juytzz larks (1 year)
yeh bilkul galat baat hai - mera kutta allah ki gaand nahi maar sakta hai !
uska taste uncha hai !!! ha ha ha mussalman madarchod

Author juytzz larks (1 year)
In muMBAI, the police are now taking action against people caught in public
wearing a burqa. So far they've arrested four Muslims and seven

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