Zeo Ultrazord (Warrior mode) vs. Midas Monster

The Rangers try to stop the giant midas hound, while Billy tries back Jason to normal. With the statue revealing himself as Midas Monster, the Zeo Rangers must to unite their powers to defeat him.

Original Episode: Power Rangers Zeo - Season 4 - Episode 39 - The Ranger who Came in from the Gold

Source: Tokusatsu Movies and Series Download -

NOTE: This video doesn't belong to me, the Copyrights belong to their respective owner(s) now.

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Author nguyen Duy ( ago)

Author Davis K. ( ago)
Pure 24k gold IS heavy. Malleable, but very dense.

Author SuperGamefreak18 ( ago)
nah it more made the area very stiff and hard to control

Author Opachopp ( ago)
on the Zeo megazord

Author Fahd Al Zarooni ( ago)
OH I remember this episode, CLASSIC...^_^

Author Gr-ach-xyis Huepow ( ago)
I just figured golderiazation makes the infected part numb.

Author tustevev ( ago)
And this is how they pay for all the damages.

Author Sexual Albatross ( ago)
I love how the Gold is somehow heavy.

Author megamovieman101 ( ago)
I'm guessing this is Saban's way of saying: Screw Adam!

Author SerabaerLP ( ago)
3:57 Swoop da whoop and there he is xD

Author SerabaerLP ( ago)
3:57 Swoop da whoop and there he is xD

Author stopdropandroll ( ago)
the guy who plays adam's zeo zord probably called in sick

Author David315842 ( ago)
OhGreen wasn't in this particular battle. Blame the Sentai footage.

Author David315842 ( ago)
No they didn't. OhGreen wasn't in this particular battle. Blame the Sentai

Author wing00hero ( ago)
yea sentai badass but I'll stick with the english PR.

Author Man Child ( ago)
3:35 This has got to be the first time I hear someone say "Yeah, the Gold
is gone"...

Author wing00hero ( ago)
man i forgot how sick power rangers actually really was.

Author wing00hero ( ago)
this was uploaded on my 21st birthday =D

Author spacexploder ( ago)
lmfao when he shoved billy out of the way. then the ultrazord shot over
midas hounds head.

Author Viccy Quadrilio ( ago)
hahahahha same here.

Author Viccy Quadrilio ( ago)

Author Tomalak Geret'kal ( ago)
Um... no...

Author Alan Xavier Caceres ( ago)
0:33 - I Will Win

Author fwwaller ( ago)
The monster is called Midas, after the king of Macedonia in greek mythology
who was cursed by turning anyone he touched to Gold? just like this
monster? am I the only one who caught on to that?

Author Silkl4sh ( ago)
He was in Zeozord base waiting with Zeozord to aid the ranger

Author Kent Brown ( ago)
no he went to the zord bay to get the zeo zords ready

Author Neka Souza ( ago)

Author kenny payne ( ago)
i never knew david yost was gay that sucks that they treated him badle
because of it i would've quit too

Author Ryan Neely ( ago)
But than a crew member said it wasn't that, and that he was a pain in the
ass to everyone.

Author akiraman26 ( ago)
o yea suck on this

Author coolfool425 ( ago)
he admitted in an interview it was the gay issue

Author Replica Rabbit ( ago)
Adam: Yeah, well… I’m gonna go turn myself into gold, with blackjack and

Author alphax215 ( ago)
it was actually because he started to get payed less tan everyone else, but
the name calling thing didn't help either

Author Deftest100 ( ago)
Adam:Meh you guys got this

Author relaxitsindigo ( ago)
Guy who plays Billy quit Power Rangers because all the other actors would
make fun of him for being gay. Childhood destroyed.

Author Xidphel ( ago)
Trust the Midas touch.

Author TheLoneSoldier622521 ( ago)
Did anyone else see at 0:55 Tanya's right leg got hit, but yet the left one
is the one that turned to gold?

Author JuiCeBoX19 ( ago)
He was my hero

Author Jesus Christ ( ago)
Pretty sure the people would rather have the Mildas Monster.

Author ale lsb ( ago)
parece una galleta el zord de el ranger rojo XD

Author Scott Sanders ( ago)
When the yellow rangers zord gets hit it hits the left arm and right leg
but a few secons later it show the left arm and left leg has been turned
into gold.

Author Revo ( ago)
each zord appears repeatedly one after another XD

Author momofmany98 ( ago)

Author Kent Brown ( ago)
this is one of the best zeo megzord fight ever it has four zeo super zeo
zord the red battle zord pryminds and the best part about the fight is thst
the zeo megazord come in and saves the day

Author kevin augi ( ago)
SURPRISE BITCHES!! *that's what i heard when the midas monster appeared

Author Coral Desu ( ago)
"Cross your digits alpha" I see what you did there.

Author themanso08 ( ago)
love jason as gold ranger

Author ma21l ( ago)

Author vampman87 ( ago)
Tommy: There's gotta be a way to stop this immovable giant statue that only
attacks anything directly in front of it. Other Rangers: Have you tried
attacking it from behind? Tommy: No, that won't work for reasons I will
never discuss... wait, I know, I'll attack it head on... Agh, I've been

Author vampman87 ( ago)
Who knew being turned to gold made you all foam-rubbery.

Author Kamilo Marcelo ( ago)
hes in zeozord bay with the zeo megazord to aid the rangers.

Author bluewhiting ( ago)
Did he just say "golderized" 0:39? GOLDERIZED!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Author DakkTribal ( ago)
goldorized...yup, this show can do EVERYTHING

Author SkyGrinder2011 ( ago)
2:24 That's Adam speaking, not jason lol

Author hassafwaka ( ago)
in ohranger, the green rangers legs had been turned into gold and he could
hardly walk. i dont know why there wasnt an equivalent subplot here with
adam like jason

Author seisunonoventaynueve thelokendero ( ago)
Saban forgot Adam

Author naima hakuni ( ago)
Jjjjjjjiiiiiiiiiììi to get ìkhddddr 5i

Author Nick Maniotis ( ago)
But where is Adam..

Author SoulNoodlesCrew ( ago)
mmm dat gold plastic syndrome tho

Author Matthew Gentry ( ago)
wheres green ranger?

Author Solar Wind ( ago)
че за бред блять

Author VJ: IT'S TIME TO KICK IT! ( ago)
Fight Gold with Gold!

Author Andrew Bow ( ago)
Oh you've taken out 10 zords? that's ok we have 50.

Author Nehal Husnaien ( ago)
the show is shite

Author reyonXIII ( ago)
I'm guessing that Shouhei (Adam's counterpart in Ohranger) was also
incapacitated, which is why Green Blocker/Super Zeo Zord IV doesn't show
up. As for him showing up in Ohranger Robo/Zeo Megazord, he might have
rejoined the fight or that's stock footage, I can't tell, not having seen
the original episode. My guess, anyway

Author Magnus Ewen (1844 years ago)

Author Ian Kevin ( ago)
Red Battlezord can beat Manny Pacquiao any day.

Author MutantsInDisguise ( ago)
I know who he is. I mean what was he doing when his colleagues were
attacked by Midas Monster

Author paulreg ( ago)
i love that the super zeo zords are almost usless and the the red battle
zord come in and is lick 'come here bitch!!' punch punch punch

Author Kayleigh Natasha ( ago)
Adam is the green zeo ranger

Author MutantsInDisguise ( ago)
Where is Adam?

Author coolfool425 ( ago)
cheesy american adaptation?

Author ChoodaChoo ( ago)
4:44 This Is Sparta!!

Author DaRantKid ( ago)
Why do all the monsters end up with a weird southern accent?

Author Nonamearisto ( ago)
12 people are midas monsters, gay ex-power rangers, or people turned to

Author Nonamearisto ( ago)
Billy: I'm going to try an electromagnetic pulse. This will either turn
gold back into human flesh, or fry all the electronics in the power
chamber. Alpha: O.o

Author awesomeBlackFlash ( ago)
Wild Force has the most zords

Author JonHT96 ( ago)
12 actually

Author John Le ( ago)
i can't believe i use to like this show, such horrible graphics

Author Aleks Castro ( ago)
Let's sell that gold guys!!!!!

Author Guntherson220 ( ago)
He was to preoccupied with saving the soul society to be here.

Author teamboobooseth1 ( ago)
Where's Adam's zord

Author MarcoVideoSolis ( ago)
all saying about what generation has more zords what about Wild Force?

Author jason tuinstra ( ago)
Correction the defender toro zord as well for 17

Author jason tuinstra ( ago)
Actually the true record belongs to lost galaxy with 16 zords as
follows.... 5 galacta beasts 1 zenith carrier zord 5 zords that form the
strata force and cintaurus mega zords each for 10 more

Author Guntherson220 ( ago)
no wait 11, adam wasnt with them in the super zeo zords. but still a record.

Author Dante Belmont ( ago)
well let see:5 zeo zords,5 super zeo zords,piramaidas,the red battler
...just 12,holy shit! 12 zords just for an enemy,that must be a record

Author Dragon4eva ( ago)
A grand total of 14 zords needed? or have I miscounted

Author draciel80 ( ago)
true that lmao!

Author Takeshiair ( ago)
where the hell did adam come from at the end?

Author TheLoneSoldier622521 ( ago)
The only real thing I can say I didn't like about Power Rangers Zeo was the
megazords. I mean the costumes were cool, the monsters were cool, the
villains were cool and the new command center was cool. But when it came to
the zords, I can honestly say I didn't like them.

Author rhaderider ( ago)
i think it's funny that pyramidas and the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord have the
same earth shattering powers.

Author Guntherson220 (1103 years ago)
it's because Jigglypuff hated being up-stadged by the power rangers when
the original pokemon was a saturday morning cartoon, but he did find it
nice that the megazords never fell asleep when he sang.

Author NinjaRed5000 ( ago)
why is there a video of jigglypuff crying blood in suggestions? seriously,
how does this zord fight lead to that?

Author Optimus313 (678 years ago)
Lol yea out of no where before Jason showed up the Midus hound was hit by a
black power slash and all the rangers heard was Getsuga Tenshō.Or a huge
zord hand comes and grabs the Midus hound and slam him on the ground.Lol
The rangers look at adam and all you see is his zord with a huge hand right
beside him LOL

Author Optimus313 ( ago)
Jason is the greatest ranger in my view

Author Trans8010 ( ago)
Saban is notorious for pinching pennies. He hires non union actors so he
can pay them basically minimum wage, sign their likenesses away so they
dont see a dime off of merchandising, film the same beaches, parks and
quarries to match somewhat the sentai footage. Also the suits were made
using cheap non reflective cloth. However the american footage uses higher
quality film stock where sentai used sub standard another reason why the
sentai footage looks a bit degraded compared to the US footage.

Author AgentCack ( ago)
Adam was too busy saving the Soul Society to appear in this scene...

Author Jordan Sledge ( ago)
Everything the Midas Monster touches turn to gold. Everything the Zeo
Ultrazord turns up in the scrap heap.

Author sunike07 ( ago)
zeo ultrazord looks like it can take on zedd's sepentara with that size lol

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