JBL Flip bluetooth speaker by Harman Kardon

just a quick review of the popular jbl flip wireless speaker.
10 watt
5 watts per channel

thanks for watching

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Author lesly king ( ago)
thanks for the help

Author Katrina Parsons ( ago)
I have those speaker and I loved it but noe it will charge and when I go to
turn it on to pair it, it shuts down? Please help

Author TenuousTV ( ago)
HELP ME, the sound was good but then it just went quiet and abit fuzzy how
did this happen and how can I fix it

Author solarneddy (991 year ago)
Beats pill sounds poor compared to most blue tooth speakers. Just paying
for the brand.

Author Randall Cornelius ( ago)
I was impressed with this when I heard the one my cousin had. I didn't ask
the right questions about it, but she was using it with her note pad or
ipad, and that should have been the clue for me but bought one thinking it
would work with a laptop that had Bluetooth capability. Apparently I am
wrong in that assumption? I wanted to be able to play internet radio
through it. 

Author muddysledge ( ago)
The speakers are designed to vibrate like that. That's how they produce
decent bass for their size. The more flex or excursion, the more air moved=
the more bass. The flex won't blow a speaker but distortion will. Good and
informative review though.

Author Jarek Kopicki ( ago)
All BMW cars put only Harman Kardon speakers in their cars.

Author Jarek Kopicki ( ago)
god you talk so much just play the damn thing already!! you yap more than a

Author Jesse Delacruz ( ago)
When it charges does it blink red please answer 

Author stealth418 ( ago)
Breaking in a speaker will not produce a very noticeable difference in
sound quality. It's true that the driver suspension and surround somewhat
loosen up with use, but not much. The Fs of the driver will change a bit as
well, but once again, it's not very noticeable. The speaker will, for the
most part, sound the same from day one. Also, you seem to infer that damage
will occur to the drivers if you don't break them in, and this is
completely false. You can crank up the volume from day one..

Author Technologyadvisor1 (1722 years ago)
hello i think your right i had the hardon kardon speakers for my imac i got
rid because at high volumes vocals broke up i then bought the creative t40
speakers which have 2 large drivers in each speakers rather than 8 small
speakers in the hardon one so i agree with you larger speaker is better
than many small ones.

Author will i am Blacwella ( ago)
Good review. But they don't need to be broken in that is an old myth. The
surround on the speaker is rubber not foam.

Author emma gatti ( ago)
good review, cause there is hardly anything in the manual

Author Randall Saks ( ago)
Nice review. Thanks!

Author MrPinkagemaniac ( ago)
Thank you for your review, just bought it! ;)

Author dre1997ful ( ago)

Author Kryptonia50 ( ago)
Great review. I bought this speaker yesterday in red. You are correct, this
speaker sound is outstanding. Decided to do a review this morning and was
happy to see I made a wise choice.

Author Mike Wooten ( ago)
Just brought this speaker home I'm sure glad I watched your review
first.What you were saying about speaker break in makes sense.

Author Tiaunda Amenya ( ago)
better then beats pill

Author Tiaunda Amenya ( ago)
i am about to buy this jbl flip are very nice sound and very loud

Author yycRider ( ago)
would these be good to use in a car?

Author Max Taylor ( ago)
would this be good to use at a park with lots of friends?

Author Lone Puma ( ago)
Yup, great little system, my neighbor has one and he loves it. When I heard
it, I was pleasantly surprised of its fidelity...outstanding! You also
mentioned your concern about the speaker strongly vibrating, but am curious
why you haven't called Harman Kardon about your valid concern? Maybe you
should, as it might put your mind to rest and or it's not supposed to do
that, but in either case...let your viewing audience know of the results of
the call...least we have to do it. lolo
Thanks for the video, much appreciated! ;-)

Author Dvin Grigorian ( ago)
Does volume have to be all the way down to brake in

Author Chris Ward ( ago)
I did actually play it at normal listening volume for 2 hours or more so I
think it is okay.

Author Chris Ward ( ago)
I have this speaker, it is amazing. When I first got it I played it at
normal listening volume for a little bit. I did turn the volume up loud for
a bit though and I also played it at full volume on my iphone with the
volume on the speaker at full volume as well and the speakers did not
distort or peak at all, it was incredible. These speakers didn't seem to
lose any bit of loudness at all.

Author Kinyofu Mlimwengu ( ago)
Thanks for this instruction on how to apply the bluetooth. Their was no way
I understood from the overly simplified package instructions that I should
press and hold the on/off button until it flashes blue/red alternately.
Also, I believe the plug slides off so you can swap it for another one if
you were in another country with a different voltage.

Author Brett Bramall ( ago)
Hi Richie, in answer to your point about the plug and the pins, the idea
behind this is so that the manufacturer can just have one adapter made up
instead of several different types for each country allowing them to just
make a smaller cheaper part.

Author Aurarisma ( ago)
I went into the HARMAN STORE on Madison Avenue in NYC the first American
Store that opened a month ago !!!! What an experience !!!! I love JBL and
the Harman Kardon Onyx is THEBEST!! My toshiba laptop I bought it because
of the built in Harman Kardons .. I know this company makes balanced music
experiences you cant go wrong with any Harman Kardon or JBL or REVEL!!!!! 

Author Raúl Ambriz ( ago)
I have the same speaker, but it doesn't connect with the Bluetooth, what
can I do?

Author lachwise ( ago)
So I'm looking for a speaker to cable-tie/mount to a pole in a fast-food
restaurant. This could be it but if you have a suggestion please reply. I
need something easy to mount, sounds great and is loud. Good bass/lows it a
plus aswell. 

Author Justin Rosaria ( ago)
The beats pill is the worst scam ever. Here NZ. Its the same price as the
Bose sound link mini. But they sound so bloody freaking super ultra mega
horrible. Who ever says their good needs to be shot and freaking learn what
good sound is. The jbl flip is a good speaker for the size. IMO not as good
sounding as the UE mobile boom and the Bose (admittedly. The Bose sounds
really good for the size. But expensive) but the UE mobile boom box for me
is slightly better sounding than this! Both are great though!

Author 04mach1speed ( ago)
@04mach1speed test

Author hallobaaaby ( ago)
Thanks for this review! Is this pair of speakers delivering the stereo or
it is just same sound double?

Author TheZaqsen ( ago)
In my belive there is Loewe 2go that have best sound among the small
speakers. Than follws Klipsch kmc1, Bose is far behind, but still nr 3.
Cambridge minx go is 4. UE boom nr5, (i dont remember, but creativ is here
som where.)
In Loewe you notice aptX ad better sound. I soon put 2go against kmc1 on

Author Sam Lambert ( ago)
That AC adapter is that way so that in other countries you can exchange the
American three pronged charger for a European one

Author David Moore ( ago)
the charger is like it is so you can slide different socket pins on
depending which country you are in

Author David K ( ago)
Oh and yes. Sony walkman MP3 are the best.. I have one too and the sound is
pure genius.

Author David K ( ago)
There's no video on youtube that compare the JBL Flip and Charge. Which one
you think it's best? Also, I've been looking at Bose mini soundlink and the
sound is simply amazing. However, I'm leaning towards JBL flip because the
price is reasonable.

Author 04mach1speed ( ago)
Haha yeah you're def right, the pill is a piece of shit, too much money for
what it is, there is only so much spud that can come from 4 tiny ass
speakers, and it def distorts like crazy at a higher volume, the jbl blow
the pill away

Author 04mach1speed ( ago)
Definitely, you will ABSOLUTLY love it :D

Author 04mach1speed ( ago)
And you're gay

Author Tray Hanks ( ago)
Beats pill suckz....Harmon kardon is the same speaker used in all BMW sound
systems.i just bought the JBL flip an took my Beats Pill back because it
sounded distorted im extremely pleased with the JBL flip better buy for my

Author ankit parmar ( ago)
should i buy it ?

Author 04mach1speed ( ago)
Oh very good thanks :)

Author 04mach1speed ( ago)
Sorry it took so long to respond back, but yeah mine isn't that well
either, depends on the which phone or bluetooth music device you have too,
like my iPhone has a pretty good range with the flip but my Sony BT MP3
player is literally 2 feet lol, hope this helps :)

Author kubbetuncer98 ( ago)
The sound is very loud you can hear it from 200 meters in full volume!

Author Maxisick ( ago)
The speakers are meant to vibrate like that to put out more bass. Usually
if the sound doesn't distort while blasting it then you won't blow it. But
not always.

Author 04mach1speed ( ago)
Yeah man lol I know what you mean, my friend got a 12 for his car and it
took his forever as well

Author Johnny Cee ( ago)
Good Review, thank-you sir. I Cr 13:8a, Love never fails!

Author rakesh mk ( ago)
Hi how is the Bluetooth range in your Flip?.. The Bluetooth range in my
Flip is horrible, less than 5 feet.. :-(..

Author 04mach1speed ( ago)
I'll def keep that in mind :-) thanks

Author 04mach1speed ( ago)
You sure can :-)

Author 04mach1speed ( ago)
Hey thanks :-) glad you like the flip

Author paul garcía ( ago)
Yeah...If possible connect a laptop via bluetooth

Author Blunder1248 ( ago)
Car audio has got to be the worst to break in! Get a 12" sub and they take
about a month to break in.

Author Luigi DeVicente ( ago)
Very nice review I did go to best but, compared and you where correct thank

Author 04mach1speed ( ago)
You'll love it soooo much

Author OfficiaLegacyDesigns ( ago)
The Charge is better but is 50$ more compared to this one.

Author christheskater1000 ( ago)
I am getting one soon can't wait lol

Beats pill does not sound better. It has trouble with the bass. This one
has a crisp bass. I've heard them both. I'm surprised that the pill which
has Dr. Dre name on it didn't see this oversight. Especially since Rap/ Hip
hop has so much bass. Beats pill is good though for dance music which in my
opinion sounds better with nominal bass.

How long does the battery last. How many charges.?

Author moneko100 ( ago)
can you tell me which one its better betwen jbl flip vs jbl charge? thanks

Author Ravi Kiran ( ago)
Can we connect this to a laptop via Bluetooth? Did anyone try it earlier?

Author abhi raj ( ago)

Author arvin go ( ago)
"what the heck was that piece of hair" very good review

Author HifiCentret ( ago)
The JBL charger is made so that it can take different mains plugs in
different parts of the world. In US (on probably most other countries) it's
only delivered with the main plug appropriate for the country it's sold in.

Author Ronald Wallace ( ago)
I just got a JBL Flip and I love it.......

Author elbowroomtube ( ago)
Check out Logitech mobile boombox. 2 drivers with bass port, can charge
through USB.

Author elbowroomtube ( ago)
Wondering if you considered or compared sound quality with the Logitech UE
mobile boom box? It too has 2 full-range drivers and a passive radiator &
doubles as a speakerphone with built-in microphone for hands-free calls.
Can USB charge and has superior battery time.

Author Simmstar ( ago)
im sold i have been looking at these for awhile and nice light i love that
nitecore ea4

Author lyon111096 ( ago)
does this one has a lot of bass when you turn the volume up?

Author MrPlastikflasche ( ago)
Did you know you can mute it by pressing both volume buttons the same time?

Author Daniel Grey ( ago)
lol i have a laptop with two harman/kardon speakers and they sound awesome

Author andre anggono ( ago)
I want to buy portable speaker... which is the good one, JBL flip or jabra
soulmate? thank you guys...

Author mark owings ( ago)
tried every speaker of this size - jbl wins, even over braven and jabra
solemate. only problem was, i couldn't connect to my acer tab until i read
a tip on youtube. so, i thought i would share - hold down the power button
while scanning for device. AWESOME sound, love it!

Author 6FeetDeep4U ( ago)
They have the plug that way for the different wall plug used in other
countries. That's why they opted for the slide on adapter. Easily changed
for that reason. Very good review! Thank you!

Author turboBB73 ( ago)
Thx for the review, absolutely spot on! The Pills are sexy small but the
Flip will absolutely blow them away sound/bass-wise & at half the price.
Only con is that it doesn't accept standard USB for charging convenience.
The Sony's inability to control volume is due to the BT profile it supports
(or doesn't in this case). BT profiles will also determine the sound
quality (e.g. iPad 3 is crystal clear as opposed to iPhone 3G w/my Bluebuds
X). Nice EA4 btw... ;o)

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