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Author Miranda Galloway (6 months)
This video and phone are now over a year old. Forgive me if I don't reply
to every comment or answer every question. If anyone sees an unanswered
question and knows an answer...feel free to answer it for them. I'll leave
comments active as long as people are civil.

Author Twiin Ciity (1 year)
does this phone have tons of non Google 'bloatware'. could you name them

Author shaunna bailey (2 days)
My mom just bought this phone from Ebay for $45.00 except hers is from net

Author Matthew Simmons (10 months)
This phone is a piece of shit. I have know 4 people who have had this phone
making me number 5. The first person I knew to get it has trouble with it
being extremely slow and not being able to get any coverage anywhere. She
took it back. I decided to get the phone even though she had troubles out
of it. I thought it was just a bad batch of phones. She tried to warn me.
My nephew has this phone, the touch screen stopped working after about 2
months, he was able to convince the place he got it from to exchange it for
another one. He is now having trouble with the touch screen again not
working at times, it restarting all the time during apps, and it being
extremely slow. My father in law has the zte majesty and it does all of the
same things above. I have the zte majesty and my phone goes crazy at times
calling the wrong people. It restarts with me watching YouTube, it
constantly buffers even though it has a perfect Wi-Fi signal, it restarts
during apps, it's extremely slow, the touch screen seems very bugged at
times, it shuts off even though my phone still has about 10% battery life
left, it did however only completely lock up one time, but the constant
restarting makes up for that. I suggest you don't buy this phone. It is the
worst phone ever. Ugh..

Author Miranda Galloway (1 year) seems to be the main issue everyone has...yes? Mine
does it much less often now and only if I'm pushing the RAM too hard. Usual
fix IF it happens with any PARTICULAR APP (not from merely heavy use) is to
go under manage apps. find the app, clear data, force stop, uninstall (or
uninstall updates), restart the phone and reinstall (update). It seems like
any issues on mine happened within short time from an install or applying
an update to certain apps. This generally fixes it. I don't know what's
causing it however. Maybe the phone? Maybe Jellybean? Maybe Google play? I
don't know. But I will say, that I'm not THAT much of a techie but I
haven't found anything yet that I can't fix on my own phone. So, I'm still
happy with it. I am sorry for any folks who have had issues that I can't
help them fix though. There's only so much I can do without have their
particular phone in my hands to look into things more easily. If you can't
Google a fix for your issue, you can always call the dreaded Straight Talk
customer service. If they can't fix it and they start losing patience, they
probably hope you will hang up because I don't think they're supposed to.
Just keep politely pushing through. You'll either get transferred a couple
more times, or they'll fix it. If they still won't, remind them that you're
within your 1 year warranty and that if they can't fix it that you want a
replacement (that usually makes them scurry for a magical fix and you get
transferred to someone that actually knows what the hell they're doing).
Again, apologies that I'm not able to do all tech support on this phone.
Keep in mind...the reason this video even EXISTS is that there wasn't a
single video about this phone when I bought the phone. For that reason
alone, I did my own research and bought the phone, and then made the video.

Author Joey Veregge (24 days)
Where is the sim card in this phone?

Author Kayla Ray (1 year)
Can you put a signature for your out going text messages cause I have the
Samsung galaxy centura ad it don't have that option but I downloaded
handcent so I'd have a signature, does this home have that option?

Author Miranda Galloway (1 year)
Brianna, the screenshot question has been answered probably 3 or 4 times in
comments at this point: Volume down + lock/power button. And yes, you can
save pics. From text, tap the paperclip, then save. From Facebook, view the
pic, then tap your menu key and select save.

Author Kim Bench (27 days)
my zte majesty wont connect to internet. it also turns off all the time.
pleas help I need internet

Author Mark Yocco (3 months)
Miranda, I attempted to send a message a minute ago and I m not sure if it
went through. Anyway, this morning when I turned my phone on it was not
capable of making a phone call. Last night I got an update for Google Play
and updated and I wonder it that messed it up. I have not have this
problem before and I ve had the phone for about 6 months. Can you HELP?!!!

Author Miranda Galloway (1 year)
Sarah, volume down & lock button simultaneously.

Author Miranda Galloway (1 year)
Sounds like you've just found ways to overload it...shouldn't be an issue.
Lol. Download Clean Master. It will show when you're running too much RAM.
It helps remind you which apps can be moved to SD. It's one of the best
maintenance apps I've ever found. And if you start running a little slow,
run it...restart the phone...when it's fully loaded, run the boost on it

Also, do you notice it in using certain apps? Or a certain keyboard?

Author T.j. Hall (4 months)
does this cell phone run of verizon towers?

Author Trevon Cross (6 months)
How to update the soware

Author Miranda Galloway (1 year)
Yes, Morgan. I still love the phone. The only issues have been that some
apps cause it to restart. Hulu and Words with Friends have done this. I
need to trying running the same fix on WwF that I did on Hulu. And also on
occasion, when I turn phone from silent to volume on, my incoming texts
stay silent. Restarting the phone fixes this. Essentially though...I
realize that all phones have their quirks. The ones I've found have been
very minor and usually easy fixes with apps and such. I'm still quite happy
with it. :)

Author Kaylee Adair (2 months)
Miranda I have heard alot about this phone that its crappy what are ur
thoughts and can u get Internet anywhere I would like to get a phone like
this that has the light thing that shows up but my main question is how
well it does with the texting the calls and Internet I like texting and
getting on the Internet alot and playing games my mom is afraid that ill
use up the Internet cause I have not wifi at my house but every one around
me has there's is locked and I don't want to be askin for their passwords
hope u understand wat I'm asking 

Author Don Saxton (5 months)
This is my first 4.1 jellybean device also :o

Author Miranda Galloway (1 year)
For those who have asked, they have new cases on ebay. Search "zte majesty
impact hybrid hard soft case" and the top option is what I ordered. I
haven't got it yet, but it's the same style as the one I showed in my
video. And the one my fiance ordered can be found by searching "For ZTE
Source N9511 Majesty Hybrid Hard + Soft Silicone w/ Stand Cover Case." His
is equally as good.

Author Miranda Galloway (1 year)
Well, I did research and tried to make a video that answered the questions
I would've had. I didn't know how it would be received. I'm glad so many of
you have liked it. :) I feel the love!

Author Sapphire Guerra (5 months)
My touchscreen out of no were stoped working any thoughts why ? or how i
can fix it instead of paying money to get it fixed on a budget right now
need help 

Author Miranda Galloway (1 year)
Joanna, The outlines of the nav buttons are reflective, so they don't
usually light up unless the phone decides the lighting is low enough to
need them backlit. I don't think it's a glitch, just a little odd. And I
don't think there's any way to toggle it on. It doesn't bother me at all
now that I'm used to it. 

Author Bonnie Rehder (6 months)
Please Help! What do I need to do to get my computer to recognize this
phone so I can get my pictures to my computer?

Author Donald Kennamer (9 months)
How can I delete my gmail account on this ZTE Z796C Majesty phone

Author Patrick Peterson (5 months)
Did they completely dumb down this phone or something?
I picked one up a few months ago and there is absolutely no storage space
for anything but the apps that were already on the phone and maybe a couple
of social media apps.
Also, there are no APN settings so there's no way to receive multimedia

Author Ashliegh Roh (4 months)
I have the same one

Author SEBASTIAN JACKSON (9 months)
The Processor In The ZTE Majesty Is Dual Core...

Author Peyton Moore (10 months)
where does the sim card go

Author Adrienne Burris (4 months)
My phone is stuck on the blue screen what can I do

Author Ashliegh Roh (4 months)
Her phone has a lot more difference's from mine.

Author Donavan Trahan (8 months)
The Walking dead!!!! HELL YEAH!!!

Author Miranda Galloway (1 year)
My fiance sold his Huawei W1 and bought the Majesty and he's so happy now!

Author Dakota Brown (8 months)
I was wondering if anyone knows how to make the drop down setting buttons
smaller. When you pull the screen down to see notifications, the settings
along the top of the screen. My little setting buttons keep getting bigger
and I have no idea how to make them smaller. Can anyone help?

Author Katelyn Mincey (8 months)
Can you block #'s on this phone?

Author Robbie Golphin (8 months)
Someone PLEASE help... The 3 bottom buttons on my phone won't work anymore.
Please tell me what to do... please

Author Miranda Galloway (1 year)
For some reason, YouTube isn't showing "reply" links next to some of your
names. Okay, right now I'm addressing the restarting issue. Yes, mine has
just started doing this too. It hasn't done it with youtube yet, but it
does it with Hulu. I reported the issue to them and they gave me some
troubleshooting steps. I haven't gone through them yet, but I'm about to. I
honestly don't think it's anything wrong with the phone. It doesn't do it
all the time, just Hulu and maybe 1 other app though I forget which. I will
let you know when I get it figured out.

Author JD McMillan (9 months)
Hey is there a preinstalled flashlight on the phone?
Or do I have to download one, cause all the ones I've tried are covered
with ads.

Author EngageBrainCells (8 months)
HELP ! cookies were disabled on Majesty do I enable them again?

Author alex ingram (10 months)
This reminds me of the galaxy s 4

Author mfireall (10 months)
Miranda Galloway my son put a passcode on my phone and now he can't
remember what it is and its not even activated yet so how would I be able
to unlock it

Author Jerry Falk (11 months)
How do i get the voice to stop reading me everything on my phone?

Author Jaimie Petty (1 year)
I go into my system update spot and it says copy update package to storage
card for system update. But when I tried to do this it tells me there
aren't any on my phone and I have the ZTE majesty. I have other tech sites
and they want to charge money for the answer a lot of money for the answer.
I cannot update anything including my profile on my phone without first
doing this thing that it tells me to do but the cell phone tells me nothing
found. I hope that made sense.

Author home church remnant (1 year)
The auto rotate stopped working. I just bought it. I tried restarting and
taking the battery out and turning it back on several times. I searched in
the settings to see if there was an option to turn on or off the auto
rotate but I couldn't find one. I've looked online for an answer cannot
find a solution. Any ideas?

Author Dakota Busick (11 months)
My majesty randomlly shut off and eont turn back on. And a red light blinks
once when i press the power button and once countnuallsly when plugged it.
I need help. ASAP

Author Becca Boo (11 months)
Have you had any issues with WiFi? I cannot connect at all. It says it is
searching, but nothing. It worked before, but for the past few weeks, it

Author Gretchen Corban (1 year)
I get a flashing green light & a green smiling box but NOT an audio
notification of a text message. How do I fix this?

Author Kayle Griffin (1 year)
I just want to know how to copy & paste

Author Olivia Grace (1 year)
I locked mysel out of my phone and I can't open it

Author 1ilovetacos (1 year)
would you still say the zte majesty is as good a phone as you did when u
made this review

Author Crystal Hudson (1 year)
I can't not can play videos

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