24 watt custom e-cig mod

friend of mine asked me to build him a custom 24 watt mod.

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Runtime: 4:29
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Uploaded by: Jeff AKA Slinger
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Author Nick Pascale (1 year)
Jeff could you make me one bro?

Author Steve Ward (1 year)
It's idiots modding e cigs that's gonna cause them to be illegal, their
blowing up in people's face. Leave shit alone, go buy a good quality e cig

Author David Nicholson (1 year)
these people you call idiots are the same people that made whatever device
you are currently using or have owned. all these devices start somewhere
its the ignorant people such as yourself who ruin the community

Author Jeremiah Jones (1 year) just applied more power to e-cig and used a potentiometer to
adjust voltage...why not make your own fully custom e-cig.

I've yet to see any REAL custom e-cigs.

Author vapor-cena (1 year)
We have made out the 22 watts mod,,seven 22 watt.
It is pretty good,,,changeable watts and voltage,also with gravity sensing

Author TheAmityfootball (1 year)
This things gonna blow up in your face

Author spaded Jay (1 year)
dude i like the mods u got but your fuckkkkkiiinnnnn nuts vapin on a
unprotected battery

Author Darkside Vaper (2 years)
Awesome Jeff it is a true beauty

Author phillynn79 (2 years)
serious hardware

Author Jeff AKA Slinger (1 year)
IMR batteries are the safest batteries you can use at the time of the
video. I know batteries. I have cut them in half with grinders in testing.
I was in no danger.

Author Eugene Garcia (1 year)
Pretty out a town, don't ya think? Looks like a freakin roadside pipe bomb,
vent holes and all. To what purpose?, may I ask?

Author Jeff AKA Slinger (2 years)
We specialize in that. LOL

Author Mr.Smoke (2 years)
NICE! Bro! Good Work! That's BAD ASS!:)

Author MrDemonstein (2 years)
bad ass..

Author Donovan Wert (1 year)
Cool as hell Jeff!!

Author Jeff AKA Slinger (2 years)
Thanks Jan. You Rock!

Author Samus Aran (2 years)
That looks fucking nuts. Awesome job

Author Hugh Jass (2 years)
oh my gosh that thing is GANGSTER!!! you make some of the coolest stuff out
there man. WOW. what a great "at home" vape. wow. I am utterly jaw-dropped
and amazed. great f****ing work man.

Author steeljan (2 years)
Very very nice. Great work! Thanks for sharing. <3

Author Jeff AKA Slinger (1 year)
Desk top only for me. There is a large crowed of collectors that go after
extreme mods. I liked them too...

Author Jeff AKA Slinger (2 years)
Thanks :)

Author Coreymillia waxman (2 years)
Hell yeah I like the high voltage for hash cartridges

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