Weihrauch HW50S Review

This is a comprehensive review of the Weihrauch HW50S air rifle in .177 caliber, created for the Pyramyd Air video contest.

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Author Trevor Hibbert ( ago)
A fine review there Jim, not as excitable as most Americans can be, it was
well delivered and clear. I think for the U.S. market it's a little
Good work.

Author Alessandra Fazan Lopes Bataglioti ( ago)
tenho uma wh 50 s 4,5 perfeita

Author Reg Sparkes ( ago)
Now Jim, this is what I call a really good review,. You covered all the
bases needed t help a person like me, make a purchase decision.
Thanks for this.

Author vincenzo tacconi ( ago)
i tested it, 5,5 joule +/-

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
I believe in freedom of choice. As with many rifles, the HW50S allows one
to use either the provided open sights, a scope, target peep sights, a red
dot sight, etc. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. As for testing the
scope and not the gun, that's nonsense. In truth, *both* are being tested,
along *with* the pellets, the benchrest, the environmental conditions, and
of course, the shooter himself. That said, a decent scope is usually the
*most* consistent variable among all of those.

Author dtripakis ( ago)
You should not add a scope on a rifle first thing. Scopes are heavy,
expensive, fragile and take the fun away. They are not necessary on air
rifles, contrary to what the industry is trying to imply. You should not be
helping them in this. Havent you realized that you are actually testing the
scope and not the gun ?

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
Thank you very much. I'd love to do another one, even though it's a fair
amount of work. I just can't seem to find enough time these days.

Author DepakoteMeister ( ago)
Outstanding review Jim! Not seen every review that's out there, but of
those I have seen, yours is by far the most informative and entertaining.
Good work.

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
Great, Mike!

Author Michael Pollini ( ago)
Jim I took your advice and bought this gun. It is amazingly accurate!
Recoil is non existant in my opinion. The scope stayed right on for every
shot. Very nice trigger as well. No more critters around my property.
Thanks for your help and great review!

Author lodgeblog ( ago)
Good comprehensive review; I have owned quite a few spring guns but the 50S
is one of the most accurate and I like it a lot. The only thing I dislike
is the automatic safety which I kept forgetting to take off. In the end I
simply removed the safety catch! This may be frowned upon but I shoot
alone, not at a club or field target gathering and I keep my finger well
clear of the trigger until I'm ready to take the shot. The Rekord trigger
is the best I've experienced on any make of spring gun.

Author PhilippApple12 ( ago)
ok thx

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
Sorry, I am not much of a hunter, and I don't know about the Hammerli, so I
don't have a recommendation for you.

Author PhilippApple12 ( ago)
can I use a 5, 5 lbs or 7.5Joule weapon for the hunt. which of the two
weapons can you recommend me the incense HW57 or the Hämmerli Hunter force
900? both with 5.5lbs = 7.5Joule

Author Marcio Maia ( ago)
Great review! You can go wrong with the Weihrauch airguns. Here, in Brasil,
they are really expensive, reaching easily the US$ 1.000 mark. But they
worth it.

Author Oliver Meyhoefer ( ago)
i love how americans/british people are saying weihrauch (thanks from

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
Mike, the recoil is moderate. I don't think it would be enough to shear a
mounting pin. I personally wouldn't worry about it.

Author Michael Pollini ( ago)
Thanks for the video Jim!! I'm concerned about the recoil and the pin
holding the scope. I've sheared off pins in the past. Do you feel the
recoil on this gun will affect the mounting? Mike

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
I suppose I keep tabs on airgun news and information using two sources (you
have to search for these -- I can't post links here): 1. The Yellow forum
The Yellow is so active that I only catch bits and pieces of news. It's a
great place to search for information. Look for the "Google the Yellow"
link on the right side. 2. The Pyramyd Air blog Tom does a nice job with
in-depth reviews of certain products, but he doesn't try to cover

Author Nuno Francisco ( ago)
first off all, thanks for the fast reply. when you tell new models... the
news with checkrings etc?

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
Well, I'd say my opinion of the gun is pretty well encapsulated in the
video. In a nutshell: it's a fine air rifle. I never experienced the
problem of the cocking arm scratching the tube. Regardless, it's my
understanding the newer models have been slightly redesigned to solve that

Author Nuno Francisco ( ago)
heya, i will buy a hw50S in some weeks. what do you think about the wepon?
does yours have problems cooking? i saw many bad reviews on that point.
people tell than the cooking arm scratch the compression tube.

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
They are both made of metal.

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
Sorry, I don't know much about the HW99. As for the age, if you can find a
Weihrauch email address, you might email them with the serial number.

Author jim jam ( ago)
hi I have a Weihrauch HW 99 S good or bad ?do you no who to find out the
age of the gun

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)

Author Homosapienman214 ( ago)
Awesome video, you should do more of these if you have other products.
Definitely subscribed.

Author Haoethoe T ( ago)

Author Haoethoe T ( ago)
I have That Airgun and you can shoot wood pigeons with it

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
It's about 10 ft.lbs or 13.5 joules.

Author Gábor Nagy ( ago)
what strong is your air gun (J)?

Author KnorpelDelux ( ago)
Thank you very much for your fast reply. I have been thinking about buying
an Airrifle for quite some time now (with a proper scope on top of it) but
I think I will go for the HW30S, finally :) I would love to see a review on
that gun should you have the time. Greetings!

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
I have HW30S, and I absolutely love it. It's a little smaller than the 50S,
and a little less powerful, but it is easier to cock, quieter, and still
very accurate. If I could have only one gun, it would be on my short list
for consideration.

Author KnorpelDelux ( ago)
What do you think of the Weihrauch HW30S with "Rekord"-Trigger? I was
wondering whether I should get one. Thanks in advance.

Author AirGunHuntersTV (339 years ago)
hey i own a blue hw97k its fantastic and most of the other well noown hw's
are on my channel please check them out great review i subscribed

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)

Author JERRYR708 ( ago)
Almost forgot to tell you what a great review you did on this rifle.

Author JERRYR708 ( ago)
I bought this because I liked the look and feel of this rifle right away.
This is the most accurate rifle I have fired using JSB Match Diabolo Jumbo
Exact pellets. Best trigger I have used with no creep at all. The break
barrel is a little work compared to most I have used. I like the iron
sights, which are not plastic and you don't need to rely on a scope. I like
the balance and light weight of the rifle, yet feels very solid. The rifle
a little louder than most.

Author JERRYR708 ( ago)
I just purchased this rifle in the .22 cal version. After about 40 shots,
the bolts started to loosen. I re-tightened them and continued to fire
about another 50 rounds and a piece of the front of the stock broke off on
the left and a crack line appeared on the right. I noticed that the bolts
were loose again. It appears that when the bolts loosened, the barrel had
just enough play to recoil forward enough to slam into the front of the
wood stock interior wall piece that is only 1/8 inch thick.

Author ItzLnX ( ago)
thank you for the info.

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
The spring probably softened a bit. If so, you lost a little power, however
it might not be noticeable. If it's a problem, you can always replace the

Author ItzLnX ( ago)
Left mine (hw57) accidently cocked for 1 and a half week. How bad can it be?

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
Thank you, and hello to Germany.

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
Thank you. I'd love to make more, but there just aren't enough hours in the
day right now.

Author Ronny Romeroson ( ago)
Great vid. More of that please!

Author turb0m0nk3y ( ago)
Great Vid

Author mybluebelly ( ago)
Thanks for the good advice! I had a feeling that velocity doesn`t
neccesarily have to be beyond 1000fps to satisfy most people`s needs ;-)
It`s all about accuracy isn`t it!!! I found a domestic dealer that stocks
the HW97 fixed barrel, but it didn`t have a pricetag, but i will contact
the dealer for price info..i also came across pyramydair a long time ago so
i will of course consider those other alternatives. I`m pretty sure i will
go for a fixed barrel type weapon this time. Thanks again :-)

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
Trust me on this: you don't want a 1200 fps air gun. Those guns I listed
will shoot at 850-925 fps with 7.9 grain pellets. That is the sweet spot
for maximum accuracy. You hit it on the head: 1200 fps is overkill and
needless (and doesn't really exist for springers anyway, except as
marketing hype in ads).

Author mybluebelly ( ago)
Hello again! I looked up these weapons and they look very good. I guess i
favour the HW97. I don`t really know anything other than the break barrel
type, so i wouldn`t know why to get anything else though :-( Maybe this
would eliminate my previous bad experience with the HW50...What in your
opinion is a reasonable velocity limit for a high quality air gun? What
must one consider when getting a high powered air rifle pro/con?
Say..1200fps??? Or is this just a tad overkill and needless...?

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
Assuming you want to stick with a spring gun (as opposed to a PCP), I'd
recommend: - HW95 (same as Beeman R9) if you want a break barrel. It's like
a bit larger version of the HW50S. - HW97, Air Arms TX200, or Air Arms
Pro-Sport if you'd like a fixed-barrel with under lever cocking. All three
are very high quality and very accurate, but somewhat heavy.

Author mybluebelly ( ago)
BTW, my HW 50 is a M/II mark and not an S. Weight is not an issue for me
and let`s say my budget is around 900 US. The most important thing for me
is to have a decent velocity. I did settle for the HW50 back then and i
guess something in that region would be sufficient for me. I guess i
settled for the velocity of the HW50 back then as i thougth it was a
quality piece. I would use it for target practice and some pest control.
Accuracy&quality is almost as important as velocity for me!

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
As for a new air rifle recommendation, I can try, but I would need much
more information. What would you use it for? How much power do you need?
What is your budget? Does weight matter? Etc.

Author mybluebelly ( ago)
Hello and thankyou for replying! Yes, it must be a defective weapon! When i
bought this air rifle, the moment i started using it, the pin-pressured
metal locking mechanism found on the break-barrel started chipping away the
metal groove on the main piece/body of the weapon. When i talked to the
seller/shop who sold it to me, he told me that the factory that made parts
for this weapon had burnt down :-) I never filed any warranty claims as i
was to young to bother with that.

Author mybluebelly ( ago)
The shop where i bought this air-rifle closed their doors permanently after
decades soon after. As a matter of fact i did go forward and contact
Weirauch 2 years ago with a request regarding this, and they provided me
with a contact here in Norway that could assist me. But now i really don`t
know if this will be worth the effort. I mean i would need a whole new main
body piece and i bet it`ll run me around the cost of a new rifle;-) Say, do
you have any recommendations for a new air rifle?

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
Sounds like you got a defective gun. Did you try to return it or have it
serviced under the warranty?

Author mybluebelly ( ago)
I bought my HW50 back in 2000 and i am sorry to say that i payed top
dollars for it :-( Around US 450. As soon as i started using this rifle the
moving metal locking mechanism that is found on the front body of the
weapon started eating away at the dedicated metal grooved space wich this
piece was designed to fit within to hold the the breakbarrel part of the
weapon in place! So not long after the barrel was no longer in-line with
the rest of the weapon. Major letdown. I thought HW was quality.

Author Jim Getzen (545 years ago)
Thank you!

Author luddekl ( ago)
Great video! you explain well easy!

Author lucylu40122 ( ago)
First I would like to say(Great Video) I have been up in the air between
the HW95 & the HW50.After having my right shoulder replaced less than a
year ago I think the HW50 will be a good choice,thanks to your great
review.I was looking at PCP guns but with all the added cost with the
support equipment I couldn't justify it.I hope you do some more reviews in
the future,Take Care and God Bless

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
@pablohsu It's a Centerpoint 4-16x40 with AO. It's a good budget scope. I
don't recall the make of the mounts or where I got them.

Author byhsu ( ago)
that HW50s is a simple yet beautiful looking rifle.

Author byhsu ( ago)
very nice video, could you tell me the model of scope and mounts and where
you got them? also is the scope have Adj. Objective? Thanks

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
@pcanting1 I used the HW50S at a field target match. It's fine, but you
will be challenged to win a match with it. Other spring rifles like the
HW97 and TX200 have a bit more power (flatter trajectory) and slightly
better accuracy. The Beeman R8 was a slightly lower powered version of the
HW50S. Some people really like the old R8. The Marauder is excellent for
field target. I tied for first place in one match using the M-rod.

Author Paul Canting Rodríguez ( ago)
Hi: First of all good video, I have a few questions, do you think this
rifle could be accurate enough for Field Target up to 50 yards?, Do you
have any idea which rifle in Beeman this rifle is equivalent?, I'm in a
middle of a predicament, I was planning to purchase a Benjamin Marauder in
.177 cal. for Field Target - Hunter Class but I'm not quite sure if that
rifle is the answer, not because is PCP is going to be better. The rule say
PCP over Spring, Spring over Piston for Field Target!

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
@airgunfun2112 Thank you. I may do just that.

Author airgunfun2112 ( ago)
Great video, wish you would make more.

Author Jim Getzen (71 year ago)
@moofokka Sorry for the late reply. The cocking effort seemed to get easier
and easier over the course of several months, with no loss in power. I'm
not sure why -- perhaps my arm was getting stronger? I helps if you remove
the front sight (if you aren't using it of course) since you gain a couple
more inches of barrel to use as leverage.

Author Jim Getzen (261 year ago)
@RimfireRat I know that some people consider the R8 one of the best rifles
ever made. I haven't shot one, so I can't say whether the HW50S is better
or worse. The R8 had a little less power, which can be good or bad,
depending on your needs.

Author RimfireRat ( ago)
I used to have a Beeman R8 and in a waek moment i sold it,this model has
been pushed as the replacement for the R8 ,and boy do i miss my R8 --@ 10M
you could use the first pellet hole for the target for the rest. .Do you
feel this is an equal rifle to the old R8 ?

Author Seracdac ( ago)
Freddie and it seems the HW99 is equivalent to the Beeman R9 here and the
HW95 is the new HW50. So I probably will try the HW50 (HW95) or basically
the air rifle reviewed here. It gets a bit confusing because Beeman had
imported HW rifles but changed the names and some of HW's old offerings
have been renamed. I was always a fan of fast and small (.177) but I got my
HW45 in .20 as a gift and like I said have gotten great results, so I might
go for an HW50 in .22.

Author 46FreddieMercury91 ( ago)
@Seracdac ok,but i have a HW95 too.Its a light gun to handle with the same
quality and full power.If you ever get one you won't regret it

Author Seracdac ( ago)
@46FreddieMercury91 The HW99s is not readily available in the US, it can be
ordered though I'm sure. I handled an HW50, and thats as big as I'd really
like. If I did go bigger than an HW50 I'd probably go for an HW95. But I'm
starting to reconsider my power needs. I've been having excellent luck on
the usual suspects at 18 yards (my backyards length) with my HW45 in .20
cal and red dot. I'll stick to what I have for now and when I move I may
just go for an HW50 in .22.

Author 46FreddieMercury91 ( ago)
@Seracdac try the HW99s,looks almost identical and full power too. i've got
one.its superb

Author airgunfun2112 ( ago)
This is a great video about a great brand of airgun. Hope you make more

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
@moofokka Not long after I purchased the gun, I replaced the factory spring
with Vortek spring. It produces the same amount of power, but provides a
smoother shot cycle. The cocking effort with the Vortek spring was about
the same as the factory, but over time it has gotten easier and easier.
Now, I consider the gun to be easy to cock, and it still produces about the
same amount of power. You might just need to break in the spring a bit
more, although I also cleaned and lubed the insides too.

Author Seracdac ( ago)
I had an HW 30s AW in .177 and foolishly got rid of it. It was a great
shooter, sized perfect for me, & accurate but I wanted more power and
range. I've been holding out for a HW50s in .20, but it's not offered in
.20. If I got the 50s in .20 I would order a custom compact rifle stock to
give me an HW50 with a HW30 sized stock. I've read that the 30 and 50
barrels are the same length 395mm, so it shouldn't be that hard. I may
consider the 50 in .22 cal too if the .20 doesn't come along.

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
@killbird013 It's a Centerpoint 4-16x. It's a great value -- about $70-80.

Author killbird013 ( ago)
@jimgator87 what scope do you have?? (btw awesome video)

Author Jim Getzen (1060 years ago)
@kalabao52 Thank you!

Author kalabao52 ( ago)
Best video review ever! Great presentation and clarity of voice. I would
score this 10/10. Congrats!

Author passat11rus ( ago)
This rifle is very accurate and lightweight,more compact and recoil is more
little. My diana & hw 85 staying in dark corner since i had 50s I perhaps
hw 50 is better choice among medium range break barrel rifle.I dont
recommend chinesse and spanish guano like gamo ,norika and etc. With best

Author passat11rus ( ago)
Hallo from mother Russia )))) I have this one.also i have diana 48 and
weichrauch HW 85.The hw 50s is the better with comparsion from each other

Author WHATISDIZ ( ago)
awesome review i hope you would have won u review weirauchs wich is awesome
plz do a review about hw35 if possible

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
@FightForFatih Yes, new version.

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
@donaldduckkie123 I am sure you can, but there are other guns that would be
better at 50+ meters. While the HW50S is accurate enough, you might want a
bit more powerful gun, perhaps in .22 caliber, for better down-range energy
and more wind resistance.

Author donaldduckkie123 ( ago)
Nice video, but can you shoot a bird at 50 meters with this gun ( with a
scope )

Author tar1895 ( ago)
Nice review.Very professional

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
@EdgunUSA Ted, thanks for your very kind comments. Regardless of the
outcome, I enjoyed making the video and learned a lot in the process.

Author Ted's HoldOver ( ago)
Jim, I still say this was the most informative video from that PA contest.
It is a shame the judges were too lazy to recognize that the voting system
was completely rigged. Setting a video to music is infinitely easier than
narrating. You did an exceptional job on this video, and it will be
valuable to airgunners for years. The same can not be said for the majority
of the other entries. Thank you for your contribution. ted.

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
If by "new" you mean manufactured in the last year or so, then yes, it's

Author clanutryx ( ago)
Excellent review i have a Hw 50 Stainless, is a great airgun, very accurate.

Author eminemfreak33 ( ago)
@JimGator87 at walmart ? yes ! thank you !

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
@eminemfreak33 It's a Centerpoint 4-16x. It's a great value -- about $70-80
at Walmart.

Author eminemfreak33 ( ago)
got the same gun in portugal very nice first it belongd to my grandpa then
my father and now i use it but my father doesnt know ;) nice gun ill buy
the scope next year when im in portugal can you tell me the name of the
scope plz??

Author Jim Getzen ( ago)
@damattalizer I was trying to get the best groups I could. It wasn't my
best day. You're right though, the gun is not very hold sensitive.

Author Matthew Lee ( ago)
@damattalizer no matter.. the groups you're getting really do prove it is
not as hold sensitive as other guns... now, off to pyramydair!!

Author Matthew Lee ( ago)
what's up with the bag-resting, bro?!??!

Author nowp1 ( ago)
this is a great air rifle

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