Stupid fast FBL Protos 500 Vid 3 of 4,dec 7th...

This damn helis cyclics are so fast,I couldn't do anything with it.I readjusted everything last night to add a little more cyclic and boy let me tell ya,I added way too much LOL.Time to redo everything..

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Stupid fast FBL Protos 500 Vid 4 of 4,Dec 7th...
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This damn helis cyclics are so fast,I couldn't do anything with it.I readjusted everything last night to add a little more cyclic and boy let me...
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Author ArcticRc . (3 years)
How much did you turn them up..? I'm planning on the T-rex 700E FBL

Author flyinhigh450 (3 years)
@ArcticRc Thats what im saying haha.Everytime I lifted off into a hover it
was all over the place,as soon as I moved the stick a tiny bit it wanted to
take off lol..

Author flyinhigh450 (3 years)
@ArcticRc So far its not that bad but I really can't say because im still
adjusting things.The first day I put it on I could do piro flips pretty
good but needed to adjust the tail.Well when I adjusted the tail,I turned
the cyclics up haha.I still need to buy a USB programmer because people say
you can adjust alot more setting with it..

Author ArcticRc . (3 years)
@flyinhigh450 I do piroflips but mot as smooth as yours man. i do half
piros. I heard some bad things about the align FBL system but i guess for
my easy 3D it's no problem

Author flyinhigh450 (3 years)
@ArcticRc Yeah its ALOT of fun doing flips but damn its too hard to do
anything else lol.Trying piro flips is crazy because everything happens too
fast.You'll love the FBL on the Trex 700 for sure..

Author ArcticRc . (3 years)
@flyinhigh450 9 is inzane man.. i tried that on my 550e but when i wanted
it to go forward she almost flipped hehehe

Author flyinhigh450 (3 years)
@ArcticRc I turned it up from 6 degrees to 9 degrees.I'll turn it down to 7
degrees today,that should be about right because its too fast right now..

Author ArcticRc . (3 years)
Maaaan i love it.. if only my cyclic where that fast.. though they are
better now at about 6% on my flybar.. But your FBL kicks ass man.. Those
nice front and back flip was awsome pure front circles

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