1961 Motorola Console Stereo fully restored. Playing an original 1961 demonstration record

Hi guys, I wanted to make a new video of my fully restored 1961 Motorola Stereophonic High Fidelity Console Stereo. I had the Amps redone in the unit and it sounds even more amazing than it did before.
I'm playing an original 1961 Motorola 3 channel demonstration record for you. These were given out to customers at a Motorola dealer who just purchased a new 3 channel stereo. I ended up finding 2 different ones in like new condition. I hope you enjoy!

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Author Andy Pandy (7 months)
Fantastic ! I'm going to start looking for a console of my own. Just a
question though. When I am looking. Whether it be craigslist etc... do I
call it a console stereo? As far as using key words for searching.? Thanks

Author tigerstripeeyes1 (2 years)
I just came across 2 tube consoles! The Fisher Philharmonic & a Motorola
Golden Voice which has the same speaker setup as yours. Both sound
fantastic, but the Motorola's balance knob needs to be faded almost all the
way to the right speaker in order to have even volume from both speakers. I
need them rebuilt like you did your Motorola here...which sounds absolutely
perfect through the computer on my headphones! I mean unbelieveable, like
I'm listening to a CD, but better!! Who rebuilt yours?

Author Turkeydoodlers (3 years)
Also Bill to with the piano rolls lol, yes that's just half, I have close
to 2400 in my collection. I'm now on the hunt for a nice zenith console as
well from the same era, keeping my eyes open :)

Author jorge hernandez (1 year)
Great sounding console! from 1958-1963 consoles sounded just fantastic, but
once transistors replaced vacuum tubes the sound quality sounded a little
on the tinny sound.

Author Jason Madore (2 years)
Because those were really the only ones available at the time that could be
used for mass production. In 1959, any system using more than a two-pole
motor would have likely cost over $500 (in 1959 dollars as well). At that
price, there would have been no profit margin for Motorola to use four-pole
motors, for example, in their mass-produced (though still high-quality)
players when everything else about the changers were higher quality to
begin with than what was also on the market at the time.

Author frangiul13 (2 years)
Sweet! I always like the flashy gold Motorola turntables!

Author Turkeydoodlers (3 years)
@TwinMillMC Hi Twin, Its a pretty hard choice, they both sound very nice. I
like the style of the woodwork on the Fisher, But Id say i like them both
the Same. Im now on the hunt for a nice Zenith from this same period. 1955
to about 63

Author maynardcat (3 years)
There is no comparison in the way this sounds now, and how it did before.
The camera also seems to be doing a much bettter job recording this time
since you changed the settings. The Motorola has a good crisp high end, and
nice mid-range on the brass. It looks like a lot of piano rolls behind the
stereo. .

Author tigerstripeeyes1 (2 years)
The model number to my Motorola is a SK116MZ... the M apparently stands for
"mahogany"... the Z?? Does it have something to do with the vibrasonic
feature? I can't find anything on this model!! Not even on Google!! Can you
or anyone else give me any info on it? It's in a Heritage cabinet which is
marked "30L62" on the inside.

Author Turkeydoodlers (3 years)
@sideshowtink Hi Tink, thank you, it was worth every penny i spent to get
it redone

Author kirk watstien (1 year)
are you speaking to rich from ct? if so I got a really nice sk-71 (1963
console from him same exact tt as yours! has vibrasonic! if you should ever
want to sell any demo records let me know would be REALLY interested in the
fisher if you should ever come up with doubles lemme know!

Author sideshowtink (3 years)
Nice Motorola! Sounds amazing! Lovely!

Author Turkeydoodlers (3 years)
@calemstevens33 Hi, yes if it was the one about 3 weeks ago that had these
2 in the lot then yes it was me sorry lol.. It was the only one on there
that had the 2 together, they are like new to. One thing I have learned
from eBay is of you want it, watch close and bid high. I looked tonight,
there is some on there now, but not together.

Author Turkeydoodlers (3 years)
@Edisonfans19 Hi Paul, thanks for stopping by. Yes this is one of two I
have, I have another video showing the other demonstration record. Thing is
I'd like to let the whole thing play but it would be to long for YouTube.
Glad you enjoyed it

Author Turkeydoodlers (3 years)
@desoto1961 Hey Rich, yes this is what it now sounds like restored, huge
difference. Yes those are the 2 demonstraion records i was telling you
about. Check out the fisher video to, i listed a few of the new un opned
ones for you and the 2 rca stereo demonstration records i was telling you
about. Send me pics of the one you got Sat, cant wait to see it!

Author TwinMillMC . (3 years)
Nice one! Which do you like better, The Fisher or this Motorola?

Author MerleOberon (2 years)
Gave me the urge to cha-cha....great hi-fi!

Author Randall Mastin (1 year)
wow...great sound. I have a console that was my grandmother's, now that I
hear this it makes me think I should get it restored, the sound quality is
impressive. Of course I LOVE this music...

Author dvlaries (2 years)
Gorgeous record changer by VM. I'm drooling :P

Author Michael R. (3 years)
Amazing, simply amazing.

Author adventman (2 years)
Great sonics, but why did Motorola insist on using cheap-two pole motor
record changers?

Author kirk watstien (1 year)
holy piano rolls!!

Author Turkeydoodlers (3 years)
@maynardcat Bill hi! Yes I agree with you 100%. I didn't even know it would
come out that good hence why I said that in the beginning about the mic. It
was a software issue all along. I cant thank you enough either Bill for all
the help you have given to me about these, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Stick
around I'm listing the Fisher next, I'm sure it will sound just as good.

Author Turkeydoodlers (3 years)
@CarGuyZM10 Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it, stick around there will be
much more. Also of my 1965 Fisher Ambassador console stereo

Author desoto1961 (3 years)
Wow!! Its sounds great and looks so nice!!! What a treasure!! Its so cool
you have the demo records made just for it!! I love the on light in the
left speaker! I want one!!!

Author caleb stevens (3 years)
Great sound! I have a very similar Motorola 3 Channel console. Did you buy
the records on ebay? I was contemplating on buying a couple... taking my
time...thinking nobody would be looking for those very same records...
they're gone now. I'll keep looking! Thanks for the vid.

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